Friday, July 30, 2010

Pattern Paper Lined Envies!

In keeping with the supply challenge spirit of the week I thought I'd share another fun way to use up some of your pattern paper collection ;)

Lined Envie 001

Last fall I shared a way to create your entire envelope from pattern paper ~ Easy Envelopes. Today I wanted to share an easy way to transform ANY plain envies you may already have in your stash into amazing envelopes with a few quite snips!

Easy Lined Envelopes

1. Measure the width of the envelope...this one happens to measure 5.25".

Lined Envie 003

Now open the envelope and measure how tall it is. This envelope measures 6.25" at the peak.

Lined Envie 004

2. Now for a bit of math....subtract .50" from each measurement. This is the size you will need to cut your pattern paper. So my pp will need to be 4.75" x 5.75".

3. Center the envelope over the trimmed piece of pattern paper. Draw lines on each side of the flap using a pencil. Cut away the excess.

Lined Envie 005

Lined Envie 006

If you have a flat topped envie (no point) align one edge of the envelope flap to the upper edge of your pattern paper

Lined Envie 009

4. Slip the trimmed piece of pattern paper into the envelope and center it where desired.

Lined Envie 007

5. Now fold the flap and paper over and crease along the fold line. Remove the pattern paper and apply a bit of adhesive ONLY on the flap part of the pattern paper. Slip the paper back into the envie and secure.

Lined Envie 008

And here are just a few examples of the envies I whipped up!

As you can see this works with any size or shape envelope you might own.

Lined Envie 010

NOTE: after you line your envie...use the scraps to create a matching card!

Now how easy and cool is that!!!

Not only is it very quick and simple to do you will also be using up some of that old pattern paper to make room for new - LOL!!! ;) didn't hear that part right?!?!?

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Just For Fun Color Challenge #22

It's FRIDAY!!!


That means it's Just For Fun Rubber Stamps Color Challenge day too!!

This weeks colors are so pretty...I could hardly wait to share what I made :)

Here are the colors...


and here is my birthday card...

JFF CC 22 003

In keeping with my supply challenge that I've been working on this week you will be happy to note that I used some of my pattern paper stash!! This is a very old but still very much loved line of pattern paper from Scenic Route!

Be sure to check out the other fun creations from the rest of the Just For Fun team!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Watercolor Pencil Tip!

I wanted to let you know about another posting of mine over at Stampers Quest since it seemed to fit in so well with this weeks supply challenge!

This was actually a tip that I had planned on sharing in the book but as you know I had far too much information to pack into one book so it had to be cut.

The tip is on how to add life to a water colored image by adding a little zing to the edges. This tip would actually work with other mediums as well ... pastels, markers, Distress Inks, etc.

The examples used were created with one of my favorite stamps from B-Line Designs! I think she's so very classy!


Supply Alternatives!

I know I've talked about alternatives to the more expensive embellishments sold in the card/scrapbook sections of craft stores but I recently found an alternative to one of my alternatives - LOL!!

I'm sure you've all seen those straight pins with the fancy tips tucked into ribbons or bows. Well the ones sold in the scrapbook/card crafting section are something like $4.00 - 6.00 for 5 or 6 pins!!!

WAY more than I want to spend!!!!

I had been buying some pretty cool straight pins offered in the sewing - quilting section of the store. Still a bit salty @ $6.00 for 100 but far better than the scrapbook/card pins.

WELL ~ I found an even better deal on the pearl tip pins... Look in the floral section of your craft store!!! I bought this huge package of 144 pearl tip pins for $3.99 ~ a fraction of the cost of the quilting pins. I was so excited...they even come in various sizes ~ I think if I remember correctly anywhere from 1.5" - 3" long.

Chalk 005

The other pins (hearts & leaves) were hidden in a section of the sewing section not by the straight pins....I suppose they wanted people to buy the quilting ones instead ;)

TIP: If you'd like colored pearl pins just add a dab of Alcohol Ink in the desired color!

During the same trip I found a fun alternative in a couple of other surprising places....

