Friday, September 28, 2012

Ink Stains is Turning 5!!!

I can hardly believe it but on November 27th
Ink Stains will be turning 5!!!

When I started Ink Stains, I never dreamed it would turn into what it has today. 
I only knew that I wanted to share my knowledge and passion for art with others. 
I believe I have done that
I hope you all have had as much fun as I have!

To celebrate this special occasion on November 27th
I am going to host my very first
Blog Hop/On-line Art Festival! 

Some people have asked me what is an on-line art festival??  Well, folks don't have blogs but would still like to join in the fun of sharing their art.  So, in addition to the linked blogs you would normally see on a traditional Blog Hop I will also be sharing photos of creations by blog-less artists here on Ink Stains at the same time!  That way nobody will be left out.  Hence the Art Festival!

What is the blog hop/art festival focus going to be?????

Well, I decided that it would be fun if I got lots and lots of people to alter Altoids Mint Tins (or any similar small tins of any shape)!!!  I have already invited many Ink Stained friends to share their art with you but I thought it would be fun to open the hop/festival up to everyone!!! 

The hop/art festival will be held November 27th which should give you plenty of time to come up with an idea, find a tin and then let your creative muse do his/her thing!   
When time gets closer I will post a "Link" tool for those of you with blogs.  All you have to do is copy & paste it at the bottom of your post sharing your tin.  The "Link" tool will do the rest (it shows everyone participating in the hop on the bottom of your post). 
 For those without blogs, simple e-mail me photos anytime between now and November 26th.  I will then add them all to the Anniversary post on the 27th along with the blog hop links for all to see, love & appreciate!
Altoids Tin Give-A-Way!!
Now, to help kick it off and get you in the mood I have 6 tins sitting here filled with assorted goodies that I am ready to send out to 6 lucky readers!

All I ask is that you alter the tin in some way and share either a post on your blog or send me photos to add to the Art Festival.
If you'd like a shot at winning one of these tins simply post a comment and some way to contact you if you win. 
 I will draw the winners next Saturday - October 6th!
Good Luck Everyone!!
Hope to see you and your art there!!
Below are a few of the tins I've altered in the past to spark your creativity and get you in the altering mood!
25 Days of Hand Crafted Gifts & Ornaments - Pebble Magnet & Tin 007

JFF CC - 14 004
stuff 007
Valentine Tin 010
new years tin ii 010

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dry Embossed Metal Foil & Alcohol Inks!

Today I wanted to share the technique I've been messing with for quite a while. 
Dry embossing metal foil then artfully inking with Alcohol Inks.
I shared this little snippet yesterday.....
Ranger - Summer CHA 11 011

And here you go....

I start off with a bit of metal foil...whatever brand you care for will work.

Dry Embossed Metal & AI's 001

Flip it over and stamp your design on the back as shown...  It's best if you use less detailed stamps or if they do have lots of details (like the webs) make sure it is an image that you can leave off part of the lines but still get the same effect.  For example, I will only be tracing about 1/2 of the lines in the web.  I will still get the same look but it won't be too detailed that the design is lost.

Dry Embossed Metal & AI's 002

Next I flip it back over to the front and apply my first layer of Alcohol Inks down.  Since I'm going halloween I thought it would be appropriate to use purples for the background & orange for the pumpkin.

Dry Embossed Metal & AI's 003 Dry Embossed Metal & AI's 005

Flip it back to the stamped side.  Now using a dry embossing stylus, the tip of a ball point pen, or whatever else you have on hand that has a dull point and begin tracing the images you have stamped.

Dry Embossed Metal & AI's 006

My traced pumpkin.....

Dry Embossed Metal & AI's 007

and webs....

Dry Embossed Metal & AI's 008

Next if desired you can pick up some of the color off of various areas by using a paint brush dipped in Ink Blending Solution.    I pick up the color on the brush and wipe it off on scrap paper.  Works very nice.  I like to do this if I have areas that I want to add specific colors...

Dry Embossed Metal & AI's 009

As you can see I went back in and added Sunshine Yellow, Espresso & Citrus to the eyes, vine & stem.

Dry Embossed Metal & AI's 011

Now it's time to apply a darker color to the Ink Applicator Felt (in this case Pitch Black).  You will lightly swipe the ink across the embossed (raised) areas.  This adds highlights in all the right places to really make your design pop!

