Tuesday, April 29, 2008

ATC's by Me!

A bit more ATC art work to share...these are the ATC's I made for the April swap - I made some others but totally spaced on taking pics of them. (Doh!!)

Bathing Beauty - background is made using Faux Batik technique.

ATC Article 2

Decisions, Decisions

April ATC 004

Who says..... - Background made using Ink Blending Tool Technique Blended Pearls.

April ATC 005

Tomorrow I'm going to be MIA - dh & I have to go pick up a machine in Southern Indiana (right along the KY border) so we're going to be leaving before the crow pee's in the a.m. I won't have time to post. I do however have something exciting planned to share later this week. I got my shipment of Ranger's NEW Pigment Ink Pads!!! I've been playing and have a few comparisons to share with you and if I have time I'll make up a few cards or ATC's or something.
Till then...have a wonderful week!!

April ATC Swap Results

I wanted to share some of the amazing ATC's made by some fellow crafters in a recent ATC swap hosted on the About.com Scrapbooking site.....

Top - Dixie (the one with the 2 boys is my son & nephew - it's titled "Little Man"), Bottom R - Shannon; Bottom L - Theresa.

ATC Swap April08 003

Top - Crystal; Bottom - Tammy

ATC Swap April08 002

Phinny (all 4)

ATC Swap April08 001

Of course this is only a small sampling of the 101 cards that everyone sent in. There were many many One-of-a-Kind ATC's and I didn't even think to photograph them prior to sorting...shoot, I didn't even take pics of some of my OOK cards!

Anyway, thanks ladies for another wonderful swap!!!

Phinny Mail....

Phinny Mail?!?!? LOL...didn't think you'd know what that meant ;)

I had to share with you an awesome piece of mail I received recently. It was sent to me by one of my blogging friends Phinny...I'm sure you've seen her around here from time to time. Well, she joined the ATC swap I hosted on About.com and this is what she sent her creations in....

Front of envie - addy's blacked out of course....
Phinny Envie 001

Back of the envie....
Phinny Envie 002

Close up of the detail....
Phinny Envie 003

Isn't it amazing!! I was so thrilled when I opened my mail box the day it came. I have never received such a cool piece of mail EVER!! It is so me, I just can't express how much I love it :) Needless to say I'm going to be keeping this envie for quite some time! Actually, when I get my new craft room I'm going to frame it and hang it on the wall - LOL!!

So, thanks Phinny ~ I really do love it :)

Monday, April 28, 2008

Clearly Stickles!

Today I have a fun project that would be a perfect way to add a little sparkle to Mother's Day! I'm sure you've all seen the clear acrylic paint cans...you know the ones that Prima Flowers flowers come in or they even have some that you can buy empty now! (JoAnn's has them and I think Michael's may.) It incorporates one of those buckets, Stickles Glitter Glue and Grunge Board!

Stickles 1
Stickles Glitter Glue - Ranger
Ice Stickles (larger glitter particles but fewer pieces) - Ranger
Adirondack Acrylic Dabbers - Ranger
Archival Ink - Jet Black - Ranger
Adirondack Alcohol Inks - Ranger
Grunge Board - Advantus (pre-cut & sheets)
Clear Acrylic Bucket - Provo Craft
Rubber Stamps (Autumn Leaves used for example)
Quick Hold Craft Glue