I found these two packages of metal "thank you" tags ~
the large Wilton tags were actually in the baking section 12 - $1.99
the smaller Victoria Lynn tags were in the wedding area 20 - $2.99!!
I can't believe how much cheaper they are than the normal $3.00 - 5.00 for the scrapbook/card making tags.

Chalk 004

If you recall, I put both the pins and tags to use on one of yesterday's chalk cards....

Betcha didn't even know the difference did ya? ;)

Chalk 008

So, if you haven't taken a spin around your local craft store lately you might want to take a bit of time and see what you can find.

You might just be surprised at the amazing deals you can find in places you wouldn't normally visit!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Supply Challenge - Chalk!

My supply challenge today centers around a medium that at one time I used almost daily...that is until Distress Inks came out. After that my chalks were doomed to live in isolation at the bottom of my "go to" basket of supplies.

As you can see I have a nice selection...

Chalk 002

Several years ago I was into scrapbooking swaps pretty heavily. Chalk was a mainstay especially in paper piecing and punchie art swaps. Of course, as I mentioned above, after I got my hands on my first Distress Ink pad I really haven't used them since. So they were a logical choice when I decided to use up some goodies from the past.

I don't really have a favorite brand of chalk as you can tell...I used whatever I could get my hands on. I was more interested in colors than brand. I use a variety of little tools to apply the chalk. Mostly I use the little pom-pom balls ~ not the chalk type...the kind you find in the general craft section (way cheaper!), the mini make-up sticks that have the foam tips, q-tips or cotton balls.

The biggest problem I have with using chalks is myself...I'm a messy crafter so I'm always getting chalk where it shouldn't be. If you have the same problem I suggest having a white eraser on hand. They make special "chalk" erasers but I think that's just so they can charge you more ;) I use a plain old white eraser from the office supply store and it works just fine.

Normally you don't need anything to set the chalk but I know some people insist that you should use hair spray but I never do. I did try to squirt a few different things on the chalks last night when I was experimenting to see if I could achieve a different look but nothing much phased it. I used Ink Refresher, Stamp Cleaner, Fixative, Water and more. Nothing much effected it but I did notice that the Ink Refresher did seem to brighten the chalks intensity. An interesting side effect that I wasn't expecting! Just something to keep in mind if you'd like a brighter image.

So here is what I came up with....

Birthday Wishes

Stamps - All images/sentiment are Inkadinkado

Chalk 007


Purple Passion - Thank You

Stamp - Rubber Stampede by Delta

Chalk 008

I have to admit once I dug them out and started playing with them I remembered how much fun I had using chalks. Yes, I got chalk all hands, table, cloths, cardstock but it was worth it! I think the cards turned out pretty cool and I guess the most important thing is I enjoyed myself!

So now it's your turn...

pull out your chalks

~ even if it's just a small set ~

and have some fun!

I think you'll be pleasantly surprised once you get into it!

Thank You!

You guys are great!

I can't tell you how good it made me feel to read all the wonderful comments and e-mails.

I am so truly blessed by you all!!!

I'm glad you understand what and why I do what I do because it's all for you. And it's a relief that you don't think I'm hawkin' my wears all the time ;) LOL!! Whew, that's a load off my mind!!

Thanks Friends!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

SCS - Blogs/DT/Ad Post

I normally don't post much about things I read on Splitcoast Stampers because well if I want to comment about them I do it there in the particular thread. There is however a discussion currently going on that hits home for me which I personally have been struggling with for a while now and really would like to share with you all.

The specific thread is "I miss the days...". (Please don't feel like you have to go read it...just in case you would like to.)

It originally started out with this post...

"Don't flame me, I am not trying to start something. I just miss the days when I would open up splitcoaststampers and everything in the general stamping talk was techniques, cool ideas and inspiration. It just feels like there are so many threads that either don't pertain to stamping or are ads for stuff. I find myself scrolling down the threads missing the good ol days."

but it soon evolved (as discussions often do) to include other subjects such as ads, design teams, blogs, using older stamps, etc.

I don't particularly have an opinion on the General Stamping section of SCS's forum, I read what I want to and disregard the rest. As I was reading through the thread though there were a few comments that I found interesting...

