Friday, March 30, 2012

Vintage Goodies Galore!!

I wanted to share what I've been up to for the last few days ~

If you hadn't noticed my Etsy shop has been empty for a couple months.  I was letting everything expire so I could see what I had left and I was also collecting new and different goodies from here and there.

Well, for the last few days I've been compiling, photographing and loading it all into the store -

What's New - I've added several jewelry related pieces - Eiffel Tower Charms; Mini Bird Cages; Kraken (octopus) and a way cool garden gate charm that has two doors that actually open.  Once these doors are open there is enough room to create a mini collage inside!!!  How cool is that?  I'm planning on sharing a tutorial showing how to embellish it.

I found some cool vintage looking tinsel garland - antiqued gold and a wired chocolate brown/bronze colored.

Recently I was lucky enough to purchase a whole box full of new old stock Victorian Scrap (a.k.a. German Scrap) - you know the die-cut embossed images printed in Germany.  Well I've been sorting and arranging, measuring and photographing.  These images are WAY cool and can be used for collages, cards, gothic arches, atc's, scrapbooks, etc.   I've still got about 1/2 of them to go but will hopefully get it all loaded in the next day or so.

What's Old is New - I have been hoarding lots of vintage goodies to share with you including a bunch of nifty cigar bands which I love to incorporate into collages; I found more cool flash cards in different sizes that are perfect for making Banners, cards and gothic arches and also a stash of watchmaker vials that are so much fun to use in altered jewelry; collage and mixed media creations. 

I've also got some choice pieces for around the home including a Lefton's Dainty Miss Jam Jar; a cool looking Art Deco blue/yellow salt & pepper shaker set with a little stand and a few other goodies.

Steampunk / Vacuum Tube Goodness - I was also lucky enough to find another stash of old vacuum tubes.  I know some people say they aren't really steampunk but hey it screams it to me so I say go for it ;)  After all, it's your art and if it makes you happy that's what counts right?

So, I invite you over to take a peek at my shop and enjoy browsing at all the goodies.
Come back and tell me what you'd like to see, what you like or even what you don't like. 
If you do you'll be entered to win an assortment of goodies I'm offering up in my store!

You have until 4-11-12 to post a comment to be entered to win!

Good Luck Everyone
Happy Window Shopping!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Easter Blessings

I posted a card over on the Just For Fun Rubber Stamps web site today
using a couple of their new Easter images ~

Here is a sneak peek....

Hop on over and check it out....
To see how I made this beautiful card...
I hope you enjoy :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Faux Candy Coat - Pt II - Results

And here are the results for the new technique -

These first few photos are made using Denim Alcohol Ink over Silver paint.  They are both covered with Triple Thick Gloss Glaze.  The difference between the two is the top example has a texture in the silver acrylic paint base coat where the bottom has a smooth base coat.

I had mentioned how dull the Alcohol Inks look over the silver prior to adding the top gloss coat.  If you look on the bottom example in the upper right hand corner you can see what it looks like without the glaze.  The color really intensifies under the gloss coat.

Faux Candy Coat Results 018

The texture really pops in this example....
Faux Candy Coat Results 002

I wish you could see how the silver base coat almost shimmers under the alcohol inks.  There is so much more depth to the finished example than what the camera can pick up.

Faux Candy Coat Results 003

I used Crackle Accents over this example.  It's really odd how the Crackle accents changes color of ink.  It almost looks like a purple/grey over the silver.
Faux Candy Coat Results 004

The next few examples have been stamped between the Alcohol Ink and the Top Coat. 
This example is made using Silver Acrylic base coat (textured), Red Chili Alcohol Ink, Image (JFF) stamped using Archival Ink and a top coat of Glossy Accents.

Faux Candy Coat Results 006

This example has a smooth base coat then stamped with Archival Ink (image StampersBest) with a top coat of Triple Thick Gloss Glaze.
Faux Candy Coat Results 007

This is the same example as above tilted a bit to try and show the silver undercoat. 

Faux Candy Coat Results 009

This example was top coated with Crackle Accents...this ink didn't react nearly as much with the Crackle Accents as it did with the Denim AI. 

Faux Candy Coat Results 008

Now the following examples were made using Perfect Pearls (red) and Twinkling H20's (purple/pink).

They didn't turn out nearly as well but I did get some unique looks from them.
I guess depending on your project these might be really stunning as well.
These both have the silver acrylic paint base coat, then a few layers of Forever Red Perfect Pearls was applied.  The left example was covered with Crackle Accents, the right was covered with Triple Thick Gloss Glaze.
Faux Candy Coat Results 012

Different angle to highlight the silver base coat.  You'll notice the PP really pulled and moved after the top coat was added...  Made for an interesting finished look - it sort of reminds me of a weathered distressed truck that's been sitting out in a shed for years and years.  Has some cool potential don't you think? 

