Thursday, April 29, 2021

Estrella's Moonlight Stroll

 Today I wanted to share my latest Fairy Hugs creation...

Estrella is one of the newest fairies to join the Fairy Hugs family but soon to become one of your favorites. She is so dainty and pretty with her lovely pose.

Today I stared off by inking up the Gelli Plate with various colors of ink then flicked on diluted Brusho Colour Crystals over the top. I placed a shipping tag over the ink creating the resulting tag you see.  Next I used a die cut piece of acetate for the moon and inked around the edges. I then stamped the Pine Branches across the top of the panel with brown ink which I went back in with a green marker to enhance the pine needles. The flying owl was stamped along side the Pine Branches.

Estrella was then stamped on the bottom third of the card with black ink. I colored her wings with a pink marker then added a bit of glitter. I used a torn piece of paper to sponge in the ground with green ink, stamped the grass and popped it onto the pink mat on the blue card base.


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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Singin' in the Rain

Today I wanted to share my latest Fairy Hugs creation...

One of the advantages of being a stomping through the puddles....just fly through the sky singin' in the rain! This was such a fun card to create even though it did take a while.

To create this card I started off by stamping and embossing April in the center of a card panel made using Lavender Distress Oxide and various colors of Brushos colour crystals.    Next I stamped the  tops of the Short Skinny Bare Tree along the bottom with brown ink. I then began stamping the "rain" using the new Raindrops stamp. After all of my raindrops had been stamped I embossed them using sparkle embossing powder.  I finished off the card by adding a pink umbrella for April and a bit of glitter to her wings.

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Thursday, April 22, 2021

Dropping In To Say Hi!!

Today I wanted to share my latest Fairy Hugs creation...

I made this card in 2 layers, lets start with the background panel. To create this piece I started off with a piece of cardstock that I had used the monoprint technique and a Gelli Plate. Once dried and trimmed I stamped the Dotted Mushrooms along the edge with the stamp pointing towards the center.  I then stamped the Whimsical Flower Cluster between the Dotted Mushrooms so they were facing outward towards the edge of the panel.

I moved on to the feature panel which was inked with the Spritz and Flick Technique. I applied various shades of blued Distress Oxide then spritzed the water in my hand and flicked it onto the inked surface. After about 20 seconds or so I dabbed the surface with a dry paper towel creating the lovely pattern you see.  After it was dry I stamped and embossed Dandelia with black embossing powder. This panel was die-cut along with an accompanying mat which were layered and adhered to the stamped card panel. A few sparklie enamel dots were added to finish it off.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Cinco de Mayo Donkey Pinata with Rinea Foiled Papers!

 Hello Friends!! I hope you're having a lovely day. It's beautiful here if you look at the sky...all bright and sunny - just don't look at the ground because it's covered in SNOW!!! BRRRRRR I am so over winter!

Despite the 4 letter white stuff on the ground Cinco de Mayo is quickly approaching!! Can you believe it - May already...  So I thought it would be fun to create a fun Pinata - for table decor or for real use.  Here's how I made it...


Rinea Foiled Paper Donkey Pinata by Roni Johnson

Step 1 - Free hand draw or download a donkey pinata template on a piece of chipboard x 2. Mine is approximately 9" tall and 12" long from tip to tail.

Rinea Foiled Paper Donkey Pinata by Roni Johnson

Step 2 - Cut strips of chipboard to the desired width of your pinata. I went with 2.5" wide.  Tape these strips of chipboard end to end with masking tape so you have one long continuous piece of chipboard. It's always better to have more but you can add to this strip later on if necessary.

Rinea Foiled Paper Donkey Pinata by Roni Johnson

Step 3 - Begin taping the chipboard strip to the two sides of your pinata. I like to start on the back of the donkey above the back legs. Use the masking tape to secure the strip to each chipboard donkey.

Rinea Foiled Paper Donkey Pinata by Roni Johnson

Continue taping the chipboard strip around the outline of the donkey.

Rinea Foiled Paper Donkey Pinata by Roni Johnson

It's o.k. if the chipboard strip doesn't line up perfectly with both sides of the pinata as they will be completely covered in the foiled paper.

