Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Year 2012!!!

Leap Year 002
(I made this card using a digi coloring book page, a bit of Distress Ink & Stickles)

Woo Hoo...
Kick up your heels...
an extra day to play this year :)

I thought it would be fun to use this day to post a couple prize winners.....

Happy February winner is....


Feb 8th Boy Scout Day! My wedding anniversary to an eagle scout. :-)


the 5 winners of the
Recycled Packaging Scrabble Tile Winners are.....



these are awesome! I love those flower ones!!

Chok Keunsaid...
Great ideas to recycle and make beautiful charms for pennies a piece!

Too bad, over here in Singapore, we do not have the chance to get an old Scrabble game at a garage sale for .50 cents, neither do have we have great scale hobby stores like Hobby Lobby.
SHUT UP!!! THese are fantastic!! I really love these! I want to try and make some now. Time to go to my local thrift store and buy some scrabble games. haha!! Thanks for the neat idea. I would love to win one of yours.
Wow, these are fab! xx
Well aren't you the clever one? I don't have any packaging that would work but will keep the idea in my notebook for future use. Would love to win one...a better reminder to make more! thank you!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Vintaj Patina by Ranger - Part II

After posting yesterday's info about the new Vintaj Patina Inks by Ranger I got lots of questions so I thought I'd post them here.

*The most asked question was about Ink dry times?

Of course this is going to vary depending on the temp, humidity and how thickly the ink was applied but in general it took about 15-25 minutes to dry naturally.  

It was mentioned in the video that you could speed drying using the heat tool.  I would caution you when doing so.  The first time I tried to use the heat tool after about 35 seconds or so the inks started to bubble up and they did not go away after they appeared.  You have to keep in mind you're heating metal not paper so the temps will rise quickly and hold the heat much more so than with paper, chipboard, etc.  So I would say if you are going to use the heat tool I would suggest drying the ink in short more than 20-25 seconds at a time, allow a bit of cooling time and heat again if necessary.

Now, that's not to say that the bubbles aren't cool under some circumstances but they can be unsightly on some designs.

Cure Time?

Although nobody asked about this subject in particular this is another aspect I discovered and wanted to point out about the inks.   Even though the inks may be dry to the touch I noticed that thicker coats/areas need a longer cure time before they were more stable.  What do I mean by that? 

Well, you know I like to throurally test products to see how they will behave under various conditions.  After my post last night I started trying to scrape the inks off the charms to see what would happen (approx 2 hours after applied).  The thinner areas held very well but the thicker areas near the center scrapped right off with my fingernail.  This morning however those areas had set pretty well and was much more difficult to scrape off nearly. 

If you're not going to glaze the inks I would suggest thicker layers of ink need a cure time of 12 hours or so before you do too much handling.

Glaze Dry Time?

The Glaze dry time is a bit quicker than the inks. It only took about 5-8 minutes for thin layers of Glaze to dry on the inks.  It's much thinner than Glossy Accents.  I found that a few drops goes a long ways.  The charms I used below are approx. 1.5" square and I used 4 drops (spread around with my finger) to cover the entire piece.  I didn't attempt to use thicker coats of the Glaze but I'm sure those would take longer to dry.

Are the Vintaj Patinas similar to Alcohol Inks?

IMO - No, the inks are totally different.  VP's are opaque, thicker and more like a paint than the the thin, translucent consistancy of the Alcohol Inks.  

Clean up?

When wet the VP's can be cleaned up with a bit of water.  After dry however it is a bit more difficult to remove.  So if you're using a paint brush or get a bit of the ink on your work surface I suggest cleaning it up immediately before it has a chance to dry.


One thing I did notice was the inks/containers are a bit messy.  It says on the bottle that you should shake them up until you hear the mixing balls rattle.  Well, when you do so some the ink must shoot out the top because when you open it up there is a ring of the ink collected on the bottle and ink the lid....  I'm not exactly neat and tidy when I'm playing in inks (hence the name Ink Stains) but this really doesn't help me out any.  Trust me, I had this stuff all over the place!

