Tuesday, December 20, 2011

25 Gifts & Ornaments #21 - Chalkboard Anything!

Today's project is more about a particular product than a specific gift or ornament idea...  Why you might ask?   Well today I wanted to tell you about Chalkboard Paint from Plaid!

This stuff ROCKS!!!  You can turn virtually anything into a chalk board!  I'm serious wood, plastic, chipboard, metal, etc.  It is soooooo cool!!!!  All you do is paint on one or two coats of the paint, let it cure for a couple days and you're done!  It is REALLY that easy. 

The best part?  It's very inexpensive ~ this bottle was only 3.47 at Wal-Mart and it will cover 4' single coat.  Personally I think it will cover a bit more than that but any way you slice it that is a real bargain! 


It doesn't say it works on plastic but I thought I'd give it a shot anyway and really put it to the test.  I bought a few of these plastic photo frames at a garage sale this summer for $ .10.  I knew I could do something with them ~ I just needed inspiration. 


I gave it two coats of paint.   I could still see some streaks in the paint so I just slipped a piece of black cardstock behind the frame ;)  No more streaks.  Looking back it would  have been best to coat any plastic or metal items with a coat of gesso (it acts like a primer) before adding the chalkboard paint.  That's a duh moment on my part.


After the paint cures for 24 hours you're set to go!  I'm thinkin' this might be cool for a changeable menu, a memo board, etc...


I was having so much fun I painted up a little box too!
I'm going to use it as a gift box and tuck in one of my crochet wire bracelets!


Now, take a second and think about all those interesting containers, boxes, frames, etc.. you've been saving for a fun, quick and easy project. 


It's perfect for all of those last minute gifts!


  1. Hey Roni -

    I've seen this in the stores, but always passed by it. I won't the next time. What a neat idea!

    Elaine Allen

  2. It must be fate because I was looking at this very paint today! No, really!! I love the look of the chalkboard stickers and wanted to make my own! I will go back & get it now that you've shown me how good it works!! Thanks!!!

  3. Oh my...what a total coincidence, because I was actually going to email you and ask if you could do something in the future with chalkboard paint! WOW....your thoughts must have flown all the way to California! This would make the cutest projects for kids!

  4. So cool! can see it brought out the inner child in you...hehe! Don't you love when that happens!


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