Friday, June 29, 2012

Landscaping Timbers to 4th of July Centerpiece!

Hey everyone...

I hope you're all having a great day....staying out of the heat/dust/storms or whatever other weather might be plaguing you at this time.  I had planned on posting this earlier BUT for the first time in months we had a real for sure T-storm!  Our area of Indiana has been classified an extreme drought...the weather guy said this rain came too hard/fast to change much but at least it washed the layer of dust off of everything. 

If you've visited much at all you know how much I love to take stuff destine for the dust bin and turn it into something useful again.  Well, today I have a project that I made using scraps of landscaping timbers that I nicked from my Dad's scrap bin.  He usually gives it to my grandma to use as kindling for her wood stove BUT I was able to go through it and pick out some pieces I wanted to use for ... something ;)

4th of July
Landscape Timber

FireCracker Centerpiece 027


Landscape Timbers or similar in 3 different lengths
Vintage Sheet Music or other ephemera
Patriotic Collage Images (Altered Pages - AP563 Americana)
Acrylic Paint
Glass Glitter
Brown Ink
Ink Blending Tool


1. Sand off any rough splinters and wipe away any loose dirt/debris.

FireCracker Centerpiece 001
2. Paint the tops of your pieces white and the bottoms black.

FireCracker Centerpiece 002 FireCracker Centerpiece 003
3. Mark off the approx. size of paper you will need to cover your timbers.  You could of course get real precise ~ measuring and cutting but I am simply going to make a pencil mark and tear off the excess.  Due to the size of my timbers I need 2 pieces to cover each.

FireCracker Centerpiece 005
4. Glue the sheet music to the timber smoothing down as you go.  Once you've covered each of the 3 timbers set them aside to dry.

FireCracker Centerpiece 008 FireCracker Centerpiece 009
5. Now free hand a few stars onto the chipboard.  You'll notice mine again aren't perfect...they have more of a folk art feel to them.  Some sides are longer than another and a bit wonky but that's what I wanted.  Cut each star from the cardboard.

FireCracker Centerpiece 010 FireCracker Centerpiece 011
6.  Paint the large star red, medium white and small blue.  (this will come in handy in the next step.).

FireCracker Centerpiece 012
7.  Once the paint has dried, coat each star with a bit of glue and sprinkle on the matching color of glass glitter.  Since you painted the stars to match you don't have to worry if it's not completely covered.  The paint below will cover any light spots!  This saves lots of time and glitter ;)  Set them aside to dry.

FireCracker Centerpiece 014 FireCracker Centerpiece 015
8.  While the stars are drying, add a vintage feel to your timbers by applying a bit of brown ink. 

FireCracker Centerpiece 017
9.  Drill a small hole in the top center of each timber.  I only drilled down like 1/2". 

FireCracker Centerpiece 019
10.  Poke one or more pieces of metallic pipe cleaners down in each hole and bend a little curl on the top.   *NOTE - If needed you can glue your pipe cleaners in the hole...mine seemed to stay in place w/o the glue.

11. Trim, ink and mat desired patriotic images.

FireCracker Centerpiece 020
12.  Tie a length of raffia to each timber.

FireCracker Centerpiece 022
13.  Hot glue the stars and collage images to each timber....

FireCracker Centerpiece 024
NOW you have 3 way cool Patriotic Fire Crackers for your 4th of July table!

FireCracker Centerpiece 026

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

"Just because I Love You"....

Today I wanted to share a card I created recently using a few Just For Fun Rubber Stamps....

Just Because I Love You....

JFF Summer 013


JFF RS - Couple in Canoe (lg) E3615; Pine Forest F3588; Sentiments 3 UMS7020
Distress Ink - Dusty Concord; Chipped Sapphire; Faded Jeans; Stormy Sky; Scattered Straw
Ink Blending Tool
Distress Embossing Ink
Black Embossing Powder
Black Archival Ink
Pattern Paper


1. Start off by trimming the pattern paper down to the desired card size.  In this case it's 5x7.  I am using a bit of paper from Prima's Romantique line.

2. Use a bit of embossing ink to stamp the canoe along the bottom third of the card panel, sprinkle with black ep, shake and heat to melt.  Let the paper cool.

3. Again, using embossing ink, stamp the pine forest two or three times across the upper third of your card panel.  I usually start off one edge and continue stamping across until I've crossed over the opposite edge.  Stamping off the edge of your paper just gives you a more natural look.