Rinea Foiled Paper Donkey Pinata by Roni Johnson

Step 4 - (Optional) - If you'd like to fill the pinata with treats, when you get back to where you started taping the chipboard strip to the sides leave a 1 1/2 - 2 1/2" gap. This will allow you to add candy and small gifts to the pinata once it has been decorated.

Rinea Foiled Paper Donkey Pinata by Roni Johnson

Step 5 - Use the flower die from the 3D Hyacinth die set to cut desired colors of Rinea Foiled Paper. This will be the fringe used to cover the entire pinata. 

NOTE - Don't throw away those scraps from cutting the fringe. They will be used later in the process.

Step 6 - Cut a piece of Ebony/Ebony Starstruck foiled paper to cover the bottoms of the feet.

Step 7 - Wrap a piece of red line tape around the base of the feet, remove the liner and adhere an Ebony/Ebony Starstruck piece of fringe to create the donkey hooves. Repeat on the second set of legs.

Rinea Foiled Paper Donkey Pinata by Roni Johnson

Step 9 - Trim off the excess fringe from the feet.

Rinea Foiled Paper Donkey Pinata by Roni Johnson

Step 10 - You will need to cover the back and face first since this fringe needs to be wrapped over the back and around the face. 

To cover the back I started by the tail section and wrapped the fringe approximately 1/2" - 1" over the sides and continued to layer in this manor until I reached the neck. You can cover cover the fill hole and simply lift the fringe up to fill when desired.

To cover the face, cover the nose with a piece of Gold/Gold Starstruck foiled paper in the same fashion as you did the bottom of the feet. The wrap the fringe around the muzzle until you reach the neck area. 

Rinea Foiled Paper Donkey Pinata by Roni Johnson

Step 11 - Once the muzzle of the donkey has been covered in fringe, cover the rest of the face as you did the back wrapping a bit of extra fringe over the side until you reach the ears.

Step 12 - (Optional) - Ears - you can leave the ear area as one solid piece (like the legs) or you can do a bit of cutting to create two desperate ears. If you want to ears, cut down the center of the ear area until you reach the head. Make 1/4" cuts from the center towards the outside of the ear at the head, top two points of the ears and at the back of the head. These relief cuts will allow you to fold that 1/4" flap towards the center of each ear. Secure these folded pieces with tape.

Step 13 - Cover the top of the ear(s) with desired color of foiled paper.

Rinea Foiled Paper Donkey Pinata by Roni Johnson

Step 14 - Now it's time to start covering the body of the pinata with fringe. Work from the bottom of the feet up. Simply wrap a piece of red line tape around the area to be covered, remove the liner and cover with fringe. 

This is where the magic happens. You can choose any color combination you like, have fun, mix it up a bit. I went with the Floral and Peacock variety pack colors.

Rinea Foiled Paper Donkey Pinata by Roni Johnson

After the legs are covered continue working your way up the pinata right up to the tips of the ears. 

Rinea Foiled Paper Donkey Pinata by Roni Johnson

Step 15 - Remember all those scraps from cutting the fringe out? It's time to put them to use. Cut the short ends off and make a pile of the long scrap pieces. These will become the tail.

Rinea Foiled Paper Donkey Pinata by Roni Johnson

Step 16 - Gather all of the long scrap pieces together and secure them together with a twist tie. Make sure it is really bound tightly together. Apply your favorite glue to the end of the bundle to make sure all of the little pieces are secure and let dry.

Step 17 - Lift the fringe at the back of the donkey and poke a hole in the chipboard large enough to slip the tail in. Glue the tail in place and let dry.  Once the glue has dried smooth the fringe back down around the tail.

Rinea Foiled Paper Donkey Pinata by Roni Johnson

Step 18 - To give your pinata a bit of personality, cut eyes and nose holes from Ebony/Ebony Starstruck and Arctic/Gold Glossy foiled paper and glue in place.

Step 19 - Fluff the fringe to give it a bit of depth and dimension.

Rinea Foiled Paper Donkey Pinata by Roni Johnson

Rinea Foiled Paper Donkey Pinata by Roni Johnson

Rinea Foiled Paper Donkey Pinata by Roni Johnson


Rinea: Ebony/Ebony StarstruckArctic/Gold GlossyGold/Gold GlossyPeacock Variety PackFloral Variety Pack3D Hyacinth Die

Other Supplies:

Chipboard, Masking Tape, Red Line Tape, Twist Tie, Liquid Glue, Die Cutting Machine

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Rainbow Chorus Line!