1. Paint Grunge Board pieces. Lettuce - flourish; Silver - sheet.
Stickles 2
2. Apply Stickles to Flourish pieces and set aside to dry. (NOTE - by using 2 or more colors of Stickles you can add loads of dimension!) Lime Green & Patina were used for this example.
Stickles 3
3. Stamp various flowers and butterflies onto the painted Grunge Board sheet.
Stickles 4
4. Carefully apply Black Diamond Stickles to each stamped image. Set aside to dry.
Stickles 5
5. When dry, add desired colors to images as shown. Let dry.
Stickles 6
6. Prepare the bucket by cleaning both inside and outside of bucket carefully making sure to remove any lint or dust. You don't want anything to get mixed in with the Stickles during the next step.
7. Apply Ice Stickles to the INSIDE of the bucket...You'll probably have to apply it with your fingers depending on the size of your bucket. (don't worry, it washes off) Now I know what you're thinking...that looks awful! Trust me, the glue dries clear and all your going to be left with is a neat glittery bucket!
Stickles 7
8. Once all of the Flowers, Butterflies & Flourish pieces are dry it's time to start applying them to the bucket! I used Quick Hold Craft Glue from the makers of E-6000. It is wonderful stuff...you just hold it for a few seconds and it's stuck tight! I added brads to the centers of my flowers and covered them in Stickles after applying them to the bucket. This is totally optional but I think it adds a bit of dimension that you otherwise wouldn't have.
Stickles 8
9. Once you've applied all of your pieces your piece will resemble this...You can leave it like this or you can apply Alcohol Ink to the metal rims & lid. Totally optional!
Stickles 9
10. Fill with love and give to Mom!!
Stickles Butterflies & Flowers 001
another view....
Stickles Butterflies & Flowers 002
close up of one of the butterflies....(note - you can also see the glitter on the inside of the bucket).
Stickles Butterflies & Flowers 004
Mother's Day is only 13 more days!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tattoo Girls Night Out!!

Just a bit about our "Inky" Girls Night Out...Well, my Mom and the other 2 ladies in our little GNO group did it! They all went ahead and got their tattoos Friday night! We went to a place called Device down in Fort Wayne.

Let me tell you this place is a night and day difference from the original tattoo place where they were going to get them done. The first place ~ walls painted black, very bizzar images on the walls, scary looking dudes...you get the picture. There was a schedueling conflict so they couldn't do it that afternoon.
The ladies decided to scrap that place cause it was just too out there for their taste (personally I figured it was normal but I wasn't the one getting a tattoo). They decided to try Device and I'm glad they did! Device had bright walls, colorful images & decor, friendly/funny people working there...it was just wonderful. All 3 of the ladies were tattoo'ed at the same time and were in the same room so I didn't have too far to run between them all to take the pics.

Carol got a heart w/flowers (her first); Karen had a tiny cross put on her ankle (2nd) and had her first tattoo spruced up (it was on her foot and was very faded); then came Mom...she had shooting stars with flourishes/tails done - I can't tell you the number of this tattoo because she has so many - LOL!! Anyway, I designed the original tattoo but Shane (her tattoo guy) redesigned it a bit and jazzed it up. They all look great :)

I took loads and loads of pics and will share them once I get them down-loaded. It was lots of fun and all the people who work there were great! There was another guy getting a tattoo at the same time who by coincidence was from Albion too!! Small world ~ his was awesome - it was Celtic - 4 intertwined red hearts. Just beautiful!!

Oh yeah, no tattoo for me...dh is VERY narrow minded about things like that.... That's o.k. though ~ while it did look neat I don't know if I could handle the pain!

Anyway, it was a new "Inky" experience for me :) Mom is already planning her next 2 tattoo's and she said she wants us to go back there - LOL!!

One More Week....

left to tell us your favorite Ink Blending Tool Technique for a chance to win the current copy of the Vamp Stamp News which has several of my cards made using various Ink Blending Techniques :)

You have until May 3rd so don't waste any time....post your comment today!


Tell me what you want to see for to be entered into a drawing for the Autumn Leaves Rubber Stamp sets. All of the details are posted here :)

I'll have a fun little altered paint can to share with you tomorrow that was featured on the Ranger Ink Link Yahoo Group last month. By using a clear paint can, Grunge Board & various colors of Stickles you can make a great little gift can for Mother's Day! See you then!

Purple Faerie Paper Crafts

Today I wanted to share a fairly new and upcoming rubber stamp company.... Purple Faerie Paper Crafts! Owner/designer Nina Perrin opened Purple Faerie Paper Crafts on-line store in January of this year but has been designing since 1990. She stated..."I didn't have the connection between applying my designs to stamps until 2004." Lucky for us she did make that connection!

When designing stamps Nina says... "My designs today are a combination of what I'd like to see in a stamp to have multiple uses. A stamp that can be used to enhance the use of a specific product or technique in combination for many types of projects. A good example of this is the Quilt Panel stamps that are being released this month (May). These stamps are wonderful for use on cards, scrapbook pages but can also be used on fabric or within altered book projects. I sized them specifically with this in mind. Also these panels are great to be used with specific techniques such as faux stitching, faux layering and paper piecing. Wonderful to use in combination with other products such as Grunge Board, Color wash and alcohol inks.

