Monday, August 31, 2009

Ink Stained Card Sketch 20090831

As promised, here is the first card sketch for the week!

This card is relatively stamped image, one sentiment and whatever you like for the background...pattern papers, cardstock, stamped background paper, etc. Three tiny embellishments are the only extras needed.

This card sketch is very versatile and can be transformed to accommodate numerous themes quite easily...

inkstained sketch 083109 009

and here are a few examples I made using this sketch!

inkstained sketch 083109 005

inkstained sketch 083109 004

This is one of my favs...the green is actually velvet paper but you can't tell in the pic.

inkstained sketch 083109 002

So now it's your turn...

what type of cards do you think you'd make using this sketch?

Hope you find it inspiring!

TTFN Friends!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cards, Cards and more Cards!

Since I've been short on time due to veggie mania (I now have over 35 qts of salsa!!) I decided I want to make cards this week.


This coming week is going to be a week full of cards! Each day I'm going to be posting a new card template and 2 or 3 finished cards using that template.

I hope you tune in and check them out...

and if you have time,

I hope you will join me and make a few of them yourself!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Decoupage Altered Plates

A few weeks ago I mentioned that my niece and her grandma came over to was actually my first official "class" in my new room! Anyway, they have been wanting to learn about decorating glass plates for a long time and we were finally all available at the same time.

This is Kayla ~ my niece ~ playing with Cecil before we got started....

Deco Plates 002

Kayla's grandma working on one of her plates...

Deco Plates 001

and sharing the finished plate...

Deco Plates 008
This plate was my fav. After she had finished the center I used some of my favorite green Alcohol Inks (Pesto, Meadow & Lettuce) to color the edge. The plate had an amazing bubble texture on the back side which really added a way cool dimension to the plate after I applied the inks.

Deco Plates 009

And here were all of the plates we worked on.... Kayla's is the small pink/white/purple plate, I made the small green plate and Kayla's grandma made the two larger plates.
Deco Plates 011
She's going to be making them for gifts for her family this Christmas :)
It was a really enjoyable day!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Faux Embossed Aluminum & Alcohol Ink - Alternate Technique #3

I am so excited about this final alternative to the punchie/foil/AI technique.... I think most everyone will be able to use this technique AND it opens up a world of possibilities!

What do I mean about a world of possibilities ~ well, instead of punchies, die-cuts or embossing it uses STAMPS and embossing powder for the image!!! Just think of the stamps in your collection ~ each and every one of them can become an embossed, alcohol inked image!!!

Foil, Embossing & Alcohol Ink

Silver Tape with a Twist 001


Foil Tape (HVAC Tape)

Alcohol Ink

Ink Applicator & Felts


Embossing Powder

Embossing Ink

Rubber Stamps

Sand paper


1. Stamp desired image using embossing ink onto cardstock or tag.

Silver Tape with a Twist 002

2. Sprinkle with embossing powder.

Silver Tape with a Twist 003

3. Heat to melt embossing powders.

Silver Tape with a Twist 004

4. Cover embossed image with the foil tape.

Silver Tape with a Twist 005

5. Burnish the image with your finger, bone folder or the back of a spoon.

Silver Tape with a Twist 006

Silver Tape with a Twist 011

6. Apply desired colors of alcohol ink -

Silver Tape with a Twist 012

7. Sand ~

Silver Tape with a Twist 014

And you're good to go!!!

Silver Tape with a Twist 016

Take a look at these other examples ~

Silver Tape with a Twist 017

Silver Tape with a Twist 018

Silver Tape with a Twist 021

Isn't that great?

Now you can create virtually any design without punchies, die-cuts or other special supplies!

Hope you give it a try :)

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Faux Embossed Aluminum & Alcohol Ink Alternatives #1 & #2

O.k...since I got some of the pressure off my veggie explosion I had time to work on the alternatives I mentioned in the original post about the Faux Embossed Aluminum & AI.

I know not alot of people care to spend the money on punchies or die-cut systems, especially during these tough financial times so I tried to think up a few alternatives so EVERYONE can play along :)

Here is what I came up with....

Faux Embossed Aluminum & Alcohol Ink Alternative #1

The first example employs a Cuttlebug embossing folder in place of punchies or die-cuts. These folders are fairly inexpensive and come in so handy for other projects so it's well worth the 5-6.00 you spend on the folder.

Now I know what you're thinking...I don't OWN a cuttlebug ~ no worries!!! You don't need one for this process!!! A rolling pin will work just as well. Simply place the item to be embossed in the folder and roll away! It's very quick and easy :)

metal & AI 002


HVAC Aluminum Tape

Cardstock (or tag as shown)

Alcohol Ink

Ink Applicator


Cuttlebug Embossing Folder

Die-Cut System OR Rolling Pin!!!


1. Cover your cardstock (or tag) with the foil.

metal & AI 004

2. Place in the Cuttlebug embossing folder and roll (either with a die-cut machine or rolling pin).

metal & AI 006

here is what your paper will look like....

metal & AI 007

3. Apply desired colors of alcohol ink ~ I used Denim, Lettuce and Pesto.

metal & AI 008

4. Sand as shown in the original technique.

metal & AI 013

Faux Embossed Aluminum & Alcohol Ink Alternative #2

If you don't think you're interested in purchasing the embossing templates how about just plain old embossed cardstock??? There are hundreds of patterns and themes available from multiple paper companies.