Vintaj Patinas II 002

This is what the inks look like with the glaze over it.  You can see that the color is intensified... if you look close you can see where I missed a few spots on the charm ~ the color difference really shows up there. 

Vintaj Patinas II 005

Blending -

Here is one of the silver charms that I blending the colors in the "weathered copper" set (Moss, Veridigris and Jade) along with a touch of Clay.    Just a few dots of each blended with my finger.

Vintaj Patinas II 006

Here is the same charm stamped and covered with a layer of Glaze.
Vintaj Patinas II 011

Glaze as an extender....

And I wanted to try the Glaze as an extender.  I mixed Cobalt and Marine with the Glaze....

Vintaj Patina II 001

Moved it around and blended with my finger tip.... and let it dry.  I noticed that the colors blended VERY easily with the Glaze.  There were also some streaks that were clear giving a marble effect to the finished tag.  It's hard to see in the photos but it's easily visible in person. 
Vintaj Patina II 002

I then stamped the dried inks, applied some of the Glaze and heated it to speed drying....
Vintaj Patina II 005

You can see in this photo  - the lower left hand side of the charm where a few bubbles formed when I was heating.  I did this intentionally since it was "clouds".  I thought it might add some cool texture and it did.

Vintaj Patina II 006

And here are both of the finished charms....

Vintaj Patina II 007

I have to say the more I play with this the more I like it!
I can't wait until the next charm swap.
I'm thinkin these inks are going to play a big part in my charm making process!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Vintaj Patina by Ranger

Oh my!!!

You guys are gonna love these!

I got my stash of them today and I have to say they are
WAY easy and LOTS of fun!!!

Vintaj Patinas 002

First a little bit about them....  Vintaj Patina's are opaque inks that are specially made for metals (think charm swap!!!) and are durable to stand up to being handled.  In addition to the inks, Vintaj & Ranger also have a glaze which can be used as an extender and/or sealer for your metal pieces.  If used as a sealer it can be used with or without the inks.  So if you have a metal charm you like but you're worried about oxidation simply coat with the glaze and you're good to go!

There are 5 sets of colors (3 each) and they are as follows:

The inks are on gold and silver colored metal tags so you can see how it looks on either.  I simply squirted the inks out on the tag and blending it a bit in the center with my finger.

Retro Highway - Onyx, Ochre, Agate

Vintaj Patinas 003

Antique Window - Ruby, Cobalt, Opalite

Vintaj Patinas 004

Rusted Hardware - Cinnabar, Rust, Clay
(My 2nd Favorite)

Vintaj Patinas 005

Victorian Gable - Marine, Amethyst, Quartz

Vintaj Patinas 007

And my favorite set.....

Weathered Copper - Verdigris, Moss, Jade

Vintaj Patinas 008

Now there are all sorts of fun ways to apply these inks rather than just squirting it out.  Of course I was having so much fun messing with these inks that I forgot to take pics while I was doing so.

This tag was made by squirting a bit of the ink on the charm then I spread the ink around with a paintbrush making sure I got it into all the tiny nooks and crannies.
Vintaj Patinas 011

This photo shows some of the variou metal pieces I inked up.  The sunflower looking charm had etched grooves that I filled with the ink then swipped off before it dried leaving the color in the grooves.

I completely covered the musical token then sanded off it and the charm from above with a bit of sandpaper.   

I did a bit of blending of colors as well.  The strawberry is actually a combination of Ruby, Cinnabar and Agate blended using my finger.  I then sanded it off once the ink was dry for a more distressed look.
Vintaj Patinas 012

I can't wait to experiment with this new ink and see what else I can bring you.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Swap Update

I wanted to post an update on the status of the swaps and let you know what was going on.

In the last 2 days I have rec'd the following....

Kee & Hollie - your amazing array of ATC's is in my hot little hands!  I haven't unpacked the envie...I was afraid after I got 3-4 sets out that if I pulled em all out I wouldn't be able to fit them back in - LOL!!!  I figured I'd leave them packed in there safely until I went to sort the swap - lol...

