Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Copper Wine Glass Shade

Candles are such a popular home design element today but some of the votive and candle holders on the market fetch staggering amounts of money ~ anywhere from $10.00 up into the hundreds of dollars!!!

In this economy it's wise to look for alternatives and it's also a very "Green" way of thinking! So, that's what I have for you today! A candle holder alternative that is not only environmentally friendly but also friendly on your pocket book as well ;)

Wine glasses come in all shapes and sizes, some plain others ornate, something for everyone taste! If you're a smart (bargain) shopper you can hit places like garage or tag sales, Goodwill, Salvation Army or other resale stores you can find these gems for as little as .50 a piece...sometimes LESS!

Simply place a votive in the glass and if desired you can fill in around the votive to hid the candle. I used the micro glass beads but you could use marbles, sand, or other non-flammable materials.

So now all you need is the shade which is what we will be making today. I am going to be using Streuter's Copper GlueFoil... It's already got a layer of adhesive on the back which is how well will attach the vellum. If you don't have the GlueFoil available, you could use a spray on adhesive of your choice to attach the vellum to the copper.

Copper Wine Glass Shade

(Votive Shade)

copper wine glass shade 002


Mirkwood Designs Wine Glass Shade

Streuter GlueFoil (copper)


Archival Inks

Rubber Stamps (The Enchanted Gallery)

Cut & Dry Nibs

Pop-It Dots (double sided foam tape)

Deco Scissors

Exacto Knife

Paper Piercer

Copper Mini Brads

Optional Supplies:

Eyelets (in desired colors)

Crop-A-Dile Eyelet setter

Stickles Glitter Glue (optional)


1. Print the wine glass shade template and fit to your particular wine glass. Since all wine glasses vary in size and shape, you may need to re-size the template for a proper fit.

2. Iron the vellum to the adhesive side of the copper GlueFoil.

copper wine glass shade 007

It will look something like this...

copper wine glass shade 008

3. Trace the template onto the copper and cut out. I like to cut the top and bottom edges using deco scissors. It's not necessary but it just adds an extra little bit to the finished shade.

copper wine glass shade 009

copper wine glass shade 003

4. Stamp desired designs onto the shade using Archival Ink. (I used one of the flower shapes from #Roma - 119.)

5. It's time to start cutting various areas of the stamped image to open the shade up to allow light to escape.

The image has 6 petals so I cut every other petal with an Exacto knife as shown...(the copper cuts very easily!)

copper wine glass shade 013

6. Fold each petal up and out to form an opening...

copper wine glass shade 016

7. Stamp additional images onto the scrap copper and cut out the smaller inside flower. Color using Archival Ink and Cut & Dry Nibs. Once they were dry I added a dab of Stickles Glitter Glue to the centers of each of the smaller flowers.

copper wine glass shade 018

8. Attach the extra flowers to the centers of the existing larger flowers using Pop-It Dots (double sided foam tape).

9. It's time to turn your flat shade into a round shade! To begin, fold over 1/8" flap over on one end of the shade...this will be the outside finished edge of the shade as shown here on the finished shade...

Fold Edge...

copper wine glass shade 025

Poke holes...

copper wine glass shade 026

Insert Copper Mini Brads....

copper wine glass shade 028

And you have a shade...

copper wine glass shade 002

Now you could stop here if you'd like...but of course I like to kick it up a notch or two ;)

I punched holes using my Crop-A-Dile and added anodized metallic eyelets around the bottom edge and hung shrink plastic charms I made using the same flower image. I curled the charms while they were still warm for a bit more interest.

copper wine glass shade 029

And there you have a really fun and funky wine glass candle holder & shade!

Now, just think of all the variations you could come up with...

by varying the wine glasses and rubber stamps the possibilities are endless!!!

These would not only made great home accent pieces for yourself but they make excellent hostess gifts, birthday gifts and more!!

So now be honest, don't you feel like running out to your local bargain shop to find your own stash of wine glasses???

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Copper Metal Tea Light Cover Preview

Well, I had planned on sharing how to make this tea light cover with you today but we had company soooo, I didn't have time to post. I'll post all the directions and pattern tomorrow so be sure to check back then!