"That's what's great about blogs: people can do whatever they want. And I can take what's useful to me and ignore the rest, just like I do when reading magazines. If even the pictures cease to be useful, I delete the blog from my Google reader. I'm always irrationally sad when I do this, because I add blogs I loved in the first place. I feel like I'm breaking up with a friend who has grown away from me. But things change, and sometimes I like the change, sometimes not.

That's what I do. Also, if blog doesn't change in a week or so, I delete it. There are lot of stampers out there who take the time and effort to change their blog every day or so and I really enjoy looking at those."

"As for blogs, they're a huge time commitment. If being on DTs and posting a few links here or there earns the blog owners some freebies, more power to them! They get something for their trouble and it's still free entertainment for me."

"Blogs - I enjoy the ones that are less heavily loaded with a company pitch. Now, quite a few of the ones I subscribe to are DT members, I don't have an issue with that. But I just don't like a strong sales pitch - the name of the product is enough for me. I really don't want twenty different hyperlinks. "

There were many other comments about blogs sounding like ads, using only one companies stamps, pushing products, etc. Lots of comments which I understood and many more which I didn't.

Now, I had a whole big explanation written up about Ink Stains, time, money, why I do what I do, etc. but I deleted it. My thoughts on this issue encompass so many facts and's hard to boil it down into just a few paragraphs (it went on for several and I was no where near done explaining myself!). Trust me, dh and I talk about this frequently...where am I going with Ink Stains?, where do I want to be as a designer?, artist?, is it a job?, a hobby?, on and on?!?!?

I guess for now my main reason for posting this is that I would hate for you all to feel that Ink Stains has changed into one big ad or that I'm always "hawking" stuff. I've never been a good salesman because I feel like I'm begging no matter what the cause/reason.

Please know I joined the teams and work for companies that I feel offer good quality products at reasonable prices and to be able to continue to bring you new projects, techniques and ideas.

As always, please feel free to post your thoughts and comments.

Clever Packaging - Scrappers Floss

I am continuing my personal challenge of pulling out goodies from my stash that I haven't used in ages.

Today I wanted to use something that I bought because of how it was packaged... I'm sure we've all got products in our stash that fit this remark ~ "I had to have it because...well, it was just such a fun package!" I know...I hate to admit it but I'm a sucker for clever, fun packaging... and Yes, I also bought the brads that came in a compact and nail polish bottles and I know most of us bought the paper flowers in little milk bottles! Got Flowers?!?!? LOL!!!

It's just so hard to resist such innovative packages mfg's use to sell their products. Of course that's why they do what they do so I guess it's o.k. we fall for it ~ Right?!?!?

Well, I don't know if you remember "Scrappers Floss" or not but it is a paper floss that comes in a cool container made to look just like dental floss...

Scrappers Floss & Buttons 001

Now come freakin cool is that - LOL!!

I did restrain myself and I only bought 4 packages (2 colors of blue, green & brown) but I think I used it maybe twice!

So today I am using a bit of my

Scrappers Floss paired with buttons...

I poked a few holes and added my Scrappers Floss...

Scrappers Floss & Buttons 002

and here's how I finished it off...

Scrappers Floss & Buttons 005

So my challenge for you today is pull out something you "had to have" because of how it was packaged!

Also, please feel free to "confess" for falling into the same trap I have ;)

It's always nice to know I'm not the only one and that I'm in good company - LOL!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

"Faux Watercolor" Stamped Card

Today I wanted to share a card using inks that I don't often use...the "Lights" line in the Adirondack Ink Line.

The ink I usually reach for first when I'm creating a card is my Distress Inks but as a challenge to myself I decided to use the "Lights" to see what I could come up with.

What do you think?

Roni - CHA 059

I created the main image using the "Faux Watercolor" technique. I also incorporated a few of the "Brights" into that image as well. The background was stamped entirely using colors from the "Lights" line.

Stamp Credits: main image - Flower Grater - Stamps by Judith (scroll down to find the stamp); background - Autumn Leaves.

