Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

From me and bones....


Hope you have a Spooky Halloween!!!

Birthday Winner!!

Thank you all for the Birthday Wishes :) 

I appreciate the kind words and it was so much fun to read about your birthday too!

I used to determine the winner and that winner is.....

Ellie Knol!!!!

Ellie Knol said...

My birthdate is about 5 years ahead of yours! Only difference maybe, I was born in Brasil!
Happy birthday to you !

October 28, 2010 6:52 AM
Congratulations Ellie!
Please e-mail me with your snail mail address so I can put these goodies in the mail to you :)

Alcohol Ink Sunflowers

Happy Sunday ~

Just wanted to share a link to my Alcohol Ink Sunflowers  which was posted today over at Stampers Quest!  It's a fun and different way to use those alcohol inks you have in your stash :)

Give it a try and share your results!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Faux Postage Stamps & Templates

I wanted to share how I created the faux postage stamp card I shared earlier today...

JFF - 10-29-10 - Ink Stained Roni006

All of the stamps and the template are from Just For Fun Rubber Stamps.  They offer a wide selection of faux postage stamp rubber stamps and their corresponding faux postage plastic templates to help you create great looking finished images.

Here's how they work....

Stamp the faux postage outline on your cardstock.  I like to use Archival Ink because I usually color with Distress Inks or Watercolor Pencils.

Faux Postage Stamps 004

Cover the stamped image with the correct template.  This will help with stamping and coloring without harming the template.  You could use repositionable adhesive to keep it in place but I normally don't bother.  It's not difficult to keep it lined up as you stamp/color.

Faux Postage Stamps 005

Stamp the desired images in each cell.  If I'm using stamps that are much larger than a particular area I like to cover the other cells with scrap paper as shown.

Faux Postage Stamps 006

Faux Postage Stamps 007

You can move the scrap paper and stamp the rest of the images as desired.

Faux Postage Stamps 008

Leaving the template in place I first add any background colors I might want to use.  After you are finished with this step you may remove the template.

Faux Postage Stamps 009

Finish coloring as desired!

Faux Postage Stamps 011

Faux Postage Stamps 012

Your faux postage is now ready to be used on a card, scrapbook page or any other fun project you might have in mind. 
These are great for creating fun personalized postcards to send to friends who live far away!!

Just For Fun Friday...Celebrate Autumn!

and I have decided to Celebrate Autumn this week!  We had the option to use a selection of Autumn and Christmas stamps.  I have just been in an Autumn frame of mind so I decided to go with it.

Here are my cards....

Blue Thanksgiving

I!?!  I like blue as you know so I thought it might be fun to incorporate it into a Thanksgiving card which would usually be created with darker earth tones.  I really like how it turned out.  It's kind of fun to try using a color not normally associated with a particular holiday/season.

JFF - 10-29-10 - Ink Stained Roni005

Watercolor Sunflowers

Yes, I seem to be on a sunflower kick - LOL!!  Seriously this was one of the stamp choices this week ;)  I actually colored the stamp using Adirondack Pigment Pens then spritzed it with water to create this watercolor image.  I added a bit more color using some watercolor pencils. 

JFF - 10-29-10 - Ink Stained Roni002

Everything Autumn Postage

This card was made using one of Just For Fun Rubber Stamps Postage stamps.  These are so much fun and it makes it so easy to create awesome faux postage!  I will be sharing a tutorial later today on how to use these stamps and templates.

JFF - 10-29-10 - Ink Stained Roni006

Be sure to check out the Just For Fun Rubber Stamps Blog to see what the rest of the Just For Fun Design Team Girls came up with this week!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sparklie Sunflower Birthday

Thank you all so much for the wonderful Birthday wishes :)  I really appreciate you all!!  It's also been fun to hear your comments on your own birthdays.  You know some people have mentioned they are older/younger but the way I look at it we're all equal here on the net ~ I never think of people in terms of age so no my mind it's all good!

Today I have a sparklie sunflower birthday card to share with you all.  It's made using one of the few Stampin' Up sets I have.  I love this set because it's a two step flower meaning you stamp the image first then stamp the detailing with the second stamp ~ in this case the inside of the flowers or leaf details.