Sprinkle with black ep, shake off excess and heat to melt.

4. Once the ep has cooled it's time to start adding inks!  I wanted to highlight the canoe a bit so I started off by adding a bit of scattered straw di behind and to the side of the canoe.

Next I added a variety of blue inks to the "lake".  After I was finished coloring the bottom of the card I took the dusty concord and really inked up the forest and lake shore areas.  It's night fall after all and the forest gets really dark fast. 

I finally finished up by adding a bit of scattered straw and stormy sky to the sky area above the forest.

5. I then stamped the sentiment in the lower left and matted the card with purple and black cardstock.

I think it turned out very romantic...

Winners - Stampers Best & BlackBerryDesigns!

Hi Everyone!

I have winners to announce....

The winner of the set of "Fashion Tickets" rubber stamps by Stampers Best is....

Mary Kay!!!

wow that is an awesome card. I love how you used the perfect pearls. very cool.
I would have to say my fav from the new set are the sneaker's and the wing's. I think they are all awesome and couldnt narrow it down to just 1 sorry had to choose 2. thanks for the chance to win. You are always so generous. I think that's awesome
The images are all beautiful but I'd have to pick DL138, DL157 and DL209.

Nan G
Nan Gsaid...
DL104 and DL208 pansies and favorites flowers! Your jar turned out so neat!

Hi Roni!! Yes, I save everything too, from nut cans to jars to fruit juice containers!!! I have quite a few just waiting to be! Love your "new" mayonnaise I'm going to start saving those..hehe.
My favorite sheets are DL101, DL104, and DL109...and all the rest..ha! To hard to pick just one!
I think if I had choose just one, I would go with DL157 seed packets

Denise Bryantsaid...
I love the fall leaves sheets!

please e-mail me your snail mail addies so I can get your respective prizes in the mail.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Altered Vintage Glass Coaster Paper Weight

Recently I was lucky enough to win a box full of vintage glass furniture coasters at a local auction!  There were two differnt sizes, small ones about 2.5" across and larger 3.5" ones.  Well I knew when I saw them that I wanted to try to turn them into paper weights.... I did and it worked!  

Altered Vintage Glass Coaster
Paper Weights

Just a note - this IS a simple yet time consuming process but the finished paper weight will give you an amazing detailed 3-D effect that you won't get by any other means. 


Vintage Glass Furniture Coaster
Text Paper
Crystal Lacquer or similar


1. Fill the bottom of the coaster with a bit of CL. 

  Coaster Paper Weight 001

2. Press desired color of cardstock into the bottom of the coaster. 

Coaster Paper Weight 002

3. Now press a piece of text over the cardstock into the CL.  Let this layer dry completely.

Coaster Paper Weight 003

4. After the initial layer of paper/lacquer has dried it's time to begin the layering....  Gather desired small collage images, any words you might want to add to the collage as well as any embellishments you think you want to incorporate.

Coaster Paper Weight 005

5. Add a layer of CL over the inital layer.  Place 2-3 of your elements in the wet CL.  Let this layer dry completely.  This is where we begin to create the 3 D effect.  By adding just a few elements in each layer of CL you will be lifting each element closer to the top while the original pieces are further in the background....

Coaster Paper Weight 006

6. Continue adding addtional elements in consecutive layers.  While this takes a bit of planning it is well worth it....  Remember to let each layer dry completely before moving to the next.

Coaster Paper Weight 007

7. Once you have added your final layer and it has dried, begin adding additional layers of CL until the coaster is filled to the top....

Coaster Paper Weight 013

8.  And here is my "Love Letters from Paris" paper weight!

Caster Paper Weight 002

Remember we added the cardstock at the very beginning....well when the paper weight/coaster is viewed from the side the entire base reflects the cardstock color as shown here.   Pretty cool huh?

Caster Paper Weight 005

And there you have it! 
A very fun, simple way to create unique, personalized paper weights for yourself, friends or family for any occasion!

I am going to enter this into the
Cool 2 Craft
Around the World Linky Party....

Please feel free to visit and vote for me :)

LinkyPartyVoteForMex125 Around the World Linky Party on Cool2Craft!

Getting Caught Up!

Hey Peeps!