At this time Purple Faerie has 18 different stamps available (with additional stamps being released in May) for purchase on their web-site Purple Faerie Paper Crafts . First off you will notice the awesome ATC Info Stamps....from the basics to the ornate - something for every one's taste! Followed by some cute "Artistic" birthday goodies including balloons, cake & presents! She even offers up a neat assortment of Celtic designs from a Celtic Knot to the clever little "Kiss Me I'm Irish" text stamp.

My own personal favorite designs have to be the women of Purple Faerie Paper Crafts...Faerie B, Circa 1917 and Fashion Flair! I actually loved the Circa 1917 & Fashion Flair so much I had to buy them as soon as I saw them :)

Thoughts of You
(Circa 1917 stamp)

ATC - Thoughts of You - Circa 1917

(Fashion Flair stamp)

Vogue - Fashion Flair

All stamps offered by Nina are clear unmounted acrylic stamps. For your convenience Purple Faerie Purple accepts Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, Pay Pal & Money Orders AND she DOES ship internationally!! She tries to ship through USPS whenever possible to help keep costs down. Just FYI ~ Purple Faerie IS a Angel Company and has an Angel Policy stamp available.

I'll let you check out the rest of Nina's stamps and be sure to stop back in a few days when her new stamps are released!! In addition to her stamps, Nina also offers up an assortment of goodies for making ATC's, Inchies and more!

Now, not only does Purple Faerie offer some great rubber stamps ~ they also have a super design team gallery and Nina puts out a monthly newsletter which has been in distribution for many years now. The newsletter offers a monthly article featuring a paper crafter in the paper crafting community. It also highlights online resources for the paper crafter with listings of links, as well as exploring the Challenge Teams monthly challenges, new product line releases and store specials. I was honored to be asked to write the newsletter article for the May issue! Be sure to sign up so you can see what topic I chose to write about ;)

Till next time friends....happy stamping!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

More Hannah Grey Goodies!

Here are a couple more Hannah Grey goodies I've been working on....

Enchanted Journey

This is a domino (new one) that I alcohol inked then added the image (QDD Skinny Mini), wings (German Scrap) and words (computer generated). The "sand" is Cinnamon Stickles....a great color. I think one of my favorites!

HG - April 019
Love You...
I had such fun making this card ~ each of the small panels was made using the spritz/flick Ink Blending Tool Technique then stamped over with Archival Inks. The background was made in the same way. That has got to be my fav. technique! All of the panels were sewn to the main background which was then sewn to the cardstock panel. The image is from Queen's Dresser Drawers.
HG - April 009

Friday, April 25, 2008

Hannah Grey Goodies....

As promised...here are some of the goodies I made for the Hannah Grey Design Team!

Her Love... ATC

Supplies: Italian Decoupage Papers; Queen's Dresser Drawers Skinny Mini's; German Scrap; some great little flowers that aren't on the site yet. I love them! They started out white but take distress inks (mixed with water) very well so I dyed a bunch of them! It's all topped off by Crackle Accents. :)

HG - April 007

The Happy Couple ATC

Supplies - Floral Border Couple - Queen's Dresser Drawers; Archival Ink - Jet Black; Adirondack Alcohol Inks; transparency; Jenni Bowlin Journal Card (for the ATC Base); and more of those cool little flowers :)

HG - April 017

Love is in the Air ...

HERE is my first attempt at a Moo Card! It was sort of fun to see what I could fit onto such a tiny space :) I love the QDD Skinny Mini's - they are way cool images and are perfect for small works of art like ATC's, Moo's and the like :)

Do you notice something on the Moo that is exactly the same as the ATC above?!?!? I cut the image of the Jenni Bowlin Journal Card above from the packaging and used it as a mini journal card here!! ;) **Roni-isim #137 - Don't ever throw anything away...you just never know when/where you might use it - LOL!!!**

Supplies: Jenni Bowlin Journal Card; QDD Skinny Mini; Distress Inks; German Scrap; more of those great mini flowers.