Streuter Copper Tea Light Cover1

Streuter Copper Tea Light Cover 2

Happy Tuesday!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Die-Cut, Embossed & Inked Metal Embellishments

Today I have a fun and easy embellishment idea that will work for virtually any theme you might come across... Die-cut, embossed & inked metal!

This technique works best with a larger die-cutting system ~ Zip-E-Mate, Sizzix, Big Shot, etc. It doesn't work well with Cuttlebugs or QK type die cutters ~ you could very easily break these cutters if the metal is too thick.

Cut the metal...

die cut metal 001

die cut metal 002

Emboss using a stylus, embossing tool, ball point pen, etc. Squiggles, edge lines, dots, waves, etc are all great additions to the metal!

die cut metal 003

Add ink!!!!

die cut metal 005

And they are ready for use :)

die cut metal 008

Since I used Streuters GlueFoil all I had to do was iron the flowers onto my canvas and add gemstone centers. (the stamped girl is from 100 Proof Press)

die cut metal 009

See, told ya it was easy!!

Now, just think of all the die-cuts available on the market...

the possibilities are wide open for creativity!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sweet Autumn Gothic Arch

This weeks challenge over at Gothic Arches was Autumn!!!

I'm sure some of you know how much I love this time of year...the colors, sights, sounds. It's just a beautiful time of year here in Indiana! So this was a perfect challenge for me.

I decided to incorporate my favorite metal (copper) into the mix using Sepp Leafing Flakes (on the lattice work). The colors are a bit's more brown but with the flash it washed it completely out and without it gave an odd color to the metal. I'm going to try to take another photo tomorrow in natural sunlight.

Sweet Autumn

Sweet Autumn Gothic Arch 003

If you get a chance ~ give one of these challenges a try.

They are lots of fun!

And remember ~ if Gothic Arches aren't your cup of tea ~ use this challenge to inspire you to create whatever is your it a card, ATC, scrapbook page, etc.

Just remember to have fun and enjoy yourself!!!

Vintage Postcards ~ Good Night!

Today I thought I'd share some night time don't see cards like this anymore ~ the colors are spectactular!


Villa Raggio

(this card is postmarked 1-30-1898!!!)

Night time Images 001

Moonlight in the Royal Gorge, Colorado

Night time Images 007

Sunset at Battery Park,

Lake Champlain, Burlington, VT

Night time Images 005

Grand Canon of the Arkansas, Colorado

Night time Images 010

Summit of Pikes Peak @ Sunrise

Night time Images 004

Have a "Good Night" everyone!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Friendly Fairy Witch - Fancy Gothic Arch - Template #4

Well I had hoped to have all sorts of Gothic Arches to share with you today but I spent most of the day waiting for someone to show up to look at a farm implement we are selling then dh, Bob and I went to look at an auction preview tonite. Dh isn't going to be able to go so I needed to know what he was interested in :S

I at least got my camera problems figured out and posted the new clearer images of the templates for yesterday


I did get at least one GA Friendly Witch :)

Hope you like her!

It also goes with this weeks challenge over at the Gothic Arch site which is to use a bow somewhere.

Friendly Fairy Witch

(Gothic Arch Template - Fancy #4)

friendly witch 002

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend...

If I get finished at the auction early enough I'm planning on making a few more of these critters made.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

More Gothic Arch Templates - Patterns!

As promised I have several more Gothic Arch Templates for you :)
(for whatever reason my camera seems to be having issues today. I'm going to see if I can't get better photos tomorrow!)

I hope you've given some of these a try as they are loads of fun!!

Gothic Arch

Templates & Patterns

Narrow Gothic Arch

gothic arch temp. 002

The Curve Gothic Arch

gothic arch temp. 003

The Spires Gothic Arch

gothic arch temp. 001

Fancy Gothic Arch #3

gothic arch temp. 004

Fancy Gothic Arch #4

gothic arch temp. 005

Fancy Gothic Arch #5

gothic arch temp. 006

So there you go...a few more templates to tempt you!

