Saturday, January 24, 2009

Streuter GlueFOIL - CHA Sneek Peek & Give-A-Way!!!

Hey Everyone!

I just got the o.k. to share the lo's I made for Streuter's booth at CHA next week!!! They all feature Streuter's GlueFOIL - a sheet of metal which has their wonderful Glue Film bonded to one side. It comes in 3 finishes (at this time) - Aluminum, Stainless Steel and my favorite Copper! Mmmmmm, I just love that stuff!

Anyway, here are my lo's...

I used a variety of techniques as you can see...some of the FOIL has been embossed, painted, die-cut and hand cut. I also created a couple image transfers with it as well....


You can't really tell by the photo but this lo is very dimensional. I used Ranger's Acrylic Dabbers to paint the metals, scissors to cut it and there is even a bit of Flower Soft scattered here and there as highlights :)

Streuter - CHA Winter 09003

Summer Fun!

This is my nephew Matthew and Bob playing around this past was such fun! I embossed the side bar section with a wide variety of materials - everything from chicken wire to skeleton leaves! I also die cut the metal in my Zip-E-Mate.

Streuter - CHA Winter 09006

Tiny Miracle

Another set of embossed tiles but this time using Cuttlebug embossing folders. The photo is an image transfer onto Stainless Steel GlueFOIL.

Streuter - CHA Winter 09004

Close Up of Image Transfer....

Streuter - CHA Winter 09005

Snips & Snails

And my favorite - another lo featuring Matthew is another image transfer but this time onto Copper GlueFOIL....told you I loved this stuff. It's amazing how cool they turn out. The buttons and side strip are also copper FOIL that has been embossed.

Streuter - CHA Winter 09001

and a close up of this transfer...

Streuter - CHA Winter 09002

Isn't that stuff just awesome!!!

Now, for the give a way....

Tell me what you like about the GlueFOIL
what you would like to use it for!

Post here or e-mail me by the 31st at which time I will draw out one lucky winner who will win 1 package of Copper and Aluminum GlueFOIL as well as a package of GlueFILM to try!

So, let's here can't win if you don't speak up and post :)

Good Luck Friends!!

Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Keys to a Happy Life - ATC set

Happy Tuesday Guys!

I wanted to share a set of ATC cards I made which were actually published in a book last year - Paper Crafts Visually - Quick Tips . They are the same people I'm writing the altered arts book for btw :) I also had lo's in their TYV Scrapbook book as well!

Anyway, this set was made using Ranger's Dimensional Pearls. I LOVE these paints, the pearl plus the lush colors are such a perfect combination. I just don't understand why they aren't more widely used.


I've also got a matching atc container I made as well...I need to get some pics of it but it's made using the same Dimensional Pearls and Color Wash Dye Inks. It's a fun project that can be altered to fit the need and size! I will try to get the instructions written up in the next couple days to share with you. It's my own take on an gift card envelope someone sent me many years ago. I kicked it up a few notches and put my own twist on it so I hope you like it :)

Book Update...Things are still churning away. Working several hours a day (8-10+) and making progress. I found out the photo shoot dates are Feb 4th - close, I'm starting to get nervous - LOL!! I'm very shy in person so meeting new people and hoping they like all my projects ~ it's giving me butterflies in my stomach!

As soon as I have time I'm going to sit down and count the number of techniques or variations on techniques and individual project numbers. It will be interesting to see what it all comes down to. I ended up cutting several techniques because I have way more ideas/techniques & projects than what will fit into one book. I think I could have written double the pages/techniques as what I need to! I tried to cram as much in as I could so there should be something for everyone in it :)

Well, that's all for now...hope you're all enjoyin' winter! We're having a heat was in the upper teens today and they say up to 30 by late week. After last week this is wonderful. I feel like I could go out in my shirt sleeves.

Take care and have a super week everyone!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Quick & Easy - Alcohol Inked Valentines Day Cards

Hi Friends...

I hope you've all been enjoying the new year and staying warm. It's been terribly cold here this past week. We had wind chills in the -30's and -40's ~ no fun at all!! Someone needs to tell Mother Nature that this is Indiana, not Canada! BRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!