Dry Embossed Metal & AI's 012

And here is the card that the sneak peek came from!
My foundation colors were Citrus Green and Sailboat Blue.  I used Purple Twilight to add highlights.  The flowers were also inked with Purple Twilight, Sunshine Yellow (center) and Pesto on the leaves.

Ranger - Summer CHA 11 009
I didn't stamp the flower, those were just die-cut from some of the foil, inked, embossed then layered.
Ranger - Summer CHA 11 010
So you see by using stamps, tools and ink supplies already in your stash you can create amazing looking stamps in a very short amount of time!
Fun huh?
NOW, I've got a cool little tease for you all....
Since October is the month of MYSTERY... (hint hint)
October 3rd I will have a special treat for you all...
Something I believe Ink Stained readers, scrapbookers, mixed media artists and 
card makers alike will enjoy....
With help from a friend I am going to whisk you away to the enchanting city of New Orleans for a bit of holiday fright!!!
But I won't give it all away just yet.
You'll have to come back then to find out what's up :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dry Embossed Metal Foil Card

Today I had planned on sharing the technique behind this card....

But alas...time does not permit...
Who invented this housework stuff anyway?!?!?
Tomorrow I should have more time and will share how I made it with you.
You'll have to settle for this snippet for now!

Christmas Altered Charm Swap - Starting to Arrive!!!

Woo Hoo...
I am so excited ~ I have not one, not two but three envies in my hot little hands full of Christmas Altered Charms!!!
These envies are from - Sandie B (AU); Kelli Sue H (MT); and Linda DG (FL)!!!
All of their charms are beautiful....I so can't wait till you see them'll have to wait :)
We have about 2.5 weeks left till the deadline of October 13th.
If you haven't started them yet, it's time to shake up that mojo!
Can't wait to see what everyone has in store.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

3C Challenge - #6 Non Traditional Halloween Color Challenge

You know I love a good challenge and this is a fun one....
#6 - Non Traditional Halloween Color Challenge
That means no Orange, Lime Green or Purple!!
Soooo, I immediately thought of my favorite color blue and went from there. 
Here is what I came up with....


Third Coast Rubber Stamps used: Frank AP-412-H; Tall Tombstone FA-338-F; Sarcophagus FA-339-E; Tree of Dread (lg) VB-053-J; Tree of Dread (sm) VB-054-C; Tombstones AP-310-I
Yes, that's right....good old Frank went from green to blue....
Because he misses you!!

Looks awful sad huh? 
Isn't that fun?
Now it's your turn....
try creating a "traditional" Halloween project with not so traditional colors.
If you use any 3C stamps be sure to enter it into the challenge.
You could be the lucky winner of a $25.00 gift cert. to Third Coast Rubber Stamps!

New Spot - Temptation Tuesday!

This week I am starting a new spot here on the blog....
It's called Temptation Tuesday!

In the past I regularly featured various manufactures & rubber stamp companies to keep everyone informed on not necessarily new but fun, different stamps and/or retailers were out there other than just the giant name brands.

Well, as you can imagine, the economy has really hurt these small businesses the past few years. Sadly as a result many of these smaller companies have closed down in the past couple years.   I know times are still tight but I thought it would be nice to give a boost to the individuals and small businesses that are still around.  If nothing more than to get their name out to people who never knew they were there.  If it can help one person stay in business a little bit longer than I'm all for it :)

So, who am I going to be featuring?  Well, anybody offering something fun to use in our art - Folks with an Etsy Store, any rubber stamp company, manufactures offering up fun, useful and unique crafting or art products.

Have an Esty Store, stamp company, mfg. or individual you'd like featured?  Just drop me a line with their name, website info and why you'd like to see them featured. 

Today I'm going to start off with a company that was referred to me by a very satisfied customer....
This is a small shop run by Jeffrey ~ offers up hand cut & sanded wood domino blanks that come with one, two or no holes.  Perfect for crafts, charms, jewelry and other projects.  These dominoes come in two sizes... standard - 1"x2" - 1/4" thick or mini's - 1-3/16"x9/16" - 3/16" thick. 
He also offers up blank "scrabble" type tiles as well not to mention a variety of other hand crafted wood items.
So, if you're looking for some great hand-crafted, made in the USA blank wood domino or scrabble tiles be sure to check out Smile Moon Woodworks!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Halloween Altered File Folder Portfolio - Finishing Touches

Happy Monday!

