Thursday, May 31, 2012

Faux Rusty Metal Technique

Today I wanted to share a technique I shared quite a few years ago....

Faux Rusty Metal Technique

I thought it would be perfect for masculine projects but with the popularity of Steampunk I think it would be a great addition to those as well!


Metallic Paint
Greens, Browns, rusty colors of paint
Rough Textured Sand Paper


1. Dab the green paint onto the paper and smear it around with your finger working it into the sand paper.

Sandpaper & Dabbers003

It should look something like this.....

Sandpaper & Dabbers004

2. Continue by adding the desired metallic paint and finishing it off with a bit of brown paint here and there.  Rubbing each additional color into the sand paper as you did with the green.

Sandpaper & Dabbers006

Here is how the first example turned out....

Sandpaper & Dabbers007

And a few more using various colors of metallic & plain paints.

Sandpaper & Dabbers008

Now, what can you do with your faux rusty metal....

Check it out ~

Faux Rusty Metal001

Faux Rusty Metal002

Faux Rusty Metal003

This is a much lighter alternative to real rusty metal and it's also easier to attach to your cards and other projects.


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Black Berry Designs #3 - Crackled Glass Organizer

I have another fun project using Black Berry Designs Tissue Paper Collage Images!

This is a fun way to recycle and create a fun organizer at the same time.  I am using a mayonnaise jar as the base for my project!  I I keep everything?  pretty much - lol...  I am having a real issue though, I keep things to make stuff out of then I have the stuff I created too!   I'm considering opening a booth at a semi-local craft's $50.00 a month ~ I'm not sure if it would be worth it or not.

Anyway, I'm rambling.... on to the project.

Crackled Glass Recycled Organizer


Mayonnaise or other glass jar
Tissue Collage Images
Rock Candy
Distress Stain


1. Wash and dry the jar so there are no oils from your skin on the jar.

2. Trim the desired images from your collage sheets.  I am using roses and vintage fans for this project.

BlackBerryDesigns Pt I 009

3. Now using the Rock Candy as your glue, apply a coat of the RC to the area you will be placing the first image.   Press the image into the RC and smooth the tissue image out using your finger.  Yes, this is messy but it's the best way I've found to apply these images.

BlackBerryDesigns Pt I 010

4. Apply any additional images on this side of the jar you desire. 

5.  After all images have been added to this side apply a second coat of the Rock Candy to this side of the jar.  Let it dry completely.

BlackBerryDesigns Pt I 011

6. After the first portion of the jar has dried, rotate the jar and continue adding additional images and layers of Rock Candy until the entire jar has been covered with images.

Let it dry completely.  You can't really see the crackles all that much but just wait....

BBD 012

7.  Now pounce desired color of Distress Stain over the jar.  You'll notice that the crackle REALLY pops now!

BBD 009

Here is what my jar looks like at this point.....

BBD 010

8.  Finish the jar off by adding whatever extra embellishments you would like around the top of the jar.  I added a nifty beaded garland mom and I found in Shipshewana, a bit of ribbon, a vintage key and key hole.

BBD 014

And here it is.....  Filled with my vintage rulers.

BBD 015 BBD 016

And there you go...
another way cool way to use those tissue paper collage images!

Now, it's time for another give-a-way!

Go to the Floral & Foliage section and tell me what your favorite image(s) are....

Mine are any of the Vintage Cabbage Roses and DL201 the Pansies.
Just beautiful!

You will have until  6-6-12 to post your favorites to be entered to win one of 5 sets of Blackberry Design Collage Sheets!!

Good Luck Everyone!

Wicked New Magnetic Nail Polish!

I normally don't paint my nails because they get so beat up...most of the time they look pretty rough but for some reason right now they look pretty good.  Well today while we were shopping I saw a brand new nail polish by Sally Hansen - Magnetic Nail Polish!

I'm tellin' you this stuff is awesome!

Check it out....

You paint your nail with a base coat (which I didn't)
then you paint a coat of the magnetic polish and let it dry.