HG - April 014

Oh shoot...dh just called, have to go help him at our building! Well, I will share more later!!


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Fat Book - Continued

A couple ladies had some additional questions so I sent them an e-mail with a bit more info...I thought I'd post it here to in case you're on the fence about joining ;)

I'm so glad you are interested but understand the confusion. Right now as it is I think we're going to be working on 2 Fat Pages a month (20 pages, 10 of for each page - one per person in the swap)...so basically if you do all 10 themes we will be working on it for 5 months - 2 themes, 20 pages a month. In the end everyone will have 100 - 4x4 themed pages or a Fat Book.

Now, I know this sounds like ALOT but there are a few things to keep in mind....

  • They are only 4x4 so pretty small. Fat Book Pages are just ATC's on a 4x4 canvas!
  • If you've ever made a card, scrapbook layout or ATC you're already half there!
  • You will only have to come up with 2 designs a month. You just make 10 *copies of each. (*NOTE - these are not Xerox copies...they are the real thing (stamped images, quotes, embellishments, etc)...so 10 pages of 1 design for each theme. Just like an ATC or other swap.)
  • It's spread out over a longer period of time so nobody will feel rushed.
  • You'll have a whole month to work on your 2 pages and can send them at any time during that month.
  • Each person gets to choose 1 theme for everyone to work on. (ex - retro, western, vintage, vogue, humor, B-word, etc.)
  • All of the individual themes (10 total) will be set ahead of time so if you feel motivated you can work ahead!
  • There are no limitations on what you can use...rubber stamps, computer generated images, fabrics, metals, embellishments, etc. You can add whatever you like to your pages so there are no restrictions on your creativity! Basically, Anything Goes!!
  • Remember, there is no right or wrong. Everyone has their own style from clean & simple to messy & cluttered (umm, that would be me!). These are going to be little pieces of each other shared among friends!

Examples: I found several examples to get you inspired....
Hope this helps :)

Fat Book Swap - 4 1/2 more people needed!!

LOL....you read that right, 4 1/2 people needed ~ nope, we're not going to cut anybody in two ;) tee hee hee.... Here are the details....Fat Book Swap. The theme is going to be Women. All of the individual themes will be related to women in some way and need to incorporate a quote about/by women.

So far we have the following people signed up. If you don't think you want to work on the whole set (10 themes) there is a spot open to work on 5 of the themes. (that's the 1/2). If nobody wants it I will fill it up :)


  1. Roni
  2. Phinny
  3. Carmen (5) /?????(5)
  4. Nina Perrin
  5. Linda B
  6. Dixie (other wise known as Mom)
  7. Andi
  8. Kelly
  9. Shannon
  10. .
Please don't feel like you have to live in the United States to play. This swap is open to anyone who wishes to play. I don't mind shipping internationally so everyone can play :)
Sooooo, stop being shy and sign up to play....you know you want to!

Tim Holtz Style Charm Necklace

Woo hoo!!! It's finished!

I stared this necklace a couple weeks ago and have just been waiting for a few more goodies to finish it off :) I'm not sure if you've ever seen one or not but they are sometimes called "Fetish" necklaces or charm necklaces to the extreme. The first one I ever saw was one made by Tim Holtz. You can see an example here - Absolutely Everything ...right hand side. Basically, they are necklaces made with found objects, items you've made yourself, etc. I loved the idea and knew I could make one of my own, I just needed to start accumulating the goodies to make one.
Well, in addition to some Hannah Grey goodies and my pile of "stuff" I had been collecting I decided it was time! I FINALLY had enough goodies to make one of my very own :)
AND here it is....my very own fetish necklace!!

