Monday, March 31, 2008

Ink Blending Tool # 5 - Burnt Edges

Today brings us to the half way point on our Ink Blending Tool Top Ten Techniques - Burnt Edges. Another of my favorite techniques that you can create with the Ink Blending Tool!

Just a note before we begin. You will need 3 colors of ink for this technique. One light shade for the inner most shaded area, a darker shade of ink for the center color and either black or dark brown for the outter edges. The color combinations are totally up to you...I have tried this technique with many many color combos from monchormatics to combinations you'd never expect to find together. It's totally up to you...experiment and have fun! After all, that's what it's all about :)


Distress Inks (or Dye Inks) - Ranger
Ink Blending Tool & Foam - Ranger
Non Stick Craft Mat - Ranger
Distressing Tool - Tonic
Cardstock - Ranger


1. Dab the lightest (inner most) color of ink onto the Ink Blending Foam and apply to the panel. Apply the ink in the same circular motion we've been using the last several days. Note: You are going to work your ink in towards the center as far as desired. As you will see in the examples below I worked the ink in to make a 1 - 2" border all the way to entire piece. For this example I worked the ink in about 2".

2. Now it's time to apply the second color to your panel. You will apply your ink in circular motions just as before. This layer will only hit the corners heavily and 1/2" in around the rest of the cardstock.

3. It's time to apply the final color to the edges. I used my favorite Distress Ink color - Walnut Stain. You will apply it using the Ink & Drag edging technique. Basically you run the edge of your panel over the ink pad, lay the cardstock down and using the Ink Blending Tool drag the ink towards the center of the card. Make sure to apply a heavier coat to the corners for a more natural "burnt" look.

4. Now it's time to rough it up a bit! Take a distressing tool and scrape all of the edges until you're satisfied they look ragged enough for you. I like to get them pretty damaged for a really nice worn look. Tonic's Tim Holtz disressing tool is shown but you can use whatever you have on hand. I also like the Making Memories distressing tool. It has a longer blade and can really get a good bite on the cardstock.

Now, you're going to notice alot of white may be showing along the distressed edges. You can leave it as is or you can go back over it and add more of your final ink color (black or brown). I usually go over it again to get rid of the white for a more finished even look.

Your cardstock is now officially "Burnt!" Time to put it to some good use :)

~ Mom ~

Photo image - Fire Cracker Designs; clock face, key - SU!; rub-ons - K & Co.

And here are some additional examples of the Burnt Edge Technique....enjoy!
All of the following examples were made using Distress Inks and the Ink Blending Tool.
Stamp credits are listed by each example.

~ Love You ~
Background script, wings - Stampers Anonymous; Flourishes & Sentiment - Fiskars; Couple - Unknown; Chipboard heart - hand cut.

~ Hot Stuff ~
Dress Forms - Lost Coast Designs; Rub-ons - K&Co
~ Create Yourself ~
Woman Pattern (center blue panel) & Sentiment - Stampers Anonymous; remaining images - B-Line Designs; Vintage Sewing Ephemera - my collection.

~ Love Conquers All ~
Wings - Stampers Anonymous; Flourishes - Fancy Pants; Sentiment - Autumn Leaves; Rub-on couple - unknown; Denim - my husbands jeans
Another fun technique you can add to your collection :) I hope you give it a try and if you do, remember you can share your creations here by adding a link in the comments section or e-mail a photo of your creation and I will post it on the blog for you!

I know it's Monday but have a WONDERFUL day!!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Beeswax Rubber Stamps

Today's rubber stamp site is Beeswax Rubber Stamps! Where to begin...this place is amazing! They have got a HUGE collection of stamps in such a wide variety of themes - it's hard to choose what to tell you about and what to let you find on your own!

Let's start with their GIGANTIC collection of landscape stamps! It is simply amazing...they have page after page of natural elements to help you create your own little rubber landscape. From the sun & moon to trees, palms, ferns, various grassy pieces to flowers, cactus right on up to hills, mountains and waterways!! From what I see you could create just about ANY landscape you could dream up with their collection!

Then there are their people....from cowboys and indians, princes & princesses to sweet innocent looking children (are there such a thing???) to men & women....from ancient times right up to a spaceman!! I do have an odd favorite male image...he's bent over ready to pitch a shovel full of ????? Well, I think that's for the stamper to decide ;) LOL!!!

