Friday, April 30, 2010

Ink Stained Card Sketch 4-30-10

Hi Friends!


I hope you've all had a super day so far...

I'm so excited....I've been working with May's Get Inked stamps for QKD! It's a secret but next month's stamps were inspired by several requests here!! You might remember several months ago I asked what themes you would like to see in stamps. Well, one of the requests was Vintage Baking!!! I am so pleased with how they turned out. I can't wait to share the projects and images with you...I think you'll like 'em!

It's been a couple weeks since I posted a sketch...a bit behind I know so here is a fresh sketch and an idea to go with :)


Ink Stained Card Sketch


Ink Stained Card Sketch 4-30-10 001

and my take....

Live Your Life

I used Distress Inks (Crushed Olive & Stormy Sky) and Inkadinkado stamps (sorry can't remember the paper co.)

Ink Stained Card Sketch 4-30-10 002

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

I'm planning on sharing a fun twist on the Distressed Glue Technique I came up with sometime this weekend so be sure to stop back in sometime!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Quick & Easy Embossed Card

Today I have a very quick and easy yet stunning card to share with you today. This card incorporates an under utilized product which many of you have in your stash and I'll bet don't use often....Distress Embossing Powder. It really is a great product but for some reason after it's purchased it just sits on the shelf. So many people I talk to are reluctant to use it because it is so very different from regular embossing powders.

SOOOOOOO, today I thought I'd share a really fun card ~ you just need embossing ink (Distress Embossing Ink or other), 2 stamps (Flower - Autumn Leaves; Sentiment - Heidi Swapp), 2 colors of Distress Embossing Powder (Worn Lipstick & Shabby Shutters) and your cardstock! That's it! Told you it was

Roni - CHA 045


1. Stamp your main image with your favorite embossing ink three times. I like to stick with a triangle effect - it makes for a visually pleasing finished card.

Roni - CHA 045

2. Shake the jar of Dist. EP to ensure the release crystals are mixed evenly through out the powder.

3. Sprinkle Dist. EP over the images and shake off excess. Do NOT flick the'll end up knocking off too much powder in the process.

4. Heat to melt the powder. Now this is where people get long to heat! I usually heat it for around 1 minute to be sure it's all melted. After you've worked with it a while you will notice a slight color change. It's very subtle but it is there. If you're not comfortable with it simply heat for 2, 3 or more minutes. You can't burn it so it's no problem to heat it longer just to be sure.

5. LET IT COOL!! This is another area that causes problems. If you try to rub the release crystals off before it has cooled you'll not only rub the release crystals away you'll rub the embossing powder off as well!! To be safe I always let my images set for 1 minute before I mess with them.

6. Rub off the release crystals.

7. Stamp sentiment with embossing ink and repeat steps 2-6.

I love how the powders show up through each other...

Roni - CHA 045

See, I told you it was quick and easy!

Now, it's time to dig those Distress EP's out and play!!!!

You'll just love the results.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sing - Distress Ink & Distress Stickles!

Today I have a fun card that incorporates a great combo ~ Distress Inks and Distress Stickles! As well as a different technique for inking your card. Instead of inking your image with one color of ink....try using SEVERAL colors on your stamp. It doesn't matter if it's perfect...just ink away and see what you come up with!



Distress Ink - Ranger

Ink Blending Tool & Foams - Ranger

Distress Stickles - Ranger

Rubber Stamps - Alluring Impressions, Stampers Anonymous, SeeD's




1. Choose a nice background stamp and place it on your work surface. Ink various areas of the stamp with 2 or more colors of Distress Ink. Dab a little bit here and a little bit there until the entire image has been covered with ink.

2. Stamp the image on white cardstock.

3. Repeat steps one and two until you have either covered your cardstock for an all over effect or covered the desired area. For this example I stamped around the edges leaving the center open.

4. After the ink has dried, apply the corresponding color of Distress Stickles over the stamped images. Let the DS dry completely.

