Thursday, December 22, 2011

25 Gifts & Ornaments #24 - Rainbow Crayon Canvas

I have one last quick gift idea for you...this is so easy and very inexpensive but it makes such a striking wall hanging.  All you need is a canvas (or heavy chipboard, wood plaque, etc.)  a box of crayons, a bit of hot glue and your heat gun!  That is it!!!  I originally saw something similar flipping through a kids magazine ~ it was in an add for flooring of all things.  Anyway theirs was much more defined and not as flowing.  I really don't know how they got their colors to completely cover the canvas....their crayons didn't look that melted ~ unless they melted some crayons then used new crayons to attach to the top.  Anyway, I like how this turned out much better.  So here you go...

25 Gifts & Ornaments
#24 - Rainbow Crayon Canvas

crayon canvas 001


Canvas, Wood Plaque, Gameboard, etc.  (mine is 8x8")
(optional) Gesso
Hot Glue
Heat Tool
Double Stick Tape

1. (Optional) My canvas was natural color but I wanted it to be a vibrant white to really highlight the colors of the melted crayons.  So I painted the canvas with a coat of white gesso.   It dries very quickly and isn't effected by the heat.

crayon canvas 003

2. Glue the crayons to the top of the canvas.  BE CAREFUL!!!!  I burnt the heck out of my finger and thumb when I tried to reposition one of the crayons....stuck my fingers and the crayon together ~ does it ever hurt!!!

crayon canvas 005

Here is what the canvas looks like after the crayons have been added...  I started off with a box of 24 crayons...or so I thought...when I got home it only had 21 of the 24 crayons so they are a bit off centered but then again, so am I  - LOL!!! ;)

crayon canvas 006

3. Now comes the fun part...add heat.  It doesn't take long for them to start melting and running down the bottom half of the canvas.  I just let mine drip straight down but you could use the heat tool to blow the molten wax into patterns or mix the colors or whatever you want.  Just have fun...

crayon canvas 007

Here is how mine turned out...

crayon canvas 008

4. Add a ribbon around the edge of your canvas using double stick tape.

crayon canvas 009

Makes for a nice finished edge...
crayon canvas 010

5. And finish it off by adding a hanger using more of the same ribbon and a couple carpet tacks.

crayon canvas 013

And it's ready for gifting!
Start to finish this project took about 30-40 minutes. 
Probably would have been less if I hadn't tried to fry my fingers ;)  LOL!!
crayon canvas 014

crayon canvas 015

Tomorrow I'll be back with the final ornament idea for this year....
Till then, have a super day!


  1. My daughter saw this and HAD to make one. It was fun watching the crayons melt.

  2. Great idea! I think I'll make one for my grandson.

  3. rockin! a 48 count box would be awesome...

  4. Roni -

    This is amazing! I am really loving it. Oh this is going to be fun to try! Thank you so very much for another wonderful year of gifts and ornaments. Thank you for a fun filled year of learning new techniques, remembering old techniques and just plain having fun. Roni I know all you do takes time and I am so appreciative of your generosity. May you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and may the New Year be a very special one for all of you.

    Elaine Allen

  5. That's awesome! I love it! Have a very merry christmas!

  6. Hi Roni, this is so cool!

    I would also like to take the chance to wish u a Merry Christmas and a great year ahead!

  7. Omg!!!!!! I have to make one for my granddaughter!! This is uber cool..or as my granddaughter would "mad cool" Thanks for taking the time to share with us all your cool ideas!

  8. I saw this one in a magazine too and you are right yours turned out much better. Thanks for sharing!


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