Then you paint a thick second coat of the magnetic polish then immediately hold the lid/magnet over your nail.

Somehow it creates these wicked swirl both light and dark colors. 
I have NO idea how it works but I love it!

It's very striking in person so if you see it in the store and wonder if it works, take it from me, it does and it's really cool :)

LOTS of Winners and More!

Today youngest DS and I went shopping for food and supplies for this weekend ~ his graduation party! I can't believe he's out of high school now... He's a really good kid but school never agreed with him.  He is a hands on learner...the by the book teachers at our school haven't figured out how to teach kids like him.  Needless to say it's been a struggle but he found his gift in the vocational school program - Auto Body & Collision Repair.  His teacher said he's got a natural talent for it so he's starting his own auto detailing business on the side and will work at our business the rest of the time.  Here he is below...we went to the zoo last week - Fort Wayne Childrens Zoo - and I took these while we were there.  (I'll share more fun zoo pics later this week)

and here he is with his girlfriend...Morgan...

I also have several winners to announce....

****First, the winner of the Rubber Stamp Madness magazine is....

(Honest, I didn't cheat - picked her name)


Anonymous said...
I'm in the process of making a folding birthday book/card for my secret sister. You'll see it when I bring it over for you to bind..... Love MOM
My favorite is the tiger, but I admit I get a kick out of watching the otters play too! :) Thanks for offering up these fun stamps!

****The winners of the first 5 sets of BlackBerry Designs collage sheets are....


I couldn't find the names of these papers but I really liked DFT 104 & 105. They're all fun but these 2 were my favorites! Thanks for the giveaway!


I don't see where the names are, but there is one with allot of fairies very vintage looking Item# DFT128, and then alice in wonderland of course! and major congrats on the happy mail that is awesome!
I like the DFT 116 the best, but those mice are so cute! Thank you for the opportunity to win some goodies Roni!
My favorite is DFT 104(Pirates)-not your typical Fairy Tale..but that is me, too! I also like DFT 114(Fairy Heroes) All the sheets are so cool, it was hard to choose!


Debbie G

Mother Goose, Mother Hubbard are my favs #DFT121. Would love to win these. Thanks
Oh, I love the images of two or more ladies together. I have several friends that would love getting a card with something like those on them. Great images.
Thanks for you inspiration.
Candy Meyers


DF130 is my favorite. The rosy cheeks remind me of Norman Rockwell images, and they are always so cheerful! And who doesn't need a little more cheerful in their life?
My favorite sheets ar DF119 & DF121. But I really liked all of them

calamity jane

calamity janesaid...
Stickles is always the answer!! Love the glasses case! Graber is adorable! I have pics of my Border Collie is a little bed just like this one. He laid it long after he was too big!!

Now these images are too cool! My faves are #107 (advertisements) and 140 (I can see putting witty sayings with these gals!)

Thanks again Roni!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bottle Cap Key Chain for Dad

I thought since Father's Day is coming up in a few short weeks that it might be fun to start sharing a few fun ideas for gifts for dad.

Today I wanted to share a fun gift that works for not only Dad but anyone on your gift list...

Bottle Cap Key Chain


Bottle Cap
Collage Image (Altered Pages)
Circle die-cutter, punch, etc.
Crystal Lacquer
Jump Ring
Key Chain Finding


1. Cut 2 collage images for each key chain.  You can do so by hand-cutting (if you're steadier than I am) use a circle paper punch or use these nifty dies I have that fit the bottle cap perfectly!

2. Next, smash the bottle cap...I personally like to do so with a hammer...a few good whacks and the cap is smashed and as an added benefit you get to work out any frustrations you might be harboring - LOL!!  After you have smashed the cap, use a nail to poke a hole in the rim of the bottle cap.  This will be used later on to attach the cap to the key ring finding.