Sunflower Birthday


Adirondack Dye Ink 
Stickles Glitter Glue
Distress Ink
Ink Blending Tool
Scrap paper
Stampin' Up Two Step Sunflowers (retired)
Sentiment ~ TAC (retired)


1. Trim cardstock to desired size.  (I used 5x7)

2. Stamp two of the largest flowers ~ one on each side about half way up the panel.  Stamp one flower on scrap paper and cut out.  This will be our mask used in later steps.

3. On these two flowers, stamp the 2nd part of the image (detail stamp) using black or brown ink.

4. Place the mask over one of the large sunflowers.  Stamp a small flower slightly overlapping the covered flower.  Stamp a second image on scrap paper and trim. 

5. Use the small and large flower masks as needed and fill in the bottom portion of the card leaving space for leaves to be added later.

6. After you have finished stamping the small flowers, stamp the small flower centers again using the black or brown ink.

7. Fill in any blank areas along the bottom by stamping the leaf image.  Remember to use the masks as needed. 

8. Stamp the 2nd detail leaf stamp on the leaves.

9.  Color all of the flowers using Yellow and Black Stickles Glitter Glue.  Add black outlines and highlights to the leaves.  Let the Stickles dry completely before moving on.

10. Stamp sentiment using desired color of ink above the sunflowers.

11.  Fill in the area above the sunflowers using Stormy Sky Distress Ink and the Ink Blending Tool.  If there are any open areas among the sunflowers, ink those areas using Mustard Seed Distress Inks & the IBT.

12. Add ribbon if desired.

So there you go...
a very sparklie Sunflower Birthday Card sure to brighten anybody's day!

Rubber Stamp Chat Virtual Rubber Stamp Convention!!!

I know how much we all love rubber stamps so I thought I'd share a bit of money saving news with you...

Rubber Stamp Chat is having it's Virtual Rubber Stamp Convention this weekend! 
It runs from today ~ 10-28-10 through Monday evening 11-1-10. 

What is a Virtual Convention?    It's where several rubber stamp retailers gather together, show off their wares and offer up AMAZING discounts on their stamps.  Usually anywhere from 10-30% off!!!!  You'll need to read each offer from the various retailers to see just what special they are running.  Several companies also offer special "VRSC" deals only available to Rubber Stamp Chat Convention goers so be sure to check em out!

I'm not sure if you need to sign up to be a member of Rubber Stamp Chat or not to gain access to the convention.  If you do, it's free and easy to sign up.

Now just so you know, I'm not receiving any special kick back for posting information about this convention.  I just can't pass up a great deal and love to pass 'em along to all my friends when I find them.

So, if you're in the market for a few new goodies (actually, even if you aren't) and love a great deal then you NEED to check out this awesome Virtual On-Line Convention!

Have fun shopping :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's my Birthday Give-A-Way!!

Happy Day Friends!!!

I hope you're all having a wonderful October 27th!

Today is my birthday and I want to share the joy with my inky friends...


So, if you'd like to win some of my favorite goodies...Distress Inks ( a few of my fav colors - Walnut Stain, Tea Dye, Weathered Wood), my all time favorite tool ~ Ink Blending Tool & Foam, some of my favorite embellishments ~ Stickles Glitter Glue, and of course STAMPS be sure to post!  I'm also going to be including several other favorite goodies that I love to use some that you can see and others that will remain a surprise...after all, what good is a birthday without surprises! ;)

birthday goodies

All you have to do to enter is post a comment and tell me when YOUR birthday is ~ the year is not nec. unless you'd like to include it. 

I don't mind telling you I was born in 1967...late enough in the 60's that I wasn't a hippie, a kid in the 70's, old enough to really LOVE the 80's, raisin' kids in the 90's and creating & livin life in the 00's!

You have to hurry only have until Halloween to enter!!

Good Luck Friends!!


Happy Birthday!!! 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Acorn Frame - Bring A Bit of Mother Nature Home!

If you're looking for a fun and easy Autumn craft then this is it!
It's the perfect way to welcome in Mother Nature into your home this fall!

