Friday, March 23, 2012

Vintage Easter 3D Collage - Part II

O.k... picking up our Recycled Reese's Egg Vintage Easter collage (part 1) where we left off yesterday...  If you recall we had painted the plastic egg form with a bit of gesso then applied bits of a dictionary page to the inside, added weight in the form of some large washers and set it off to the side to dry overnight.

Vintage Easter Collage w Recycled Candy Package 017

Today I started off by sanding off all the rough edges.

I then mixed up a bit of French Blue acrylic paint with Golden Glazing Medium and painted the upper portion of the inside of the egg. 

Easter Collage - Recycled Reese's Container 001

While the glaze was still wet I dabbed the medium with a tissue. By doing so it creates a soft texture you just can't get with a paint brush or sponge.

Easter Collage - Recycled Reese's Container 002

I repeated the process on the bottom half  using a moss green acrylic paint.
Easter Collage - Recycled Reese's Container 003

And here is what it looks like at this point....

Easter Collage - Recycled Reese's Container 004

Now you know we've got to add a little shimmer to this project so I smeared some glue around and sprinkled it with glitter flakes and micro glitter.   Ahhhh, doesn't that feel good ;)

Easter Collage - Recycled Reese's Container 006

While the inside is drying it's time to fix up the back of the egg.
I used Pink Sherbet Alcohol Ink and a felt.

Easter Collage - Recycled Reese's Container 007

Easter Collage - Recycled Reese's Container 010

Next I applied some double sided sticky tape on the back of the small rim that I left around the egg shape.
Easter Collage - Recycled Reese's Container 011

Peel off the liner and affix some vintage off white lace.
Easter Collage - Recycled Reese's Container 012

Now it's time to get to work on the inside.
I this stuff in my stash left over from my wreath making days ~ it's a natural shredded wood "moss".  I figured out that it takes inks like a charm!  So I pulled off a few bits and pounced on some Peeled Paint Distress Stain and let it dry.  It doesn't take long because the wood is very absorbant.
Easter Collage - Recycled Reese's Container 013

Pull out your hot glue gun!!!
I started off by gluing some of the moss to the very back of the egg then started layering in the images and more moss.

Easter Collage - Recycled Reese's Container 014

until I was satisfied with how it looked...
Easter Collage - Recycled Reese's Container 015

To finish off the collage I added some bits of Dresden Trim (the gold stuff - a.k.a. German Scrap), a few tiny flowers then I added an old brooch at the top.

And here it is....
My recycled Reese's Easter Egg Vintage Easter Collage....

Easter Collage - Recycled Reese's Container 020

Makes you want to go hunt some Easter eggs huh?

Have a super day!!


  1. That was so worth the wait!!! What an amazing piece!!

  2. To think that you made this beautiful easter decoration out of something I would put in my recycling bin. Just awesome!!!

  3. Stunning results from such humble beginnings!

  4. Genius upcycle of junk landfill. Now it is the most precious Easter scene and I adore it. Blissful Bunny Hugs...

  5. So cool, who would have imagined the result from the beginning except you Roni. You are amazing. I won't be able to throw out any Easter egg packaging now!

  6. You just keep on amazing me with your talent, this is a jawdropping project!! Thank you so much for sharing your talent help your followers not only to keep the earth greener but also a beautiful place!!!

  7. The end result is, indeed, a masterpiece, Roni! Hard to believe you began with, well, trash! Truly a trash to treasure piece!

  8. Wow, that's such a great idea - and beautiful to boot!

  9. Amazing upcycle and the end project is just beautiful!!

  10. this exceeded my expectations. great job! :)

  11. I am stunned - what gorgeous work!! When the project began, I couldn't imagine anything to do with the shell. You have outdone yourself, Roni!! Awesome job!!

  12. How sweet is this??? adorable!

    Jean M.

  13. how do I unsubscribe from this blog as I have to give these up now as I can't be on here very long.
    Thank you very kindly,

  14. That is so cool Roni! Old and new at the same time. I really enjoyed this 'up-cycled' piece. Your projects are inspiring!
    Sue from Colorado

  15. Adorable, and clever reuse of packaging. I know how you feel about that packaging; I save these things, too, or at least cringe when I throw them out. Grumpy DH and very small house makes it hard to justify keeping these things for "someday." Thanks for sharing the details of how to decorate plastic. It looks great. Now I might actually get around to using the ones I have.

  16. AWESOME!!! So very clever of you!!
    :) Becky

  17. STUNNING! I love how this turned out Roni. Thank you for the awesome tutorial!

    Elaine Allen


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