I hope you're having a super day today :)

I am finally getting all caught up.  On top of tearing my room apart, being out of town this weekend and everything else I had an unexpected deadline for JFF today.  I ended up making 20 cards using their newest stamp release.  They will be displayed at StampFest in Orlando FL this weekend!  So, if you're in the area be sure to stop by the Just For Fun Rubber Stamps booth and see if you can tell which cards are mine ;)

I have caught up on sending out final details & mailing info for the Altered Charm Swap....if you haven't rec'd your copy, please let me know.  I will resend them.  It's getting to be quite the far we have 31 players for the General category and 25 for Halloween!

I'm getting very excited!!!

As far as the goodies I'm selling....I think almost all of the stamps are spoken for, most of the dies are gone as well. 

I'll be posting a fun new project soon!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Re-organization - ALMOST DONE!!!!

Hi Everyone ~

Well, it's been a while since my last post.  LOTS of things going on.  We were out of town on Fri & Sat. then our son's GF had her graduation party was the first time we were going to meet her extended family!  I always get nervous meeting new people so I was way stressed out before hand.  Turned out they were all really nice and DH & I had a great time.  Great food & really nice people.

It really was silly of me to start re-organizing when it was so hot but it was even worse since we were going to be gone so much. BTW - Those pics I posted were mid-tear down....I didn't want anyone to think my room was that messy all the time.  I had pulled most of my piles that I tuck here and there out and started to sort them at that point.  Anyway,  my room has been a disaster since I started just for the fact that I couldn't get back in here to do anything.  SOOOO today I put forth a herculean effort and got it all put back together!  I still have to sweep/mop and take another load of goodies over to mom but other than that I'm finished.  Of course I didn't get anything else done here at home but well sometimes other things have to wait.

Now, I have a ? for you....

Would anybody be interested in trading or purchasing goodies with me? 

Let me explain....I took a new approach to my re-organization this time.  I love to watch all those shows that clean, sort and organize so I decided to keep one of their reoccurring tips in mind while I was cleaning.   If you haven't used it in "X" amount of time get rid of it.  Well, I have lots of things I haven't used in ages and ages so I am/have gotten rid of lots of stuff.  Mom already got a big bag and box full of stuff and I have another bag & box ready to go.  I also have some things I thought about trading or selling if anyone was interested.

Here are the goodies I have up for grabs.... If you're interested, please e-mail me at ~
 ronijj @ gmail . com

**Coluzzle Templates -

1.00 each + shipping

Fat Heart
Wavy Border
Fat Oval
Regular Oval
Banner/Quote Blocks
Mini Charms

2.00 each +shipping

Pillow Box
Tiny Tote w/Handles
Bone Puzzle
One with straight lines - I think for cutting pics into strips.

3.00 set +shipping

Script Alpha - Upper & Lower Case
Marshmallow Alpha & Shadow
? Alpha - Upper & Lower Case (looks oriental to me but I don't recall the name)

**QuickKutz 2x2 Dies - 1.00 each+shipping

Maple Leaf
Mini Band aids
Solar Flare

**QK Binder & 11 - 2" Die Pages 8.00 + shipping

**Small box of assorted Gemstone Nail Heads....these are the things that you mount your gemstones in and bend the prongs to hold the gems in place.  2.00 +shipping

Stamps May Be All Spoken for....I also have many assorted stamps (all UM - rubber only) - Some have been used once or twice but most are new.  Christmas, Vintage, lots of Misc.  ???????

Again, if you're interested, I'm ready to move them!
I'll make you a deal on qty's!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I think the heat....

has finally gotten to me!

For some reason I cannot define I decided that on the hottest day of the year...and the first day of Summer ~ I tore my craft room apart!  I don't know what to say other than the organization bug bit me hard....

It's a disaster right now as you can see.....

This is my creating desk....

Heat Stroke 002

some vintage shelves waiting to be put up....

Heat Stroke 003

computer/extra desk....

Heat Stroke 004

Some of my shelves/closet area...

Heat Stroke 001

So, needless to say I didn't get my project I wanted to share with you finished....
It is buried somewhere under the stuff on my desk along with a few other projects!


I'm hoping to get things re-organized within a day or two but we'll see!

So, has the heat driven YOU to do something crazy?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Twisted Wire Spiral Charm

Hey All!

Man is it ever hot here today...97 was supposed to be the high but we passed that a couple hours ago!  We normally don't get weather like this until August... The weather this year is so messed up, I wish I knew what was going on. 

Today I wanted to share a fun do it yourself charm ~

Twisted Wire Spiral Charm

I wanted something that looked like this part DH had in his pile going to the junk yard.  I'm not sure what the part was but it had lots of cool looking wire all wrapped together with another wire twisted around it all in a spiral - hence my name for it :)

You start off by bending a piece of wire about 2" long.  If it's easier for you to work with you can cut the 2" piece of wire off of the spool but I like to keep it attached to the spool.  I think it's easier to work with if left whole.

