Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Clever Packaging - Scrappers Floss

I am continuing my personal challenge of pulling out goodies from my stash that I haven't used in ages.

Today I wanted to use something that I bought because of how it was packaged... I'm sure we've all got products in our stash that fit this remark ~ "I had to have it because...well, it was just such a fun package!" I know...I hate to admit it but I'm a sucker for clever, fun packaging... and Yes, I also bought the brads that came in a compact and nail polish bottles and I know most of us bought the paper flowers in little milk bottles! Got Flowers?!?!? LOL!!!

It's just so hard to resist such innovative packages mfg's use to sell their products. Of course that's why they do what they do so I guess it's o.k. we fall for it ~ Right?!?!?

Well, I don't know if you remember "Scrappers Floss" or not but it is a paper floss that comes in a cool container made to look just like dental floss...

Scrappers Floss & Buttons 001

Now come on...how freakin cool is that - LOL!!

I did restrain myself and I only bought 4 packages (2 colors of blue, green & brown) but I think I used it maybe twice!

So today I am using a bit of my

Scrappers Floss paired with buttons...

I poked a few holes and added my Scrappers Floss...

Scrappers Floss & Buttons 002

and here's how I finished it off...

Scrappers Floss & Buttons 005

So my challenge for you today is pull out something you "had to have" because of how it was packaged!

Also, please feel free to "confess" for falling into the same trap I have ;)

It's always nice to know I'm not the only one and that I'm in good company - LOL!!


  1. Terrific, dare not tell you the amount of purchases made just because of the packaging.......

  2. I love scrapper's floss! But I bought only one color (off-white) because that's all my LSS had. LOL

  3. I will confess.....I have the floss too....for the exact same reason.

  4. You crack me up! There are times (ok several times!) I bought something just so I could have the package to alter, LOL! If it is a sickness, I don't want to be cured!

  5. LOL! I buy things in pretty packages too...whether I need them or not! I prefer small metal boxes. I have some of that floss too. I bought it in white because I figured I could color it any color I wanted. I've used it once!

  6. I love articles and challenges to use what we already have. I truly believe we should always be looking for new ideas...but we must incorporate what we already own. Please keep your ideas flowing.

  7. Ha! I have been on the Scrapper's Floss bandwagon too! Bought a few colors just because of the packaging and have never even opened them. I am guilty of buying QuicKutz too and some of their packaging of their "special limited edition sets" is pretty darn clever!


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!