3. Ink up the edges of the images with desired color of ink.  I'm using brown but you can use whatever you like.

4. Now glue one image to the front and one image to the back of the bottle cap.  Let them dry completely.

5. Next, completely cover one of the image with the Crystal Lacquer and let it dry over night. 

6. Next day, flip the cap over and cover the second image and let it dry over night.

7. After the images have dried completely affix the cap to the key ring finding with a jump ring and you're all set!

(NOTE: This cap hasn't been covered in has been so humid here that the CL isn't drying as quickly as I'd like so I had to substitute this one in its place.)

And there you go....
a super fun gift for anyone on your crafty gift giving list!
Dad, Graduate, Wedding Party....etc.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Operation Write Home - Memorial Day "Sketch" Blog Hop!

Happy Memorial Day

I hope you're all enjoying the hop so far
and if this is your first stop ~ ENJOY!

Stampers Best

Sketch #118

Sketch #34

Sketch #98

Sketch #22

I also have a couple of cards posted over at Altered Page Artsociates which I'm sure you'll see along the way :)

Happy Memorial Day Everyone!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Juice of the Gods....

This card is made with my mom in mind....
(she's gonna kill me when she reads this)
She loves wine!!!


For this card I used several different B-Line Designs stamps which I just love (not sure who made the sentiment).  The bottle and goblet were stamped with Archival Ink, colored then covered with Glossy Accents to make it really look like glass.   The background and sentiment were both stamped then Broken China DI was added to the background.

I know I've fallen down on the step by step pics but I've been working on creating a new kit for Altered Pages and I've made several cards for this weekends Operation Write Home Memorial Day Sketch Blog Hop.  I hope you'll stop by and check them out...  There will be 4 posted here at Ink Stains plus I've also got two over at Altered Pages.

A little more about the farm...
When I mentioned that I had to sew more when the guys were busy with the hay.....well, we own our own business (Industrial Sewing Machine Sales/Repairs) and we do some specialty sewing for a few of the companies we work for.  When Eric is busy making hay I have to do all of the sewing which has been taking up major amounts of my time.  That is why in part I've been posting later in the day than usual here.  Hopefully after they get the first cutting done I'll have a bit more time on my hands to get back to my usual step by step techniques and stuff.

Someone asked about the donkeys...I will take some current pics of them this weekend and post them soon.  They are still ornery as ever...well for a couple weeks at least.  Zeek isn't going to be so peppy after the next visit from the farrier.  He has had a hoof disease for quite a while (since way before we adopted him) and it's to the point we have to either fix it or he'll become lame and eventually have to be put down.  That's not going to happen if I can help it so we're going to try to fix him up.  Hopefully it will work and he'll be kickin his heels up again real soon.

so, that's all for today...
I hope you're able to take at least a few minutes to play in the ink!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Moments in Time Collage

Today I wanted to share a nifty little collage with you that I created using a variety of goodies....

Moments in Time

Moments in Time
I used a chipboard frame as the beginnings of this little collage which I covered with a piece of vintage sheet music I worked over.  When I say I worked it over I crumpled, inked, re-crumpled and inked it some more!

After it was attached to the frame I inked the edges with vintage photo distress ink.

I then stamped the bird, sentiment & clock, inked them then covered each with Glossy Accents.

I added a funky stick which I tied a key on with a bit of dyed rayon seam binding, affixed a few gears and the key hole, mounted the stamped images then went to work on the main image.

The image was mounted on a piece of chipboard then covered with crackle accents and left to dry.  When it had dried completely I mounted it to the back of the frame and covered the entire back with a piece of printed cardstock.

Here is a close up of the image after it was crackled...
Don't ya just love that look!
Moments in Time Close Up

So there you go...
a quick and very easy collage to give or keep!

BTW, a couple people asked about our hay making....Yes, we make several acres of hay...a few of them on our own land but mostly we rent small plots of ground here and there.  We make a variety of hay including pure alfalfa, alfalfa/grass mix and grass.  We keep much of the hay for our own cows and the donkeys but we do sell hay to folks who have horses, cows and other misc. farm animals.  The guys enjoy it and I occasionally help drive the tractor when needed.  I used to take turns on the wagon but after I injured my back I'm no longer able to do so...which is why I drive.  I don't mind it unless there is rain forecast...then dh gets grumpy and things usually go haywire (no pun intended - lol).   Anyway, that's a big part of our summer...makin' hay!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Such a sweet sounding word huh? 