 Today I wanted to share my latest Fairy Hugs creation...a Rainbow Chorus Line :)

I used the Repeat Stamping technique to make this card. I used all first generation images but you of course could use 2nd and third as well. I love this technique because you can change the entire look of the card by simply changing the color(s) of ink used. I used Lila from the Lila and Robin stamp set. She has such a fun attitude and is perfect to create a rainbow chorus line don't you think?  Various colors of VersaFine Clair inks were used to stamp this card. Due to the nature of the inks I cleaned off the stamp between the ink changes.

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Monday, April 19, 2021

Busy Busy Beads!

 I'm sure you've noticed that I haven't been posting much lately... I don't know if you recall but I love to make jewelry. Over the last year I have bought a couple lots of beads and stuff off of Ebay/Marketplace which I just piled in my room and basically ignored. 

Well recently I bought 2 additional lots of lovely beads very close to home and decided that the pile of beads was getting dangerously tall threatening to crush me under an avalanche of organizers. I have been putting off incorporating them into my stash because I have a touch of OCD about things like that.... I DO NOT like colors to be mixed up - that goes for my paper crafts, stamping AND beads!! It drives me crazy when I find a red bead mixed in with blue beads, no pearls in with glass beads, and crystals have to be in their own place.

I decided that now was the time to sort it all out before I can buy any more beads (talk about motivation!!). So several weeks ago I began the daunting task. 

I am working with every single box, bag, envelope and organizer full of beads - sorting them by color and then by bead shape/type and incorporating them into my own organizers. 

It's been slow going because most people aren't as particular about how they store their beads as I am. I have realized I must be odd because when I finish a beading project I put the extras back into their individual containers where they came from. The lots I have bought it looks like other people just take what's left over and dump it into a new square in their organizers or into a general "extras" box all mixed together. I can't describe how I feel about that - it makes me almost frantic to sort it out and get things organized as quickly as possible. When I begin something like this it becomes an obsession to make it right. 

So I have wading through box after box of beads trying to get it all sorted. I work on it for hours a day and have probably touched almost every bead in the stacks. Above are some of my sorted bead boxes. It kind of bugs me that the boxes don't all match but $'s dictate that I have to use the organizers I have. Luckily with what I already have and what came with the new beads I have enough. 

This is what I'm aiming for....THIS makes my heart happy!!! I love being able to go to a container and pick out exactly what I need without having to sort through box after box after box trying to find what I want. I use diamond bead containers for smaller beads or beads that I only have a few of (top 2 rows) there are small squares and larger square containers and a really cool box with a snap (top row on the right). I wish I could find more of those containers. They are great for larger qty of a particular bead. I've searched and searched but can't find anything similar to them. 

Anyway, as I mentioned it becomes an obsession once I get started. That's why I haven't been sharing much of my creative endeavors...I've been sorting bead after bead after bead.

Once I get this project finished I promise I will share the results and then I can comfortably start crafting again. I am almost finished with the beads....then on to the findings! 

Aside from stamping do you have another craft that you love?

FeedBurner Going Away...

 Hello Friends - If you have subscribed to Ink Stains using FeedBurner I just thought I'd let you know that very shortly it will be going away.  That means that if you'd still like to receive my posts by e-mail you'll have to sign up for them using a different option. They are all listed on the left side of the blog page.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Tree Condos in the Moonlight

 Today I wanted to share my latest Fairy Hugs creation...

I have become enchanted with creating Fairy Scenes. Today I have an 8x11 scene made using the new Tree Condos paired with the Bridge.

To create this card I started off by stamping the tree condo on the left, then stamped the bridge in the center. The bridge was then masked off and the second Tree Condo was stamped on the right side of the panel.   

I then worked on the background using torn pieces of scrap paper to mask and ink the hills.

The Flower Vine and Condo Dwellers #2 were stamped here and there and the Moon Dust was stamped over the masked moon area.  I added a bit of glitter and pen work to finish it off.

Flower Vines

Moon Dust

Condo Dwellers 2

Tree Condo

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