Tuesday, June 25, 2013

This Way and That - Steampunk Spells

Continuing with the This Way and That Flip Album....

Since most of the inside pages were finished I went to work on the front cover and flaps.  As I mentioned before it's best to work on each page individually before assembling them so I went to work on the cover of the album.

All of the pattern papers are from G45's Steampunk Spells...

SS Album 006

I cut a few of the pumpkin balloons out of one of the papers...

SS Album 007

These are two of the stamps for the SS line ~ it's a scroll and the saying.  I stamped on white cardstock then inked it up.

SS Album 008

I wanted to show you that if you dry emboss an image on one or both sides you can really turn a flat boring image into a really cool dimensional embellishment.

I started off by embossing on the back where I thought the scroll might puff out...  I used the image for hits to guide me, for example on the end where the paper is still "rolled up", and where the little lines  seem to indicate movement, I embossed in those areas as well.

SS Album 009

I then flipped it over and embossed other area so they went towards the back.  As a final touch I used my bone fold and drew lines in to add definition.  In this example you can see one along the rolled paper side of the scroll.

SS Album 012

I did the same thing for this image which was cut out of another sheet of pattern paper.

SS Album 014

I wanted to include a clock on the cover as well so I painted this clock from Leaky Shed ~ (it's made out of chipboard) using Copper Distress Paint.  Once it was dry I went back and colored the numerals with a black Sharpie.

SS Album 016

I also painted and added one of their small gears from their Watch Parts collection.

SS Album 017

I then added the dry embossed scroll

SS Album 018

And the Steampunk Woman....

SS Album 019

I then attached the cover to the album base.  You can see the embossed details on the woman and scroll much better in the finished photo. 

SS Album 034
I then created the lay-out for the back side of the cover and affixed it to the cover and base....   and made the 2nd flip page and attached it to the right side of the base.

SS Album 027
This page has a nifty lift flap that reveals some hidden Steampunk Spells, more gears and a couple wood clock faces.  The scroll at the bottom was another that I stamped and inked.  Matches the pattern paper ones pretty well huh?
SS Album 029
Finally I made the inside page for the right side panel and attached it to the base as well.  The blank space in the center will hold the three part set of pages I shared yesterday.
SS Album 038
Only a few more pages to create and the album will be done!


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!