Bingo Numbers (67 - year I was born; B 11 - "B" for Ben & Bob)
Dress Form - Alcohol Inked w/Stream & Denim
Glass Vial (filled with sand from the ocean!!)
Wire (from a flea market)
old dominoes & game pieces (odd lot off of e-bay)
Crackle Accents
Glossy Accents
Sepia Accents
Mini Frames - 7 Gypsies, Making Memories, Maya Road, etc.
Word Weights (charms) - Blue Moon Beads
Beads - Jo Ann Crafts
Vintage Keys -(flea market) (4-representing each member of my family)
Various other charms from Fancifuls, 7 Gypsies, K&Co, etc.
Word Washers - Making Memories
Ribbon - Jo Ann Crafts

I wound the wire around the handle of my stipple brush to make the necklace base. For some of the charms I wrapped wire round & round to make interesting knots to hang them from...others I used jump rings.
All of the images (both in frames & on the dominoes) were covered in one of the Accents to protect them from wear and tear.
The dominoes, game pieces & dress form were all drilled using a Dremel type rotary tool. If you don't have one I suggest you go buy yourself one right now!! They are just the berries for things like this. I know lots of people go buy the most expensive thing they can find but I have a cheap no-name model that my MIL bought me for Christmas and it works great! I have drilled through the wood game pieces, plastic, laminate chips (home improvement store things), even some metal poker chips (that I got for 1.00 for a whole box!!!). It works just fine! Anyway, they are the best - and it saves having to ask your dh to borrow his tools - tee hee hee!!!
I have a charm bracelet something along these lines planned as well...still gathering charms for it but as soon as it's finished I'll share that with you as well :)
I have a few cards & ATC's I want to share with you tomorrow that I've been working on for Hannah Grey.....
Till then...happy stamping friends!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

An Oriental Touch of Spring!

It's so nice here today...79 degrees!! You just never know about Indiana in the Spring time....it could be anywhere from 35 - 90! (O.K....well, maybe not quite 90 but well...after temps in the 30's it sure feels that warm ;) lol!!!)

So, today I wanted to share an altered paper mache purse that I made for the Hannah Grey Design Team! Not a lot of ink or rubber stamping but still a fun little altered project! Maybe it will stir some creative juices to cover that paper mache you've had in your stash for ages ;) You know who you are....admit it...we all have some stashed away somewhere - LOL!!

A bit about the Italian Decoupage Paper I used on this project.... This stuff is amazing!! The sheet is 16 x 26 3/4" and has many images on each sheet. I had enough text & images to cover this entire purse, make a card and still have quite a bit left over! It is a light weight paper so no heavy duty cutting involved, has a medium gloss and is very easy to work with. Normally I don't like cutting things out to decoupage but this was a breeze. It comes in 10 different designs filled with wonderful vintage images.


Paper Mache Purse - Hobby Lobby
Ranger Shell Pink Adirondack Acrylic Dabber
Italian Decoupage Paper - Asian Calligraphy, Cats & Tea
Golden Fluid Acrylics - Iridescent Gold Deep
Leaf Ribbon - Autumn Moss
Buddha - Cracker Jack Charms
Fibers - Unknown
Perfect Paper Adhesive or Mod Podge
Embossing Powder & Ink - Ranger
3 Oriental Women - Viva Las Vegas
Prima Flowers
Liquid Pearls - Ranger
Jet Black Archival Ink - Ranger


1. Paint entire purse with Shell Pink paint. Let Dry

2. While paint is drying, cut several images/text from the Italian Decoupage Paper. Edge each piece with Jet Black Archival Ink (you need to use this ink as it will not run when the adhesive is applied over top.)

3. Once paint is dry, apply cut out images/text to all sides of the purse using your favorite liquid adhesive. I like to use Perfect Paper Adhesive or Mod Podge. Usually whatever is at hand when I begin ;) Let Dry Completely!!

4. Squirt a small amount of the Golden Fluid Acrylic on to a paint tray. Add a couple squirts of water. Mix well (this is going to be a translucent wash instead of a solid coat) and start applying the mixture to the entire purse. NOTE: The acrylic & water doesn't stay mixed for very long so you will probably need to give it a stir each time you pick up additional color. Let Dry (drys quickly...you won't have to wait long!)

5. Stamp & Emboss oriental women & cut out. Adhere to front of purse.

6. Here comes Spring! Add several different flowers in coordinating colors to the top edge of the purse front and cascade them down the right side.
7. Cut up pieces of the Leaf Ribbon and tuck in among the flowers. Wrap a longer piece around the handle.

