Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Keys to a Happy Life - ATC set

Happy Tuesday Guys!

I wanted to share a set of ATC cards I made which were actually published in a book last year - Paper Crafts Visually - Quick Tips . They are the same people I'm writing the altered arts book for btw :) I also had lo's in their TYV Scrapbook book as well!

Anyway, this set was made using Ranger's Dimensional Pearls. I LOVE these paints, the pearl plus the lush colors are such a perfect combination. I just don't understand why they aren't more widely used.


I've also got a matching atc container I made as well...I need to get some pics of it but it's made using the same Dimensional Pearls and Color Wash Dye Inks. It's a fun project that can be altered to fit the need and size! I will try to get the instructions written up in the next couple days to share with you. It's my own take on an gift card envelope someone sent me many years ago. I kicked it up a few notches and put my own twist on it so I hope you like it :)

Book Update...Things are still churning away. Working several hours a day (8-10+) and making progress. I found out the photo shoot dates are Feb 4th - 6th...so close, I'm starting to get nervous - LOL!! I'm very shy in person so meeting new people and hoping they like all my projects ~ it's giving me butterflies in my stomach!

As soon as I have time I'm going to sit down and count the number of techniques or variations on techniques and individual project numbers. It will be interesting to see what it all comes down to. I ended up cutting several techniques because I have way more ideas/techniques & projects than what will fit into one book. I think I could have written double the pages/techniques as what I need to! I tried to cram as much in as I could so there should be something for everyone in it :)

Well, that's all for now...hope you're all enjoyin' winter! We're having a heat wave...it was in the upper teens today and they say up to 30 by late week. After last week this is wonderful. I feel like I could go out in my shirt sleeves.

Take care and have a super week everyone!


  1. These ATCS are perfect. The colours are so rich and the composition is fantastic.

  2. I love these cards. I have a bag of old keys...some of the many things I save just in case. This would be an excellent idea for some of them. Thanks!

  3. Those are great Roni!! What a fun idea!

  4. Love the keys Roni! Your design is outstanding! Keep churning away at the book! You will do awesome!

  5. Love your ATC set Roni!...it will be fun to see the holder too!! Thanks for keeping us posted on the progress of your books--it all is so exciting! We will have to have a celebration party once you are done! Happy writing as well as stamping!

  6. Those ATCs are wonderful! great colors and embellishments. I like using the dimensional pearls as paints. They dilute well with water and make for super backgrounds.

  7. Hey your book sounds like it's gonna be great, can't wait

    thanks for the tips re the dimensional pearls too as I have some but wasn't really sure what to do with them!!!


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