Saturday, April 10, 2010

Glue + Distress Ink = WAY COOL!!!

What do you get when you combine liquid glue, Distress Inks and the Ink Blending Tool?!?!?

A cool new experiment that went oh so right!!!!

I am so excited...I HAVE to share this with you. I was going to wait till next week when I had time to make up more examples and take better pictures but I just cannot wait! This is so much fun!

By the name of my blog you know I like to get messy...

Well I usually have 3-4 projects going at once ~ you know dry time and all...can't stand to wait so I fill that time with other things. Normally I end up with various glues, inks and paints on my fingers. If it's a really good day there might even be some collage medium or other "goodies" stuck to me.

If I'm not careful I get this extra stuff on my fingers everywhere...sometimes where it actually belongs ~ other times where it doesn't.

It's these other times that inspired me to experiment with glue...Now, I'm not sure if this technique has been done before or not so all I can say is it's new to me and maybe you too!


Distressed Glue


Distress Ink

Ink Blending Tool


Liquid Glue...I like Aleene's Super Thick Tacky Glue (tell you why in a minute)

That's IT!!!


1. Apply desired colors of Distress Ink to the paper using the IBT.

Distressed Glue Ink Background 002

2. Add glue...just place it in a few spots or in several. Totally up to you....

Distressed Glue Ink Background 004

3. Now, smear it around! Yes!! I love this's so much fun ;)

Distressed Glue Ink Background 005

4. VERY IMPORTANT!!! LET THE GLUE DRY!!! If you don't it will make a terrible mess...with your IBT, Ink Pad, paper, etc. It's just not something you want to mess with.

5. After the glue has dried completely apply another layer of Distress Ink in whatever color you would like to use.

(Look at the awesome distressed design already coming through!)

Distressed Glue Ink Background 006

6. After you have applied the ink, wipe away the excess ink which has pooled on the glued areas (it won't dry on the glue) and you're done!!

Check it out....

Distressed Glue Ink Background 007

And another quickie example...

Distressed Glue Ink Background 008

The reason I mentioned that I like to use Aleene's Super Thick Tacky Glue for this technique is the texture! This glue is so thick that while you can spread it really thin it's fun to leave thicker areas because you can see those differences in the finished results. Notice the upper right hand corner of the green ~ you can actually see the streaks and crevices that I left in the thicker areas.

Distressed Glue Ink Background 010

Now for the blue below I just applied the glue directly to the white cardstock. You can see that the ink did slightly color the glued areas and left the other areas darker. So, if you're short on time you can completely skip step 1!

Distressed Glue Ink Background 013

Well what do you think?

Fun huh?

Quick, easy and stunning results ~

doesn't get much better than that :)

I'll have more examples to share with you next week...

Till then friends have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. That is really great x thanks for that x leigh x

  2. Totally freaking awesome! I have to try this one tonight.

  3. You're right, Roni--WAY COOL!!! Can we look for this technique to show up some Tuesday in the BFF album??

  4. Holy Moly I love love love this! I think i will have to try it out on my BFF album :)

  5. Now this is WAY COOL Roni! I can't wait to try this. I love the results you get with this - really distressed. AWESOME!

    Elaine Allen

  6. I'm going to try that after dinner - need to make some ATC backgrounds for a swap.

  7. What a fabulous effect!! AND... it's one even *I* can do. Very cool - both the technique, and you, for so generously sharing your creativity with us! :)Thanks!!

  8. Excellent technique! Will definitely try this one! Thanks for sharing "Yoohoo Roni's Glue" technique, how fun! lol

  9. very very cool!!! just buy the glue and try it as soon as possible...thanks a lot!!!

  10. Really like this! A great look, and with texture to boot! Lovely!!

  11. Holy Smokes this is AWESOME! Thanks so much for sharing, I'm glad I found your wonderful blog.
    Much Love

  12. OMG! Roni, how cool is that?! Gotta do it, gotta try it. You are so good.

  13. Excellent! LOVE easy but effective techniques like this. Thanks so much for sharing.

  14. This is such a great technique! I will definitely try it out asap!

  15. Really like this effect! I was gonna have a 'clean and structured' crafting day today - that might change now I've found this!!!!!

  16. Very cool Roni! I just saw a related technique yesterday, where someone spread glue onto paper and then acrylic paint on top (I think the glue was still wet, but not positive), then when the paint dried it crackled. Funny to see two different techniques using glue, so close to another. They sound like so much fun!

  17. This is wonderful. Thanks for sharing. I always get ink on my fingers, now I can just add the glue and make something beautiful.

    Linda D.

  18. This technique is new to me Roni! LOVE IT!

  19. This was a great day! I FOUND THIS and your blog. Love, love, LOVE this technique! Gonna run and try it now!

  20. Way behind the time to Pinterst I found this and your effects!

  21. Replies
    1. Wow, brilliant and so simple and effective! Thank you

  22. Brilliant! Thanks for sharing your inspiration!

  23. Love the technique! Just the textured look I need for a special project. THX!!

  24. I saw this on Pinterest and the description intrigued me. Had to come take a look. This is so cool! I will definitely have to give this one a try. Thanks for sharing this!

  25. Cool! Have to try this! Thanks for the excitement and sharing!

  26. great idea....I'm off to try it now!!!

  27. This sounds sooooo much fun,i will have to try straight away......thank you for sharing...........Mags

  28. Thanks for the teachable moment! I pinned it so I could remember it!

  29. I tried this a few months ago and it came out great! On one of my tags I used a teeny, tiny amount of glitter on the wet glue - awesome!,

  30. FANTASTICALLY AWESOME!!! even years later. Thank you for the instructions.

  31. Hello! I came across your awesome technique on Pinterest. Then I snooped around and saw that you are a Cubbie fan, too! I am a die-hard: been one since I saw the first game on TV with my dad back in 1984. :)
    I am happily your newest follower! Thanks for sharing your technique. Hugs!

  32. thanks for the tip!!!

  33. saw this pinned on Pinterest and had to take a look It's brilliant

  34. Thank you, for this genius idea. I can't wait to try it. It will be great fun. I pinned your idea in Pinterest too. I hope that many other people will receive great inspiration, like me!

  35. Can you stamp effectively on top of the areas that have glue?

  36. Wow! Love it and will do!
    Thanks for sharing! 🌹


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