Thursday, February 21, 2019

It's Hip to be Square

Hello my inky friends...

The current challenge over at the Lost Coast Designs blog is

Use a square somewhere on your card - it could be one of the cool square stamps from Carmen's Veranda, a square die-cut, square embellishment, etc. There must be some stamping on the card somewhere though to qualify for the prize!

This is my first creation for this challenge...

Eye (see how I did that - Lol) used the Eye Chart and Eye Chart Square (stamp) for this card. I wanted to keep it fairly monochromatic so I used blues and grey for all of the elements. 

Wouldn't you like to join in on the fun?


Lost Coast Designs - Eye Chart
Carmen's Veranda - Eye Chart Square
Imagine - VersaFine Clair Inks

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Club Scrap Cobblestone Cards

Hello Friends...

I was recently asked to be the guest designer at Club Scrap using their Cobblestone Card Kit!  

Each kit comes with materials to make 12+ cards. There are 3 sets of 4 cards which they provide instructions for making the basic a guest designer we can kick it up a notch or two and do our own thing.  This is what I came up with...

My first card was made using the flip open design that was designed in the kit - I used the stamps and stone stencil for the front and one button instead of two.

The second card was made in the same format but I left off the buttons and turned it on it's side.

My next card was a Z on it's side fold with a little metal leaf charm tucked inside.

I decided to incorporate a flip panel on the get well soon card.
Don't you just love the Cut-A-Parts included in the kit?

The next set of cards were Double Z folds which I decided to spice up a bit...

I wanted to use some embellishments from past kits. I found this lovely canvas tag that took stamping very well using VersaFine Clair Verdant ink. Inside I used a grey envelope and tucked another tag inside.  The stone in the corners was made using the stone stencil and Bronze Creative a wonderful texture and a lovely metallic glow.

I went all out with the stamping on the second Double Z card...  I stamped all sorts of goodies on the grey panel and added a corrugated tag and fancy medallion with a bit of deep blue ribbon to accent the grey.

The next two cards are quite a departure from the Double Z. 
I wanted to keep with the double theme here but made the two panels open opposite of each other.

With a nifty message inside.

I know...this looks nothing at all like the Double Z. I actually used the cream card from the Z to create the brick wall.  It was colored initially with a variety of Brusho Color Crystals then I ran it through a brick embossing folder. I added a few inks on top here and there to create a more realistic look.  A few gold threads and die-cut ivy and you've got yourself a pretty cool looking card.

The final set of cards were new to me...Brick Cards - they actually looked like bricks when they are stood up!  I made the first 2 cards following the directions but with lots more stamping added and a mix and match approach to the Cut-A-Parts.  I also again added embellishments from my stash.

See - a stand up brick...pretty cool huh?

This one was stamped and die-cuts added...

Again for the final 2 cards I veered away from the instructions and did my own thing.
These two cards were what I initially envisioned for the cards...vintage southern charm. I actually made the final two cards with New Orleans in mind.  

The first is a shaker card with the front of a vintage brick home in mind....side walk, stone work, ivy, the whole nine yards.

And this to me is a night on the town.
Stamping, watercolor, and glitter...all rolled into one.

I hope you've enjoyed my version of the Cobblestone Card Kit and find inspiration here and there for your own cards.


Club Scrap - Cobblestone Card Kit & Stamps; Embellishments, Fibers, Tags, etc.
Imagine Crafts - VersaFine Clair Inks, On Point Glue; Tear It! Tape
Sizzix - Die-cuts
Gold Thread
Marabu Aqua Inks
Extra Fine Glitter

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Cole...Sad News

Well I was going to give you all an update post last week and thank everyone again for their generosity by sending all of your lovely hand made cards and goodies. Unfortunately I got really busy at work and failed to do so.  For this I apologize.  He was having a bit of difficulty with his balance and walking because his muscles were weak from the inactivity but he was coming along. I kept hoping that if I waited just a bit more I could give you an update saying he was doing great.