BTW, Ignore the solid dot of silver along the right side...I touched the PP before it was dry ;) LOL!!

Faux Candy Coat Results 016

The Crackle Accents also moved the PP around but not in the same way as the Gloss Glaze.
Faux Candy Coat Results 017

This was a total surprise...

This is silver base coat, a purplish color of Twinkling H20's (as you can see along the edges) which was then covered with - Left - Glossy Accents; Right - Rock Candy.

Both turned an amazingly neon pink color after the top coat was applied!

Faux Candy Coat Results 014

I do like how the Twinkling H20 moved around under the Glossy Accents... 
Gives it a really unique distressed feel...well, if it wasn't neon pink - lol!
Faux Candy Coat Results 015

So, you see why I decided that plain old Alcohol Inks work best for this particular technique.

So, what do you think?
Lots of different uses for this particular technique.
I can see it used to coat die-cuts; stamped main images; die-cut or chipboard lettering; backgrounds for cards, Gothic Arches or ATC's; and so much more!

I hope you give it a try and if you do, please be sure to share your results!

Monday, March 26, 2012

NEW Technique - Faux Candy Coat - Pt I

Today I want to share a new technique with you.  This is actually inspired by my son.  Our school offers a program where you can learn a trade part of the day and go to regular school the remainder of the day.  Bob has been taking Automotive Body Shop where he is learning how to repair dents & dings; replace fenders, door skins, etc., straighten frames and painting.

We were discussing the various types of paints and paint techniques and he was telling me about "candy paint" - it's a color mica powder that is usually layered over a silver base coat with a clear shiny top coat.  That got me to thinkin'.....I can do the same thing on paper so here's what I've found out....

Supply list:

Silver Acrylic Paint (any brand as long as it's shiny silver)
Alcohol Inks
Archival or Staz-On ink (If you're planning on stamping it)
Glossy Accents or Crackle Accents, Triple Thick Gloss Glaze; Diamond Glaze; etc.


1. Paint your cardstock with the silver paint.  I painted part of the examples with a smooth coat of paint and the rest I textured.  Let this paint dry completely.

Candy Coat Technique 002

2. Next apply a coat of Alcohol Ink over the paint.  The ink isn't going to look like much at this's going to have a dull look over the silver.  

NOTE: Since the real car technique is done with a mica powder I thought I'd experiment a bit using Perfect Pearls and Twinkling H2O's.  Both were very difficult to apply over the silver paint and get good coverage.   After much work I did get a semi o.k. look with both but it was ruined in step 4.  This is why I ended up sticking with Alcohol Inks.

Candy Coat Technique 003

3. If you want to stamp your "Candy" it's time to do so.  Use your favorite permanent waterproof ink.  I like to use Archival ink but like I always say, use what you have.

4. It's now time to add your "Gloss Coat" to your paint job.  I have used a variety of mediums with success.... Glossy Accents, Triple Thick Gloss Glaze, Crackle Accents, Rock Candy, Diamond Glaze, etc.

It's time to let the gloss mediums dry....

NOTE: As your Gloss Coat begins to dry you will notice the color REALLY pop!  This is where it all comes together.  The Alcohol Ink over the silver base coat makes for an amazing combination.  It really does look like the automotive paint technique.
Candy Coat Technique 005

Candy Coat Technique 014

I'll be back tomorrow with the finished looks!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Stampers Best - New Releases!!

I just wanted to let you know that StampersBest has some really cool new releases!

This is one of the images....

Dress Form Floral Corsage Rubber Stamp

There is an option to purchase a second stamp for only 1.00 more to share with a friend, use as a RAK or whatever you want! 

Of course I ordered 1+1 so if you head on over to the New Release page, check out all the new stamps and come back and tell us which one is your favorite (or Favorites) you'll be entered to win my extra stamp :)

You will have until 3-31-12 to post your favorite to be entered to win!

ALSO, if you see something you can live without and
you'd like to place an order with Stampers Best,
 remember use this coupon code when you check out
and you'll get 10% off your entire order!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Vintage Easter 3D Collage - Part II

O.k... picking up our Recycled Reese's Egg Vintage Easter collage (part 1) where we left off yesterday...  If you recall we had painted the plastic egg form with a bit of gesso then applied bits of a dictionary page to the inside, added weight in the form of some large washers and set it off to the side to dry overnight.

Vintage Easter Collage w Recycled Candy Package 017

Today I started off by sanding off all the rough edges.

I then mixed up a bit of French Blue acrylic paint with Golden Glazing Medium and painted the upper portion of the inside of the egg. 

