Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mom Gothic Arch - #10 Layers of Paint

Today I wanted to play with paints.  This time I want you to use 3 colors....of course they can be any colors you choose but I went with the Adirondack Light, Bright and Earthtone for easy matching.  Actually I didn't use all 3 from one color family but it's close.

O.k...before I go any further, I have to admit I screwed up...  Part of my paint goes one way and the rest goes another.  I just jumped in and started painting before I realized my paper was aligned the wrong way for my arch to fit!  DUH!!!

Layers of Paint


Acrylic Paint
Watercolor Paper
Scrap Paper


1. Squeeze out a bit of the lightest color of paint onto a non-stick surface.  I am using my Non-Stick Craft Mat but you could also use a plastic lid or tray, dish, etc. 

Mom Gothic Arch - #10 Layers of Paint 003

2. Add a bit of water to the paint and with a wet sponge pick up a good amount of paint.  Swipe the paint across your watercolor paper several times.  You don't have to cover the entire sheet ~ you still want some of the paper to show through.  Let this layer of paint dry or speed drying using a Heat Tool.

Mom Gothic Arch - #10 Layers of Paint 004

3. Repeat steps #1 & 2 with the medium color of paint and let dry.

Mom Gothic Arch - #10 Layers of Paint 005

Mom Gothic Arch - #10 Layers of Paint 007

4. (I realized at this point that I had my paper oriented in the wrong direction...I should have been adding the paint with the paper facing me in a portrait fashion instead of landscape! So from here on out it is oriented correctly.)  Stamp desired images with a brown ink...I decided to use an assortment of text because I think it makes a nice background.

Mom Gothic Arch - #10 Layers of Paint 008

5. Trace your arch pattern onto the paper.

6. Tear desired shape from scrap paper (or you could use a die-cut).  I went with a heart but you could use a flower, a smaller version of your Gothic arch, star, square, etc.  Whatever you would like. 

Mom Gothic Arch - #10 Layers of Paint 009

7. Place your torn shape onto your arch.   Sponge the darkest shade of paint around the template.  Remove the template and let your arch dry completely.

Mom Gothic Arch - #10 Layers of Paint 010

Mom Gothic Arch - #10 Layers of Paint 011

8. Here is where you can use your own discretion on the stamping part.  I stamped a few images at this point, added my main image and sentiment then stamped a few more images.  You could stamp them all now, or stamp them all after you've added your other embellishments.  It's totally up to you.

Mom Gothic Arch - #10 Layers of Paint 012

9. Finish embellishing as desired!

Mom Gothic Arch - #10 Layers of Paint 016

And we're done!!!

You will of course have to assemble your arches in some could put them together in book form, accordion style, book rings, etc. 
(there is more on binding options in this post...Base & Binding)

I will share my finished book with you as soon as I get it bound and the cover decorated! 

I hope those of you that played along (and aren't too shy) will post a link to your finished creations! 
We'd love to see them.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mom Gothic Arch - #9 Mom Defined we're using one of my favorite additions to virtually any project.... Dictionary Pages!!!  Well, not exactly the whole page, just certain definitions chosen by you.  I want you to think about your mom and then cut out the words that describe her.  It could be that she's funny, a tease, silly, etc.  Whatever words describe her then feel free to use it!   If you're not making the book for your mom then of course you'd personalize the words for whom ever you are making it for.

Mom Gothic Arch - #9 Mom Defined 001

Now I know what some of you are can buy paper like this why should I make it?  My can buy paper similar to this but I guarantee you will never buy a sheet of dictionary definitions that will be so personalized and special for the lucky recipient you are making this book for!


1. Cut out several dictionary definitions for your page.

2. Trace your Gothic Arch template onto medium weight cardstock.  Cut the arch out.

3. Glue your definitions onto the Gothic Arch in interesting patterns.  There is no right or wrong can glue them down any old way you would like.  Trim off any over hanging definitions and let your arch dry completely.

