Sunday, May 18, 2008

DP Artworks & Rubber Stamp Give-A-Way!!

The featured rubber stamp designer/manufacture today is DP Artowrks Rubber Stamps!

Deena Parsons is the owner and stamp designer of DP Artworks. When asked how she got her start she remarked, "my stamping goes way back to the 80's...but I've come a loooong way since then. I've been designing my line since 2000. Bird ( from Postmodern designs rubber stamps) gave me my first matrix board (the mold for rubber stamps) for Christmas. That is, as they say, how it all started.". DP Artworks was officially started in 2001 with 150 images. Since then the stamp line has grown to over 600 stamps!

DP Artwork003

When you take a look at their catalog & supplement you will be amazed at the variety of subjects covered. Deena commented, "We like to have a large variety of stamps, you know, something for everyone. I am always working on new stamp ideas." Some of the various subjects covered range from Nature, Farm Life, Time, Space to sentiment stamps such as Great Thoughts and Quips. Most recently she has been turning photos from her world travels into rubber stamps! "Our best selling stamps are; travel, nature, world icons, Asian, and elegant/ domestic life stamps."

I tell you trying to choose just a few favorite stamps from this line is almost impossible. Deena's stamps cover such a wide range of topics, it's more like my favorite 6 or 7 - LOL!! To start off with I love all of her classy and elegant women images are absolutely wonderful. I also love the "50's ad look" stamps. The entire line of travel stamps is another must have...yes I know that's way more than one, two or even 10 stamps but I'm telling you these images are so unique and stylish I can see them being used on so many projects for years to come. Of course one stamp I just love is "Eye Opener" in the Farm Life section! With our recent acquisition of a flock of chickens I'm thinkin' that might be just the ticket for all sorts of projects I have in mind - LOL!!

The supplement section is FULL of amazing old world architecture, quotes and images that will simply take your breath away. Not to mention the quirky owl images, famous people, cowboy related stamps down to the....well, I don't want to give it all away now do I ;) LOL!!! I'll just have to let you discover all of the great images yourself.

DP Artwork004

DP Artowrks rubber stamps are premium quality red rubber dies mounted on wood blocks. They do however offer a few of their alphabets unmounted. New images are introduced on average twice a year. DP Artworks IS an angel company ~ one thing Deena said on this very subject really tickled me ~ "We sell tools not jewels. So we encourage everyone to use the stamps, sell your artwork, and most of all have fun!" Tools not Jewels!! I LOVE IT!!! That is a great attitude to have and I only wish it were shared by more stamp companies out there.

Deena's stamps can be found across the country in local stamp stores but if your local store doesn't carry them, have them contact her as they like to support stamp stores. If you're not lucky enough to have a stamp store around the corner from where you live Deena does sell stamps through her on-line store. They accept Visa & Master Card - call or e-mail for additional information.

DP Artwork002

All of the card & atc examples shown were made using DP Artwork Rubber Stamps so generously donated by Deena! (THANKS DEENA!!) and now you have a chance to win some for yourself!!

To be entered into a drawing for this lovely set of stamps for yourself....

DP Artwork006

...all you have to do is post a comment telling me which stamp(s) is(are) your favorite. Simple as that!! The hard part is going to be narrowing it down to a reasonable number - LOL!! Trust me, you can spend hours going through each and every one. I know I did and then went back over them again to be sure I didn't miss anything!

You will have until 4:00 pm next Saturday - May 24th, to take a look at DP Artwork stamps and post your fav's. At that time I will pull one random entry (well, I'll use and name the winner. Good Luck and have fun looking!!

DP Artwork001

Be sure to check in tomorrow as I will again be demonstrating more techniques using Ranger's new Adirondack Pigment Inks!

Till then...Have fun looking through all of DP Artwork's great stamps!!


  1. Great cards, and you're right about the stamps - I want them all! I especially love all the border stamps. Sorry, I couldn't pick just one!!