Easter Collage - Recycled Reese's Container 001

While the glaze was still wet I dabbed the medium with a tissue. By doing so it creates a soft texture you just can't get with a paint brush or sponge.

Easter Collage - Recycled Reese's Container 002

I repeated the process on the bottom half  using a moss green acrylic paint.
Easter Collage - Recycled Reese's Container 003

And here is what it looks like at this point....

Easter Collage - Recycled Reese's Container 004

Now you know we've got to add a little shimmer to this project so I smeared some glue around and sprinkled it with glitter flakes and micro glitter.   Ahhhh, doesn't that feel good ;)

Easter Collage - Recycled Reese's Container 006

While the inside is drying it's time to fix up the back of the egg.
I used Pink Sherbet Alcohol Ink and a felt.

Easter Collage - Recycled Reese's Container 007

Easter Collage - Recycled Reese's Container 010

Next I applied some double sided sticky tape on the back of the small rim that I left around the egg shape.
Easter Collage - Recycled Reese's Container 011

Peel off the liner and affix some vintage off white lace.
Easter Collage - Recycled Reese's Container 012

Now it's time to get to work on the inside.
I this stuff in my stash left over from my wreath making days ~ it's a natural shredded wood "moss".  I figured out that it takes inks like a charm!  So I pulled off a few bits and pounced on some Peeled Paint Distress Stain and let it dry.  It doesn't take long because the wood is very absorbant.
Easter Collage - Recycled Reese's Container 013

Pull out your hot glue gun!!!
I started off by gluing some of the moss to the very back of the egg then started layering in the images and more moss.

Easter Collage - Recycled Reese's Container 014

until I was satisfied with how it looked...
Easter Collage - Recycled Reese's Container 015

To finish off the collage I added some bits of Dresden Trim (the gold stuff - a.k.a. German Scrap), a few tiny flowers then I added an old brooch at the top.

And here it is....
My recycled Reese's Easter Egg Vintage Easter Collage....

Easter Collage - Recycled Reese's Container 020

Makes you want to go hunt some Easter eggs huh?

Have a super day!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Vintage Easter 3D Collage - Upcyled Reese's Packaging!!

Yes, you read that right....I'm upcycling (I still can't get used to that term) a Reese's Easter packing for my next project!  My son was shopping at Wal-Mart the other day and saw that Reese's had a pretty large Easter Egg treat and bought me one because he knew how much I LOVE them. 

Well, when I pulled the egg out of this package I KNEW I was going to make something out of it.  It was just too perfect not to use!  Of course I had to eat the egg first - LOL!!

Which brings me to a question I rec'd the other day.  Mandy e-mailed asking why I tend to use so many packaging products or what other people call trash in my art.  I know many people think I'm on a "Green" kick but to be perfectly honest that's not the reason at all....I am proud to say I'm a pack-rat!  I have been for as long as I can remember ~ I had notes from friends in Kindergarten (until mom sold my childhood jewelry box that is) but it's not trash in my eyes, it's potential art.    I can see the hidden beauty in just about anything so why not use it.  I find it much more challenging and rewarding to turn what some might consider garbage into art.  I guess it's just my "thing".

Anyway, this is the plastic packaging the egg came in....

Vintage Easter Collage w Recycled Candy Package 001

We're only going to be using the larger "egg" section but don't throw away the back section, we'll do something with that next week ;)

Vintage Easter Collage w Recycled Candy Package 002

The first think I did was to trim off a big hunk of the upper portion of the plastic then did a finer cut around the egg shape leaving about .25" edge around the upper egg shape.  I didn't cut any of the bottom portion away because this will turn into the stand area and part of the collage.

Vintage Easter Collage w Recycled Candy Package 004

Here it is standing up....

Vintage Easter Collage w Recycled Candy Package 005

Vintage Easter Collage w Recycled Candy Package 006

The first thing I did was to paint the inside of the egg with a coat of gesso.  This will get rid of the "slippery" factor you get with plastic and it also gives a nice tooth for any medium that will follow.

Vintage Easter Collage w Recycled Candy Package 007

While the gesso is drying I tore up a page from an old dictionary.  You could use any book page, pattern paper, tissue paper, napkins, etc.  Whatever tickles your fancy.

Vintage Easter Collage w Recycled Candy Package 008

One thing I did want to mention about pages from books.  They usually have a white margin around the entire page.  I normally tear this blank area off and discard it.  The whole point is the using the text.