If you recall last week I shared the tutorial on how to turn a plain old file folder into a nifty accordian style portfolio - Halloween Altered File Folder Portfolio

Today I wanted to show you how I finished it off.

This is how my portfolio turned out...
I went minimal on my extra embellishments as I wanted the stamping & inks to really stand out here. I used mainly black or black and white extras - for example I used a couple types of border tapes in black and white. I also punched a snazzy little border for the inside pockets using black cardstock. The main image on the front cover is also very simple keeping with the traditional, vintage halloween theme. And finally I added a bit of black ribbon to tie it all up.
Altered Halloween File Folder Portfolio 001
Altered Halloween File Folder Portfolio 004
I made some tags to tuck inside the portfolio - sticking with the black and white theme, I used bits and pieces from both the Authentique Enchanted  & MME Lost & Found Halloween lines of pattern paper.
Altered Halloween File Folder Portfolio 003
I used some traditional colored fuzzy fiber I had in my stash to add to each tag.
Altered Halloween File Folder Portfolio 006
And there you have it...
A very fun, really cool portfolio
that could be custom tailored to
virtually any holiday, season or ocassion that might arise.

Quickie Give-A-Way Winners!!

With help from
the winners of the mystery goodies are.....

I love how you show us tips and tricks with items we would never think of using....keep up the good work!

Hey Roni!! I've loved everything you've done in the last 4+ years since I found your blog and I stop by almost every day. IF I miss...I catch up right away! I've learned so very much from Thanks for being You!

Carol aka: calamityjane

Lisa Howell
Lisa Howellsaid...
Roni, you are an inspiration and an "enabler" LOL, thanks for being you!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy Autumn!!!

Just wanted to wish you all a
Splendid AUTUMN!!!
I have to say this is my favorite time of the year...
I love the smells, the beautiful colors, the crisp cool air.
It's simply the very best time of the year in Indiana.
I do hope you're able to get out and enjoy this fun time of year at some point because before you know it it will be gone.

Autumn, Queen of Year
by Winifred Sackville Stoner, Jr. 
When the pumpkins are so yellow
And the vines with grapes abound,
When the melons are so mellow
And the nuts fall to the ground;
When persimmons lose their bitters,
And the apples are so red;
When we love to eat corn fritters
Since the roasting ears have fled;
When vacation days are over
And the children go to school,
They no longer play in clover,
But much learn "Arithmos-rule,"
When weird Hallowe'en's most naughty elves
With gnomes and sprites appear,
While fat Thanksgiving fills the shelves -
I also wanted to remind you about the
on the Altered Pages Blog....
So far, nobody has entered the contest with only a few short days left...
You have until September 30th - only 8 DAYS to enter your creation.
One lucky winner will be chosen and will win...
Looks like your chances are pretty darn good at this point
so put get to work and create your own
Altered Headdress!
And if you can vote for my hat as well ;)
Have a wonderful weekend friends!!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Halloween Altered File Folder Portfolio

I have had some fun mini file folders sitting around here that dh found in a file cabinet he bought at an auction a couple years ago.  They have been in my stash since then just waiting for me to alter one, two or more ;)  You can tell from the photo below that they are about 2/3rds the size of a regular file folder and by chance they are perfectly sized for a #6 (2 5/8"x 5 1/4") or #7 (2 7/8" x 5 3/4") shipping tag!!   You of course could use a regular sized file folder but since I have these little buggers I'm going to use them.

Halloween Altered File Folder 001

Halloween Altered File Folder Portfolio
Part One

Supplies (for today):

File Folder (large or mini)
Archival Ink
Rubber Stamps (Third Coast Rubber Stamps)
Distress Stains (or Dye Mists or your favorite coloring medium)
Ink Blending Tool (optional)


1. Open the file folder up and place it on your work surface. 

2. Using Archival Ink, stamp both the front and back sides of the file folder.

Halloween Altered File Folder 002
3. Using your favorite dye inks or mists color both sides of the folder.  I am using Distress Stains. 

Halloween Altered File Folder 003 Halloween Altered File Folder 005

4. After the inks have dried, it's time to start folding.  First fold the bottom 1/3 of the file fold up as shown. 

Halloween Altered File Folder 006 Halloween Altered File Folder 007

I find that it's always good to use a bone folder for crisp, clean edges.  Not mandatory but just helpful when you're working with bulky materials and multiple folds.

