Sunday, April 6, 2008

Paperbag Studios!

Today's Rubber Stamp Retailer/Designer of the week is Paperbag Studios!

The inspiration for Paperbag Studios was born about 5 years ago. Owner Roben-Marie , who was teaching at that time, was pouring though stamp catalogs placing an order for her new classes. Roben-Marie remarked how she would like to make her own of her friends answered "Yes you can!" so...she did!!! And thankfully for us, that was the beginning of a wonderful adventure!

Roben-Marie offers up a superb collection of stamps ranging from pure vintage images to modern images with a vintage feel. An excellent example of this variety can be found on the Misc. page...."Where ever you go...", "Keep True" and "Lights" are all modern images that have that certain something that lends themselves well to any one's taste! While the "Good Beginnings" is a vintage image with an upbeat message!

Paperbag Studios also offers up an amazing selection of people....young and old, male and female ~ definitely someone for everyone. In addition to their wonderful people images they offer up some unique and interesting architecture; take a seat and doors & windows stamps - one of my favorites is "The Roof"....I can think of so many cool uses for it! Top a title on your card or scrapbook lo or even an entire mini album with each page topped by the roof!! Just think of the possibilities!

One of the things I really love about Paperbag stamps are the quotes & sayings which accompany the images or are offered individually in their quote collection! With sayings like... "If you do nothing unexpected, nothing unexpected ever happens."; "To those who can dream there is no such place as faraway." and "Every step you take is a step away from where you used to be." inspiration can be found everywhere!!

You will definitely want to check out their UM sheets as they combine images from several of their collections for one great price. I would be hard pressed to pick just one favorite. I do have a couple that I just love and they are....Sweet Pea (don't you just love those vintage little Mary Janes), Quasi and Passages which is full of photo quality rubber stamps.

Paperbag Studios rubber stamps can be purchased individually mounted or unmounted in sheet form. Pay-pal is accepted and they DO happily ship their stamps internationally for our friends over seas!! How great is that :)


As promised, Roben-Marie has been generous enough to offer up a sheets of her new stamps - Scrap & Journal Tools to be given away to one lucky reader!!! This set is so versatile and can be used on a number of projects including scrapbook lay-outs, cards, journals, etc.

What do you have to do to be eligible to win this set? Well, you will need to post a comment here telling me what your favorite image/sheet of stamps is from the entire Paperbag Studio collection! Simple as that....everyone who posts will be entered in the drawing (only one entry per person). You will have until April 12th to post your comment and at that time I will (using draw a winner from the hat so to speak!

So good luck
have fun looking through the stamps for your favorite :)


  1. Don't Pick Me!!! The stamps are beautiful but I MUST start weeding out all the things that I have fallen in love with over the last 3 years in my crafty room... LOL!
    I just wanted you to know I love your blog... Your tutorials are wonderful!!!
    You are in my reader, and one of my absolute faves...
    Have a great day!

  2. Do I have to choose just ONE?? I don't think I found a stamp there that I don't love! So I'll just choose Dreamer, but I'd love to have them all!

  3. Do pick me. I loved to collect stamps and this is my opportunity to grab one.

    I loved everything so to speak especially the Grunge frame- I really loved to frame photos and I always do it by applying paint and ink. The Trees on film-is another one of my favorite for I loved the film type I loved to scrap more photos in all of my layout and another one is Scrap and Journal tools-this is just so useful in making a journla.

    These are my favorite and hope to have that one soon.

    Thanks for the informaton I am updated and I saved the link for my reference.

    Thanks Ink Stain for the link.

  4. Woohoo ... here work is my favorite and I don't have that stamp set yet ... thanks for the generous chance to win. My favorite sheet (today :^) is Quasi.

  5. This is a tough decision to make!! I really like them all. But after going through them...I'd have to pick 'Journal Impression.' I really like the circles. :) I love the way circle stamps seem to be 'in fashion' right now.


  6. Wow, they're all just so beautiful, I wish I could afford to buy them all. Seriously, just to look at. Even their web design, I love it so much!!!

    I think this one was my favorite, though, the quote with the little Mary Janes:

  7. My most favest image from the whole catalogue has to be the one with little hands being held that says "May you love .... all the days of your life" is such a beautiful sentiment.....mind you, I love all their stamps so it is difficult to just stick to one :O))

  8. They are all so gorgeous and hard to pick a favourite sheet. As I haven't been into stamping long, I only have one set of these stamps and it is Dreamer - so that would be my favourite ... I think

  9. Oh man... I knew I was in trouble the moment I saw the art on the home page! (Sheesh, Roni - you are a BAD influence on my check book!)

    I am thinking of placing an order for TWO um stamp sheets, Flourish and Imagined. See, I went through the mounted stamps and picked all of my favorites. Well, the majority were included in those two um sheets, so it makes more sense to get those. The only one not included on those sheets that is calling my name is the script pear - a wonderful metaphor for women, don't you think?

    Oh - and I totally see how the roof (AND the gate, btw) could be made into an amazing, evocative series. In fact, I plan to do exactly that if you will let me borrow your creative inspiration?

    Thanks for sharing, Roni. (grumble, grumble... *grin*)


    P.S. I just started a new art journal this week so those journal impression stamps would get lots of use. (cough, cough... hint! lol)

  10. I love the women. especially the one with the hearing quote. The gate and the swings took my breath away. I love the web design too. Great site!