Faux Watercolor Technique

Roni - CHA 059

1. Apply one or more color of inks to your stamp. To apply more than one ink color I start by adding light colored inks ~ dabbing one corner of the ink pad directly onto the stamp. I always work from light to dark colors so if I do happen to over lap colors the lighter colors are easily absorbed and hidden in the dark ink pads to minimize cross contamination in my ink pads.

2. Spritz the inked stamp with a Mini Mister or other squirt bottle that delivers tiny drops of water. If you don't have a Mini Mister ava. you can hold your stamp at arms length, squirt the water into the air about the stamp like a fountain and let it drift down onto the inked stamp. This way you don't get too much water on the stamp/ink so it doesn't ruin the image.

3. Stamp the image onto cardstock and heat to dry or let dry naturally... If you've got enough ink you may be able to stamp a second and possibly even a third image from one inking.

4. (optional) For just an extra bit of sparkle I added Stickles Glitter Glue accents here and there.

So, now it's time for you to take up the challenge...

Dig through your stash and find some inks that you don't often use.

Give it a try and see what you can come up with.

You might be surprised at the creations you can come up with!

I'm going to be playing with more "forgotten treasures" this week so be sure to stop back in and see what I find hidden in my stash!

A Bit of Misc. Info & a WINNER!!

Happy Monday!

LOL...I know I know...shut up ;)

Well, it's either try and be chipper or fall asleep!

Don't know why but it's been very hard to get going today. Didn't have a chance to post or make anything this weekend. We spend much of the weekend at our business/building priming and painting the various walls we've built sectioning it off. I LOVE to paint but man my back doesn't like it! I was really wiped out yesterday.

Anyway, lots of things to catch up on...

First several people asked about the ruler border stamp I used on my Collage Stamping example. Sad to say it is again a Postmodern Design stamp. I am still searching in hopes of finding someone with new old stock stamps but it's not looking good.

This is my blog week on Stamper's Quest! I have a fun bit of trivia up today - Where is the World's Largest Rubber Stamp, as well as a couple other fun pieces this week.

It is also Vendor Challenge week! This months vendor was Club Scrap and we had a fun kit from April 2009 to play with ~ Pure & Simple. My "view" was the first shared today ~ Club Scrap - Roni's View. I was so tickled to be able to play with some great lime green papers!!!

Many of you know of my love of Mica...well my Mica Tile Charms are up on USArtquest's Project Gallery!!! USArtquest is THE best place for Mica... Gotta love that mica!!

I can't remember if I shared the link earlier this month or not but a card I created for Ranger using my Alcohol Ink "Color Sticks" technique is up on their blog this month....they called it a Mosaic Card but it's still Color Sticks. I originally shared this quite some time ago and thought it would be fun to share it again soon so be on the look out for another post about it in the near future!

I also "drew" the name of the winner for the

Napkin Altered Flashlight and Deco Napkins



the winner is....


LorraineB said...
That flashlight goes beyond the "cool" category!! I really love it. I haven't tried the napkin technique yet but after I shop for some colorful napkins I'm going to give it a shot.
July 16, 2010 9:27 PM

Congrats Lorraine!

And it hasn't been posted yet but my Distressed Glue Technique is going to be posted on Splitcoast Stampers soon! I can't wait :) It's going to have it's very own technique album in the gallery and everything!!!! I'm very excited as this is the first time I've had the pleasure to have one of my techniques featured there. Quite an honor.

Well, that's it for now,

I'll be back a bit later with a very fun "Faux Watercolor" stamped card.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Just For Fun Color Challenge #21


It's Friday and that means it's time for the

Just For Fun Rubber Stamps Color Challenge!!!

Today we have a beautiful color combo....


and here is what I created....

I used the scraps from yesterday's layered ephemera technique which I spritzed with Sunshine Glimmer Mist.

I also used several colors of Distress Inks to stamp and Stickles Glitter Glue highlight the various images ~ all of which are Just For Fun Rubber Stamps of course!

JFF CC #22 003

So now it's your turn!!

Create a card using these colors, post a link on the

and you'll be entered in the drawing to win

a $50.00 gift certificate for Just For Fun Rubber Stamps!

