Altered Altoids Tin Art Festival

You read that correctly - on this day 5 years ago I started Ink Stains!!!
To celebrate this milestone I thought it would be fun to host my first blog hop / on-line art festival. The centerpiece for this show of art is the humble Altoids Tin!
You all know how I hate to throw anything away that might....just might be turned into art and these tins are one of those things.
So let's begin....
Ink Stains 5th Anniversary Altered Altoids Tin Art Festival & Blog Hop!



gloria 2

Ink Stained Roni
beeswax 3 031

Ink Stained Roni

altoid tins 002

Carol M.

Carol M
Ink Stained Roni
Greatest Love Tin 017

Loretta M.

Top View 2

Inside View 2

Inside View 11

Ink Stained Roni
(fat tin - 2 bottoms)

altoid tins 033

altoid tins 034

altoid tins 037

altoid tins 038
Mom (Dixie)
2013 Calendar Tin

mom - beach 1

mom - beach 2

Ink Stained Roni

Valentine Tin 010

Valentine Tin 011

Blackberry Designs

Altoids tin - Dea

Ink Stained Roni

altoid tins 009

altoid tins 012


Altoids Tin Anesha - Front

Altoids Tin Anesha - Inside
Ink Stained Roni

altoid tins 019

Ink Stained Roni
new years tin ii 014new years tin ii 005


Altoids Tin - Sachi

Ink Stained Roni

Mom Altiod Tin II 005

Mom Altiod Tin II 003

Kelli Sue

Altoids Tin - Kelli Sue

Altoids Tin - Kelli Sue 2

Altoids Tin - Kelli Sue 3

Ink Stained Roni

altoid tins 013

altoid tins 015

Ink Stained Roni
25 Days of Hand Made Gifts & Ornaments - Tic Tac Toe 001
Karen Ladd

Altoids Tin - Karen Ladd

Ink Stained Roni
GI - Sept 10 - Pins & Needles Tin - Open - Ink  Stained Roni

Ink Stained Roni

altoid tins 006

altoid tins 008

Jean S.

Altoids Tin - Jean S - Front

Altoids Tin - Jean S - Inside

Ink Stained Roni
whimsy stamps 023

whimsy stamps 028

Ink Stained Roni

altoid tins 004

Mom (Dixie)

mom - oz 1

mom - oz 2

Ink Stained Roni
Magnetic Paper Dolls!

altoid tins 021

altoid tins 024

altoid tins 022



And now it's your turn....

Anne Squire -

The bird lifts out to expose a book hidden behind!!



  1. I nearly fainted when I saw all of these altoid tins in one post! Wow! Each and every one of them is awesome! I can't seem to find the date this was posted....but Happy Anniversary!

  2. What a fabulous HOP Sorry I missed it!

  3. They all look so cleverly designed! Love the sea shell one!

  4. Beautiful!! I shouldn't get rid of tins in future.


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!