8. Make a fiber tassel & attach Buddha charm.

9. ENJOY!!!
(Back side of purse)
See, I told you it was quick and easy :) Dry time is the longest part of the whole project.
Hope you've enjoyed this little altered purse...and maybe it's inspired you to dig out your plain ol paper mache goodies and give em a fresh look!
Happy Day Friends!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Vamp Stamp News Give-A-Way!

A truly amazing mail day today....not only did I get the very cool stamp set from Paperbag Studios but I got the April/May issue of Vamp Stamp News! This is a great little stamping magazine put together by Nancie Waterman. Each month she features a "Product Pick(s)", "Experimentation" - playing with various techniques (including directions) and the results, as well as "Quick Tips & Ideas" submitted by readers and much more! If you haven't checked it out you should definitely find a copy and see for yourself.

Now, normally just getting a new stamping magazine in the mail would be considered a great mail day but this issue was made extra special because I have 6 cards and step by step Ink Blending Tool Techniques included!!! Gotta love that Ink Blending Tool ;) LOL!!!

As an extra little gift Nancie sent me an extra copy of the issue that I'd like to share with one of you!! Simply post which Ink Blending Technique is your favorite. The list of the techniques and links to each post are in the area to the right hand side. You have until May 3rd to post at which time I'll choose the winner using Random.org! The winner will receive not only the April/May issue of Vamp Stamp News but a few cards I've made using the Ink Blending Tool :)

So, Go check out Vamp Stamp News and be sure to post your favorite Ink Blending Tool Technique :) You might just be the lucky winner!!

Sending Thanks out to....

Roben-Marie from Paperbag Studios!!
I recieved a wonderful set of the new Scrap & Journal Tools today in the mail as a thank you for featuring her stamps here.
What a wonderfully sweet thing to do :) It was my pleasure to share all of your awesome stamps with everyone.
Thanks Roben!!! You're a doll!

Framed Embellishments!

I've already shared how I created the background for my 4 Season's Altered Children's Book but I wanted to go a bit more into the embellishments.

I wanted to tie all the seasons together by adding a few elements that were the same but different on each page. I did this by using the same alphabet stamps for each of the stamped seasonal names, by using a clock face somewhere on each page and by making Framed Seasonal Embellishments! That's what I want to show you in a bit more depth today.

Each season I used a dictionary definition for that particular season framed & covered in a coat of Glossy Accents. These "Framed Embellishments" are very easy to make and are a great compliment to any card, scrapbook lay-out, or altered item. I know what you're thinking...she always says these things are easy. Well they are! I promise, once you make one you won't be able to stop. They are most addictive ;)

A bit on Dictionaries....Now you're going to think I'm nuts but if you don't have a few old dictionaries laying around you should really start looking for some. You can find them at garage sales, 2nd hand stores or flea markets relatively cheap and the best part is condition doesn't matter. You will be tearing them apart page by page anyway...besides, usually the "well" used versions have quite a bit of character built right in.

Not only being a great buy they can add so much to any given project. Unless you've looked you would not believe the amazing variety of dictionaries out there! Available in various type fonts, font sizes, illustrations, etc. It's just amazing...be careful though ~ you can end up with several before you know it! ....Yes, I speak from experience ;) Doesn't stop me from looking for them everywhere I go though!

Frames??? I used mini frames from various manufactures on the "Framed Embellishments" in the 4 Seasons book. You may choose to do so but there are so many other items that will work for this technique as well. Just have a look in your supply stash and think outside the box. For example you could use any of the following.... Label holders, charm frames, bracelet blanks, O rings, washers (like the hardware type); buckles (with large cut-outs), etc. The list just goes on and on. All you basically need is something that has a open space in the center with a lip tall enough to hold the Accents.

On to the embellishments!


Old Dictionary
Accents - Ranger
Frame of some sort.
Scrap Paper
Glue Stick
Sharp Scissors


1. Rough cut your definition - basically just get yourself a piece of the page that is small enough to work with but large enough not to interfere with the definition you're interested in.

2. Attach the definition to the scrap paper using your glue stick. Dictionary pages are usually so thin that you will need to do this to keep the Accents from curling the page when it dries.

3. Position the frame over your definition as desired. NOTE: you normally don't need to use any adhesive when positioning your frame. The Accents will adhere the frame to the paper once it's applied. The only time you might want to glue your frame to the paper is if you're working with an especially small frame (like a charm frame or bracelet blank) because they can move easily and may slide off. Larger frames are usually heavy enough they don't move.