Be sure to check out all of the other

Just For Fun DT Girls

super creations!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Layered Ephemera I came to upload the images of today's technique I realized that I totally forgot to make any cards using yesterday's layered inks technique!!! I was so excited to share this technique it totally slipped my mind (cause this tech. is so cool).

So, I promise to make a couple cards using yesterday's tech. and share them with you either tomorrow or Sat.


as I mentioned today I've got a fun's another Layered Ephemera technique but this is a bit different.


Ephemera ~ lots and lots of it!

Collage Glue

Sharp Exacto or Utility Knife

Stamps, Inks, etc.


1. Begin by gluing layer after layer of ephemera together... You will be building a huge pile of paper... You can include book pages, ledger pages, bits of maps, pattern tissue, old fliers, sheet music, photos, etc. It can be anything you like and nothing of great importance ~you won't really see any of the cool pics so don't waste the good stuff!

layered ephemera gothic arch 005

I normally stop adding layers when I've got about a 1/8" - 1/4" thick slab of various papers.

layered ephemera gothic arch 006

You need to let this stack of papers dry completely...this may take a day or two depending on humidity, temps, how thick your glue layers were, etc.

2. Now trim the stack of ephemera to desired sizes. I like to use my big old vintage guillotine cutter since my stack of paper is so thick. This old beast cuts through it like butter.

layered ephemera 001

I cut these into ATC's and I had an extra bit I am going to add to a card.

layered ephemera 002

3. Time for the fun to begin!!!! Use an Exacto Knife or Utility Knife and start hacking away at the edges... I really like to go deep with some of the cuts. I also use various tools to scrape, tear and generally mutilate these puppies....

layered ephemera 003

As you hack away at the paper you will notice how cool it starts looking once you reveal layer after layer of different bits of ephemera! It is just great!

layered ephemera 004

You can continue hacking until you like how it looks....

Here are the three I made today ~ Fun huh?

layered ephemera 005

Now they are ready to be stamped and inked!

Here are my finished ATC's and the extra bit I'm going to incorporate into a card....

On this first ATC I left the image plain because I really liked how the paper looked...


(Stamp - Paperbag Studios)

layered ephemera 006

Little Queen...

(Stamp - Queen's Dresser Drawers)

layered ephemera 007

Fairy Child...

(Stamp - Lost Coast Designs)

layered ephemera 008

Isn't that paper just the coolest looking thing you've seen ~

And it's so much fun to hack up!!

I absolutely love it!

It's cool enough to just use it as is w/o any stamped images or anything but I don't think many people would get that ;) LOL!!!

Tomorrow is JFF Color Challenge Friday!

You still have a bit of time left to join in on last weeks challenge...

you might just be the lucky winner of $50.00 in JFF stamps!

I'll also have a few other cards to share as well...

Some using the Layered Inks and at least one using today's technique.

Hope to see you then!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Layers of Ink

Today in keeping with the "Layers" theme for this week we simply must work in "Layers of Ink"!

I mean could I call the blog Ink Stains with out it ~ right?

So we'll be using my favorite tool in the craft world ~

the Ink Blending Tool & Foam!

This is actually a variation on one of my favorite IBT techniques - Spritz & Flick. For the S&F technique a minimal amount of water is used but for this one we go all out as you will see!

Layered Inks

Distress Inks (or dye ink) 3-4 colors

Ink Blending Tool


Sand Paper (coarse grit)

Squirt Bottle (not the mini mister...we need LOTS of water at once)

Dry Cloth

Heat Gun (optional)


1. Begin applying patchy areas of ink using the IBT & Foam.

layered inks 001

2. Apply one or two additional colors of ink until your cardstock is mostly covered in ink.

layered inks 002

3. Sand various spots on the inked cardstock to reveal the white core of the paper.

layered inks 003

4. Now apply a final color of ink over these sanded areas. The ink will naturally be drawn into the scratches. This really adds a cool effect.

layered inks 004

5. You will need to work quickly during this step...time is essential for this technique to work properly!

Squirt the water onto your inked cardstock*... You'll want to concentrate the ink in the center but all over water is great. Almost as soon as the water hits the ink you'll see the inks being pulled up off the cardstock into the water. Lay the dry cloth over the water and soak it up as quickly as possible.