In addition to all of those stamps they have catagories for animals, fairies & angels, egyptian, asian and more!!!

There is just so many cool stamps to see here you'll definately want to set aside some time when you can sort through it all :) Hope you enjoy checking them out!!

Happy Day

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Swap Poll

Hey Everyone!

I posted a poll to see if anyone is interested in a swap if I hosted one here on my blog. If you are, please let me know what you'd like to swap...I have 4 choices but if you have a different preference, please let me know, I think I can add more options.

Anyone can play...USA, Canada & more :)


What everyone is making/trading...

Have you given any thought to what everyone is trading, making recently? I didn't until I was looking through a craft forum the other day and was blown away by all the different goodies people are sharing with each other. I knew ATC's were very popular and I've been trading them for a while now. I had heard of inchies but never participated in a swap for those...well, these are JUST the beginning!!!!

I went in search of and here is a list of what I came up with.....If you know of other artys goodies out there that people are making and trading please let me know, I'd be happy to add it to the list!

ATC's - Artist Trading Cards - 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" - only requirements, must be traded not sold and you have to sign your work. Now, some swaps are for specific themes and such but for the most part, they are just little pieces of random art.

Dominoes - varied sizes. Yep, people are decorating and trading all sizes and shapes of these critters! Not sure what they do with them all but I'm sure they would make a beautiful display when they are through.

Envelope Books - varied sizes. This sounds like such fun to me...I would love to get into (or host) one of these swaps. To make an envelope book everyone in the group decides on the size of envelope they want to swap, each person decorates an envelope and single cardstock panel that fits inside the envelope with a different theme. Everyone who participates ends up with one envelope of each theme. The resulting books can be bound however each person desires! I'm thinkin it sounds like lots of fun!

Fat Books (Pages) - 4" x 4" - Fat Books tiny scrapbooks that are usually made by joining a group. Each week someone will post a specific theme that each of you are supposed to work on that week/month (depending on how your swaps are set up). You make enough pages for everyone in that group and trade. By the end of the swap you'll have a "Fat Book" full of cool lay-outs.

Gothic Arches - varied shapes & sizes. Another cool ATC type of altered art. The blog Gothic Arches posts a new challenge each Sunday to get you creating. Be sure to check it out....they also have links to various templates for making your own Gothic Arch base.

Hidden Depths - 5" x 5" (starting size) - 2" x 5" (folded) - This is a really great idea thought up by Simon on the Craft Swap Forum. Check out this link to his instructions... Hidden Depths. Basically, you decorate the inside and outside of a card using the same theme but you decorate the outside of the card in one style and the inside in a different style! How cool is that!! I'm very excited about this and can't wait to give it a try :)

Inchies - 1" x 1" squares. I've never participated in a swap for these but I'm thinking about jumping into one somewhere. They look like fun!

Moo's - 70mm x 28mm - No laughing now - this is for real!! These are tiny little canvases that can be made just like ATC's or Skinnies. Just another fun and challenging piece of art. Here is a Moo Challenge site I found....Make a Moo or Two :)

Skinny's - 3" x 5" - these remind me of cabinet cards from the old days. Basically, they are ATC's on steriods. There is a great blog that offers up challenges each Saturday - Check it out....
Sarah's Skinny Saturday Challenge!! I believe I'm going to give them a try :)

So there you have it...quite a list to work off of.
Maybe some afternoon when you've hit a creative block;
you're creative Muse is on vacation
or maybe you just can't get motivated
give one of these a try!
Be sure to check in tomorrow when I'll share another great stamping site/designer with you :)
Now, go get inky!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Hi to all my non-United States Friends!!

Wow! I was just looking to see where everyone was coming from today and only 56% of people were from the US....

I see lots and lots of friends from the UK, Singapore and Australia!!

Hi Everyone!! Welcome, welcome :) Please feel free to post a little something and let us know where you come from and a link to your blog if you like! You all can participate in the Inkssentials Pigment Pen Give Away too!! I'll send the pens anywhere...well, anywhere on Earth that is ;)

Have a wonderful day Friends
Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Ink Blending Tool & Alcohol Ink Tool

Several people have asked and e-mailed many questions about the Ink Blending Tool so I thought I'd post some answers here to help...