4. Fill the frame center with desired Accent. I used Glossy for each of the season names but I did use Crackle Accents for the Framed Flower. Let dry.

5. When completely dry trim away excess paper. Mount to your project as you would normally.

Here are close ups of all the Framed Embellishments
made in the 4 Seasons Book!


Framed Flower (summer)

So, there you have it...Framed Embellishments!
Give 'em a try sometime, I'm sure you'll be thrilled with the results!!
Have a wonderful day everyone :)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Lizzie Anne Designs!

This weeks featured rubber stamp retailer/designer/mfg is Lizzie Anne Designs!

If you've never had a chance to take a look at their stamps now is the time to do so!! They have only JUST released 4 new sets of stamps for Spring.


Lizzie Anne Designs was started by two long time friends, Tricia Elizabeth (Lizzie) Ulberg and Meridith Anne Ethington. They are the creative minds behind it all. Long time card makers they had been talking about starting our own stamp design company ever since they were in design school together in college. Combining their artistic talents, business backgrounds and knowledge of the stamping/scrapbooking industry they set forth to design products for the hobby they love dearly. Once you take a look at their designs, you will notice that they work perfectly for both cardmakers AND scrapbookers alike!

When asked what inspires their designs, Tricia notes, "We design the stamps that we’d want to use and cannot find! We also take a lot of input from our customers." On the subject of favorite stamps she also adds... "We really like trying to design a wide variety of stamps. We are known for our “little people” stamps and our floral sets. Jolies Fleurs is our all-time best seller."

Lizzie Ann Design stamps are deeply etched red rubber stamps backed with cling mount cushion. The stamps are offered in "Little Bits" which are coordinating stamp sets packaged in standard sized jewel cases for easy storage and "Simply Singles" which are just that...the same high quality rubber stamps mounted on cling sold individually.

Even though they are a fairly new company as promised they do offer up a wide variety of stamps. Sets range from alphabets and sentiments to holiday, floral and well, I won't spoil the surprise....you'll have to check em all out for yourself!

I have several favorites as I'm sure you will too..... I love their In the Meadow, Say it in Script, In the Treetop and the darling little Fairy stamp. How about you? What's you're favorite(s)...you know you can't just pick one ;) LOL!!!

Something to keep in mind, Lizzie Anne Designs releases new sets in the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter so there is always something new to play with. Speaking of new - you'll want to check our their Sketchbook where their amazing Design Team continuously offers up ideas for fun cards, scrapbook lay-outs and altered goodies. Even their Customers get into the act with a gallery of their very own!!
Lizzie Anne Designs takes credit cards as well as Pay-Pal. They DO ship internationally!! Their shopping cart isn't set up for those transactions though so if you would like to order you can send them an e-mail and you can pay through Pay-Pal.

SO, there you have your stamp fix for the week! I hope you have fun checking out all of Lizzie Anne Designs stamps and if you have a spare minute or two share your favorite with us :)

Till next time friends hope you find some time to get inky!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

It's finally Spring in Indiana!!

The weather has been beautiful the last couple days so I thought I would share some "spring-y" type cards with you today :)

April showers bring May flowers...

This is a card I made for my mom to give to a friend. She brought me the pattern paper, card base and quote. I did the rest :) The stamp is a new Inkadinkadoo, Distress Inks - Ranger; flowers Prima & Stickles - Ranger. Of course I used the Ink Blending Tool/Foams for the edges ;)


This is one of my fav. cards I've made. I just love the way watercolor stamping looks on glossy cardstock. The blue & butterscotch backgrounds are stippled using Adirondack Dye Inks. Edged with Peeled Paint & Broken China Distress Inks :)

You BRIGHTENED my day!

Another way fun card - the background is made using Distress Ink - re-inkers and the flowers are embossed using Distress Embossing Powders!

Well there you go :) 3 Spring-y cards to start your weekend off right! Hopefully if spring hasn't sprung in your area it will soon. I know how awful cabin fever can get this time of year!!

Be sure to check back tomorrow as I will have another great stamp mfg/designer to share with you :) Till then....have a super day!!