Hold a skewer about 1/2" in from the end of the wire and wrap the 1/2" tail around the skewer and secure it to the strand of wire.  Repeat on the other end of the bent wire.  You should now have a piece of wire about 1" long with loops on both ends. 

  Wire Sprial Charms 001

Now begin wrapping wire around the center portion of your charm.  You want these coils to be as close as possible covering all of the wire beneath it as shown in the photo.

Wire Sprial Charms 002

Once you reach the other end of the charm, wrap the wire around the end twice then work your way back to the other end by wrapping the wire in an open spiral as shown.

When you get to the other end of the charm wrap it twice, snip off the wire spool and tuck the sharp end beneath one of the end spirals.

Wire Sprial Charms 003

I made two different sizes here but you could make them any size you wanted. 
I had a thought after I made these but haven't had a chance to try it yet...  Create your base for the charm in one color then use a different color wire to make the spiral!  I'm thinkin' silver and copper would make a super contrast.

Wire Sprial Charms 004

Now you're all set to finish off your charm.  You can hang whatever you like from one end and use the other to attach it to a pin, necklace, bracelet, etc.  You could even make several of these charms and use them as links to make your own necklace or bracelet!

Twisted Wire Charm 002

So there you go.... a fun, quick and inexpensive charm idea!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Steampunk - Time Traveler Card!

Hi Everyone!

I hope all the dads out there in blogger land had a wonderful Father's Day this past weekend.
We treated dh to a nice meal at one of our favorite restaurants and he got a couple things he's been wanting so I think he had a nice time.

Today I wanted to share the following Steampunk card I created using StampersBest images....

I really love playing with various images that might not specifically fit the theme Steampunk but work together to create a story.

In this instance I added the compass ~ which brings to mind hiking or camping and the hour glass which I know this is going to date me but it reminds me of a soap opera from the 70's - LOL!!
I thought by combining them with the steampunk flying machine and the lady steampunk captain it helped tell her story.

 I used some gel pens by Sakura ~ both white and metallic to color the gears and wings then added some stickles to her hat and dangling jewels!

The gears are a combo of 7Gypsies & Ideaology.

To see full instructions on how to create this card you can see: Steampunk Time Traveler @ the Stampers Best Blog :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ships Ahoy!

Hi All!!!

I hope you're having a wonderful day today! 

I wanted to share another idea on how to use paint chips ~ this time on a card! 

I trimmed a piece from the left over paint chips I used on the altered clipboard, stamped my ship then cut off the top and bottom.  Those two pieces were swapped end for end to add a bit of contrast.

All of the stamps are Just For Fun Rubber Stamps.

Anyway, there you go!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Altered Charm Swap - NOW OPEN!! Due 8-10

Ink Stains Altered Charm Swap
(In My Hands)
Due Date 8-10-12

2 Themes this year....
General & Halloween!!!

Details...Each person will make 5 charms (either the same or very similar) and get 5 different charms back. You would not get your own back so be sure to make an extra to keep for yourself.  You will also receive a silver chotski pin to to hang your charms from.
I have the silver version ~ 3" long with 5 loops.

The charms can be created from anything you can dream up... there are tons of ideas on the web (search images under things like altered charms, altered charm bracelets, altered charm necklaces, Tim Holtz style necklace, charm swap; etc.)

There are also lots of ideas here on the blog under: Acrylic Charms; Charms; Jewelry.

If you have a copy of my book ~ Teach Yourself Visually Collage & Altered Arts there is an entire chapter dedicated to creating your own charms.

*You could create your charm from acrylic pieces, glass, metal, clay, found objects, etc. You could embellish bought metal charms (please don't send a plain metal charm) with beads, chain, or other items. There are many pendant blanks, bezels, etc. that can be altered (insert photo/words, etc & fill with Glossy Accents or the like); you could fill little bottles with sand/beads and other goodies ~ sealed & findings added. And so much more...let your imagination run wild!

*Each charm should have a jump ring or lobster clasp so all you have to do is attach it to the charm pin when you get them back.

*You can make up to 3 sets of charms (1 set = 5 of the same charm). I will give you a pin for each set you send. :)


This time there will be two groups - General and Halloween.  You can join one or both groups.  Please let me know which group(s) you want to join when you sign up.