? - Lots of people are wondering if the Alcohol Ink tool will work in place of the Ink Blending Tool.

! - The answer is yes!! The Ink Blending Tool and Alcohol Ink tools are basically the same animal ~ both have a Velcro hook type material attached to the bottom and the Ink Blending Foams will attach to either tool.


? - Will the Cut & Dry Foam Pads attach on the Ink Blending Tool if I just cut it up into small pieces?

! - No, the Cut & Dry Foam Pad has a different type backing than the Ink Blending Tool Foams have. They will not stick to the Ink Blending Tool Handle.


? - Can I just use the Cut & Dry Foam Pad instead of the Ink Blending Tool & Foam to create the same techniques?

! - Yes and no... I know that's not the answer you were looking for but it's true. You will be able to recreate SOME of the Ink Blending Tool techniques using cut up pieces of Cut & Dry Foam Pad but it's going to be very difficult.

You will be able to use the Cut & Dry Foam for the edging techniques fairly easily. When you get into the more complicated techniques you will have a difficult time controlling the ink. You will also get pressure points from using the Cut & Dry Foam that are eliminated by using the Ink Blending Tool & Foams. You will loose that smooth flawless transition from color to color as well.


People are having a hard time finding the Ink Blending Tool & Foams and are asking where to find it in stock. Here are a few web-sites that have found which have it in stock (at this moment)....


UK -

I'm still looking for stores that have it and will update as I find them :)

Hope this helps answer some questions you might have about the Ink Blending Tool. If you have a question I haven't covered, please feel free to ask. I'm always happy to help when and where I can!

Ink Blending Tool # 4 - Spritz & Flick

I know I've said this before but I really LOVE this technique! When I first learned it out at Ranger I was SOOOOO excited...the look it creates is just amazing and it is soooooo very easy. You will just not believe it!! If you've kept up with the other techniques I've shared you're ready to give this a try because the base for the technique is the same as the last two techniques.

Just a note before we begin...when I was taught this technique we were shown it using Distress Inks because they are stable when used with water. I have tried it using other dye inks and have had mixed results. The problem with regular dye inks is the ink tends to separate when water is added so you're never quite sure what the results will may end up with a green or brownish hue that you didn't bargain for. I don't mind this because it's just an added bit of distressing but sometimes you may not want a funky unexpected color popping up on some of your projects. So, if you don't mind it I say go for other inks and experiment but if you have a specific color scheme in mind then stick with the Distress Inks. They work beautifully with this technique every time!


Ink Blending Tool & Foams - Ranger
Distress Inks - Ranger
Mini Mister filled w/water - Ranger
Non-Stick Craft Sheet - Ranger
Cardstock - Bazzill


1. Apply inks using ink blending tool in circular motions. Use any color combination desired. The example was made using Faded Jeans and Broken China Distress Inks.

2. Spritz a few shots of water into your hand.

3. Now, flick it onto your inked piece of cardstock. Let the water stand on the ink for several seconds until you start to see the watermarks form. Usually around 10-20 seconds.

4. Dab the extra water off the cardstock and examine your results. If desired repeat steps 2-4 until you have achieved the desired look. Let dry.

You will end up with something like this....

Now, how easy was that? Your fun and funky background paper is ready to use!! Below are some additional examples of color combinations and finished cards using this technique.

Color combo - Mustard Seed, Spiced Marmalade, Peeled Paint

Thank You

Additional Supplies - Images - Fiskars; Inkssentials White Pigment Pen & Stickles - Ranger

Color Combo - Worn Lipstick & Dusty Concord

True Love

Additional Supplies - Flourish - Paper Studio; Image - Inkadinkadoo; Rub-On Sentiment - Creative Imaginations; Heart - unknown.

Color Combo - Faded Jeans, Scattered Straw & Vintage Photo

Additional Supplies - Weed - Stampers Anonymous; Sentiment - Wordswroth; Copper Stickles - Ranger

So there you have technique # 4 in my Top Ten Favorite Ink Blending Tool Techniques!! Give it a try and let me know what you think :)
Happy Friday!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ink Blending Tool # 3 - Multi Color Gradient Background Pt. II

Just a couple more examples of cards made using IBT #3 - Multi-Color Gradient Backgrounds. Again, these are the same techniques used with the IBT #2 - Monochromatic Gradient Backgrounds, just implimenting a wider variety of colors on one project.