5. Once the glitter has dried ~ use your Ink Blending Tool to apply a highlight color to the remaining open areas of the cardstock. Applying the background color after you have stamped and Stickled the images let's you have both a nice smooth background color and bright distinctive multi color images!

Roni - CHA 024

This same technique can also be used for a monochromatic look as well. This bird was stamped, Stickled & inked in the same manor.

Roni - CHA 024

And here is what the finished card looks like....

Roni - CHA 024

Great look with very little additional effort!

Just think of the fun cards, scrapbook pages and other projects you can create using this method of stamping, Stickling & inking!

Quarter Million Visits!!!


I want to thank you all...

I just realized this afternoon that some time last evening Ink Stains had crossed the 250,000 visit mark!!

I never thought I'd hit that mark after only a little over 2 years.

I started out just talking to myself and a few friends.

Since then it has grown to amazing proportions and I thank you all for that!

You're the reason I do it

and to celebrate You and 250,000

how about another a fun give-a-way!!!

All you have to do is post to be entered to win a neat little assortment of ???? I've got a nice little pile of stamps, an ink pad or two, Inkssentials White Pigment Pen, and more just for you.

You have until May 9th to post!!

Remember: You can't win if you don't post!!

Good Luck Friends



Here's to another 250,000!!!!!

Just Stuff....

Hi All ~

Beautiful day here in Indiana ~ it's finally starting to warm up again and the sun is shining!

I have lots of little bits of news I wanted to share with you before I post the project for the day ~

**Rec'd the first napkins for the Napkin Swap today! I got the nicest package from Dawn B out in AZ. Beautiful floral print napkins and a wonderful assortment of ephemera/goodies! Such a nice surprise!! THANKS DAWN!! We're on our way folks!!

**Last night I got Stampington & Co's Artisan Avenue ~ their weekly newsletter ~ and as I was scrolling down I saw one of my Gothic Arches!! It was an advertisement for Streuter's GlueFoil! WOW ~ what a cool surprise :)

**Kitten Update ~ Lots of people have asked how the kittens are doing so I thought I'd share with everyone. They are 1 week old and doing great! Mom is spending time away from them now and enjoying the freedom - LOL!! 3 of them have their eyes open and I've started to pet/hold them. They like to snuggle in my hair but Little Cat gets nervous when they aren't in the box so I can't pet them too much yet.

**BFF Album ~ I had a couple people e-mail me about the latest installment and wanted to let me know they are playing along but don't feel comfortable sharing. Like I told Kim ~ I totally understand :) I am very shy in person too so I know exactly how you feel. Thanks for letting me know you are playing and enjoying each challenge though!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

BFF Altered Book Mini Album Challenge #6

It's that time of the week again...

BFF Challenge Day!

Today we're up to #6 so here we go!

BFF Altered Book / Mini Album

Challenge #6

Sentiment for today is....

6.. When you are confused,I will use little words.

And the challenge is....

Use words or alphabet stamps somewhere on your page ~ not including the sentiment!

Today's a little bit tricky and I have to say this one was a bit difficult for me to leave it alone. It's very much not me as far as embellishing goes. Normally I like LOTS of stuff going on in my projects but I left this one fairly "clean"....o.k. clean for me - LOL!! You'll see what I mean ;)

BFF Challenge #6 001


Adirondack Acrylic Dabber - Ranger

Alpha Stamps - JFF

Archival Ink- Ranger

Sharpie Black Marker


1. I decided to work directly on the coasters so I added a layer of white paint. Some of the logo was still showing through but that's'll be taken care of in later steps.

BFF Challenge #6 002

2. Glue image to one of the coasters.

3. Tear a simple mask from scrap paper and cover the ladies face.

4. Stamp the mixed up alphabet image with black ink. Remove mask.

5. Stamp facing page with 2nd alphabet image.

6. Glue sentiment to the page.

7. Draw a rough border around both coasters with Sharpie marker.

And here it is....I have the terrible urge to ink it up somehow or add some embellishments. I am going to try to restrain myself but I may stamp a few question marks here and there but I think other than that I'm going to leave it alone.

