Thursday, June 20, 2013

This Way and That Album/book - Inside Pages

Do you ever just have one of those days where things just don't go as planned?
Well, today was one of those for me...
Long story short is I didn't get nearly far enough on these pages but I'll share what I have.

So, for this album I usually start working on the three center fold out pages.  These are the pages that will make up the majority of the album and are the most intricate because some pages will be decorated on both sides while others won't.

For my initial layer I knew I wanted to add some embossed skulls so I started off by pouncing some embossing ink over my Andy Skinner Skullduggery stencil.

To emboss this image I am going to be using Weathered White Antiquities EP from Ranger.
I like this EP because it's not a bright, in-your-face kind of white, it' has more of a vintage, creamy feel to it and as a bonus it's also got a bit of a texture to it.

So, I went ahead and sprinkled, heated and embossed.

and here is my first side. 
Notice I didn't place them right on the fold line...
I don't think any EP will last very well on a tight crease like that so keep that in mind when you're adding embossed images to these pages.

And here is my other set of outside pages.

I then went ahead and inked them up with a combination of 3-4 different spray inks. 
I wanted the depth and variations of several sprays to add interest and the layered feel.

Here are both outside sets...

Which will sandwich the center set of folded pages that I inked with a mix of Old Paper Distress Ink (that I mixed into a spray) and a Glimmer Mist - Wheat I think.

Now for my center set of pages I wanted to add pockets to each of the flaps so I cut some pattern paper to fit,

and I used a small strip of Red Line Tape to the bottom of each strip and mounted them to each flap.

At this point, the idea was to stitch around the outside edges of each set of papers to turn them into pockets. 
WELL, as chance would have it my machine was out of time,
I snapped off the needle and don't have any more to replace it with.
My industrial sewing machine repair man husband was out in the field making hay
my machine is broke and I can't go any further until he fixes it.

(Isn't there some saying about the cobblers kids always go bare foot?!?!)

Anyway, that's all I've got for you today.
I'm hoping he's got some needles in his van so I can get back to work on these pages but if not, I'll have to go the (gulp) hand sewn route - Eeek!!!

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  1. Sewing machines never co-operate when you are short of time. Those skulls look great


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