Tomorrow I'll share another Gothic Arch example using one of these new templates!

Till then friend, go get inky ;)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

School Days Gothic Arch - Masking Tape Technique

Today's Gothic Arch design was created on the Fancy Gothic Arch #2 Template. I decided to use a technique that is normally showcased in browns with black highlights to imitate faux leather but I like to kick it up a notch or 3 or 4 and use COLOR!!!

So here you go ~

Fancy Gothic Arch Template #2

School Days


Masking Tape Technique

(Faux Leather Technique)


Chipboard (for Gothic Arch base)

Fancy Gothic Arch Pattern #2

Masking Tape

Glimmer Mist

Krylon Metallic Paint Pen

Archival Ink

Distress Inks

Ink Blending Tool


1. Trace the Gothic Arch onto the chipboard and cut out.

School Days Fancy Gothic Arch 001

2. Apply small bits of masking tape to the entire base. There is no rhyme nor reason...just stick em on there willy-nilly. Be sure to have some of the tape hanging off the edge ~ you'll cut these off later so don't worry when it starts looking ragged.

School Days Fancy Gothic Arch 002

3. Once the base has been covered, spray desired color(s) of Glimmer Mist onto the tape.

School Days Fancy Gothic Arch 003

I used Sea Glass (blue), Cinnamon, and Wheat. Let dry completely before moving can speed drying using a heat tool.

School Days Fancy Gothic Arch 004

4. Trim off the ragged pieces of tape...

School Days Fancy Gothic Arch 007

5. Stamp background images using Archival Ink and Oxford Impression stamps.

School Days Fancy Gothic Arch 010

6. Stamp desired "photo stamps" using Archival Ink onto the Matte Kote paper. Just a bit about photo realistic stamps. If you don't use the correct ink or paper they can be a real bear to use. You'll end up with partial or distorted images and at times they make you want to cuss....that is until you figure out the right combination of tools/paper!

First and foremost these stamps work best with Archival or Staz-On type inks. I've tried lots of others but these work the absolute best! (I use Archival because I don't like how Staz-On smells.)

Next comes the paper...normally it is recommended you use glossy cardstock to stamp on. Regular plain cardstock just won't cut it. The images just don't transfer well to uncoated cardstock. Now you might not want the gloss associated with glossy cardstock ~ this is where Judi Kins Matte Kote cardstock comes in!! This stuff is THE BEST ~ I love it! It's a coated cardstock that takes inks extremely well! You can see in the photo just how nice these images turned out.

Best of all if you want to color the images in with chalks, colored or watercolor pencils, inks, etc. it all works great on this cardstock. When you try to use some of these mediums on glossy cardstock you achieve less than desirable results.

School Days Fancy Gothic Arch 008

7. Finish the Gothic Arch and enjoy!!

School Days Fancy Gothic Arch 012

There ya go...another Gothic Arch and Technique to add to your idea box :)

"MY" Rubber Stamps

OHHHH, I am so excited...I got my initial peek at a set of rubber stamps I designed yesterday!!! It comes out in the January "Get Inked" kit at Queen Kat Designs.

I sooooo can't wait till you guys get to see it :)

I'm very excited about it! I can hardly wait!!!

That's all...

I just had to tell someone - LOL!!! ;)

What to do with all your art?!?!?

What do you do with the art you create? I can't tell you how many times I get this question. So many times I hear from people who would love to try some of the projects or techniques I post but what to do with the finished project stalls them our or stops them in their tracks.

Today I rec'd an e-mail about this very subject so I thought I'd share my answer with everyone in case you're facing the same dilemma.

Here was the initial e-mail from Kim in Cincinnati....

"Thanks so much for posting the gothic arch templates, and I love your remarkable woman example! I admire gothic arches whenever I see them, as well as altered books, chipboard albums, and anything distressed or altered looking. But here's my problem--every time I sit down to make something like this, I freeze up, because the unfortunate, practical side of me says--what the heck are you going to do with this??? Since your blog is full of gothic arches, ATCs, and all things distressed, collaged, and otherwise altered, I'll ask you--what the heck do you do with all of it??? Sorry if this is a stupid question, but it's really nagging me and stifling my creativity! Any thoughts?"

and here was my reply to her....