Ramona - Your Die-cuts have arrived safe and sound!  I think I can help with your request list.

Sandy L - Your clocks are here! Perfect "time"-ing ;)

Lori - The Hearts & Snowmen are here safe and sound!!

So, now an update on the sorting end of it....

Die-cuts - All of the die-cuts are here!  I am going to sort them this afternoon.  Those people who were in just the DC swap will have their swaps mailed back to them on Monday.

ATC's - I am still lacking ATC's from 4-5 people.  I have sent out e-mails inq. to see if the ATC's were mailed or not.  After I hear back from those folks I will know better if I should go ahead and swap w/o them or not.  I don't want to penalize someone for slow mail....we all know that once it leaves our hands it's up the the good old PO. 

So that's where we're at...
I'll keep you all updated on what's going on.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Foil Tape Tag - Love Today!

I thought it would be fun to share another idea for using Foil Tape Sheets from Ranger.  Did you know that you can also use HIVAC tape?  It's a stick back foil tape that is used in the Heating/Air Conditioning line of work.  They use it for the joints in the air ducts I believe.  Anyway, you can get a nice big roll of it for a few dollars.  Granted it's only about 2" wide but it's great for smaller projects like image transfers or the following tag for example.

Ranger - Summer CHA 11 013


1. Ink up the edges of a tag using desired color(s) of ink.  I used a bit of red, blue and yellow.

2. Place a sheet of the foil tape or foil sheet cut to size on the tag.  I used the foil tape because it fit the tag perfectly.

3. Run the entire tag through a die-cut machine using desired embossing folder.  I liked the nature feel of these leaves.  It's one of my most used folders :)

(Note: I used the folder so the leaves were the highest points on the tag...for a different look you could run the tag through the folder with the metal side down giving a debossed look to your tag.)

4. Apply a felt to the Ink Applicator tool.  Squeeze several drops of desired color of green Alcohol Ink onto the felt.  

5. Carefully swipe the inked felt across the raised areas of the embossed image.  Re apply the AI to your felt if needed. 

6. Trim a couple pieces of Ideaology film to size, stamp the sentiment and then staple the stamped strips to the tag.

7. Add a bit of ribbon to your tag for a nice finished look.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

February Get Inked Kit - Sassy Ladies

As I mentioned yesterday this month's Get Inked kit is near and dear to my heart because I am a smart a** through and through.... I do have a good excuse though ~ I get it honestly... My mom is one too - LOL!!

These are the projects I created with the entire kit...

QKD - Feb 014

and this is a better view of all of the stamps included in this kit...

GI - Feb 2012 002

and here are close up photos of each card....

QKD - Feb 016

QKD - Feb 017

QKD - Feb 018

and a Grafix Shrink Plastic dog tag which was stamped, shrunk, PP'ed then covered with a layer of Glossy Accents.

QKD - Feb 019

Now if you're a "sassy" stamper after my own heart and would like a chance to win a set of this months stamps for yourself, simply post a "smart remark" of your own which I'm going to add to my ever growing sassy list. 

You have until 3-8-12 to post your remark to be entered in the contest!

Good Luck Everyone!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Get Inked Kit - Feb 2012

I didn't have enough time to get them posted today but I wanted to give you a sneek peek at the Get Inked kit for this month....

It's my Sassy Ladies....
3 ladies paired with 5 sassy smart a** comments to use with them.
I love this set...I've been wanting to make a set like this for quite some time.  I have a huge collection of comments like this that I've been collecting but reluctant to share. 

The rest of the kit was a jar of Forever Red Perfect Pearls and a Perfect Medium Pen.

QKD - Feb 014

Anyway, tomorrow I'll share the full set of stamps, the cards and necklace in more detail.

See you then!

Inexpensive Easter/Spring Garland

You know me...I'm always on the look-out for inexpensive things I can re purpose to use in my art.  Well last week I had to deliver some material down in New Haven.  The traffic was unusually light so I made great time so I decided to stop at the Big Lots store there.  This one never has the great deals on craft goods that I hear some stores do but it's still fun to check it out.

