Thursday, June 3, 2010

Faux Mother of Pearl Technique

Hi All!

I had a few ladies asking about the Faux Mother of Pearl technique recently and I promised them I'd get it up. One question that they all shared was can you use plain cardstock with this technique instead of Glossy Cardstock as it is usually seen.

My answer is yes!

I gave it a try and it works great. The only difference you will notice is that the plain cardstock variation absorbs more of the ink in the final step (as you'll see below!

I like to use either Pearl Adirondack Acrylic Dabber or Liquid Pearls for this technique. I actually like the look of Liquid Pearls more than I do the dabber. It has a nicer finished look IMO. It is also ava. in lots of soft, creamy colors which only adds to this technique!

Faux Mother of Pearl Technique 012

Faux Mother of Pearl Technique 001

Quick overview of the technique....

1. Apply a bit of the Liquid Pearls to your non-stick craft mat...

Faux Mother of Pearl Technique 002

2. Wad up a piece of plastic wrap, discarded plastic wrap (from a package) or plastic baggie. Dab the plastic wrap in the Liquid Pearls a few times to pick up and smoosh around the LP.

Faux Mother of Pearl Technique 003

3. Pounce the LP's onto either Glossy Cardstock or Plain Cardstock until you have a nice covering... Let dry completely.

Faux Mother of Pearl Technique 004

Faux Mother of Pearl Technique 005

4. After the LP has dried, apply a layer of dye ink in any color you desire. I used Spun Sugar. You will notice how dark the ink is on the Plain Cardstock....

Faux Mother of Pearl Technique 007

and here is the same technique and colors on Glossy Cardstock...

Faux Mother of Pearl Technique 006

Left - Plain Cardstock & Right - Glossy Cardstock

Faux Mother of Pearl Technique 009

So, despite what you might hear Faux Mother of Pearl can be created using both Glossy AND Plain cardstock!


  1. Thanks Roni for all the techniques you share. I will have to give this one a try. I didnt know liquid pearls came in so many colors!!

  2. Hello Roni, I use this technique a lot because I don't have a lot of papers to work with! Love the look! I found you on Youtube and watch some of your vidoes! Awesome!!

  3. Thanks for the great tutorial Roni! I even have some of the Liquid Pearls to try this with. Have a great weekend.

    Elaine Allen

  4. Is there more that you do after this step? It's really a pretty look. I'm thinking that I'd use it as a background for a card. OMG, another item to buy!

    Good thing is, I had a "garage sale" today, so now I can go get something new. I shared (cleaned out and sold) a fair amount of older products. In my economic world, this is the only way for me to go shopping. But, I say "Whatever it takes"!!

  5. Wonderful!!! I love background techniques and I have to do this one!!

  6. Thank you for sharing!
    Have just found your blog and I'm thrilled to investigate every corner of it, love the ideas and your projects!

  7. I found your Blog thanks to Splitcoast Stampers and I'm so glad I did!! Great Blog. Thanks.

  8. I also just found your blog thanks
    to Splitcoast. Love techniques, so
    love your blog. Can't wait to try
    the faux mother of pearl. Thanks
    for sharing your ideas! Diane H.


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