Monday, June 24, 2013

This Way and That Flip Album Continued

O.k... if you recall we were working on the three inside foldable pages.  I wanted to do a bit of sewing on my pages BUT my machine didn't work and I broke my last needle.  Well, today I went over to the shop and stitched up all of my pages on one of DH's industrial machines. 

SS Album 024

O.k. this is the center set of the 3 pages.  We'll call it "B" since it's the middle set of pages..  The balloons will actually be the last page in the album once all of the pages have been flipped open.  No need to decorate on the back of that page  or on the back sides of the small flaps.  Those flaps will get glued to A & C pages that we started to work on last week.

SS Album 032

The balloon bit opens so you can add a picture or whatever beneath.

SS Album 033

Now to work on A & C sets of pages.  The inner most flaps will be glued to the backs of the flap on the B set of pages.  Since they will be joined together I covered them with two strips of pattern paper from the Steampunk Spells line of paper, that I measured and cut as one piece. 

SS Album 002

Over that set of flaps I mounted this fun advertisement piece from the set of papers.   I glued it to the flap on the A page set so it will open to the left.

SS Album 003

I covered the two outside flaps on both A & C with black cardstock and a strip of pattern paper.  I am still deciding on what to add to those flaps as embellishments.

SS Album 004 SS Album 005

Now that all three pages have been completed minus final embellishments they are ready to piece together.  To do so line up your sets of pages in alpha order - A, B & C all flaps closed. 

I like to apply the adhesive to the back side of  B's flaps but you could do it however you like.  Press the sets of flaps from A & B together and then B & C. 

SS Album 025

You will now have a long line of pages and flaps.

SS Album 030

This shows the outer flaps on A & C open. 
The two inside flaps (Potions & Charms) will open to reveal the set of "B" pages with the balloons & pocket flaps.

SS Album 031

Whew, I hope that's understandable... 

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