Monday, June 3, 2013

Blackened Canvas Art

O.k.... I don't really know if there is a name for this type of art but I'm going to call it Blackened Canvas for now since most of the time they have a black layer in the mix.  I've been intrigued by the combinations of texture, black and metallic paints but have yet to try one so I figured now as a good a time as any.

What am I talking about?  Well, Andy Skinner is the first place I saw them or something similar to them.  His is I'm sure lots of complicated techniques because many of his pieces are cast but the texture is AMAZING!

Similar art.....

DSC02411 back resize

art from Mark Perry - The Male Crafter...

Mark actually made a series of videos sharing how he created this very canvas - Mark Perry Canvas.
He also had some cool techniques but unfortunately some of the supplies (the modeling paste & glue) is from England.  I tried a few combinations of various modeling paste and glues but nothing got the same chemical reaction that his did.

Anyway, now that you know the look we're going for, I thought I'd show you my take on things....

First, instead of a canvas I'm working on an old game board.  You know how I like to recycle "stuff" into art.

and I'm also going to use pattern tissue paper as my initial layer of texture.

First I started off by adding a bit of collage medium ~ I like Collage Pauge but you could use Mod Podge or even white glue (like Elmers).

Next I crumbled up the paper and pressed it into the glue.  I made sure I left lots and lots of wrinkles since texture is the key to this art.

I used my heat tool to dry it quickly.

Trim off the excess tissue...

Then I tore up a facial tissue (you could use TP as well) and a cotton ball. 
I know, sounds weird but stick with me here.

Next I applied more glue where I wanted to add the facial tissue bits. 
Then I added bits of the facial tissue and dabbed on a bit more glue

I did the same thing with the shredded cotton ball.

Next I used an Andy Skinner stencil to create a couple dimensional textured pieces using modeling paste.

and in the corner I used a piece of punchenella to add more texture. 
Finally I used my finger to apply more modeling paste around the cotton ball area (just because it looked lonely up there).

 And here is where I'm going to leave it dry over night.
Just to be sure the under layers of glue have completely dried before I move on with more layers of glue.


  1. This is so cool! Thanks for putting together a tutorial. :)

  2. Oh, wow! I'm definitely going to visit the sites you included! Hey, I don't know what all is in the modeling paste you are using, but I have an inexpensive alternative. My Mom and I have been playing with a substance called Artist's Cement from Art Quest. It's really cool stuff. However, rather expensive. A friend of mine (a contractor) recommended another substance that would work the same way - you can sand after it dries, mix acrylic paint in to color it, paint after it dries, whatever! (Just don't inhale it) It comes in powder form, so you can mix up a small batch at a time. It is....joint compound. I bought some at Lowe's called Easy Sand, with a drying time of 90 minutes. It cost around 7$ for an 18 lb. bag. I love using a stencil (like you did) and then painting over it and making a neat canvas. My church has what we call Family Camp each year and I was in charge of coming up with a craft for the 20 or so teen girls we had this year. They loved it! For our canvases, we used the covers of old wallpaper books. Yes, they warp a bit, but with more than 20 people, we needed cheap! We also used the wallpaper samples in the books to over the back of the 'canvas' so that it was attractive, too. It was great!

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  5. Okay, I guess I am stupid. I do not see the finished product and I do not see any sites included in this post.


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