Monday, May 7, 2012

Mom ATC's 5 & 6

Hi Friends ~

I hope you're all having a super start to your week...  Had to go sew today (and tomorrow too) so I was hurrying when I made today's ATC's and totally forgot to take "in the process" photos.  Sorry!

Mom ATC - #5 - Stained Acrylics


Distress Ink
Ink Blending Tool
White Acrylic Paint
Background Stamp


1. Apply white acrylic paint to your rubber stamp.

2.  Immediately press onto your cardstock and let the paint dry.  While your paint is drying go and wash your stamp so the paint doesn't dry on the stamp.

3.  After the paint has dried, apply desired color or colors of ink to the image using the IBT.  Add as much or as little ink as desired.  You will notice immediately how the stamped image POPS right off the page. 

Now one question I am always asked about this technique is why wouldn't you just stamp the image onto colored cardstock instead of adding ink after it was stamped.  Well, personally I find that by first stamping with the acrylic paint you get a partial, distressed, vintage look to your image.  The adding the ink afterwards you can control the background colors...light, dark, more than one color, etc. 

4. After the ink has dried you can finish off the ATC as desired....


Mom ATC #6 - Melted Crayons


Iron (with no steam holes)


1. Pre-heat your iron to the hottest temp.  On mine it's cotton but some say "hot" or "high". 

2. Hold the iron so the "face" (flat part) is up. 

3. Pretend like you're coloring on the flat part of the iron with the crayons.  The crayons will melt right onto the iron.  I like to use one color at a time so I don't muddy the colors.

4. Now, iron your paper with the colored wax.

5. Repeat with multiple colors of crayons until you get a look you like.....


6. Trim to ATC size and now, it's time to finish off your ATC!


How's that for fun?
Got some time to play?
I hope you find a bit of time to create!

Tomorrow afternoon/evening I'll be back with ATC's # 7 & 8!!!
Hope to see you then.


  1. Great techniques! Can't wait to try the paint for the background!

  2. Beautiful effect. Seems like it would be grand fun to choose colors. Can't help but wonder, what does this do to the iron? Can you clean it off while still hot?

  3. Very you images!


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