I've been working away on the book...I have started working on the charms chapter projects ~ only 2 more chapters of projects to go after this plus writing chapter 11 and the appendix! I could probably be done by now but I am making 2-8 projects per technique which I wouldn't have to do but I want to show how the techniques can be used in more than one way. I know, I'm nuts but hey...that's me!

Since Valentines Day is less than a month away now I wanted to share a few quick and easy card ideas you can make using alcohol inks and a few ready made embellishments, fibers and a bit of stamping..... all of these cards are glossy cardstock bases btw.

V day - 1

V day - 3

V day - 2

Take care and have a wonderful week!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Spicy Die-Cuts!

Happy Monday Friends!

(trying to sound cheerful - lol!!)
I have some wicked Perfect Pearls projects to share with you...o.k. I think they are anyway. I am so loving my cricut cartridge - Indie Art! It has got some wildly awesome images...If you haven't seen them you really need to check em out. They are way cool.

Anyway, I recently made a couple projects pairing Perfect Pearls and die-cuts from this cartridge....

One for the girls....

Everything on here has been Perfect Pearled...from the canvas, background paper to the die-cuts. The image is Retro Cafe Art btw :) Awesome isn't she?

Winter CHA 09002-1

and one for the guys....

The background is a Perfect Pearls technique to make the cardstock look like leather or metal depending on the combination of PP used. All of the diecuts were PP'ed and Stickles were added for an extra zing. (the guitar is actually 4 different die-cuts - the guitar, 2 wings and the "flames")

Winter CHA 09004-1

Just goes to show how much fun you can have when you combine ho-hum die-cuts with some of your favorite mediums.
Have a super day everyone!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bamboo Tile Winners!

Hey everyone ~

Here are the winners of the bamboo tiles which have been chosen randomly by

Darby -

Darby said...
Very cool tutorial! Enter me please! Thank you!
January 3, 2009 2:40 AM

Sid -

Sid said...
Thanks so much for your tutorial on the bamboo tiles it is so useful and inspirational, never used the tiles but would love the opportunity of doing so !
January 4, 2009 1:32 PM

Dawn Nikol -

Dawn Nikol said...
Super cool information. I really dig the alcohol inks on the tiles.
January 3, 2009 2:25 PM

fjellgeit06 -

fjellgeit06 said...
Hallo!First....I wish you and all crafters a peaceful and happy new year!This year have been sooooo cold here in NOrway so fare Yesterday it was 28 celcius degrades minus...brrrr....So I put a lot of firewood in my heater and started with my new prosject, bambootiles-handbag inspired of your great work.The biggest problem was to find some bambootiles...finaly I find two mattes at e-bay.....but I need more :-)))))) I need singel tiles to....I have to try your tecnics you show at your blog....I also planned to make a necklace and bracelet to mach my handbag..So I cross my fingers and hope I win. (Thanks so much for the chance)Your blog is one of my favorite and you give mea tons of inspiration, THANKS!!To you and all your blog-readers....HAVE A GREAT DAY!!A big hug from Trine from Norway
January 6, 2009 5:14 AM

and last but not least

Liza Yet -

Liza Yet said...
Wow Roni I love love love this tutorial!!! I love how you made the simple tiles into Gorgeous Works of Art!!! happy New Year Roni!!!
January 3, 2009 10:42 AM

Please e-mail me your snail mail addies.

If you didn't win today, no worries...I've got plenty more where these come from AND I'll be sharing some finished creations soon!!

Have a wonderful week friends!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Think Spring....

O.k.o.k. I know I'm pushing it a bit but it's been so cold here for the past few weeks I'm so ready to be done with the cold and snow. We're actually under a snow warning right now and will be until sometime it's really pushing it - LOL!! I've decided to think Spring with a couple tulip tags I made by creating a wrinkle free distress background, stamping and adding stickles!

Stickles - Oct08006

Stickles - Oct08004
The stamps are Darkroom Door which I just love.
They are so realistic and very pretty.
I just found out that the photos for the book will be taken the first week of February sooooo, I've really got to crank out the last few chapter examples. As a result I may only post a couple times a week but I hope you'll still keep checkin in as I've got lots and lots to share :)
Take care friends and stay warm
and if you're getting the snow, stay safe!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Beeswax Q & A

I've gotten several questions about working with beeswax so I thought I'd answer them here since others may have the same questions...