Vintage Easter Collage w Recycled Candy Package 010

After the gesso is dry, I set a few large washers in the base.  I did so for a couple reasons.  First, it helps stabilize the egg while I'm working on the top part and second I will glue them in permanently a bit later to stabilize the actual collage.
Vintage Easter Collage w Recycled Candy Package 011

Now it's time to start gluing the page pieces into the egg.  I like to use Collage Pauge from Aleene's.  I've tried all sorts and find it works great.  It's readily available at most craft stores, averaged priced, cleans up easy and is nice to work with.  You of course can use whatever glue you like.
Vintage Easter Collage w Recycled Candy Package 012

I apply one piece at a time and smooth it around all of the humps and bumps in the packaging.

Vintage Easter Collage w Recycled Candy Package 015

Once you've covered the upper egg portion, remove the washers and cover the interior of the base with paper.  I also add a piece over each stack of washers.
Vintage Easter Collage w Recycled Candy Package 016

Then I glue the washers to the bottom of the base.  It's now time to let the entire piece dry.  Depending on temps, humidity, amount of glue used, etc. it may take a while.
Vintage Easter Collage w Recycled Candy Package 017

While the glue is drying I printed several Altered Pages collage images I will be using in the collage.  Notice the large sheet is a full size sheet of collage images printed half size.  I also digitally clipped, re sized and printed two additional images that will be the main focus of the collage.

Whenever I use images that I print myself I always seal them with Micro Glaze.  It makes inks, paints, etc. waterproof and permanent.  Super important when working with wet mediums such as glues, inks, paint, etc.

Vintage Easter Collage w Recycled Candy Package 019

I know it may seem expensive but trust me a very tiny dab will do.  The small images are approx. 2" square and to cover each image is simply touch my finger tip to the Micro Glaze.  That's all you need for an image this size.   I've had this same tiny jar for 4 years and it's still more than half full!

Vintage Easter Collage w Recycled Candy Package 020

After you have covered each image you need to let the Micro Glaze dry completely.

Since I'm waiting on everything to dry we'll pick it up here tomorrow!
So, that means you have time to run out and buy one or two of the Giant Reese's Eggs....
For the packaging of course...
and if you can't bring yourself to eat the egg it's self,
I know someone in Indiana who'd be happy to help you out there ;)

It's official..... Altered Pages!!!

Hey Everyone!

I am so excited, I wanted to share some fun news I've been keeping secret...

I've been selected to participate on Altered Pages Design Team!

Check it out....Spring Altered Pages DT

I think this is going to be such a fun opportunity. 
Altered Pages offers a huge variety of collage images which are offered in a number of printed options and digitally as well.
I'm sure most of you have seen their images because I  have used them in my book, "Teach Yourself Visually Collage & Altered Arts" as well  many times here on the blog.

In addition to collage images Altered Pages delivers a vast array of other goodies you can use on cards, in scrapbooks and all sorts of mixed media collage and altered art projects.

Be sure to stop by
The Web Store - Altered Pages
and sign up for their newsletter!


Facebook Page - Altered Pages
Twitter - ArtsociateJean

I am looking forward to bringing you a host of new projects using these beautiful and inspiring images!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sprucing up a Store Bought Container

Recently Mom bought a paper mache type container that she is going to have filled with flowers for her secret sister (at her card club).  It was nice but I thought it would be fun to spruce it up a bit.

So, here is what it started out as....

Spring basket 002

Since it's going to be holding flowers we're going to first get rid of the tiny ribbon handle. 

Next, to give it a more vintage feel I applied Sepia Ink using my Ink Blending Tool to the entire container...even over the image.

Spring basket 003

I thought about adding a layer of clear micro beads to the image (because Mom LOVES them) but I figured since it was going to be filled w/flowers and handled quite a bit I'd go with something a bit more durable.   So I applied a layer of Stickles Glitter Glue to the image to give it a bit of pizazz. 

Spring basket 004

Spring basket 006

After the glitter was dry I decided to frame the image up by adding a bit of Dresden Trim around the edges. 

Spring basket 007

Really sets it off and makes it pop huh?

Spring basket 008

Remember the very inexpensive garland that I salvaged from the Big Lots Easter Decoration?   Well I thought the purple would make the violets in the image really pop so I added it to the top and bottom edge of the container using double sided sticky tape.
Spring basket 010

Then since it's going to house flowers I thought it would be nice to make a matching bow to add to them once it's finished.  I pulled out my Distress Stains and a bit of seam binding. 

Spring basket 013

Wet, ink and crinkle and I now have a pile of fun ribbon to use.
Notice the flowers - those are tiny white flowers that I used to soak up the excess ink left over on the craft mat.  Those will be great to use on another spring-y project!

spring basket 016

And here it is ready for flowers...

spring basket 018

I'm going to see if Mom won't take a pic of it filled before she gives it to her SS.   If she can I'll be sure to share it with you :)
spring basket 019

So, if you're in the store and see an "average" decoration
remember you can always take a bit of time and spruce it up a bit to make it beautiful!