Mom Gothic Arch - #9 Mom Defined 002

Mom Gothic Arch - #9 Mom Defined 003

4. Here is where you have even more options.  You could use your arch as is or you could do one of the following:  Stamp and emboss a design using clear embossing ink and powder;  stamp and emboss a design using colored powders; stamp a design using colored inks and leave it at that. 

I chose to stamp and emboss with clear ink and powder.

Mom Gothic Arch - #9 Mom Defined 004

Mom Gothic Arch - #9 Mom Defined 005

5.  Now color the rest of the arch using whatever means you would like....spray inks or dyes; ink and ink blending tool; chalks; etc.  Totally up to you!

I sprayed a layer of Cherry Blossom Walnut Stain then topped it with a misting of Heirloom Gold Perfect Pearls.

Mom Gothic Arch - #9 Mom Defined 006

6. If you embossed your design you can leave it as is or iron the embossing powders off on scrap paper.

Mom Gothic Arch - #9 Mom Defined 007

7. Embellish as desired! 

The Perfect Pearls makes taking photos a bit of a challenge but you get the idea.

Mom Gothic Arch - #9 Mom Defined 009


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mom Gothic Arch - #8 Waxed Paper Napkin Collage

Last year I hosted a decorative napkin swap here on Ink Stains and it was a huge success.  Everyone got LOADS of way cool napkins to use on their projects.  Today I wanted to share another fun technique incorporating those napkins paired with an unlikely material....waxed paper. 

If you don't have decorative napkins you could use patterned tissue paper or plain tissue paper that you have stamped.

Waxed Paper Napkin Collage

Before we begin I wanted to talk a bit about the napkins.  Normally most deco napkins have 2 or more of the same pattern per napkin.  You'll be able to tell once you unfold the napkins how often the image/pattern is repeated.  You will only need a portion of each napkin so I normally just tear or cut one section from the entire sheet for my project. 

Mom Gothic Arch - #8 Napkin Waxed Paper 001

Now most napkins are 2-4 ply ~ the top layer has the decoration while the rest of the layers are white.  For most projects you'll want to remove all of the white layers.  For easy removal you can use a piece of tape (I like to use packing tape cause it's really sticky) to help peel each of the white layers from the printed layer.

Peeling away first layer....

Mom Gothic Arch - #8 Napkin Waxed Paper 004

and here you can see there is another white layer...

Mom Gothic Arch - #8 Napkin Waxed Paper 005

so I peeled that layer off as well.  You can see how transparent the final layer really is...

Mom Gothic Arch - #8 Napkin Waxed Paper 006


Decorative Napkins (or patterned / stamped tissue paper)
Waxed Paper
Collage Glue


1. Place your wax paper on your work surface.  I have placed my Gothic Arch template under the waxed paper to give myself an idea on where I wanted to layer each piece of napkin.

Mom Gothic Arch - #8 Napkin Waxed Paper 002

2. Tear away the excess areas of each napkin so you have only the desired image(s) or patterns you want to incorporate into your design.    You will also want to get an approximate idea on placement at this time as well.

Mom Gothic Arch - #8 Napkin Waxed Paper 007

3. Glue and layer all of the various pieces of napkin down to the waxed paper using your choice of collage medium/glue.   Let it dry completely.

Mom Gothic Arch - #8 Napkin Waxed Paper 008

4. Once the glue has dried, crumble the waxed paper 2-3 times to get lots of nice creases worked into the paper.

Mom Gothic Arch - #8 Napkin Waxed Paper 010

5. Glue desired sheet of ephemera down to a piece of light/medium weight chipboard.  Let dry.

6. Glue the waxed paper napkin collage to the ephemera side of your chipboard.  You will notice that the ephemera shows through the waxed paper!  Awesome huh?  Let the glue dry completely.

Mom Gothic Arch - #8 Napkin Waxed Paper 012

7. Trace and cut your Gothic Arch from the paper.

Mom Gothic Arch - #8 Napkin Waxed Paper 013

8. (optional) If desired, ink the edges with black or other color of ink.  I think it gives the Arch a nice finished feel.