Q - Can I use real beeswax for these projects instead of Ranger's wax pellets?

A - Yes! As a matter of fact I prefer using real beeswax because I LOVE the smell. Ranger's wax has a very faint smell to it but nothing like pure beeswax. I have found that pure beeswax tends to have some impurities ~ little specks of dirt or ???? (maybe I don't want to know what it is). These impurities are very small and while they do show up in some circumstances I don't find it as a deterrent to use it.

Q - I have a block of beeswax and it doesn't fit into the melt pot.

A - I used some block beeswax before and I simply stood the block on it's end and let it melt (without the lid). It melted pretty quick btw.

Q - I don't have a melt pot, can I use something else?

A - Yes you can but you must use caution. The melt pot will only get so hot so it's not likely to set the wax on fire but other appliances not specifically designed for craft use may over heat the wax and create a fire hazard. Always follow mfg. directions and never leave melted wax unattended!

Q - I have wax on my table/cloths/etc and I can't get it off. Any suggestions?

A - An easy inexpensive way to remove wax from clothing is to put it in the freezer or place an ice cube/cold pack to freeze the wax good and hard; scrape off the hardened wax with a dull knife or butter knife. Next, lay the article of clothing out flat and place a sheet of copy paper over the wax; iron the copy paper. The iron will melt the wax and the copy paper will soak and lift the remainder of the wax from the fabric.

If you have wax on a table or furniture, freeze the wax to harden, scrape off the hardened wax and polish to remove the remainder.

There are a few chemical wax removers on the market but I've never tried them before so I don't know how well they work. The ice cube/iron have always done the trick for me.

Q - My wax is sticky and doesn't feel "dry"- what did I do wrong?

A - You didn't do anything wrong...some waxes are more sticky than others. To help remove this sticky feel you may dust the wax with a pigment powder (like Perfect Pearls) or a talcum powder.

Simply dust and buff. If you're worried about pigment powders adding color to the surface of your collage or project, use a white or iridescent powder. There will be little to no color left over after it's buffed. Talcum powder will remove the residue but leaves the surface a bit dull for my taste but I'm sure it will work well for some projects.

Q - Won't the wax on the project melt later?

A - I guess if you left it in direct sunlight on a really hot day it might melt but I've got projects from 5 & 6 years ago that have been on display in my house that look the same as the day I finished them. I think you'd have to really work pretty hard at melting the wax so I think it's pretty safe.

So there you go -

I hope these answers are beneficial


relieves any fears about using wax in your artwork.

If you have any more ?'s,

please feel free to e-mail me or post :)

I'm always happy to help when I can!


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ephemera Blog

Hey everyone!

Not sure if you noticed or not but I added a button which leads to a great blog I found "last year". The blog owner took a break around the holidays so I thought I'd wait to tell you about it until she was back. It's called The Vintage Moth and she posts way cool images for you to use on your projects!
I hope you stop by and check it out...I'm sure you won't be disappointed!
Happy Day!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Card Ideas....Just for fun!

Here are a few random card ideas to get you into the creative mood :)

Just a bit of everything from the very easy to more involved cards incorporate a little bit of everything.....rubber stamping; distress embossing powders; glitters; transparency fun and more!

Hope you find a bit of inspiration among them!

Pattern Paper - Altered Effects - Glitter Cd 2

Pattern Paper - Altered Effects - Glitter Cd 1


Destination Design - Paris

Beloved card

Have a wonderful evening friends!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Beeswax Canvas Instructions

Hey Everyone!

I am FINALLY getting around to posting the instructions on how to make a beeswax canvas!! I know I's been a while but things are just nuts.

Before I begin, I want to show you a few variations. Each was made using the same basic steps...the main difference would be the materials used to construct the canvases.



This is a box I made for a friend after she returned from France. The lid both inside and out were collaged using beeswax. There are also several pieces of molded beeswax that were used as well. I simply used Mold & Pour molds, poured the melted beeswax and let them cool. You must be very gentle when removing the wax pieces from the mold as they may bend or break. Take your time and work slowly. The color on the molded pieces is Perfect Pearls. It is excellent because it also takes away the sticky feel of the beeswax that lingers.