  11. Oh my gosh - pick just one? I guess it would have to be Dreamer. I love them all, though. Thanks for offering this giveaway. I love coming to your blog and reading your tutorials and seeing all your artwork.
    Susan T

  12. Looks like I'm in the majority when I say that I love all the images!! But if I had to pick one sheet, I'd pick Laugh. Just really like the sayings, "Every life has a story", and "laugh, and live more"

  13. I love them all! If I had to pick a favorite, it would be Flourish. There's something about the trees on film and the gate that speak to me. I'd love to use them in my journal!

    I love your blog! I recently added you to my blog roll so I can keep checking back!



  14. seriously, only pick one. okay, well it's this one. PBS-094-I
    Butterfly Post
    3 x 2 3/4 I love that butterfly!
    great stuff.

  15. Hi Roni!! I would have to say that my absolute favorite stamp is "May You Love". It's in the mounted stamps but I did see it on a sheet in the UM section. I also love "The Gate" - that one caught my eye right away. I've been trying to find a quote that I like well enough that I can cut it out in vinyl on my Wishblade and put on my scrap room wall. I think I may have found one here! It's called "Unexpected" - you also quoted it on your blog post. I just really like that =) I've bookmarked the site, I'm sure I'll be visiting to order soon.

  16. how to pick just one...but i'd say the grunge frames are my favorite. i use them for EVERYTHING and i never get tired of them.

    this is such a wonderful blog, thanks for the opportunity!

  17. Glad you're having fun picking your your fav. stamps :) Keep em comin ladies!!

  18. I would love to have these. I enjoy reading your other blog each day in reader.

  19. personally i love the distressed alphabet and numbers. :) (look, you brought a lurker out. hehe)

  20. Great blog-I subscribe through google reader. I own many-I think I use Dreamer the most right now, so that is my current favorite, subject to change at the blink of an eye!
    chris p

  21. Well I'm glad you came out of hiding Francie :) I know there are alot more lurkers out there that read but don't's the time, post post post!!

    We don't bite...really!!

  22. I'm thinkin that the "scrap and journal tools" sheet is extra awesome--maybe because I'm loving working on journals right now-I don't know! What a cool giveaway!
    Bliss Happens!
    brenda bliss

  23. I really like the journal impressions and grunge frames, but I think that my favorite is the Flourish page. I like the flourish on that page the best. I can see myself using that a lot.

  24. Love all of them but my favorite is "Laugh"! The reason being that the fella in the lower left hand corner of the sheet has such a VERY strong resemblance of my best friends husband. The resemblance was so strong that I had to write to Robin about it! I had made a card for Heather and she wanted to know how I got Brian's picture like that? LOL! Unreal! They say you have a double somewhere.

  25. Not sure if this stamp has a name but my fave is the row of little girls shoes. I love all of Paper Bag Studios stuff. Roben Marie is such an inspiration. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  26. Such a generous give-away. Thanks so much! So many great stamp images to chose from...but I would have to pick Distressed Alphabet.

  27. Hi! I love Robin-Marie's stamps, but I think my favorite sheet is DREAMER. The faces are just something and I love them!
    Please enter me into your contest and I will be taking a good look around as I see terrific tutorials and art here! Thank you for sharing your talents!

  28. please pick me! I love them all but the journal stamps are my favorite - if I don't win, I will be ordering them. I have tons of ideas on how to use them!


  29. I love everything at Paperbag Studios but I'm really partial to the mount stamps of chairs -- especially "secret spot"!

  30. Hmmmmm, I think I like "Home" the best...... but I love "Flourish" too, and the Journal Impressions one..... Thanks for your tutorials!!! They are great!

  31. hey Roni-- you are killing me with all of these ideas-- and i am still on a spending freeze!! I am making a list of 'I need this" LOL i dont know where you find all of these lovely spots.
    my favorite is the "vision" one-- it is in the female area. If you look at my blog you will see why i like that one so much--- i have a page of my daughter and her best friend in the same position. What a cool stamp..(. The quotes are pretty cool too)
    hope Fidget's eye is doing better. i saw where there is another lesion. You are all in my prayers. Keep us updated.

    BTW-- have you all started calving yet?? I still want to mild a cow LOL

  32. I have almost all of Roben-Marie's stamp plates, but I don't have her two latest, so I would love to win this one.

    Right now, I have been using the Flourish plate, so I'll have to say that is my favorite for now.


  33. It's such a tough choice because I love all of their stamps but my most favorite is the "Sweet Pea" set.

    I'll be crossing my fingers!

  34. Ooooooh, The Gate is FAB! Trees on Film is spectacular too! Holy mackeral, you're quite the enabler - aren't you?!

  35. So hard to pick just one... but I'm defintely drawn to the Journal Impressions -- I can see so much potential for these!

  36. Hi! I'm loving all of those stamps. I have to say I am most intriqued by the journal impressions set. I've been reading and learning about journals and I keep seeing the repetition of circles and now I know where they are coming from.

  37. Hello!

    I want to thank Roni for featuring Paperbag Studios on her blog and to everyone for your kind comments about our stamps! We truly appreciate the support!!! Roben-Marie :)


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!