Friday, August 14, 2009

Perfect Pearls - Northern Lights

I have another Perfect Pearls technique to share with you today. It's one that I learned during my visit to Ranger DTU. It's a really cool technique that employs Ranger's Ink Refresher (formerly Perfect Ink Refresher). The Ink Refresher conditions the paper which allows the Perfect Pearls to float over the surface of the cardstock freely. You may omit the Ink Refresher step but please note your results will not be exactly the same as I will show you below.

Perfect Pearls - Northern Lights

Northern Lights 002


Perfect Pearls (desired colors)

Ink Refresher

Dark or Black Cardstock

Mini Mister (filled with water)

Non-Stick Craft Sheet


1. Scoop out a small amount of Perfect Pearls and place it on the non-stick craft sheet.

2. Spritz the PP with 2-3 squirts of water. This will give you a nice creamy PP paint.

Northern Lights 010

3. Spritz the entire piece of cardstock with the Ink Refresher. It will soak in immediately.

Northern Lights 006

4. Immediately add the PP paint mixture to the saturated cardstock. I usually just use my fingers but you can use a paint brush, blending foam or your tool of choice. It doesn't have to be perfect, just get it on there while the Ink Refresher is still moist.

Northern Lights 014

5. After you have applied the PP to the cardstock, spritz with water. 2-3 squirts should do the trick.

Northern Lights 016

6. Now pick up the piece of cardstock and tilt it in one direction. The Perfect Pearls and water will begin to run in the same direction. The PP will blend seamlessly as it goes (this is where the Ink Refresher really makes the difference) and leave a fine film of PP where it has past.

Northern Lights 017

You will end up with results like this....

Northern Lights 018

Beautiful isn't it?

Now I chose to use Forever Purple, Forever Blue and Forever of course can vary the number of PP as well as the colors as you wish. You'll want to let the cardstock dry naturally or speed drying with a heat gun.

DO NOT IRON...I tried this and it messed the PP up ~ still usable but definitely not the same effect.

Here are a few more examples using the Ink Refresher....

Northern Lights 022

Northern Lights 024

Northern Lights 029

Northern Lights 036

These are examples of the same technique minus the Ink Refresher step...

While the results are still great, you will notice in the absence of the Ink Refresher the PP has a blotch look instead of the even flow of the original technique.

Northern Lights 031

Northern Lights 027

Northern Lights 026

Northern Lights 023

Ready to give it a try???

I promise you won't be able to stop with just one'll want to try all sorts of color combinations once you get started. And don't forget, even if you use the same colors of PP's you can vary the order you add them to the cardstock for a variety of looks!

So what are you waitin' for?

Go get crafty!!


  1. cool technique! thanks for sharing!

  2. Of course living where I can enjoy the northern lights I have been drawn to this technique but didn't feel I ever got it right...but now I know the secret formula! Thanks Roni for all you share!


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