Friday, December 30, 2011

Delbert's Happy New Year!

Here is a fun card I made using one of my favorite characters at 3rd Coast...Delbert ~ that darling little baby dragon and today he's celebrating the New Year ~ in style I might add ;)

3C - Celebrate In Style Delbert

I hope you all have a very safe and fun New Years Eve tomorrow....
Enjoy the celebration and be well!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Newspaper Prom Dress

Ds and his girlfriend and I went shopping in FW today to spend our Christmas gift cards.  We hit the mall first and saw this amazing dress.  I made ds girlfriend take a photo of it so I could share it with you guys.  I know this has been done before but I've never seen one in person so I was very excited to see this dress up close.....  It was amazing ~  I'd love to give this a try sometime :)

Paper Prom Dress

Looked awesome up close!!

Steampunk "Sail" Video

K you all know how much I love Steampunk stuff...well my ds found this video for me quite a while ago and I loved it.  He asked me why I never shared it with you so here goes...

Now I know not everyone has the same taste in music but you gotta love the awesome video this guy made. 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Year's a Comin'...

and I have a nifty set of Vintage Father Time stamps to share with you! 
 I'm very excited about them, I really love how they turned out.

This is the December "Get Inked" monthly kit set of stamps I designed for Queen Kat Designs.....

QKD - 12-11 Get Inked

and here is what I created with them....

QKD - 12-11 1

QKD - 12-11 2

QKD - 12-11 3

QKD - 12-11 4

So, would you like to win a set for yourself???
Well then all you have to do to be entered to win is tell me what you're looking forward to or hoping for in the new year...

Maybe you're looking forward to a special vacation you have planned, perhaps you're having a child or grandchild in the coming months or maybe you get to retire. 
Whatever it is post your comment before 1-11-12 to be entered to win!

Good Luck Everyone
Happy New Year!!!

Swap Time - Post your Opinions

Several people had been asking for a new swap but I thought it best to wait until after the holidays...everyone gets so busy and the postal system gets overloaded  and all.

Well, now that Christmas is a fond memory I've had a couple e-mails asking when we're going to start a new swap - LOL!!

So, I've posted a poll to see what you're interested in and thought I should give you somewhere to post additional comments if you would like.

I'm game for just about anything.  I've never hosted a postcard swap but it would work basically the same as an ATC Swap...send in X amount and get the same amount back.  I thought about trying the whole direct mail thing but it would be way to hard to coordinate and make sure everyone followed through. 

If you have another idea for a swap, let me know...

Monday, December 26, 2011

A Belated Solstice Wish....

Well now that the holiday rush is pretty much over here I thought I would send a few belated Solstice Greetings to you all....

3C July - Solstice Winter Snack

Isn't that little chipmunk darling?
I just love how he's stuffing his cheeks ~ they look like they are ready to pop!

Anyway, thankfully this is NOT what it looks like here at the moment...  It's a sunny and breezy 38 degrees.  Not the warmest but at least it's not snowing at the moment.  It is supposed to start sometime tonight though so this may be what's in store for us here in Indiana :)

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas this year. 
We had a wonderful time...we got to spend some really nice quality time with our guys which is getting tough to do the older they become.  Our extended family gatherings were spread out enough we didn't feel rushed or overwhelmed which was nice for a change.

Now, a bit about what's to come here at Ink Stains....

A bit of news for my UK friends...If you're able to locate a January issue of Papercraft Inspirations be sure to check out the UTEE master class.  I was so pleased to be asked to create some cards for the advanced class.  I haven't seen it yet because it takes forever to arrive here in the States but I hear it's a nice article. 

We'll resume working on the Art Journal we started a few months ago.  There are 7 pages already posted so if you're a bit behind or just planning on starting an Art Journal for 2012 be sure to take some time and go check em out.

For the last few years in January we've created a calendar using a variety of fun techniques and this year is no different.  I'm planning on starting the new calendar probably on the 3rd after the guys go back to school/work.  I seem to get more done when they aren't home ;)  LOL!!

I'm also thinkin' real hard about another swap....charm, postcard or ATC?!?!  Can't decide ~ maybe I'll post a poll to see which you'd prefer.

Beyond all of this of course there will be lots of fun stamping projects, techniques and so much more to come....
 I hope you'll plan on stopping by and joining in on the fun!!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Hello Friends.....


the poinsettias are in bloom...


....the ornaments are hung....


....on the flocked Christmas tree with care....

The bells ring with good cheer....

sending you all glad tidings....

for a very....


and ....


To ALL!!!!

I hope you have a safe and very merry time this weekend...
Peace to you this holiday season and in the coming New Year!