Mom Gothic Arch - #8 Napkin Waxed Paper 014

9. Add embellishments, image(s) and sentiment to finish it off...  I added various colors of Stickles to the chandeliers and the woman's head dress and skimpy jeweled top for a bit of zing.  You can also see that I used the pearls I posted about earlier to outline the arch.

Mom Gothic Arch - #8 Napkin Waxed Paper 023

So there you go...8 down
and only 2 more arches left!

Are you keeping up? 

If not they will be here when you're ready...
remember I'm trying to get them finished up before UK's Mother's Day.
Everyone else will have an extra month to finish your Gothic Arch book so no worries!

Great Find @ Joanns - Sheet of Pearls!

Have you ever noticed you find the greatest things when you aren't even looking?  The last time Mom and I went to JoAnn's we were wandering around the wedding/baby/cake area.  We were trying to get a feel for the baby things since we are going to have a shower for Amber in May.  While we were looking we found these awesome sheets of sticky back pearls (4 x 6").   I believe they also had faux gemstones as well.  They were 9.99 a sheet ~ I know sounds really expensive but there are several rows and with a 40% off coupon it wasn't too bad at all when you compare them to scrapbooking/stamping pearls.

Sheet of Pearls 003

Sheet of Pearls 002

I think they are meant to be wrapped around votives or pillar candles but I thought they'd be awesome to cut them apart to use on whatever.   The sticky part around the pearls is semi-transparent with extra fine glitter on the areas not covered by the pearls.  A very cool look if you ask me.  Anyway as you can see I already cut several rows off which you'll see a bit later on today's Gothic Arch :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Mom Gothic Arch - #7 Cardboard Grunge

Down to the last few Gothic Arches to complete our Inspirational Mom Book :)

If you've been around here for a bit you know how much I love to incorporate one persons trash into art.  Today I want to challenge you to use one of my FAVORITE recycled materials ~ Cardboard!!  I LOVE this never ceases to amaze me how cool this stuff makes art look. 

Mom Gothic Arch - #7 Cardboard 001

So grab yourself a hunk of cardboard and get ready to play!


Corrugated Cardboard
Molding Paste, Embossing Paste or Acrylic Paint (optional)
Acrylic Paint (metallic or other)
Sponge (damp)


1. Draw and cut out your arch from the corrugated cardboard.

2. Begin peeling away one layer of the cardboard to reveal the corrugated center.  You can peel away as much or as little as you would like.

Mom Gothic Arch - #7 Cardboard 002

Me?  I like to peel away lots and lots!  If you're having trouble getting the cardboard to peel away you can use scissors or a craft pic threaded into the corrugation, lift to tear the upper layer of cardboard giving you an area to start peeling.

Mom Gothic Arch - #7 Cardboard 005

3. Glue your main image to the arch.

Mom Gothic Arch - #7 Cardboard 006

4. (optional) This step is totally optional but I like the dimension it adds to the arch.  Use a spatula to apply a layer of molding or embossing paste around the photo.  It doesn't have to be pretty...we're going for a patchy Fix-er-Upper kinda look.   

Note: If you don't have molding or embossing paste on hand you can get a similar look by using several layers of acrylic paint.  Simply apply a thick layer of the paint around your image, let dry and repeat 2-3 additional layers.  

Let the paste/paint dry completely.

Mom Gothic Arch - #7 Cardboard 007

5. Paint the cardboard and paste with desired color of paint.  I personally like to pair metallic paints with cardboard.  The metallic color really emphasises the texture of the cardboard and molding paste.    I used Golden's Iridescent Bronze and Micaceous Iron Oxide paints that I applied using a damp natural sea sponge.

Mom Gothic Arch - #7 Cardboard 008

6. Embellish as desired.  I added a few clock parts, dried flowers, a nifty wire squiggle and pearls to emphasise her "unique-ness" and the sentiment.

Mom Gothic Arch - #7 Cardboard 011

just another view to show the depth of textures....