BFF Challenge #6 004

BFF Challenge #6 004

BFF Challenge #6 004

Now it's your turn!!

Kim was kind enough to allow me to share her #5 challenge pages with you all. You can see what she recycled for this challenge here - Kim's BFF #5.

I know several of you out there are playing along (Angie, Peggy, Sue, etc...You all know who I'm talking about - lol) Please feel free to share a link to your pages if you'd like. We'd all love to see them!

Streuter GlueFoil Rose Examples

As promised, here are a few GlueFoil Rose examples.

All of the flowers in the example were created using the GlueFoil Rose Technique I shared yesterday. There is one small exception on the Mom tag...for the small flower I used one small flower die-cut. I cut two petals off, embossed, formed the main flower and used the 2 cut-off petals for the center.

Several people e-mailed asking about Streuter Technologies GlueFoil. It is a colored metal foil craft sheet with a heat activated glue on the back. It comes in a wide variety of metallic and colors. It can be die-cut, paper punched, dry embossed and so much more! It's lots of fun to play with and can be used in a multitude of ways. Here are a few more ideas on how to create with Streuter's GlueFoil and GlueFilm.

On to the examples....

MOM GlueFoil Rose Tag...

This was created using my Distressed Glue Technique (both the tag & torso). All stamps are Just For Fun.

GlueFoil Mom Tag 001

GlueFoil Mom Tag 002

Smaller Rose...

GlueFoil Mom Tag 003

Life Canvas...

In addition to the GlueFoil roses I also incorporated several other colors of GlueFoil into this design. The border along the left hand size was all cut with border punches and deco scissors. The letters "LIFE" were covered in blue GlueFoil and also frames the photo. The background was created by adhering the vintage sheet music to the canvas using clear GlueFilm and was then white washed.

Streuter - 2010 Winter CHA 001

Notice the amazing dimension you can achieve with the GlueFoil. It really adds so much depth and interest to the finished collage. I wish you could see it in person to get a feel for how cool these flowers really are.

Streuter - 2010 Winter CHA 001

Streuter - 2010 Winter CHA 003

Streuter - 2010 Winter CHA 004

Streuter - 2010 Winter CHA 002

So there you go...

NOW, do you like what you see?

If you do, be sure and let me know cause I'm going to be giving away a sample set of red and green GlueFoil

and possibly a few additional colors of GlueFoil depending on what I have left in my stash to one lucky reader!!

All you have to do is tell me what your favorite Streuter GlueFoil color is from the list on this page....GlueFoil Color Chart.

You have until May 3rd to post to be entered to win!!!

Good Luck Everyone!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Mystery Technique - Streuter GlueFoil Roses


This was a tough one....

Only one correct guess for this Mystery Technique!!!

Smullis got it right ~ they are Metal Flowers ~ Roses to be exact!

Funny thing is....
I've got some plans for a few of the other items that were mentioned so I better make sure I get some good pics!
**GREEN NOTE - Julie brought up a good question/thought ~YES, you can create these roses using recycled aluminum beverage cans. You would simply wash the can, remove the top and bottom, flatten as best as possible and then cut using whatever die-cut machine/die you own. Simply follow the rest of the instructions as written. As far a color goes I would suggest adding color using Adirondack Alcohol Inks or something similar.

Streuter GlueFoil Roses


GlueFoil - Red, Green (or other colors if desired)

Die & Cutter (or you can free hand cut the flowers)


GlueFilm or Adhesive of your choice.


1. Cut several flowers from the GlueFoil. I am using a Sizzix die that has holes in the center of each flower. This makes assembling the flower very easy in later steps.

*NOTE: You will need 2 large and one small flower die-cut to create one rose and one rose bud.

GlueFoil Rose 003

2. Cut the flowers as shown....Leave one of the large die-cuts whole, trim two petals from the second large die-cut and trim two petals from the small die-cut. Do not discard the cut-offs. Those will also be used to create the flower.