I don't know if you've been in the market for mini garlands to use on your projects or not but I have and let me tell you some of this stuff is REALLY expensive.  I've seen it anywhere from 3.00 - 7.50 a yard!!

WELL, I spotted this Easter egg decoration and the light bulb went off....I checked it out a bit to make sure that it was wired garland and I could easily remove it w/o harming the garland.  I figured there had to be at least 6 yards of garland strung on the frame and with a $6.00 price tag that would make some pretty cheap Easter/Spring garland.

When I got home I immediately started taking the garland off of the frame and to my delight I ended up with not 6 but....
easter garland

almost 10 yards of garland!!
easter garland 2

Making it only $ 0.60 a yard!!! 
Sure beats 3.00 or more per yard.

So, if you have a chance to stop by a big lots store or even if you see one at other dollar type stores be sure to check em out!  You can't beat a deal like that!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

ATC Sneek Peek

I've been playing with ATC's for the swap and I thought I'd share a few I really like...

These ones are all for the general group...

ATC's 002

The flirt and mother's love backgrounds are made using the Faux Mother of Pearl technique with a variety of Liquid Pearls and Distress Inks. 
The Poppy ATC background is made using the Perfect Pearls Technique - Northern Lights.

3 more envies arrived today...

Pam J.  - Your envie has arrived safe and sound.  Love those darling Easter cards!!  Thanks for the cute little birds!

Pam E - Your ATC's are here as well!  I LOVE the blue favorite color :)

Caroline D - Your die-cuts made it today!  I am going to e-mail you about the rest...

Have a super day everyone!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Presidents Day!

I know it's an unusual holiday...not one you would normally think of when creating a card or tag but I have some PERFECT stamps that will work so well for today I couldn't resist!  Sentiment aside all of the stamps are from Stampers Best.

First I stamped the eagle using sepia Archival Ink then stamped the waving flag with Perfect Medium and embossed with Distress EP's.

Pres Day 003

I then rubbed the tag with Broken China over the entire tag (around the eagle and flag) and added Vintage Photo Stain to the edges.  I hit all of this with my heat tool to dry it quickly.

I then rubbed some Walnut Stain Distress Stain on my toothbrush ~ my craft toothbrush that is ;)  lol....

Pres Day 004

then flicked it on the tag.

Pres Day 006

I stamped the sentiment with Black Archival Ink on the tag.  I then stamped my presidents on a scrap of paper and colored them with Distress Ink, trimmed and mounted them on the card.

Finally to finish off the tag I added a bit of blue seam binding.

Pres Day 008

Happy Presidents Day!!!!

I'm Back!! Swap Update

We had a wonderful time down in KY...lots of nice weather (in the 50's) and only a little rain on Thursday so it was super.  We picked up the sewing machine without any trouble (it's an industrial 25" long arm Singer machine for those who asked).  It's missing some parts but it was a very good price and dh has everything to put it back together so that   We hit many many cool antique malls and flea markets ~ found lots of goodies to craft and share.  Can't wait to share them with you!  Dh and I had a very nice relaxing time of it...

I wanted to update all of the swappers on what I rec'd over the last several days....

First Theresa ~ your postage envie arrived safe and sound :) Beautiful card btw!

505whimsygirl - your ATC's are in the house :) Love them all but Embrace life is beautiful!!

Katy D - Your die-cuts arrived as well ~ I hope you do join the next charm swap...I'm sure you'll have lots of fun!!!

Lori W. - Your beautiful die-cuts are here as well... Those key's/locks are awesome!  Thanks for the extras!

Claudine ~ your ATC's have arrived...they are super!!  I really like the ones you made using corrugated cardboard!  Way cool.

Shelly - Your Die-cuts made it and it's packaged up so nice and neat I haven't even opened it yet.  I figured everything was tucked in there so nice I would leave it that way until I get ready to swap them out.

Paula ~ your ATC's are here safe and sound... You have more than enough postage ~ I'll return the extra with your swap :)  Thank you for the extra set of ATC's and the ribbon.  I've never seen those packages of ribbon...very cool!