Sadly, I just got word he fell while trying to get into a chair this evening and broke his right leg even worse than his left leg.  They just left the local ER to take him to Fort Wayne...they don't know if he has to have immediate emergency surgery or if he will have to stay in the hospital and wait for the swelling to go down.  I am just heartbroken...  I was instantly sick to my stomach when DS told me what was going on.... 

I again (for the 100th time) read up on osteogenesis imperfecta - a.k.a. brittle bone disease and found out that this is somewhat common.  Once there is a break with down time it weakens the muscles and bones causing other bones to break more than they already do.  Knowing this doesn't make it any easier...  Just beside myself with grief and worry...Please send good thoughts and prayers for the little guy...I'm afraid he's going to need them even more this time.  :(

Eye See You...

I love dragons and dragon movies so when I saw that Katy Sue Designs came out with a set of Dragon molds I know I had to have them.

They are amazing!!!
As soon as they arrived I started work on this tin...

Isn't it amazing? I can't tell you how real the eye looks in person.  

Here is how it was made....

Step 1 - I pulled out my Creative Paperclay and started filling molds. 

Step 2 - Prepare the tin by sanding the top and taping off the bottom of the tin with painters tape.

Step 3 - While the clay was still wet I gently peeled the eye out of the mold and glued it to the lid of the Altoids tin using Aleene's Quick Dry Tacky Glue.

Step 4 - I peeled out bits of the skin mold and began piecing them around the eye on the top of the tin.

Step 5 - As I was piecing the skin around the eye I used flower shaping tools to hide the seams and blend it all together.  I cut away the excess along the edges using an exacto knife.

Step 6 - Let it dry completely...I let mine sit about 24+/- hours. So hard to do because I was so excited.

Step 7 -  Decide on a color scheme and pull desired colors of paint. I wanted to go with a green dragon with a really colorful eye. I looked for info on painting eyes and all I could find was how to paint glass marbles which didn't help at all because they are all painted from the back.  So, I just winged it!

Step 8 - Paint the entire lid black. 

Step 9 - Let the lid dry completely then touch up any nooks and crannies you may have missed on the first pass.


Step 10 - Paint the eye.  Now I mentioned above I couldn't find any good info on how to paint an eye like this so here what I did.  

I knew I wanted to leave the iris black so I only painted the areas to the right and left of the iris. 

I started with a base coat of Extreme Sheen Bronze. 

Once that had dried I painted stripes of 24K Gold Extreme Sheen radiating from the outer corners to the iris on both sides of the eye.

Next I took the smallest ball on my flower shaping tools and started drawing lines of color just like I did above - from the corners of the eye to the iris.  I did NOT allow the paints to dry as I wanted them to blend as I added more and more color.    I used the following colors for this process - Extreme Sheen Sapphire, 24K Gold; Dazzling Metallics - Rich Espresso, Peacock Pearl, and Americana Citron Green.  I layered the colors until I was satisfied with the look.

I then painted red in each of the corner and a gold "frame" around the iris.

Step 11 - After all  of the eye color had dried I filled in the iris with a layer of Liquid Glass and let it dry.

Step 12 - Paint the edges of the eye with Americana Citron Green.

Step 13 - Dry brush Hauser Dark Green over the entire skin area.

Step 14 - Dry brush Citron Green under the eye and around the 4 corners of the tin as highlights.

Step 15 - Fill in the eye with a layer of Liquid Glass and let it dry completely.

Step 16 - Once the eye has dried, rub Lavish Green Metallic Luster over the skin and around the edges of the lid.

A close up of the can really see the color mix in this photo.

 And here he is...
What do you think his name should be?