Ranger - Beeswax 004

paris box lid

Ranger - Beeswax 005

paris box inside lid

This is not a messy process unless you're a messy person like me ;) I tend to get a little wild with my mediums & techniques so usually my work area, my self and my tools are covered but it doesn't have to be that way...lay down newspaper or a non-stick craft mat and wear old cloths ~ you should be all set.

Someone asked me if it was time consuming...I don't think so but I get lost in the process. If you fuss and fidget yes, it could take a long time. If you know the look you're going for and just do it goes by very quickly. To me melting the wax takes more time than anything. The wax dries very quickly so you don't have that long wait at the end for your piece to dry. All in all I'd say it's a fun project to try and if you don't like how it comes out...simply heat the wax, remove the pieces and start over! It's very forgiving so there are no worries :)


Beeswax - Ranger or other

Melt Pot & Project Pan - Ranger

Old brush dedicated to Beeswax

Canvas or other firm foundation material

Papers, Ephemera, Images (to be added to the collage)

Elements (3-d goodies can also be attached w/Beeswax!!)

Heat Gun

Tweezers or Popsicle stick

Perfect Pearls (optional) - Ranger

Distress Inks (optional) - Ranger


NOTE: These instructions are how I go about making a beeswax canvas...I'm sure there are several ways to go about this but I find this always works for me.

1. Plug in the melt pot, insert project pan, cover and let it heat up.

NOTE: You should always use a project pan for beeswax. It is tough to remove all of the wax from the pot and unlike a suggestion I read from one of the posters never put the whole melt pot into the freezer...I'm just not sure what that would do to the inner electrical workings of the melt pot it's self. If you'd like to stick the project pan into the freezer to remove the wax that would be o.k. but I usually just keep 2 project pans for beeswax....natural and white.

2. Add beeswax to the pot, cover with the lid and let it melt. I usually set my temp on UTEE then move it back once the wax is melted...or not. I like my wax to be really molten but some people prefer it to be cooler.

3. If you'd like to ink your canvas prior to adding the collage, while the wax is melting is the perfect time to do so.

4. Once the wax has completely melted, paint the entire canvas with wax. You will notice that it begins to dry and harden almost worries, that's why we have a heat gun ;)

5. After the canvas has been coated, you may apply fabric, papers, natural items at this time. Place the desired piece on the canvas; you may either apply a layer of wax over this item or melt the wax underneath with the heat gun and press the item into the hot wax. If the paper/embellishments isn't exactly where you would like it to be because it slipped or you changed your mind, melt the wax with the heat gun and slide it using the tweezers or pop cycle stick.

Now if I've got a good layer of wax on my collage, I normally don't add too much more. I simply heat the wax in the area where I want to add my next piece and press it into the molten wax. You can also move the wax around by blowing the wax with the heat gun to areas where it is needed or away from elements that have too much wax build up.

Another tip to keep in mind ~ if you end up with fingerprints, uneven wax or lots of undesired brush strokes you may also melt the wax to smooth them out! Wax is very forgiving so don't worry if you make a long as you've got your heat gun you're all set!

6. To add heavy or bulky items I always melt the wax, submerge it as far as I can then apply additional wax as needed to secure the piece. If it's a large item I sometimes pour the wax directly from the pan making a pool of wax and press the piece into the pool. Scrape away excess and smooth out with the heat gun.

7. After all of my elements have been added I usually smooth everything out with my heat gun and let it cool...then I dust it with Perfect Pearls just to take away any sticky feel that the wax may have.

That's about it...

It's really a very easy process once you get started.

I will talk more about stamping in wax and taking wax away from a design in the coming days.

If you've got any questions, please let me know...I'm always happy to help whenever I can!

Friday, January 2, 2009

What's been going on?

Gosh, seems like things are moving at a whirl-wind pace still... of course we all know about the holidays but this time of year is also CHA time...I finished up a few projects for Ranger and I also have 4 lay-outs going to Streuters booth (I can't wait to show you what I did with their metal!!!) so if you're lucky enough to get to go be sure and keep an eye out for 'em :) I'll post them here after CHA is over.

I am also still working on the book of course. That's taking much of my time but I'm going to try to start posting more when I get a free moment. I am still answering questions as I get time :)

Someone asked if the book was going to have specific sizes and measurements for the techniques.