Mom Gothic Arch - #7 Cardboard 014

Several people have e-mailed me about their arches curling as they dry.  No worries...if this happens gently bend them back either while the arch is drying or after.  If it bends one way it will bend the other as long as you are careful :)   I have had this happen with a few of mine as well but once I re-bend it and attach it to my book pages you can't tell they were ever wonky.

Also, I wanted to drop a little teaser for you all...I've got some fun stuff coming up to share with you in the next couple weeks.  I'm going to be sharing the mystery project that I posted photos of some of the "ingredients" last week;
I have a great store/mfg to share with you that I have been planning on sharing for a while now
I have another fun give-away planned for a very big milestone here at Ink Stains. 

 I can hardly wait....
I think you're going to enjoy it all ~
well, at least I hope you will ;)  LOL!!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Winners - March Winner & Steampunk Stamp Winner

Well, I'm a bit behind...I was pretty sick last week ~ I caught dh's bronchitis and I've been trying to find a home for my oldest son and his girlfriend.  Luckily I'm over the bronchitis with the exception of an irritating and persistent cough AND I was successful on a home as well! 

I have been helping them look for a place for quite some time and was pretty discouraged because rent here and in near by towns is so expensive...far from anything they could afford.  Well by chance on Tuesday MIL & I drove by a place here in town that was for rent so I wrote down the number to call when I went home.  Low and behold when I got home the lady who had the place for rent had left a message on my machine because a mutual friend recommended she call.  How wild is that?  Future DIL and I went to look at it on Wed, they submitted the application on Thurs and on Friday they were told they got it!!  I'm so excited and very happy for them.  Being able to be together on a regular basis will be good for everyone involved.  They take possession on next Friday.  :)

Anyway, I have been away from the computer more than I have been around so I failed to draw the winners of the current contests... I'm going to remedy that right now!

The winner of the March Goodness is....

Kristy Tyra!!!!

Kristy Tyra said...

I going with March 24 - National Family Day. That is my daughter's BD and therefore, we became a family on that day.

March 2, 2011 7:32 AM


the winner of the March Get Inked - Steampunk stamp set is....

Cindy Lietz!!!

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

Love your Steampunk series Roni! It is great to see you venturing into jewelry design as well.

As far as themes go, I love anything nature based with images that are small enough to use with jewelry. I also love text and word based images that have something inspiring to say.

March 10, 2011 2:31 PM

Congratulations Friends!!

Please send me your snail mail addies so I can get your goodies in the mail.

Stickles Saturday ~ Relax!!

It's cold again here in Indiana.  We had been a bit spoiled because we had a couple weeks of really nice warm weather...temps in the 50's with sunshine!  But alas...that did not last long and we're back down in the 30's with drab and dreary skies. 

Why am I talking about the weather???  Well, I thought this card might cheer myself and anyone else who is longing for those warm sunny summer days :)

Relax - Summer Stickles Card

Ahhhh, makes me feel all warm inside. 
Too bad it doesn't do much for the outside of me - LOL!!!

This card was created with a combination of Liquid Pearls (clouds, waves & shells), Distress Inks (coloring the sky, sea and sand) and Stickles Glitter Glue (scattered about the entire card).

I guess this warm scene will have to do for now while I wait for summer!
Hope you all are having a super weekend!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Just For Fun Friday - Bunny Couples

Happy Friday Everyone!!

I hope you've all had a great week!! 
Today is  Friday and you know what that's Just For Fun Friday!! 
Time to share some fun cards made exclusively with Just For Fun Rubber Stamps

Do you realize that Easter is only about a month away?  Well it is so it's time to begin making Easter cards :)  I am so excited because I have a couple stamps I have wanted to use for a bit now...Bunny Couples!  I used the first image last week on one of my purple Spring cards but it's so very versatile which is what I hope to demonstrate.  I think you'll be seeing more of these furry friends in the next couple weeks as we approach Easter.

This pair of bunnies was "colored" using Stickles Glitter Glue!  Yes, you can color with Stickles!   The background was stamped using two sets of "Mini Stamps" ~ Easter and Flower.  I paired these stamps with various light/bright shades of Adirondack Dye Ink.

