Thursday, June 27, 2013

This Way and That Flip Album - Easy Assembly Directions

I've had a couple requests to show exactly how all of the pages for the This Way and That Flip Album go together.  I usually work on all of my pages first then assemble but I guess that can be confusing.  I thought I'd make it easy and assemble an album with various color papers so you could see where each piece goes.

You're going to start by cutting and scoring the following pieces of cardstock:

**Cut one sheet of cardstock 12" x 8"
Score as follows:  2.25"; 2.75"; 9.25"; 9.75"
(Dark Red in the Example)

**Cut one sheet 6.5 x 8"
**Cut one sheet 6.25" x 8"
(Light Red)
**Cut 3 sheets of cardstock exactly the same -
 (3) - 12 x 7.75"
Score each sheet at 3" & 9"
**Cut 2 sheets of cardstock 5.5" x 9.5"
Score both sheets of cardstock at 2"
so you end up with a sheet of cardstock that is 2" + 7.5" total.
To Assemble the outer portion of the album -
Dark red album base -
This Way and That RWB Album Assembly 001
Take the 6.5 x 8" sheet of light red cardstock and affix it to the left side flap of the dark red cardstock base.
This Way and That RWB Album Assembly 003

This Way and That RWB Album Assembly 004
Now take the smaller light red sheet of cardstock and glue it to the right side flap of the dark red cardstock base.
This Way and That RWB Album Assembly 005
Your base should look like this....
(set it aside for now)
This Way and That RWB Album Assembly 006
Assemble the inside pages:
Next, take all three of the white pages and align them as so:
This Way and That RWB Album Assembly 007
You now have 6 flaps aligned in a row.
Glue the flaps that touch together - flaps 2 & 3 and flaps 4 & 5.
This Way and That RWB Album Assembly 008
You should now have 4 flaps as shown.
This Way and That RWB Album Assembly 009

It folds shut as follows:
The two center flaps fold in towards the center first

This Way and That RWB Album Assembly 010

then the right side folds in...

This Way and That RWB Album Assembly 011

and finally the left side folds in.
(sorry for the blurry pic)

This Way and That RWB Album Assembly 012
Open all of the pages back up so you're at the very center of the pages.
Take one of the blue pages and apply adhesive to the 2" flap.
Align this page so it is centered on the very back page. 
This Way and That RWB Album Assembly 013
Glue the flap of the blue page to the back side of the back page as shown.
This Way and That RWB Album Assembly 015
Using the second blue page center, align and affix it on the bottom of the back page.
This Way and That RWB Album Assembly 016
And here are what the pages look all opened up.
This Way and That RWB Album Assembly 017
Fold the entire set of pages up and glue them to the album base.
This Way and That RWB Album Assembly 018
Here's what it looks like all folded up ready to be decorated...
This Way and That RWB Album Assembly 019
And here it is fully opened up.
This Way and That RWB Album Assembly 020
That is how you assemble all the parts and pieces
to this very unique album!
I hope this helps explain where all of the various parts and pieces go.
It really is very easy once you make your first album.
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This Way and That Flip Album?
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Good Luck Everyone!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

June "Hopes" Club Scrap Blog Hop

Welcome to June's

This month we are using the "Hopes" Kit.

I was really inspired by the colors and designs of this kit, the earthy tones and retro designs got me to thinking of the 70's.  I don't know why but I also thought of a "Jacob's Ladder" toy we used to play with during that time period so I figured why not...  I'll make a Jacob's Ladder album/book and that's just what I did!

this way and that album 001
Normally folks use coasters for the base of their Jacob's Ladder albums but they are pretty small so I decided to enlarge it a bit and cut my chipboard pieces 5.5" square.   That gives you a nice space to really work with. 
this way and that album 009
All of the materials to make this album were from the kit with the addition of the chipboard and the ribbon used to tie it all together which is actually seam binding that I dyed to match the colors in the kit.
I used Pumice Stone Distress Ink, Sepia and Monarch Archival Inks for all of the stamping.
this way and that album 008
These albums are so much fun to make once you figure out the ribbons.  That is the whole key to a successful Jacob's Ladder.  My first attempt didn't go so well but since they I have learned to flip those ribbons back and forth each and every time.
When the pages are flipped one way the ribbons show up like this....
this way and that album 010
When you flip it the other way, the pages and ribbon flip flop!
Wild huh?
this way and that album 011
Would you like to win this album?
All you have to do is leave a comment with some way for me to contact you in case you win!
I'll be drawing the winner next Wednesday 7-3-13!
Good Luck
"Hope" you win!!
When I was finished with the album, I even had enough paper to make several more cards for Operation Write Home....
this way and that album 012
this way and that album 013
this way and that album 014
this way and that album 015
I hope you've enjoyed this stop on your journey through the hop...
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Thanks so much for stopping by!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

This Way and That - Steampunk Spells

Continuing with the This Way and That Flip Album....