*NOTE: You need to use a good size squirt bottle for this. You need to get the water on and off quickly!

layered inks 005

6. (optional) You may either let the ink dry naturally or speed drying using a heat tool!

Here is what your finished layered inks might look like....

layered inks 006

This is an awesome layering technique that adds depth without any additional layers of medium or paper.

Once the cardstock has dried it is perfect for stamping, ATC's, Cards, Scrapbooks, etc.

Way easy and the results are stunning!

Tomorrow I'll have a couple finished examples to share with you :)

I will also be sharing another fun Layered Technique which incorporates

LOTS of ephemera and inks.

Hope to see you then!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Collage Stamping

Keeping with this weeks "Layers" theme I wanted to share a technique that I'm often asked about....Collage Stamping. If you're not familiar with collage stamping it's where multiple layers of images are stamped over each other.

Many people are intimidated by this technique but I guarantee you'll be stampin' up a storm by the time we're done!

You will notice there are several "Notes" in among the instructions...these are key to remember when working on a stamped collage for a pleasing outcome.

Collage Stamping




Scrap Paper or Eclipse Masking Paper

Ink Blending Tool (optional)


1. The very first thing you have to do when you begin a collage stamped project is decide what you want your main image to be. This is very important because once you begin stamping the various layers there is no going back.

For my main image I chose my fav. guy stamp...Man of Passion (I have a surprise concerning him a bit later...)

Stamp your main image using black ink. Stamp a second image on scrap paper and cut it out.

NOTE: I like to cut just inside the outer edge so your consecutive stamped images go right to the edge of the main image.

collage stamping 001

2. Begin stamping additional images...

NOTE: ALWAYS stamp the additional images using any color of ink than black! This will help keep the focus on the main image.

collage stamping 003

3. Remember you can use additional masks to push images further into the background. Here I am using a combination of 3 over the main image, one over the map and a third mask over the rulers on the left hand side.

collage stamping 004

collage stamping 005

4. Continue stamping additional images. Notice how I stamped the trees so they are "behind" the rulers and the main image BUT they are in front of the map. This is another way the masks help add depth to your image.

collage stamping 005

Now, remove all of the masks and you should have something that looks like this...a variety of images gathered around the main image. Notice the depth created with each layer of stamps... collage stamping 006

5. You could use this stamped collage as is but shoot....Let's kick it up a notch! I have added color using the Ink Blending Tool & Distress Inks.

collage stamping 007

I have also colored the main image but I wanted a more defined look so I used the Niji Waterbrush & Distress Inks.

collage stamping 008

6. To unify all of these competing colors I added a layer of Old Paper Distress Ink to the entire stamped collage. After I trimmed the stamped collage down to the size I needed I also added Vintage Photo Distress Ink to the edges.

collage stamping 010

7. Now finish it off any way you please!

Here is my finished card...

NOTE: Stamp the sentiment in Black ink so it doesn't get lost in the rest of the stamped images.

collage stamping 012

Now, that wasn't so hard was it?

The most important thing to remember is where in your photo you want each layer to fall and using multiple masks to put it there.


The last time I used this guy stamp TONS of people were asking where I got him....

Well sadly I did a bit of searching and he is from a stamp company which is no longer in business :(

SOOOO, I went in search of


after quite a bit of looking

I found a

Brand New

Old Stock

Man of Passion!!!!!!

I am going to be giving him away but since he was a bit difficult to find you're gonna have to work for it!

To enter you will need to create a stamped collage using at least 3 stamps (more is always good).

It could be a card, tag, ATC, Gothic Arch, etc...whatever tickles your fancy but you have to layer at least 3 images together!
(And no, it doesn't count stamping them on cardstock and gluing them over top of each other.)

Post your creation on your blog, a gallery or send it to me then come back here and share the link to where you have it posted (or that you've sent it to me).
You can enter more than one stamped collage to increase your chances of winning!

You will have until July 31st to post your creation and comment.

I will randomly draw a winner from the entries.

Good Luck Friends!