Spring is in the Air
Supplies: Distress Inks, Archival Ink, Stickles - Ranger; Stamps - Autumn Leaves; Cardstock - Bazzill

Everything happens....
Supplies - Distress Inks, Archival Ink, Stickles - Ranger; Images - Fancy Pants & Fiskars; Sentiment - Stampers Anonymous; Cardstock - Bazzill

Tommorrow we'll be moving on to another of my favorite techniques using the Ink Blending Tool - Spritz & Flick! It is so much fun and the results are never the same....hope to see you here :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Inkssentials White Pigment Pen vs. Signo & Galaxy

Going to take a break from the Ink Blending Tool today and answer a few questions on Ranger's new Inkssentials White Pigment pen.

I've gotten several questions about the pen it's self and how it compairs to the Signo from Uni-Ball & Galaxy Marker from American Crafts. Well, rather than tell you what I think, I'm going to show you instead. I pulled lots of different types of paper from my scrap basket and tried all three pens side by side. You will be able to see for yourself the difference between each pen.

Just a few things to keep in mind. I did not start on a scrap piece then write my words, I simply uncapped the pen and wrote on each piece of paper. I wanted to show how the pen performed immediately, right off the bat. I would suggest that you always start any pen on a scrap piece of paper when you're using it "for real" so you don't mess up a great project with a finishing touch.

So, here you go.....

Inexpensive Wal-Mart type cardstock
Die Cuts With A View Cardstock
observations: for some reason inks seem to soak into this paper.

Mulberry Paper

Bazzill Cardstock

Club Scrap Cardstock

Bazzill Bling Cardstock
(sorry - my camera has a hard time photographing the bling cs.)

Writing over Eggplant Acrylic Dabber Paints.

Writing over Denim Adirondack Dye Inks.

Writing over Distress Inks.

Writing over Adirondack Alcohol Inks & Stamping

Writing over Copper Acrylic Dabber Paint.

Writing over Distress Ink/Ink Blending Tool Technique.

Light Colored Pattern Paper

Well, there you have it!
Side by side results.
I'll leave it up to you to decide which pen you'd rather use.
I know that personally once I used the Inkssentials Pen I'm not going to miss my Signo (or the frustrations) of using it!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ink Blending Tool # 3 - Multi Color Gradient Backgrounds

I want to thank everyone for their good wishes & prayers for my puppy...Fidget had his 1 week check up after his surgery today and things are going well! The stitches are still in place and things looked fine. So far so good! We go back next week to have to stitches out and see if the lesions on his eyes have healed.

Today's Ink Blending Technique - #3 Multi-Color Gradient Blending....This technique is done in the same manner as Tech. # 2 (Part I & Part II)- Monochromatic Gradient Blending but with multiple colors of ink.


Ink Blending Tool & Foam - Ranger
Distress Inks - Ranger
Non-Stick Craft Sheet - Ranger
Cardstock (ATC's)


The basic difference between this technique and #2 is that you will be using 1 piece of Ink Blending Foam for each color. Once you have applied your first color, simply remove the foam and replace with the next piece.

NOTE: Don't discard the foams, they may be reused numerous times. I like to keep one piece of Ink Blending Foam per color family...reds (& pinks); Oranges; Yellows, etc. I keep one for Black and one for Browns as well. I have been using the same foams for over a year now and they are all still going strong!! They may also be washed if desired....I never have done it but they are durable enough to go through the wash :)

Since this technique is very similar to IBT #2 I will mainly be sharing examples of finished projects. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask...

Supplies - Distress Inks - Scattered Straw, Spiced Marmalade; Aged Mahogany, Stickles, Archival Ink - Jet Black - Ranger; Fairy - Delta

Mona's Secret

Supplies - Distress Ink - Peeled Paint, Dusty Concord, Broken China, Archival Jet Black Ink - Ranger; Stamps - Lost Coast Designs.