Acorn Frame


Acorn Caps
Strong Glue or Hot Glue
Glimmer Mist or Perfect Pearls Mist
Dictionary Page
Distress Inks
Ink Blending Tool
Raffia or Ribbon (optional)


1. You will need to gather several acorn caps as well as a few oak leaves.  Collect more than you think you will need because it's almost like a puzzle to get the acorns to fit neatly on the frame.  You'll want lots of extras for options.

Oak Frame 001

2. Remove the caps from the nut section of the acorn.  If the nuts are pretty dry they should just pop off with a gentle pull but if you find you have a tough nut ;) use a paper piercer/pick to pry it off.  I only had a couple caps I couldn't remove using these two techniques. 

3. If desired (or necessary) you may want to wash the caps and let them dry overnight depending on how dirty they are.  Mine were pretty fresh and mostly fallen on a bed of leaves so I didn't have any issues with dirt/mud (specially since it hasn't rained here in weeks!). 

4. Arrange the acorn caps along the edges of the frame.  When you are arranging the caps don't let them hang too far over the edge for they could be easily knocked off when finished.  You may need to swap out larger/smaller caps until you find just the right combination to cover the frame yet not have them hang over too far.

Oak Frame 002

5. Glue each cap down to the frame using either a heavy duty glue or a hot glue gun.  I left the caps on the frame and carefully glued one down at a time so I wouldn't mess up the arrangement.

Notice I added a second layer of smaller acorns to the wider area... I thought it looked nicer than the large open areas where the caps met.

Oak Frame 003

6. Ink the acorn caps with your choice of shimmery mist.  I used Cinnamon Glimmer Mist but you could use whatever you have on hand.

Oak Frame 004

Let the ink dry completely...

Oak Frame 005

7. While your frame is drying, mount a sheet of dictionary paper (or sheet music, vintage map, book page, etc.) on a piece of light weight chipboard.  My page is a bit off center due to the configuration of my frame window.  Now mount this to your frame back.

Oak Frame 006

8. (optional) If desired ink up the dictionary page with Distress Inks and the Ink Blending Tool. 

Oak Frame 007

9. After the ink on the acorn caps has dried, replace the glass, place your leaf in on the glass face down and gently place the frame back in it's correct position.  Secure to the frame.

Oak Frame 008


You could make several of these types of frames to create a beautiful Autumn arrangement either on the wall or a desktop, mantel, etc.  I tried to show how great the shimmer is on all of the little caps but it just doesn't show up as well as it does IRL.    If desired, you could also affix a ribbon or raffia bow for a bit extra zing :)

Oak Frame 011

Oak Frame 012

Oak Frame 013


Be sure to come back and visit tomorrow...

It's my Birthday
I'm going to celebrate by giving away some of my favorite goodies!!! 

Do you know what they might be?!?!? 

You'll have to wait till tomorrow to find out ;)

Queen Kat Designs Royal Blog Hop Tuesday - Say it With Style!

Happy Tuesday All!

I hope you've had a great start to your week...

Today is Queen Kat's Royal Blog Hop!  Today is photo inspiration day and I have to tell you, to me ~ this image just screams Diva.... 

qkd - 10-26 inspiration

So what better image than Briggitte!  I create a card plus a little charm from the same background paper which I created using the Mousse Me technique.

Diva - Thank You

QKD - 10-26

If things work out I'll be back later this afternoon to share a quick and easy frame project that welcomes Autumn by bringing Mother Nature in to your home.


Be sure to check back later today ;)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Feelin' Spooky!

Happy Monday!

Only a few short days until Halloween and I'm feeling the spirit of it all!

I thought I'd share some fun vintage images as well as a couple glittery cards to get you in the mood!

First the cards...

Stamps: Paper Creations

LTD Stickles 008

Happy Halloween
Stamps: TAC & Words Worth (alpha stamps)

LTD Stickles 012

A bit of Vintage Halloween Fun ~ these are just some vintage images I have in my collection...some are vintage Halloween postcards or vintage Halloween greeting cards while others are taken from vintage magazines or ads.  Enjoy :)

Halloween 3

Halloween 7

Halloween 6

Halloween 9

Halloween 5

So what are your Halloween plans this weekend?
Anything fun planned?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Winners, Winners and more Winners!