Ginny ~ Your beautiful Die-Cuts are in the house!  I LOVE that border, it's beautiful!!  I saw you e-mailed.  I'm working my way through them and will return your e-mail soon :)  Thanks for the extras - can't wait to play!


Hopefully everyone else is getting them ready to go...  The swap is due Wednesday and as long as I know your envie is postal I'll wait for it.  I know some people have e-mailed your envie has been sent ~ thanks!  I'll let you know as soon as it arrives!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Foil Tape Image Transfer - Enjoy Nature Tag

The following tag was made using Rangers Inkssentials Foil Tape Sheets but you could also use the HIVAC foil tape or any other adhesive backed foil for that matter.

Enjoy Nature Tag

I started off by covering the tag with two colors of pattern paper.  I stamped a bit of vintage script on one half here and there.  I then inked all of the edges with Vintage Photo DI.

I stamped "NATURE" using Acrylic Paint and framed it with a bit of brown Dresden Trim.
"Enjoy" are some small chipboard letters painted brown.

I then punched three holes along the bottom right hand side, added eyelets and affixed the charms that I had colored using Alcohol Inks.

Enjoy Nature 1

I then went about rubbing a few images onto the sticky side of the foil.  I burnished them good with my bone folder.  I then spritzed them with water, let it soak in a few seconds and rubbed away the paper leaving a ghostly image behind.

After the image had dried I glued each one to the charm and mounted it on the tag.

Enjoy Nature 2

Enjoy Nature Tag 3

After the glue had dried, I added the ribbon and charm dangling from the hole.

And there you have it!
Another fun image transfer idea for you to try!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Queen Alice!

You always make me SMILE!!!!

Here is a fun card I made the other day using one of the Alice stamps from Stampers Best!

SB - Queen Alice 1

Each of the background panels was stamped using a couple shades of Archival Ink. 

Alice was stamped on white cardstock using Black Archival Ink and then painted using a combination of Bic Markers and Distress Stains (using my Niji Waterbrush). 

I added a few "sparklies" using Stickles on her dress, crown, along the edges of the stamped panels and on the border strip.  I also gave her a pearl necklace, earrings and a few pearls set on her crown as well using White Opal Liquid Pearls.

Have a wonderful day everyone!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It's Time to Think Spring!

I know it's only February but man it sure does feel like Spring here in Indiana.  They are calling for temps in the 40's for the next week and the sun doesn't set until after 6:30pm now!!!  Woo Hoo!!  LOL

Anyway, I wanted to share this fun "Spring-y" tag with you today....

Ranger - Summer CHA 11 044

All stamps are: Stampers Best

The background, sentiment and fairy are all stamped using Archival Inks.  I used Distress Inks/Stains on the edges of the tag and to watercolor the fairy with the help of my Niji Waterbrush.

For a unique twist I used Glossy Accents to "highlight" the fairy and flower as well as the sentiment.  I coated her wings with a layer of Rock Candy. 
Ranger - Summer CHA 11 045

Ahhhh, makes you feel all warm and fuzzy huh? 
O.k...maybe not but at least it will help put you in that Spring frame of mind :)

You all have a wonderful evening!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

L'ville/Lexington Here We Come!

DH and I are going to be heading south the end of this week.  It's a multi-faceted trip....  First we're getting away just by ourselves because we didn't get to go anywhere on our anniversary
(Aug 23rd 2011 was our 25th wedding anniv).

We also have a sewing machine to pick up in Indy on the way down and then we're going down to L'ville for the National Farm Machinery Show.  Friday and Sat. we're going to be hitting antique malls & the Horse Park (near Lexington).  We have reservations to stay at General Butler State Park Lodge which is somewhere between L'ville, Cinnci and Lex.   We'll wind our way back home sometime on Sunday.

Do any of you have "must see" places for us to hit while we're down there?
I've been searching but man there are hundreds of ideas on places to go/see. 
I'd like to narrow it down a bit.  I'd love to hear your ideas and suggestions.