Supplies - Distress Ink - Scattered Straw, Broken China, Peeled Paint, Archival Ink - Jet Black - Ranger; Image - Stampington; Charms & Fabric - Unknown

Supplies - Distress Ink - Shabby Shutters, Dusty Concord, Faded Jeans, Archival Ink - Jet Black - Ranger; Image - Stampers Anonymous; Words - Fiskars; Brads- Bazzill

Hope you enjoy these examples and give it a try :)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Inkssentials White Pigment Pen Give Away!!

Did you happen to notice that I used the new Inkssentials White Pigment Pen from Ranger on one of today's examples??? Well if you did, good for you ~ you've got sharp eyes :) I received my supply late last week and couldn't wait to give it a try.
Now, I'm not the best doodler in the world so you can't hold that against the pen - LOL!! I know I know... how hard can doodling be? It's very difficult for me for some reason. This is my first attempt at playing with them AND doodling free-hand.
Anyway, bad doodling aside, the pen is way cool and I thought I'd share one with you! All you have to do is post a comment on any of the 10 Ink Blending Tool Techniques I posted last week or will be posting the rest of this month and your name will be put into the hat! The more you post the more chances you have. When I finish up with #10, I'll draw out 3 lucky winners who will each receive their own Inkssentials White Pen :)
So, let the posting begin!

Ink Blending Tool # 2 - Monochromatic Gradient Backgrounds Continued

Continuing with Ink Blending Tool Technique # 2 - Monochromatic Gradient Backgrounds we will again be working with the same supplies as previously discussed. The Ink Blending Tool & Foam, three coordinating colors of ink and cardstock.

I choose to use inks from Ranger' Adirondack Line of Inks because all of the guess work is done for me. Today's color family includes Eggplant, Purple Twilight and Cool Peri.

Star Burst -

This has got to be one of my favorite techniques using the IBT. I LOVE the highlight effect it gives and it's PERFECT for cards, ATCs, scrapbooks, you name it.

1. You will be working from lightest to darkest colors as usual. Start by pouncing the IBT into Cool Peri and apply it in a circular fashion to the center of your card. (Note- I'm starting in the center on the example but once you're comfortable with this technique you can move your focal point area off center to the left, right, up or down. It's just easier to learn working in the center for now.)

2. Once you're satisfied with your beginning color, ink the same foam with the 2nd color, in this case Purple Twilight. Start by applying ink around the edge of the original Cool Peri circle of ink. When you're applying the ink be sure to blend the edges where the two meet for a smooth transition. This layer of ink should get darker the farther you move from the Cool Peri center as shown.

3. Finish off the background by using the darkest of the three inks, Eggplant in the example. Again, pay particular attention to blend the inks well where the Purple Twilight and Eggplant inks meet.

To finish this off I like to edge the cardstock in the darkest ink. Simply run the edge of the cardstock over the ink pad and smooth using the IBT.

Below is a finished card using this technique.

Happy Day!
Supplies: Adirondack Dye Ink - Cool Peri, Purple Twilight, Eggplant, Archival Ink - Jet Black, Inkssentials White Pigment Pen - Ranger; Bird image - October Afternoon; Sentiment - Fiskars; Flourish - Autumn Leaves; Cardstock - Bazzill

Color Chaos -

This technique is totally free-style. It can be whatever you dream up... You simply layer colors again working lightest to darkest and blend the colors along the way.

1. Apply the lightest color where ever you desire. Remember to work in continuous circular motions.

2. Apply the next shade right next to the first blending the edges as you go.

3. Finally add the third and final color next to the previous. Edge the cardstock with the darkest color for a finished look.

His & Hers
Supplies: Adirondack Dye Ink - Cool Peri, Purple Twilight, Eggplant, Posh Accent Pen - Gold - Ranger; Flourish image - The Paper Studio; His & Hers Rub-On - Creative Imaginations; Dresden Trim - The German Country Store; Cardstock - Bazzill
So, there you have it....a couple more Ink Blending Tool Techniques to tuck under your belt. Tomorrow I'll be working with the third technique - Multi Color Gradient Backgrounds. It's basically the same as this is but you have to pay particular attention to the blending of colors.
Hope you have a wonderful day and go ink something up ;)