Monday, April 26, 2010

Mystery Technique - Streuter GlueFoil Roses


This was a tough one....

Only one correct guess for this Mystery Technique!!!

Smullis got it right ~ they are Metal Flowers ~ Roses to be exact!

Funny thing is....
I've got some plans for a few of the other items that were mentioned so I better make sure I get some good pics!
**GREEN NOTE - Julie brought up a good question/thought ~YES, you can create these roses using recycled aluminum beverage cans. You would simply wash the can, remove the top and bottom, flatten as best as possible and then cut using whatever die-cut machine/die you own. Simply follow the rest of the instructions as written. As far a color goes I would suggest adding color using Adirondack Alcohol Inks or something similar.

Streuter GlueFoil Roses


GlueFoil - Red, Green (or other colors if desired)

Die & Cutter (or you can free hand cut the flowers)


GlueFilm or Adhesive of your choice.


1. Cut several flowers from the GlueFoil. I am using a Sizzix die that has holes in the center of each flower. This makes assembling the flower very easy in later steps.

*NOTE: You will need 2 large and one small flower die-cut to create one rose and one rose bud.

GlueFoil Rose 003

2. Cut the flowers as shown....Leave one of the large die-cuts whole, trim two petals from the second large die-cut and trim two petals from the small die-cut. Do not discard the cut-offs. Those will also be used to create the flower.

GlueFoil Rose 004

3. Emboss all of the petals - place the die-cut (silver side up) on a mouse pad or piece of foam. Use a stylus to create swirls on each petal. I basically draw a tornado shape swirl starting at the tips and work my way towards the centers.

GlueFoil Rose 006

GlueFoil Rose 005

Here is what your flower petals should look like after they have all been embossed....You will notice in person that the embossing has curled the metal a bit to add great dimension to what started out a very flat die-cut.

Back - silver side...

GlueFoil Rose 007

Front - colored side...

GlueFoil Rose 010

4. You are ready to assemble the flower. Join the two ends of the large die-cut that you cut away two petals. It is not necessary to secure it with adhesive as the metal will retain it's shape.

Repeat with the smaller die-cut.

GlueFoil Rose 011

5. Stack each layer in the whole die-cut. I like to place a small piece of GlueFilm in the center of the flower foundation, add 2nd layer, more GlueFilm, 3rd layer and the heat and melt with a heat gun. You may of course use adhesive.

6. To finish off the flower, use the two petals that was removed from the small die-cut. Fold the two petals together so they join at the petal seams. You now have a tiny center bud. Affix it to the center of your flower.

(sorry this photo is bad...couldn't get it to auto focus on all that metal holding the camera w/one hand.)

GlueFoil Rose 015

7. Create the bud using the same technique as you did for the flower center using the remaining petals cut from the large die-cut.

GlueFoil Rose 016

8. Create the sepal (the green covering of the rose bud) by trimming a piece of green GlueFoil as shown.

GlueFoil Rose 017

9. Wrap the sepal around the rose bud and twist at the bottom to secure. Don't worry about the bottom as it will be tucked under the flower.

GlueFoil Rose 018

10. Die-cut or free hand cut leaves for your rose...add detail to each leave by embossing.

and here is the finished flower....

GlueFoil Rose 019

All from a few bits of metal!

Pretty Cool Huh?

Tomorrow I'll share a project or two that put these metal roses to use!

I'll also have Challenge #6 in our BFF album!


  1. Very cool, can I link to this from Going green crafters and artists?

  2. That is so cool!!! Where did you get that metal? and I never heard of gluefilm.

  3. Wow, these are really awesome! I've used metal for roses before, and I have to say, I really like working with metal to make flowers, it's a little easier and faster than grungepaper!

  4. Silly me I thought you were using ordinary foil. It would be a terrific way of recycling it.

  5. Julie - Actually, you can create these using aluminium beverage cans! I added a little note in the post but it's totally possible and exactly what I do when I don't have enough GlueFoil!

  6. Wow, that looks fab! got a thing for making flowers.. thanks for sharing!

  7. Wow, that looks fab! got a thing for making flowers.. thanks for sharing!


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