Well you know what they say ~ no rest for the wicked...
and if this holds true then I must be REALLY wicked - LOL!!

Things are nuts here...dh is making more hay this year than he ever has so that means I have more sewing to do for our business which in turn means I have to cram all of my "normal" stuff into fewer hours than before.

Anyway, I didn't have time to take pics of "in the process" so I'll just show you the finished card....

Relax on the Beach

Relax on the Beach

The background is a plain sheet of white cardstock (georgia pacific).
First I inked the ocean with a combination of Faded Jeans & Broken China Distress Ink, I added a bit of Mustard Seed for the sun and Stormy Sky near the top.
I applied Vintage Photo and Brushed Corduroy for the sandy area.

I used white Liquid Pearls for the waves, clouds and the foam along the shore.
After those were dry I applied a bit of Stickles to the ocean & sand (don't ya just love that cinnamon's my fav!)

Each of the chipboard shells was covered with a shade of Liquid Pearls then I used either Stickles or Liquid Pearls to add dimension to each.

The little tag was stamped, inked torn and inked some more. 

I mounted the shells & tags using either glue directly to the card or double stick foam to raise it off the card face.

Hope you enjoy!

Monday, May 21, 2012

OWH - Armed Forces Day - SB Blog Skip Winner!!!

Hi Everyone!

I hope you enjoyed the OWH/Stampers Best Armed Forces Day Blog Skip!

I had lots of fun and enjoyed checking out the very cool cards made using Stampers Best images.   Be sure to check in next weekend for the huge OWH Memorial Day Weekend Blog Hop!  I think it's going to be amazing!

Now, on to the winner of the two Stampers Best stamps....

The winner is (drawn by .....

Donna Nuce!!!

BloggerDonna Nuce said...

Your cards are fabulous. I love the My country tis of thee one a lot. TFS and supporting OWH. Thanks for a chance to win some blog candy too!
May 20, 2012 6:52 PM

Congratulations Donna ~
Please send me your snail mail addy so I can get your stamps out to you :)

Thanks to everyone who participated, hopped (well, skipped) and Stampers Best for their grand images and support of OWH!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Operation Write Home - Stampers Best Armed Forces Day Blog Skip!

Welcome Everyone
Armed Forces Day Blog Skip!!

I hope you've all been enjoying the wonderful cards made by some very talented ladies using some of StampersBest greatest images!

Before I share my card creations I wanted to share some great deals being generously offered by StampersBest this weekend....

1) StampersBest will DOUBLE the donation to OWH for any fundraiser stamps purchased this weekend, i.e. for each fundraiser stamp sold, $2 will go to OWH!

2) For every order that includes an OWH Fundraiser stamp, you get a FREE Statue of Liberty Cling Stamp

3) As always, all orders over $35 get free shipping (USA). 

As a BONUS offer, any orders over $35 that include at least 1 OWH Fundraiser stamp, will also receive a FREE 3-Pack of Clear Cling Stamp Storage Cards ($5 value).

PLUS - If you use the discount code: "inkstains" you will receive an extra 10% off of your order!!!!

Please NOTE: These specials apply to orders placed Saturday, Sunday and Monday only.

And now, here are the cards I made just for you today.....
I hope you will find them inspiring....

Ciara Thanks You!

StampersBest Images: Ciara; My Hero Sentiment Set 

Your Courage....

I Pledge Allegiance....

And now...

I've got two of the StampersBest images I used in the card above (I Pledge) up for grabs!
Simply leave a comment to be entered into the drawing.
The winner will be drawn on Monday evening and posted here...

E Pluribus Unum Rubber Stamp
Old Glory Rubber Stamp

Good Luck Everyone
and now it's time to hop, skip and jump on over to

Here is the complete Blog Hop Listing...

Roni Johnson - You are Here!