*I would like it if each person would identify their charms either by placing it in a baggie with their name and e-mail addy or mounting it on a small card or tag with the same info. It's always nice to be able to thank people personally when you receive a piece of their art work.


NOTE: I am in the United States but welcome anyone to play along.

*Please package your charms securely so they arrive in good condition.

*Include a self addressed envelope for the return trip or if you want your charms returned priority mail please include a card with your full mailing address.

*Send $4.00 or $5.15 for Priority Mail in the United States.   All others please send $7.00 for International First Class for the return postage.   I will return any excess postage not used.

PLEASE do NOT include pre-metered postage. My local post office will not accept these. They will refuse them!

If you would like to pay-pal me the money that would work as well.  My e-mail addy will be in the final details.
Due Date:

Your charms are due August 10, 2012.   This is when your package must be in my hands. I want to swap them out that weekend and have them back in the mail the following Monday so you can start enjoying them! :)  

You are more than welcome to send your charms early.  I have a special place set aside to keep them all safe!

Sign Ups:

Please include your e-mail addy (spaces added) so I can send you my mailing address.

NOTE: I will be sending details along with my mailing address when I have your e-mail addy. Please let me know if you don't receive them and I will re-send. Thanks!
  1. Roni
  2. Dixie (a.k.a. Mom)
  3. Teresa
  4. Carol W.
  5. Nan G
  6. Esther
  7. Jennifer D
  8. Kelli G
  9. Jamie
  10. Peace
  11. Lisa H
  12. Sara B
  13. Julie C
  14. Nickalli.
  15. Theresa P.
  16. Robin S.
  17. Olga B.
  18. Brenda
  19. Sue T
  20. Terry D
  21. Andrea G
  22. Holly R
  23. Shirley H
  24. JoJo
  25. Peggy R
  26. April
  27. Sandie
  28. Candace J
  29. Elaine P
  30. Caroline


  1. Roni
  2. Mom
  3. Carol W
  4. Nan G.
  5. Jennifer D
  6. Peg
  7. Kelli G
  8. Peace
  9. Lisa H
  10. Ingrid V
  11. Sara B
  12. Julie C
  13. Nickalli
  14. .Theresa P
  15. Robin S
  16. Olga B
  17. Brenda
  18. Sue T
  19. Holly R
  20. Shirley H
  21. JoJo
  22. Peggy R
  23. April
  24. Kris J
  25. Candace J
  26. Caroline
  27. Deb R

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Paint Chip Clipboard for Dad - Embellishing Ideas

Yesterday I shared how to alter a plain old $0.99 clipboard using bits and pieces of old books and paint chips turning it into a really fun and fabulous gift for dad....

Paint Chip Clipboard 016

Well today I wanted to share a variety of ideas on how to embellish it to make it perfect for Dad or anyone else on your gift giving list!

You could embellish your clipboard with a beloved photo of yourself, your family or heck even the family dog.  ( pic of this idea)

Of course you can always use stamped images to embellish your project.  Here I created a fun matching background using Liquid Pearls and Distress Ink which I then stamped.  I left space around the image to write a little quote or note to dad.

  Paint Chip Clipboard 009

Next you could use letters or die-cuts to personalize it. 
First I spelled out Dad - nobody is going to be running off with this clipboard ;)

Paint Chip Clipboard 001

But you could also use jumbo letters to monogram the clipboard as shown in these two examples....

Paint Chip Clipboard 002

I like the matching letter above but by bringing in another color it makes the monogram POP off the clipboard.

paint chip clipboard 003

You could use bits of ephemera to help embellish....

Paint Chip Clipboard 004

use copies of vintage diagrams if you're dad is a builder or crafty....
(Altered Pages Medieval Diagrams #1022D)

Paint Chip Clipboard 005

Decorate the clipboard with a theme ~ in this case western collage images...

Paint Chip Clipboard 007

Or go all out like I did and give it a humorous twist!
(Altered Pages Medieval Diagrams #1022D & Altered Pages Dad's Day 2600)

Paint Chip Clipboard 012

"Fun on the Road of Life with my Dad....."

"Pull Over!!!!"  ~ We've all had days  like that huh?

Paint Chip Clipboard 010

And I couldn't resist adding that golden question.....


Paint Chip Clipboard 011

No matter how you decide to embellish your clipboard I'm sure Dad will love it because after all it comes straight from your heart!

I hope you all have a wonderfully inky day!!!