All of the images are either vintage Christmas cards
or gift tags from my personal collect! 
Hope you enjoy this holiday glimpse back in time :)

Friday, December 23, 2011

25 Gifts & Ornaments #25 - Personalized Canvas Collage

I thought I was going to have one more ornament to finish off the 25 Gifts and Ornaments this year but as it turned out I made a canvas for my niece instead...  I decided at the last minute to make her one for Christmas.

This is a nifty idea that can be personalized for anyone using virtually any theme you can think of.  I made this canvas with a vintage ladies golf theme which I paired with her golf team photos from the last 4 years. I think it turned out pretty cool...I hope she likes it!

25 Gifts & Ornaments
#25 - Personalized Canvas Collage

I printed off a bunch of vintage women in golf ~ most in sepia tones but a few of the smaller photos I left in color.  I printed her photos on textured cardstock that I sanded around the edges to remove some of the color.   To make the photos waterproof I applied a thin layer of micro glaze to each image.

I inked the background with Distress Stains then glued the images to the canvas using Glue n Seal.  After I had everything on the canvas I applied one final coat in a cross-hatch fashion to give a bit of texture to the finished canvas.

After it was dry I glued on the more dimensional items and finished it off with a ribbon around the edge of the canvas.  It was really quite fun and the most time consuming part of the whole process was searching out nice vintage images to fit my theme. 


So, if you're still searching for that last minute gift for a hard to buy person on your list...think about giving this a go.  It's really quite fun and hopefully will be cherished for years to come!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

25 Gifts & Ornaments #24 - Rainbow Crayon Canvas

I have one last quick gift idea for you...this is so easy and very inexpensive but it makes such a striking wall hanging.  All you need is a canvas (or heavy chipboard, wood plaque, etc.)  a box of crayons, a bit of hot glue and your heat gun!  That is it!!!  I originally saw something similar flipping through a kids magazine ~ it was in an add for flooring of all things.  Anyway theirs was much more defined and not as flowing.  I really don't know how they got their colors to completely cover the canvas....their crayons didn't look that melted ~ unless they melted some crayons then used new crayons to attach to the top.  Anyway, I like how this turned out much better.  So here you go...

25 Gifts & Ornaments
#24 - Rainbow Crayon Canvas

crayon canvas 001


Canvas, Wood Plaque, Gameboard, etc.  (mine is 8x8")
(optional) Gesso
Hot Glue
Heat Tool
Double Stick Tape

1. (Optional) My canvas was natural color but I wanted it to be a vibrant white to really highlight the colors of the melted crayons.  So I painted the canvas with a coat of white gesso.   It dries very quickly and isn't effected by the heat.

crayon canvas 003

2. Glue the crayons to the top of the canvas.  BE CAREFUL!!!!  I burnt the heck out of my finger and thumb when I tried to reposition one of the crayons....stuck my fingers and the crayon together ~ does it ever hurt!!!

crayon canvas 005

Here is what the canvas looks like after the crayons have been added...  I started off with a box of 24 crayons...or so I thought...when I got home it only had 21 of the 24 crayons so they are a bit off centered but then again, so am I  - LOL!!! ;)

crayon canvas 006

3. Now comes the fun part...add heat.  It doesn't take long for them to start melting and running down the bottom half of the canvas.  I just let mine drip straight down but you could use the heat tool to blow the molten wax into patterns or mix the colors or whatever you want.  Just have fun...

crayon canvas 007

Here is how mine turned out...

crayon canvas 008

4. Add a ribbon around the edge of your canvas using double stick tape.

crayon canvas 009

Makes for a nice finished edge...
crayon canvas 010

5. And finish it off by adding a hanger using more of the same ribbon and a couple carpet tacks.

crayon canvas 013

And it's ready for gifting!
Start to finish this project took about 30-40 minutes. 
Probably would have been less if I hadn't tried to fry my fingers ;)  LOL!!
crayon canvas 014

crayon canvas 015

Tomorrow I'll be back with the final ornament idea for this year....
Till then, have a super day!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

25 Gifts & Ornaments #23 - Sea Shell Winter Scene Ornament

Yes, I have a few shells left over from making my Sea Shell Wreath so I thought it would be fun to try and come up with an ornament using them.

25 Gifts & Ornaments
#23 - Sea Shell Winter Scene Ornament



Drill & Bit
Glass Glitter
Mini Embellishments of your choice
Wire Hanger


1. Drill a hole in the top of your shell.  Be sure to wear safety glasses when doing so, the drill can chuck little shell shards all over if you're not careful.

2. Fill the center of the shell with glue and spread it around so the entire inside of the shell is covered with glue.


3. Sprinkle the "sky" colored glitter in the upper portion of the shell.  Spread it around and shake out the excess.


4. Now sprinkle in the "snow" glitter, spread it around and shake off the excess.  Set aside to dry.


5. Now you can decorate the scene as desired.  I started off by taking the base off of a mini bottle brush tree and gluing it into the curve of the shell.