GlueFoil Rose 004

3. Emboss all of the petals - place the die-cut (silver side up) on a mouse pad or piece of foam. Use a stylus to create swirls on each petal. I basically draw a tornado shape swirl starting at the tips and work my way towards the centers.

GlueFoil Rose 006

GlueFoil Rose 005

Here is what your flower petals should look like after they have all been embossed....You will notice in person that the embossing has curled the metal a bit to add great dimension to what started out a very flat die-cut.

Back - silver side...

GlueFoil Rose 007

Front - colored side...

GlueFoil Rose 010

4. You are ready to assemble the flower. Join the two ends of the large die-cut that you cut away two petals. It is not necessary to secure it with adhesive as the metal will retain it's shape.

Repeat with the smaller die-cut.

GlueFoil Rose 011

5. Stack each layer in the whole die-cut. I like to place a small piece of GlueFilm in the center of the flower foundation, add 2nd layer, more GlueFilm, 3rd layer and the heat and melt with a heat gun. You may of course use adhesive.

6. To finish off the flower, use the two petals that was removed from the small die-cut. Fold the two petals together so they join at the petal seams. You now have a tiny center bud. Affix it to the center of your flower.

(sorry this photo is bad...couldn't get it to auto focus on all that metal holding the camera w/one hand.)

GlueFoil Rose 015

7. Create the bud using the same technique as you did for the flower center using the remaining petals cut from the large die-cut.

GlueFoil Rose 016

8. Create the sepal (the green covering of the rose bud) by trimming a piece of green GlueFoil as shown.

GlueFoil Rose 017

9. Wrap the sepal around the rose bud and twist at the bottom to secure. Don't worry about the bottom as it will be tucked under the flower.

GlueFoil Rose 018

10. Die-cut or free hand cut leaves for your rose...add detail to each leave by embossing.

and here is the finished flower....

GlueFoil Rose 019

All from a few bits of metal!

Pretty Cool Huh?

Tomorrow I'll share a project or two that put these metal roses to use!

I'll also have Challenge #6 in our BFF album!

Just For Fun...Stamps!!

Woo Hoo!


I was chosen to be a new member of Just For Fun rubber stamps design team! I found out last week and I was so good and didn't spill the beans! Took all my might but I did it :)

I can't wait to get started and share their fun stamps with you all!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Teach Yourself Visually Collage & Altered Arts Book Review

Hi All!

I wanted to share a recent review of my book by Scott & Martin of Vintage Image Craft....

Inspiring Books 'n Blogs

Teach Yourself Visually: Collage & Altered Art by Roni Johnson

Wiley Publishing, 2009
Roni Johnson is a collage artist, and publisher of the altered art blog, InkStainswithRoni. This book demonstrates (REALLY demonstrates) that Roni is also a gifted teacher. In 212 fully-illustrated pages, Roni takes us through hundreds of techniques and creative projects. She explains the basics of collage design, materials and tools, and then shows us how to work with images and text, embellishments, adhesives, inks and paints, right through to the finishing touches.
Most exciting, we think, are her dozens of methods for achieving aged and distressed finishes, which are so perfect for vintage images. As a rubber stamp expert, Roni includes a great chapter on stamping, of course. She also outlines several creative methods for transferring images to various surfaces. In other words, this is a comprehensive reference book - and inspiration - that belongs in every crafter's library.
Best of all, Roni is donating a copy of Teach Yourself Visually Collage & Altered Art as a GRAND PRIZE in our upcoming Facebook Creative Challenge.

Thank you, Roni!!

If you can't wait, get your copy now at

400 Followers Steampunk Necklace Give-A-Way Winner!!

The winner of the 400 Follower Steampunk Necklace Give-a-Way is.....