Those of you in the swap...please don't worry about your envies. 
My boys will be here so they will be taken care of :) 

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

Sending big hugs to all of you out there in cyberspace!
I hope you have a super day today...
Know that you are loved and you matter to me!


Sharing these with you.....

Valentine's Day 2012 003

Valentine's Day 2012 002

Monday, February 13, 2012

Recycled Packaging Scrabble Tile Charms

You all know how much I love to recycle various goodies and turn them into something to be loved.  Well today I wanted to share my idea on how to recycle the chipboard header cards you get on lots of embellishments.

This is what I'm talking about....these header cards are usually made from a nice weight cardstock perfect for crafting. The packaging from some spring die-cuts packaging ~ images originally 2-5" are usually small enough to fit onto a scrabble tile perfectly!

Spring Scrabble Tiles 001

Don't worry if your package photos are too large for scrabble tiles, they also work great for use on ATC's or Gothic Arches as well!! That's what I am going to do with these...micro-mini flashcards!!!!

ATC Money Saver Idea

This is a perfect way not only to recycle what would other wise be trash but you can make loads of charms for pennies a piece! Think about an old Scrabble game at a garage sale for .50 cents, use recycled packaging for your main images, a bit of glue and ink and a bail or eye screw. The bail may end up being the most expensive part of the whole charm. I like eye screws for scrabble charms because it works nicely with the wood of the tiles and you can purchase a package of 100 for about $1.50 or so at Hobby Lobby....less if you hit it on a half off sale!

When using the packaging you could simply cut squares out of the chipboard and glue it on, you could trim select images and mount them on bits of pattern paper or pair the images with leftovers from special inky background paper you have made.

This photo is a selection of all three of these ideas....

Spring Scrabble Tiles 003

Mount these inchie type bits on the scrabble tiles with your favorite liquid glue and add any additional embellishments as desired. I cut out letters from a book page to make the words and used left-over bits of Dresden trim for a couple of the tiles.

Spring Scrabble Tiles 004

Sand off the edges of the paper around the tile once the glue has dried, add ink around the edges if you'd like and either a bail or eye screw for the hanger.

Note: it's a good idea to pre-drill a hole in the tile if you are using the eye screw. It could split the tile in two if you don't.

Spring Scrabble Tiles 006

Spring Scrabble Tiles 007

Finally I add a layer of Glossy Accents to the tile. I do this AFTER I attach the bail/eye screw so I don't mess up the finish on the Glossy Accents.

(these haven't had their GA added yet.)

Spring Scrabble Tiles 008

So there you go...
a super way to recycle and make some awesome charms in the process!!

Now would you like to win one of these spring-y charms?
If so, simply post a comment here and I'll toss your name into the drawing for one of 5 charms
(I have to save one for Mom...
she'll kick my butt if I don't - lol!!)

You have until 2-21-12 to enter.

Good Luck Everyone!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

A few Vintage Valentines

Well Valentine's day is just 2 days away now ~
I wanted to share these newly accquired vintage valentine's with you before it was done for another year...

They are darling little cards that would have been traded by children long ago.  They are actually pop-ups but since they've never been creased I didn't want to mess them up.  You can still tell how cute they are no matter.

vintage valentines 003

vintage valentines 004

vintage valentines 005

I read something this morning about Valentine's day that made me a bit sad...
the writer was explaining how she doesn't care much for this time of year because she doesn't have anyone special in her life and about a friend of hers that had recently lost her husband and would be alone as well.

I guess I may be a bit wierd but I  had never considered Valentine's day just for sweethearts.  I know that's how it's billed by the mfg's and various places out to make money BUT, to me it's always been about expressing love and appreciation for everyone in my life that I care about.  We tend to forget that men and women, boys and girls all like to hear that they are loved....

So, even if you don't have a significant other in your life this year I challenge you to make a valentine for a friend, co-worker, neighbor, etc.... 

Someone who touches your life and makes it better for whatever reason.  I'm sure it will bring joy to that person and in return will give you joy as well!

Have a super day everyone!!!