JFF - 3-25-11 Roni 003

The second card is a more realistic set of bunnies setting beside a building (which I decided today was a barn).  The entire scene was water colored with Distress Inks.  The background jelly beans were stamped with an assortment of Adirondack Dye Inks.

JFF - 3-25-11 Roni 002

Be sure to check out the Just For Fun Blog to see what the rest of the JFF Girls have been up to this week!

Have a wonderful day friends!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mystery Project in the Works!

I don't have the next Mom Gothic Arch page for you today. 

I got sidetracked earlier today working on a mystery project that I am hoping to share with you after the Arch Book is finished...

What might that project be?

Well I'll share a few photos of some items I was messing with and you see if you can guess... 

I'll tell you might guess what the photos are of but can you guess how they relate to my mystery project?!?!?

Here are the photos....

Mystery Fun 002

Mystery Fun 003

Mystery Fun 001

Any guesses???

You'll just have to wait and see :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mom Gothic Arch - #6 Packing Tape Transfers

We're about 2/3rds of the way done!  Just a few more and our Gothic Arch pages will be ready for Mom...  I think we'll even make it in time for Moms Day in the UK (4-3-11)!!!

I have had requests for this technique in the past few months so I figured I'd incorporate it into our Arches....

Packing Tape Transfers

I know many of you already know how to do this but if you don't follow the steps carefully it can be frustrating.  I had you gather magazine images because for whatever reason magazine paper works best with this technique.  You can use other images but remember you will have more of a job removing the backing papers.


Packing Tape
Magazine Photos
Pattern Paper, Cardstock or Ephemera


1. Cut and trim magazine photos.

2. Place each photo on a piece of clear packing tape. 

3. Burnish (rub) the back of the image with a bone folder, spoon, brayer, etc.  to ensure the image is completely stuck down to the packing tape.  If you have air bubbles those areas of the image will not transfer to the tape!

Since we're using multiple images I hung my burnished photos to my work table....

Mom Gothic Arch - #4 - Packing Tape Transfer 001

4. Place your image face down on your work space.  Spritz the back of the image with want enough water to saturate the paper.  Let the water set a few seconds to soak in. 

Mom Gothic Arch - #4 - Packing Tape Transfer 004

Since we're working with several images for this project I like to wet multiple images at once so they really have a chance to soak up the water and soften the paper.

Mom Gothic Arch - #4 - Packing Tape Transfer 008

5. With your finger begin at a corner and start rolling the layers of paper from the packing tape.  You will immediately see the image which has been left behind on the packing tape.

Mom Gothic Arch - #4 - Packing Tape Transfer 005

6. Continue peeling away the paper until it has all been removed.  If your photo dries out or you didn't use enough water at the beginning you may need to add more.

7.  When all of the paper has been removed, pat the image dry to remove the excess water.  Set the image aside to dry completely.

Mom Gothic Arch - #4 - Packing Tape Transfer 006

and here is how my image looks with the paper removed.  You will notice there are areas that have less color than others... no worries...this is where I got a little agressive peeling away the paper.  I ended up taking a bit of the image as well which can happen.  I think it just adds character to the finial image.

Mom Gothic Arch - #4 - Packing Tape Transfer 007

and here are all of my images drying...

Mom Gothic Arch - #4 - Packing Tape Transfer 009

8. Trim each image cutting away the excess packing tape.

Mom Gothic Arch - #4 - Packing Tape Transfer 010

9. Glue each image down one by one to your cardstock/pattern paper/ephemera.  I am using some vintage sheet music for this example. 

Mom Gothic Arch - #4 - Packing Tape Transfer 011

10. Trace your Gothic Arch template onto the paper and cut.

Mom Gothic Arch - #4 - Packing Tape Transfer 012

11. Add your saying and embellish as desired!

Here is my finished Packing Tape Gothic Arch!

Mom Gothic Arch - #4 - Packing Tape Transfer 014

So there you go...
one more down...4 to go!

How are you coming on your books? 
Are you having fun?
I sure hope so :)