(as chosen by


Lottie said...
This little necklace is utterly stunning - and I would sell my soul to win it.I recycle lots of things for art - I just pick up things around the house on the spur of the moment - and my daughter in law to save all sorts of things.Tin cans - like bean tins, match boxes. I like to visit charity shops and pick up odds and ends from lace to children's toys to recycle.I paint icecream tubs to use in flower arranging - and all the things mentioned so far.Thanks for being a constant source of ideas and inspiration - wouldn't miss a post for all the tea in china
April 21, 2010 12:35 PM

Congratulations Lottie!!

Please send me your snail mail addy so I can get this out in the mail to you :)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mystery Technique - 4-24-10

Yes, that's right...another fun Mystery Technique!

Below you will find a couple of very close up photos of the project I'll be working on Monday....

Can you guess what I'll be creating?

Do you know what material I used?

mystery technique 4-24-10

mystery technique 4-24-10 2

Be sure to tune in on Monday to see just what I'll be creating!

I'll be back here tomorrow to share more Vintage Postcards!

Till then, have a wonderful weekend Friends!

Stamp News & Sales!

Wow, seems like I've gotten lots of great e-mails in the last couple days about sales and fun announcements and thought I'd share :) Oh, btw, I'm not affiliated to the sale places...just love to pass on a good deal ;) LOL!!

First, did you hear the big news from Queen Kat Designs? Check it out...The Secret is OUT!! They are converting from clear polymer stamps to grey laser etched stamps!!! I am so excited!! From what I understand the detail is far better with etched stamps than even regular rubber stamps. I am hoping to experiment with photo quality images for the Get Inked Kits. I may even see about having my very own stamps made ;) Can't wait!

Tattered Angels (the glimmer mist people) is hosting a full day of fun on May 1st. All sorts of videos, give-a-ways and other fun on their web-site, blog, etc. Be sure to check out their web-site on the 1st!!

The Eyelet Outlet is having a HUGE sale...lost of really cool fun brads for $1.39 a set. If you've never visited ~ they have loads of awesome designs for a reasonable price. Much less than you'll pay other places.

Heartwarming Vintage Collection & Crafty Secrets is also having a week full of fun to celebrate National Scrapbook Day. Be sure to check out all the info here ~ Crafty Secrets NSD Celebration! They are giving away over $500.00 in goodies all week long!


I have some fun news to share with you but it has to wait until Monday...

I'm so excited....

I'll give you a clue...

it has to do with ink - LOL!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Napkin Swap...FULL

Just wanted to let you know the napkin swap is full and final details have been sent. If you didn't receive them, please let me know...I will re-send or find another way to get them to you.

Have fun shopping for your deco napkins!!

Whimsy Stamp Winners!!

It's time to announce the winners for the Whimsy Stamps as well as the carousel I created with their Spring Steppin' stamp set!

(I chose the winners using

The winner of Whimsy Snippets Set #2 is.....

whimsy stamps 025


mssgrz said...
I love that carousel stamp! Way cute.
April 12, 2010 9:33 PM

The winner of Spring Steppin is....

whimsy stamps 026


Deedles said...
I love the spring stepping set.
April 14, 2010 12:14 PM

And the winner of my Spring Steppin Carousel is....

whimsy stamps 023


Roz said...
That's easy, I LOVE the carousel horse.
April 12, 2010 3:48 PM

Congratulations Everyone!!

Please e-mail me your snail mail addies so I can get your goodies in the mail.

Wine Cork Bulletin Board - Finished!

I was able to finish the Wine Cork Bulletin Board this a.m.!

Here you go....

Wine Cork Board 009

Wine Cork Board 008

Wine Cork Board 010

All of the stamps are B-Line Design. I used Distress Inks, Archival Ink and Adirondack Dye Ink along with my Niji Waterbrush. The vine is actually some stuff I found on clearance after Christmas that had holly berries wired in. I removed the holly and instant grape vine ;)

I am going to try to find purple push pins for it :)

Hope you enjoyed this project and give it a try yourself.