Well, no ~ it's not a project book like so many collage and altered art books on the market. It's a technique oriented book instead of a project oriented will give you a supply list and tell you step by step on how to complete a specific technique - for example - (this isn't in the book but it's just to give you an idea on how it's laid out) if the technique were embossing it would tell you to ink the stamp with embossing ink, press the stamp onto the paper, sprinkle the powder, etc. You get the idea. It will contain photos for various parts of the technique and show at least one (usually 2 or more) examples for the specific technique so you can see how it may be applied to various projects. The projects range from ATC's, Cards; Altered Book Pages; Altered Items, Canvas Projects; etc. It's going to be chock full of techniques and examples :)

Bamboo Tiles - Adding Color

I colored up some bamboo tiles I've been talking about and have some samples ready to share. As I mentioned before these tiles have a great glossy surface to work with so there are several ways to use them.

Alcohol Inks -

Bamboo Tiles004

Since their surface is sealed Alcohol Inks work perfectly. I have brown and tan (ivory) tiles so I applied the ink to both so you could see the difference. Both show the color quite well - the darker tiles show more of the bamboo grain when the ink has been applied which I thought was odd. You would think it would show up more on the lighter color. The tiles take the ink as well as dominoes so nothing special needs to be done to the tiles before using.

Krylon Leafing Pens -

Bamboo Tiles002

O.k. these are way cool - if you've never tried Krylon leafing pens you must run out and buy a couple...they are THE best when you want a metallic finish. I use them all the time along the edges of my cards. Very dependable and great color. Each tile was colored with one coat - Gold, Copper & Silver. Great finish and quick to dry as well.

Stewart Gill Paints, Perfect Pearls, Twinkling H2O's

Bamboo Tiles003

Here is a mixed bag of mediums for you....

Stewart Gill Paints - (blue) These things rock! I love their brilliant colors - very striking. I applied the paint over the coated surface so it took 2 coats. If you sand the tiles first I'm sure one coat would do the trick but since the paints have a bit of a transparent quality to them 2 or more is a must on the glossy surface.

Perfect Pearls - (multi colored tile) These were fun...simply pounce the Perfect Medium onto the tile and coat with the powders. You will need to seal the powders but let the tile dry/cure for a bit. You want to make sure the Perfect Medium has dried before you go adding another liquid to the mix. It will smear if you don't.

Twinkling H2O's - (pink) Sanding is a MUST with the H2O's. The pigments just bead up and roll right off on the glossy surface so just pull out a piece of sand paper and take that glossy layer off the tiles. Once you remove that coating the Twinkling H2O's work perfect.

Stamping on Tiles -

Bamboo Tiles001

O.k. this pic didn't turn out worth a hoot...not sure what's up with that but I'll try and get a better pic tomorrow.

Since this is a glossy surface stamp with either Archival or Staz-On type ink....I think some of the hybrids might work too but I don't have any so I can't say for sure. Just ink and stamp. Let them dry of course and you'll be good to go :) Works like a charm.

(The images btw are from The Enchanted Gallery - GREAT STUFF!!!)

Adding Collage Images -

Bamboo Tiles005

Adding collage images are easy to do...I just snipped the image to the correct size, applied it to the tile using Glossy Accents and covered the image with GA. I was too impatient to wait for it to dry so I just snapped the pic. (It will dry crystal clear.) I only added the Tuscan Rose image to the front but you could add another to the back for a double sided charm.

So there you go... a few ideas to get you starting playing with those tiles....

Now, you're saying but I don't have any?!?!?

WELL, no fear....

Just post a comment here and you could be one of 5 lucky folks to win a bag of 20 tiles for yourself. (10 brown & 10 ivory/tan)
You have until 1-10-09 to enter!!

Happy Stamping Friends!!

Looking for a 70's Era Photo

Does anyone out there have a photo from the 70's they would be interested in sharing with me? I made a frame for the book that has oranges, browns, etc and it looks so 70's. I don't have any photos that would work so I am BEGGING here ;) If you've got a 4x6 landscape photo you'd allow me to use for the photo shoot then I'll send you the frame when I'm done with it.
If you are interested, please send me a good quality scan of your photo by 1-16-09. If I get more than one photo submitted I'll choose one that works best with the frame and let you all know at that point who's I'll be using.
Thanks so much for your help!!