  2. Wow - Roni is right, the hardest thing is picking just a few. I'm really into wrought iron now so I love the backgrounds and fences. I also love the crowns. I really like the quotes, too. They are meaningful or clever, not corny and cute!

    And then I saw it. OMG! I can't believe it, but they have not only a stamp of Maya Angelou (which is amazing and wonderful in and of itself) - but one of the very images I am using on my Fat Book Swap page for women writers! Can you even believe it?? Is that synchronicity or what?!? So, SO cool!


  3. Great stamps-I must be crazy thinking of Christmas-but I am loving the Madonna and Child on page 14 -It is so different and beautiful!

  4. I liked lots and lots but "Shall we" is neat.. my son & d-i-l teach ballroom dance.. The lighthouse is great.. one of my favorite things.. and of course.. word stamps are always great..

  5. You're right about the amazing variety of styles and themes! Sheesh, I'm supposed to be going to sleep but instead I'm paging through stamp images!
    Well, I am really loving the animal stamps here, especially the African elephant, the penguin couple (Susan and Frank...too cute!), the bird (Alan), and the praying mantis! Also love the child cooking...and the amusing, Catch and Release! The quotes are great....lots of different ones that I haven't seen before!

  6. I just browsed through the images. I just love them. Lots of these stamps would lend themselves to my style.

    My eye was definitely caught by the "Wild flowers" but when I saw "Rope 'em and ride 'em" I had to chuckle. My husband would love a card or scrap page created with either of those! Yee Hah!

  7. Just finished browsing through these stamps. I just love them. Lots of the images would easily lend themselves to my style of creating.

    I have to tell you that "Wildflowers" caught my eye but when I saw "Rope 'em and Ride 'em" I had to chuckle. My husband would just love a card or scrapbook page made with these two. Yee hah!

  8. Lovely stamps The De Vinci man caught my eye and the Manor Gate cos my dad used to make wrought iron gates just like that and those owls - fabby xx

  9. First time at your blog, sharon from australia sent me. My favs are the Asian stamps, especially the bamboo.

  10. It's tough, but I think butterfly wings...not a butterfly fan, but I love the graphic nature of these images! Great site!!!

  11. Lots of terrific stamps on this site! While it is hard to choose, I would select the pinecone background as my first choice.

  12. So hard to pick just one, but I tried =)

    Praying Mantis, Wake Up Call, Boss, and Manor Gate were my top 4.

  13. Deena is the best teacher -- I love taking classes with her!! Her words are great -- it would be a toss up between the "little dog too" and the "sushi"....

    yes, I have dozens, maybe more...

    Dunlap TN

  14. I'm glad you're all having as much fun as I did checking out all the cool images! They really do have some awesome stuff to offer :)

  15. Awesome Stamps! I had a hard time deciding on just one and I would have to say I love the Mona stamp. However, I love birds and I really liked the Robin stamp too! It's great having so many to choose from.

  16. My favorite would have to be the 'tea for two' on Catalog page 4. It just has the right amount of wimsey...and Im a sucker for tea anything.

  17. I really love the So little time stamp on Page 40 of the catalog. The lady is sitting on a very large stack of books. I think I like it most right now because it is how I am feeling!!!

  18. Those are great stamps! They have so many good quotes!

    After MUCH looking (fun!) I finally settled on these four as favorites: Shall We, Lasso, Catch and Release, and Three Friends. I have one that's similar to "Shall We" but haven't actually used it yet. I got it in the rubber stamp trade.

  19. Oh! Imagination is intelligence having fun is the best! I have never heard that said before and it just resonates with me.

    great stamps - thanks for exposing me to them!

  20. There is such a huge selection there!

    I love the bamboo one. I have pictures of Corbin at the zoo that would be perfect for. I love some of the nature ones too, praying mantis, goldfish, oak silhouette. Susan and Frank the penguins are too cute too!

    You're right. It's too hard to just pick one!

  21. What awesome stamps. My favs are the iron works stamps in the supplement. I can already see how awesome they would look embossed!


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