Now, just something to keep in mind ~ if you do use embossed cardstock you need to remember that the embossed areas aren't as deep as a punchie so you should take care when you come to the sanding step.

metal & AI 014


Embossed Cardstock

Aluminum Foil Tape - HVAC tape

Alcohol Inks

Ink Applicator

Sand paper


1. Cover your embossed cardstock with the aluminum tape.

2. Burnish the foil tape to highlight the embossed design.

metal & AI 016

3. Apply Alcohol Inks - I used Red Pepper, Cranberry and Pitch for the example.

4. Sand.

And there you go!

metal & AI 018

Two more fun and easy ways to achieve the same look with very little effort.

Tomorrow I'll share the 3rd alternative technique I came up which will open up a whole new world in faux embossed aluminum & AI!!

Have a wonderfully Inky Day!!!!

Veggie Explosion!

Hi Guys!

We had been so dry up till last week when we were hit with rain for several days in a row...well, that resulted in a veggie explosion out in the garden! I've been working on more salsa...I think I'm up to 20+ quarts of it's getting to be a real drag but I keep reminding myself how good it will taste this winter.

Anyway, I had to show you my peppers I picked on Wed. a.m....

These are my jalapenos ~ all from just 6 plants!

garden 09 006

And these are my sweet banana peppers...again just 6 plants...

garden 09 005

Of course we got TONS more romas. I have to share a very unique specimen I found... Now I know what you're thinkin...another but crack tomato - Nope... I have a horny tomato. I have no clue how or why it grew this way but I'm tellin you nobody believes me unless I show them so here it goes....

My Horny Tomato!!!


garden 09 008

garden 09 009

This is the wildest thing I've ever grown! This is not fake as you can see by the photos ~ it's the real deal.

So, what's the wildest looking veggie you've ever grown?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Faux Embossed Aluminum & Alcohol Inks (a.k.a. - HVAC Tape Technique)

This is one of the first techniques I ever tried using Alcohol Inks. It started a love affair with the quick drying, easy to use, intense inks!

Now I've heard this referred to as Colored Aluminum Tape, Weathered Metals, HVAC Tape Technique, etc. To me it looks like Faux Embossed Aluminum :)

Inked Aluminum Tape 001


HVAC or other Aluminum Tape (the type with a sticky backing)

Punchies or die-cuts

Glue Stick

Cardstock (for the base)

Alcohol Inks (Stream, Lettuce, Wild Plum)

Ink Applicator & Felts

Sand Paper


1. Make several paper punchies from a fairly thick piece of cardstock (regular paper is too thin).

2. Glue the punchies to the base cardstock using the glue stick.

NOTE: I'm using glue stick for this step because you only need it to hold until you apply the metal tape.

Inked Aluminum Tape 004

3. Cut a piece of the aluminum tape and stick it to the base cardstock over punchies.

Inked Aluminum Tape 006

4. Burnish (rub) the aluminum tape to highlight each punchie. I use my finger but you could use a bone folder, the back of a spoon, etc.

Inked Aluminum Tape 007

You'll end up with something like this....

Inked Aluminum Tape 008

5. Now apply desired color(s) of Alcohol Inks. I never use more than 3 colors ~ for this example I used Lettuce, Stream and Wild Plum.

Inked Aluminum Tape 010

Now this is what it will look like after you have added the Alcohol Inks. You can't really see the faux embossed area can you? Well, the next step will take care of that!

Inked Aluminum Tape 011

6. It's time to sand the raised or faux embossed areas of the tape. You can use just a plain piece of sand paper, a sanding block if you have access to one or you can try a little trick I like to use..... I simply remove the felt piece from the Ink Applicator, wrap a small piece of sand paper over the Velcro area and sand! This is easy, takes no special tools, works like a charm and best of all ~ it's FREE ;) LOL!!

Inked Aluminum Tape 013

Sand the raised areas....

Inked Aluminum Tape 014

And you'll be left with some awesome results!

Inked Aluminum Tape 015

Inked Aluminum Tape 016

Pretty cool huh?

Now to use you can create long pieces to be used for borders, cut it up into smaller pieces to embellish cards or scrapbooks, use a section as a background for an ATC, etc. There are just so many fun ways to use this tape after you're finished.

Tomorrow I'll share a few finished pieces as well as offer up a few alternatives.

Wednesday I'll share a technique that I discovered while messing around that takes this technique to a whole new amazing level ;)

Till then friends ~ go get inky!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

ATC Holder & Template

Hi Guys!

Thanks for all your well wishes ~ I'm feeling better...still a bit stiff but definitely better than I felt this weekend.

Here is the template for the ATC holder!

ACT Template 001

This template is created on an 8 1/2" x 11 sheet of cardstock. The front and backs of the box measure 3" x 4" to give you a size guide.

As you can see it has an optional window. If I'm making the window version I usually print the template on a sturdy piece of cardstock then add an extra layer of cardstock "padding" before I cut the window out. This just gives the finished box a bit more stability and durability. After I cut out the window I apply adhesive and insert a small piece of acetate* over the opening. You may then fold and glue the box as you normally would.

*GREEN TIP ~ Recycle acetate packaging from store bought items ~ it's usually much thicker and makes great window materials!!

Window - less ATC Holder

ACT Template 006

as you can see ~ with a 1" width you're able to fit several ATC's into the finished box!

ACT Template 005

Window ATC Holder

ACT Template 004

ACT Template 002

As you can see these ATC holders are quick and easy to make,

can be as simple or as elaborately decorated as desired


they would make great gifts for friends, hostess gifts or for your own collection!

Tomorrow's technique is an old favorite that I just love :)

Hint: Dig out your Alcohol Inks!!