Coffin of Frights -

The winner of the undecorated wood coffin is....


Aisling said...

So love this coffin That Stewart Gill Byzanthia paint is awesome! I usually am not a big fan of pink, but I just melted for this shiny layer of paint! Also love the black enamel accents. I'd be so happy if I could decorate my own coffin! Thanks for sharing and giving us the chance to win!

October 14, 2010 4:21 PM

I have decided to give the finished coffin away as well!!!  The winner of the finished coffin is ~
{S} said...

THAT is freakin' Awesome!

October 15, 2010 2:44 PM

Stampers Quest - Spooky Halloween Bracelet Winner.....


Jolanda said...

what a great bracelet. thanks for the chance to win it


October 19, 2010 3:10 PM

Congratulations Everyone!!!

Please send me your snail mail addies so I can get your goodies in the mail :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Mystery Technique - Hundreds of Stamps in One!

O.k...I made the example for the mystery technique a bit too easy this time but yes, it was a couple images made using the Kissing Technique on mesh screen.

mystery technique 10-19-10 003

Now I know what you're thinking...I already know what the kissing technique is ~ you ink a bold stamp and "Kiss" another stamp to remove ink from the first image.  Well that's very true and for the most part that is usually the only way I see this technique used. 

SOOOO I decided to take this nice technique and add a twist to kick it up a notch or two or three or four! Instead of just "kissing" other stamps how about stamping on textured surfaces found all around us!  I have pulled out and "Kissed" numerous items laying around my home in recent days and I can't wait to share the results! 

This technique has lots of fun aspects to's almost like a scavenger hunt trying to find fun and different textured items to "kiss" but it also makes you take another look at the stamps in your collection.  You don't need to go and buy those fancy stamps with a "kissed" look...just use what you have and create your own! 

Mystery Technique
Kissing Technique + Texture =
Hundreds of Stamps in One!!

Mystery Technique - Texture Kissing 002

Rubber Stamp
Texture (virtually anything in the home!!!)


1. Ink* up your stamp ~ bold lines or solid images work the best.  As you can see in the example above many different type stamps will work for this technique so just experiment with what you have on hand.  This is the stamp I am using for the examples....I thought it would was timely since Halloween is right around the corner.

Mystery Technique - Texture Kissing 004

*Just a bit about ink choices ~ I found while experimenting with various textures that Archival, Staz-On or hybrid inks worked best for this technique.  Some of the dye inks are way too thin to carry it off because when you press the stamp into the paper the inks run together obscuring the texture. 

2. Now press the inked stamp onto a textured surface.  This could be virtually anything found in your surroundings...screen mesh, onion or potato mesh bags, plastic mesh, punchenella, lace, etc.

3. Stamp the "texturized" image onto your cardstock.

That's it...that's all you have to do BUT check out the results.  These are just a fraction of the textures you could use to "texturize" your images....

Screen Mesh -

Mystery Technique - Texture Kissing 019

CD Storage Box (metal mesh)

Mystery Technique - Texture Kissing 007

Leather Belt

Mystery Technique - Texture Kissing 012

Lace Border

Mystery Technique - Texture Kissing 023

Back of a Vintage Wood Domino

Mystery Technique - Texture Kissing 028

A Pile of String

Mystery Technique - Texture Kissing 024

Ball of Twine

Mystery Technique - Texture Kissing 022

Mini Puzzle Pieces

Mystery Technique - Texture Kissing 025

Now with some textures you can use both the positive ~ Step 2 where you're "texturizing" and the negative ~ Step 3 the after effect.

Punchenella - Stamping Over it....

Mystery Technique - Texture Kissing 014

Punchenella - After it was Texturized....

Mystery Technique - Texture Kissing 018

Plastic Mesh - Stamping Over it...

Mystery Technique - Texture Kissing 020

Plastic Mesh - Texturized Image

Mystery Technique - Texture Kissing 021

So see there really are hundreds of stamps hidden inside that one little stamp!
All you have to do is use your imagination and find them.

Now it's time to take another look at your surroundings and look at all the textures you can find!