6. Next I glued in a couple mini deer (from Red Led Paperworks).



7.  I added a bit of holly & beads to finish it off.


And there you have another nifty little ornament for a sea shell!

25 Gifts & Ornaments #22 - Pen Nib Star Ornament

This ornament is one that is very dear to me because it incorporates one of my favorite vintage goodies... vintage pen nibs!!!  I don't know why but I love the look of these little vintage treasures...I hope you do too....

25 Gifts & Ornaments
#22 - Pen Nib Star Ornament


Star Template
Pattern Paper (2 different coordinating patterns)
Solid Cardstock or Specialty Paper
Pen Nibs
Ink & Ink Blending Tool
Super Glue/Hot Glue
Double Stick Foam Tape
Stickles Glitter Glue
Silk Roses or other Embellishments


1. You'll need to print out the star template onto cardstock...  you'll need 1 large and one small star.  To do so I just copy and paste the star on a WordPad doc... adjust the size then copy and paste a second star and again adjust the size.  You can make these as large or as small as you like just as long as your pen nibs fit the points.

The stars I'm using for my example are 8" & 4". 
8 piont star

2. Adhere your base star pattern paper to a piece of chipboard (I'm using recycled packaging). 

3. Trace your template onto the back of the pattern paper. 


3. Cut your star out....


4. Ink the edges of your star...


5. Glue one pen nib in each of the star points and set aside to dry. 


6. Trace the large template onto the back side of your solid or specialty cardstock.  Add 1/4" to each edge and trim...  this will become the mat for your star ornament which will cover the chipboard.

7.  Trace the smaller star onto the back of your second piece of pattern paper.    Trim and ink the edges.

8. Trace the small star on the solid/specialty paper and add 1/8" to all edges.
9. Apply Stickles Glitter Glue to the edge of the large and small pattern paper stars.  Let it dry completely.
10. Once the glitter has dried, mat each of the stars with the solid colored paper. 
11. Glue the small star with silk roses or other desired embellishments.  Mount the small star to the center of the large star using double stick foam tape.

12. Finally add a piece of ribbon to the back for hanging.


I can easily see this turned into a Steampunk star by changing up the color scheme and using gears or other "steampunk-ish" goodies to embellish the small star.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

25 Gifts & Ornaments #21 - Chalkboard Anything!

Today's project is more about a particular product than a specific gift or ornament idea...  Why you might ask?   Well today I wanted to tell you about Chalkboard Paint from Plaid!

This stuff ROCKS!!!  You can turn virtually anything into a chalk board!  I'm serious wood, plastic, chipboard, metal, etc.  It is soooooo cool!!!!  All you do is paint on one or two coats of the paint, let it cure for a couple days and you're done!  It is REALLY that easy. 

The best part?  It's very inexpensive ~ this bottle was only 3.47 at Wal-Mart and it will cover 4' single coat.  Personally I think it will cover a bit more than that but any way you slice it that is a real bargain! 


It doesn't say it works on plastic but I thought I'd give it a shot anyway and really put it to the test.  I bought a few of these plastic photo frames at a garage sale this summer for $ .10.  I knew I could do something with them ~ I just needed inspiration. 


I gave it two coats of paint.   I could still see some streaks in the paint so I just slipped a piece of black cardstock behind the frame ;)  No more streaks.  Looking back it would  have been best to coat any plastic or metal items with a coat of gesso (it acts like a primer) before adding the chalkboard paint.  That's a duh moment on my part.


After the paint cures for 24 hours you're set to go!  I'm thinkin' this might be cool for a changeable menu, a memo board, etc...


I was having so much fun I painted up a little box too!
I'm going to use it as a gift box and tuck in one of my crochet wire bracelets!


Now, take a second and think about all those interesting containers, boxes, frames, etc.. you've been saving for a fun, quick and easy project. 


It's perfect for all of those last minute gifts!

Monday, December 19, 2011

A bit behind...

Hi Everyone!

I hope you've had a wonderful day today.  It's been a busy one here.  I went shopping today for food for the upcoming weekend and I had to pick up last minute stocking stuffers.   I spent the rest of the day finishing up all the wrapping....I even stuffed the stockings!!!  I am DONE!!!!  Whooopieeeee!!!

So, how are you coming with your holiday plans?  I hope everything is falling into place with ease!

I didn't have a chance to get into the crafty world today but I do have a Christmas card to share with you....  Sweet little Gabriel kitty...  and yes, I cut out all of that ribbon with my exacto knife.  I'm finding I really enjoy the fussy's very relaxing for some reason. 

3C Aug - Kitty Peace on Earth

The kitty and sentiment are both 3rd Coast Rubber Stamps...

I'll be back tomorrow with a few more fun projects for last minute decorating and gifting!
Hope to see you then!