"LOL!! Trust me, this has crossed my mind more than once before I just decided to do it. When I make things for the blog I make items with specific people or uses in mind ~ friends, family, to give away on the blog, to put in my Etsy store, etc. Some I even make for myself ;)

I use them as gifts, turn some items such as Gothic Arches, ATC's, etc. into cards. Items such as chipboard albums I make as much as possible (decoration wise) and give those to friends who don't scrapbook...that way they can just add their own photos and be done with it! For collage pieces ~ I stick with friends or "to sell" if I'm not planning on keeping it. General themes that fit in with a certain style ~ for example, my Mom has a citrus theme in her kitchen so I create things that tie in well with her existing designs. I made a friend a giant collaged puzzle piece with a favorite saying and some of her favorite and meaningful designs incorporated into the design.

Stuff like that... Of course I participate in ATC swaps and work on Design Teams so I can get rid of things that way too! What I don't use for any of the above I submit to magazines, donate, or use as a RAK (random act of kindness).

Some additional ideas are ~ donating them to local nursing homes or senior citizen centers. Maybe there is a woman's shelter you could donate to or even send a surprise box to the local school system. There is always someone out there who would enjoy a bit of art to brighten their lives!

Just don't let what you're going to do with the finished project stop you from creating...there will always be someone out there who will appreciate your art!"

So please remember, if you want to create I refer to one of my favorite slogans...


You're creative muse will love you for it ;)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Basic Gothic Arch - Remarkable Woman

I thought I would add one or two special techniques or features for a bit more fun


today's Gothic Arch has a fun base created using a couple basic supplies...

cardboard, Studio Gesso and Distress Re-Inkers!

Remarkable Woman

Gothic Arch

(using the Basic G.A. Pattern)

Basic GA 007

Here is a closer look at the arch base....

Basic GA 009

To create this base I started by tracing the basic Gothic Arch onto a piece of corrugated cardboard. It was just a lid from an old box I had laying around.

Next I peeled away the top layer of cardboard exposing the ruffles inside.

I mixed up a bit of the Studio Gesso with 1 squirt of Mustard Seed Distress Re-Inker

(NOTE: you can use more or less Distress Ink depending on the desired color intensity.)

Then I just applied it in a haphazard fashion....

Basic GA 002

After the gesso had dried completely I finished assembling the rest of the Gothic Arch.

Basic GA 003

What daya think?

Cool look huh?

I love incorporating regular old cardboard into art ~

It just adds that extra little something to your finished project.

I want to thank Bea in Spain...many of the goodies on today's project

(main image, flowers, Spanish lace, sheet music & ladybug)

are from our Ephemera swap!

Be sure to check in tomorrow as I'll be sharing another fun

Gothic Arch design :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Gothic Arch Templates/Patterns

In my book ~ Teach Yourself Visually - Collage & Altered Arts I touched upon Gothic Arches but due to room constraints I wasn't able to include any templates or patterns for various styles of Gothic Arches.

So this week I thought we'd play a bit with them!

Today I want to share with you 5 of the Gothic Arch Templates I've come up with (I'll share more later in the week) and then tomorrow I'll start sharing various Gothic Arches to give you a few ideas on how to go about creating some of your own!

Gothic Arch Templates/Patterns

Basic Gothic Arch

Gothic Arch Templates 005

Fancy Gothic Arch #1

Gothic Arch Templates 003

Fancy Gothic Arch #2

Gothic Arch Templates 002

Home Sweet Home Gothic Arch

Gothic Arch Templates 004

Triptych Gothic Arch

Gothic Arch Templates 001

Since there are no specified sizes when working with Gothic Arches, I would suggest printing them off in a size you think you would like to work with. Once you're satisfied with the size, create a chipboard template to keep on hand for future use. I keep chipboard templates in various sizes of the templates I use the most (basic, fancy #1 & triptych). Makes for much quicker creating when you have the templates ready to go.

Be sure to check out even more of my other

Gothic Arch Templates!!