Since most of the inside pages were finished I went to work on the front cover and flaps.  As I mentioned before it's best to work on each page individually before assembling them so I went to work on the cover of the album.

All of the pattern papers are from G45's Steampunk Spells...

SS Album 006

I cut a few of the pumpkin balloons out of one of the papers...

SS Album 007

These are two of the stamps for the SS line ~ it's a scroll and the saying.  I stamped on white cardstock then inked it up.

SS Album 008

I wanted to show you that if you dry emboss an image on one or both sides you can really turn a flat boring image into a really cool dimensional embellishment.

I started off by embossing on the back where I thought the scroll might puff out...  I used the image for hits to guide me, for example on the end where the paper is still "rolled up", and where the little lines  seem to indicate movement, I embossed in those areas as well.

SS Album 009

I then flipped it over and embossed other area so they went towards the back.  As a final touch I used my bone fold and drew lines in to add definition.  In this example you can see one along the rolled paper side of the scroll.

SS Album 012

I did the same thing for this image which was cut out of another sheet of pattern paper.

SS Album 014

I wanted to include a clock on the cover as well so I painted this clock from Leaky Shed ~ (it's made out of chipboard) using Copper Distress Paint.  Once it was dry I went back and colored the numerals with a black Sharpie.

SS Album 016

I also painted and added one of their small gears from their Watch Parts collection.

SS Album 017

I then added the dry embossed scroll

SS Album 018

And the Steampunk Woman....

SS Album 019

I then attached the cover to the album base.  You can see the embossed details on the woman and scroll much better in the finished photo. 

SS Album 034
I then created the lay-out for the back side of the cover and affixed it to the cover and base....   and made the 2nd flip page and attached it to the right side of the base.

SS Album 027
This page has a nifty lift flap that reveals some hidden Steampunk Spells, more gears and a couple wood clock faces.  The scroll at the bottom was another that I stamped and inked.  Matches the pattern paper ones pretty well huh?
SS Album 029
Finally I made the inside page for the right side panel and attached it to the base as well.  The blank space in the center will hold the three part set of pages I shared yesterday.
SS Album 038
Only a few more pages to create and the album will be done!

Monday, June 24, 2013

This Way and That Flip Album Continued

O.k... if you recall we were working on the three inside foldable pages.  I wanted to do a bit of sewing on my pages BUT my machine didn't work and I broke my last needle.  Well, today I went over to the shop and stitched up all of my pages on one of DH's industrial machines. 

SS Album 024

O.k. this is the center set of the 3 pages.  We'll call it "B" since it's the middle set of pages..  The balloons will actually be the last page in the album once all of the pages have been flipped open.  No need to decorate on the back of that page  or on the back sides of the small flaps.  Those flaps will get glued to A & C pages that we started to work on last week.

SS Album 032

The balloon bit opens so you can add a picture or whatever beneath.

SS Album 033

Now to work on A & C sets of pages.  The inner most flaps will be glued to the backs of the flap on the B set of pages.  Since they will be joined together I covered them with two strips of pattern paper from the Steampunk Spells line of paper, that I measured and cut as one piece. 

SS Album 002

Over that set of flaps I mounted this fun advertisement piece from the set of papers.   I glued it to the flap on the A page set so it will open to the left.

SS Album 003

I covered the two outside flaps on both A & C with black cardstock and a strip of pattern paper.  I am still deciding on what to add to those flaps as embellishments.

SS Album 004 SS Album 005

Now that all three pages have been completed minus final embellishments they are ready to piece together.  To do so line up your sets of pages in alpha order - A, B & C all flaps closed. 

I like to apply the adhesive to the back side of  B's flaps but you could do it however you like.  Press the sets of flaps from A & B together and then B & C. 

SS Album 025

You will now have a long line of pages and flaps.

SS Album 030

This shows the outer flaps on A & C open. 
The two inside flaps (Potions & Charms) will open to reveal the set of "B" pages with the balloons & pocket flaps.

SS Album 031

Whew, I hope that's understandable...