Katy Sue Designs - Dragon Fantasy Range
Creative Paper Clay 

  • Extreme Sheen - Bronze, 24K Gold, Sapphire
  • Dazzling Metallics - Rich Espresso, Peacock Pearl, Festive Red
  • Americana - Lamp Black, Citron Green, Hauser Dark Green
  • DecoArt Media Liquid Glass
  • Metallic Luster - Lavish Green
Aleene's Quick Dry Tacky Glue
Altoids Tin
Flower Shaping Tools
Exacto Knife
Painters Tape

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day 2019!!!

Won't you be my Valentine?

Hope you have a sweet day my inky friends!

Rose Gold Charming Pink Giraffe

This little beauty was made by stamping the Rubber Cottage Giraffe using Charming Pink VersaFine Clair Ink then coloring with Rose Gold All Purpose Ink.  The background was made by a quick thump of the Shimmer Stix onto white cardstock which created the awesome inky should see the shimmer in person!!

Be Mine Purple Delight Rose Gold Giraffe

My other giraffe Valentine was made by stamping the giraffe using Purple Delight VFC ink and again coloring with Rose Gold API.  The background for this card was made using a heart stencil that I swiped the Rose Gold Shimmer Stick across.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Imagine - All Purpose Ink - Rose  Gold; Shimmer Stix - Rose Gold; VersaFine Clair - Charming Pink, Purple Delight
Rubber Cottage - Sm Giraffe
Joy Clair - Sentiment
Gina Marie - Stencil
MFT - Dies
Cardstock, Waterbrush

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Taco Taco!

You know this year I just can't stop making Valentine's Day cards...
I don't know why, I just am so inspired this year.

This card is made using stamps from Kat Scrappiness - Punny Snacks. There are all sorts of cute "snacks" and punny sayings in this set it was hard to choose which one to make first. I went with tacos cause I love them so.  I love the little heart glasses...just too cute.

The shaker has a combination of shaker elements from Kat Scrappiness (bubblegum sprinkles) and Doodles Paper Playground (conversation hearts).


Kat Scrappiness - Stamps, Bubblegum Sprinkles
Doodles Paper Playground - Conversation Hearts Sparkle Blend
Imagine - Memento Dual Tip Markers; VersaFine Clair - Nocturne, Tulip Red
DoCrafts Xcut - Heart Dies
Cardstock, Double Stick Foam Tape, Acetate

Ready for the Beach?

I am!

I am so over the bitter icy cold, I'm ready to skip over the rest of winter and head straight to the beach or at least spring - LOL!!

Today I have a fun beach charm necklace to get you in the mood!
For full instructions on how it's made head on over to the Imagine blog -

Do you see the slight shimmer?
I LOVE Shimmer irRESISTible Pico Embellisher.
You can add a bit of sparkle anywhere.

I made a few charms out of washers as well!
These charms are like potato's hard to stop at just one.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Peek-a-Boo...I love you!


Woke up this morning and everything was covered in ice....lots of it!
Hope you all are safe where you are today...
be extra careful out there if you're experiencing wild weather.

Today a little gnome friend wants to play hide and seek...

I love gnomes and this little guy from Rubber Stamp Tapestry is just perfect for so many things.  Today he is playing hide and seek and he's hiding behind this nifty milk can!

This card was made with the help of the masking technique. I start off by stamping the milk can because it was the central image of the card. I made a mask of the milk can then stamped the little gnome over top. I wanted to add some grass so I made a tiny mask of the gnome and layered it over the milk can mask.

After these two images were masked off I started stamping lots of grass, foliage and flowers.  Once everything was stamped I used a bit of water coloring and some markers to finish the image off.

I diecut the image, a frame and affixed to to my card which consists of pattern papers from Authentique and a "ribbon" of Ruby Rinea Foiled Paper for a bit of shine and shimmer.

Have you made any Valentine's this year?


Rubber Stamp Tapestry - All Stamps
Imagine - VersaFine Clair, Memento Dual Tip Markers
Rinea Foiled Paper - Ruby/Glossy Gold
Authentique - Adore