They make great additions to office/crafty areas but they are also super to give as gifts!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wine Cork Bulletin Board

Today's crafty recycled project incorporates something that lots of people collect in their junk draw but don't ever use.... wine corks! I have a nice pile of them thanks to Theresa and Mom ;)

Thanks ladies!

Wine Cork Board 001

Anyway...we're going to take these corks and turn them into something useful ~ bulletin boards!
(This was actually going to be a project in the book that I didn't have room for!)

Wine Cork Bulletin Board


Wine Corks

Sturdy Foundation (foam tray, photo frame, canvas, plaque, thick chipboard, etc.)

Strong Adhesive

Craft Knife

Embellishments (as desired)


1. Choose your needs to be sturdy enough to take a bit of weight, and soak up the glue you will be using to adhere the corks.

Here are just a few options...foam trays, picture frames, canvas (back or front), old plaques, thicker chipboard. Be cautions when using the chipboard. We will be using a good amount of glue so it may warp if it's not sturdy enough.

Wine Cork Board 002

2. Rough fit the corks onto your foundation and decide upon the design lay-out. This step is very important. First it ensures you have enough wine corks to complete your bulletin board and you can also take this time to custom fit the corks to fit your needs.

Wine Cork Board 004

3. If necessary, trim the corks to fit your design. You must use a sharp craft knife. If your knife isn't sharp enough the cork will crumble instead of producing a nice clean edge.

Wine Cork Board 005

4. Once your design is finalized and everything fits into place, remove one cork at a time and glue each cork into place. If you have to remove all of the corks for whatever reason take a photo of the cork design before removing them to aid in placement when gluing. Let the glue dry completely.

5. Decorate as desired.

6. Attach a way to hang your board. You could create a ribbon hanger or use pre-made picture hangers from the hardware store. If you are using a photo frame you could even use the stand that came with the frame for a desk top bulletin board.

And you'll end up with something like this....

Wine Cork Board 006

I will share the finished project tomorrow after it has dried and I have a chance to decorate it :) you have a good excuse to go buy that bottle of wine (or two or three...) LOL!!

Kitten Update

I didn't think so many people would enjoy my kitten news but lots of people have asked for more pics so here they are....

1 day old and sleeping like angels.

kittens 4-21-10 - 1 day old 001

kittens 4-21-10 - 1 day old 002

kittens 4-21-10 - 1 day old 003

Several people have commented that they'd love one if only they lived closer....I wish you did too ;) LOL!! I'd love to keep them all but we just can't have 8 cats, 2 dogs and 2 guys in one house...I would be nuts within a week ;) LOL!!

My Part for Earth Day!!!


I am doing my part on Earth Day to keep stuff out of the landfill.

Take a look at this....

Junk Fun 001

My dad took me to a junk sale today and it was "Box Day"...they had cardboard boxes sitting around with prices marked on the side. Everything you can fit in the box for whatever price was marked on the box!!!!!!!!!

I got both of these boxes ~ which are neatly packed to fit more in ~ for $10.00!!!! A freakin gold mine of ephemera, crafty goodness! All sorts of paper ephemera, vintage sheet music, vintage Good Housekeeping, Look magazines, etc. from the 40's, 50's & 60's. Several old dictionaries and foreign language books, old games & game boards, glass bottles, plaques, stuff to alter, etc.

I found these way cool glass cigar box covers...I guess the cigar stores used to open the box, slide these covers on over the lid and exposed yet protected the cigars!! There are 5 of them but only 2 still have the writing on them.

Junk Fun 003

This box full of very old jingle bells...(not to mention the awesome cardboard box they are in!)

Junk Fun 004

Just all sorts of goodness...

Junk Fun 005

They do this every 5-6 weeks!!!!!!!! I am sooooooo going back! It's pack rat!!!

You want to know the kicker...the guy said if it didn't sell by the weekend he was going to burn, trash or donate to Goodwill what was left!!!!!!! NO!!!!! I about passed out...Hence the two boxes - LOL!!!