Halloween Altered File Folder 008

5. Next close the file folder at it's natural crease so the pockets are on the outside of the folder.

Halloween Altered File Folder 009
6.  Fold one of the flaps towards the center so the pockets are on the inside of the portfolio.

Halloween Altered File Folder 010 Halloween Altered File Folder 011
7.  Flip it over and fold the second flap towards the center again so the pockets are on the inside.  Now you've got a nifty little portfolio!

Halloween Altered File Folder 012
8.  (optional) It's not necessary but I like to ink up the edges just to give the folder some definition. 

Halloween Altered File Folder 013

Now that we've got our basic portfolio built we can alter in in so many ways.  I'll be back on Monday to show you a few things I'm going to do to mine and we'll also begin on fun tags to tuck inside!

See you then!!

OH - Just a note before I go...this is a really fun technique that can be used not only for Halloween but for all sorts of holidays, events, and occasions.  Can you imagine what a fun birthday idea this would be or you could host a scavenger hunt with a "treasure map" portfolio, etc.  The ideas just go on and on.   I'm going to try to make another of these in the future cause they are just too much fun not to make over and over again!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Quickie Give-A-Way - 3rd try...

Beach Album Winner

I have been doing some house cleaning here on the blog and I just realized that my post for the winner of the beach album never posted!  It's still sitting here as a draft (I think because I edited it and never hit publish again). 
So, without further delay...
the winner is....
Oh what a great album! I sure would love to own it!! :)

My favorite part of summer??? Hmmmm...I live in the south so that's kind of a hard one as I'm always relieved when the heat of summer is gone, but I do so LOVE the fresh veggies that are available and the gorgeous flowers and trees that bloom so profusely!

3C FAE Challenge Card - Week #2

Yes, it's week two of the FAE Challenge over on the Third Coast site...
If you recall everyone is challenged to choose a line of 3 items and incorporate them into a card.  Last time I choose Lime, FAE Image & Bling.  Well this week I thought I'd go the opposite diagonal and use Eyes, FAE Image & Ribbon!

And here is my creepy creation!
Third Coast Rubber Stamps: Frightened Eyes CO-221-A; Angry Eyes CO-223-A; Startled VB-312-P; Very Scary WS-138-AA
It's your turn!
Create a card using at least one Third Coast stamp,
post your creation on your blog, on-line album, facebook page, etc. then go back to the 3C Challenge blog and post a link!
You could be the lucky winner of a 3C $25.00 gift certificate!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

AP Headdress Voting Now Open!!

It's time to vote :)
The AP DT Headdress Challenge is now open for voting!
You can go to the AP Challenge Page,
see all of the entries
vote (along the right hand side) for your favorite creation!
(my creation)
The voting will be open for 12 days.
The Headdress Challenge is also open up to everyone else as well. 
Simply create your headdress, post it on your blog, on-line album, facebook, etc. and go back to the Challenge page and post a link at the bottom of the headdress post (using the inlinkz widget).

You have until 9-30 to post your which time the AP Design Team will vote on the winner of those entries!

SO, put your "thinkin' cap on" (sorry, couldn't resist) and get busy makin' your own Altered Headdress!!

Good Luck Everyone
Thanks for participating!

"H" is for Halloween - Side 2 - Halloween Treats

If you recall last Friday I shared my Halloween "H"....
And I mentioned that I was going to decorate the second side using rubber stamps so it could be placed in a window for a double sided Halloween decoration.
Well, today I have the second side for you!
I have used Artistic Outposts stamp set called "Halloween Treats".
And here you go....
 Side #2 -
"H" is for Halloween Treats!

Halloween Treats 001
Halloween Treats 004
Halloween Treats 005
Halloween Treats 006
Halloween Treats 007
Halloween Treats 008
I hand drew the spider web on the "H" using my Sakura Gelly Roll pen (LOVE THAT PEN!!) which I then highlighted with a bit of Stickles Glitter Glue.
Most of the images were stamped with Archival Inks except the bottles.  I used Distress Markers to color the bottle rubber stamp directly onto the stamp.  The images were then decorated by using a combination of  Distress Markers, Stickles and the Gelly Roll pen.
And it's all set to be displayed!!