Swap & Give-A-Way Reminders!

Just a reminder...the Fat Book Swap sign-ups are still going on and you still have time to get your entries in for the Autumn Leaves Rubber Stamp Give-a-Way!

Our current swap is Fat Books! I am thinking the general theme for the Fat Book is going to be Women & Quotes. Each participant will be able to choose a theme for the whole group to work on so for example maybe you'd like Retro Women to be your theme...everyone would design a Fat Page using a Retro Woman as their main theme. The next could be Vintage or Famous Women or Fictional or well, you get the picture. The possibilities are endless :)


The Autumn Leaves Rubber Stamp Give-A-Way is fun and easy to participate in. All you have to do is tell me something you'd like to see me work on. Challenge me, if I'm able I will be more than happy to work on it :) You can also have a couple more entries into the drawing if you guess what date the visits will hit 10,000 and the page clicks will hit 20,000. The person (or persons) with the closest guess will get a little goodie from me as well as the additional entries into the stamp drawing!
Don't be shy! Jump right in and play along :)
Everyone is welcome to both the swap and drawing
...in and outside of the US!
You know what they say....the more the merrier!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Four Season's Altered Children's Book

Today I wanted to share the Four Season's Altered Children's Book I made. The book it's self started out life in the hands of little ones. Just a glossy, heavy board book like you'd find at dollar stores, discount stores, just about anywhere really. You can find them in all shapes and sizes which just adds to the fun. (NOTE: I didn't take photos of the book in process so I'm using photos of adding ink to another board book I'm working on. The methods are the same, just the colors & shape of the book is different. )

There are many different ways to apply alcohol inks to your glossy board book projects but I'm going to share my two favorites with you. Before you begin you need to think about what you're going for in the end...do you want to cover the images/text almost completely or do you want more of the images & text peeking through on your finished product. The two methods I'm going to share today cover the text & images virtually completely. Something to keep in mind is even if you don't get the images completely covered you can stratigically place your other embellishments, stamped images & photos where needed.

The first method is to apply the inks directly to your board book...when I'm working on a large area like this I squirt the inks right onto my page. For this example I used Stream, Pesto and Copper Metal Mixative.

Metal Mixatives are key when you want to cover all of the text & images. Alcohol inks are somewhat translucent so unless you add the Metal Mixatives the text will show through.

Once you have your inks squirted onto your page simply start pouncing the Ink applicator around in the inks. This will take a bit of blending but once you get your inks spread around in a nice even coat you will see how well it covers - No more piggy!

One key factor to remember - DO NOT ADD INK BLENDING SOLUTION!!! The Ink Blending Solution spreads the ink out and will uncover everything you just covered up!! IBS is great for lots and lots of techniques but it's definately NOT needed/wanted for this technique!

The next method I use quite frequently is to apply Gesso to my project before adding the inks. This is great for adding texture to your projects and the alcohol inks cover perfectly!

Apply the Gesso to the entire surface. You can work the gesso into many different textures - for this one I made large brush strokes in many different directions...you can see this in the photo (the gesso is still wet - that's why it's so shiny).

When working with a gesso'ed surface, I apply the inks to my Ink Applicator. Simply apply to your felt piece & blend away!

This method takes quite a bit less time because you're starting out on a blank slate so to speak...you're not actually trying to cover anything up. Just applying color over the gesso.

You can see where the Copper Metal Mixative was use and where it wasn't....I just did this to show the contrast between AI & Gesso vs. AI, MM & Gesso. I like both and think they each have their uses.

Supplies: Adirondack Alcohol Inks - Ranger; Ink Applicator & Felts - Ranger; Metallic Mixatives - Ranger; Posh Accents Copper Pen - Ranger; Black Embossing Ink & Powder - Ranger; Rubber Stamps - Hero Arts; Autumn Leaves; Fancy Pants; Paper Studio; Wordsworth; Penny Black; Ephemera




Hope you enjoyed the book and give it a try. Alcohol Inks are great fun and really easy to master once you start playing with them. I will be sharing the Seasonal Frame embellishments with you tomorrow...they are a fun way to incorporate definitions into your design!
Till then...Ink on my friends - Ink On!!!