Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Upcycled Change Keeper for Dad - Pt II

Continuing with the Upcycled Change Keeper from yesterday

Here is what the box looks like at this point...

Father's Day Change Box Pt I 013

Today we're going to add some personality to it!

First, I want to add some type of closure to the box so I am using a Grungeboard Hinge and an Ideaology Post...

Since I didn't add this before I glued the GlueFoil in place I simply reheated the area where I wanted to add the hinge and tucked it under the GlueFoil. After it was positioned correctly I heated the GlueFoil again and secured. That's one of the amazing benefits to GlueFoil...it can always be re-heated to add/change/remove!

Father's Day Change Box Pt II 003

Pushed the Post into the hinge and marked the mounting position. I then drilled a hole and screwed the front and back of the post through the box. I then painted the hinge black (which I should have done before hand - duh!) and it's ready to go!

Next I stamped a variety of guy stuff on each of the 4 sides with Adirondack Acrylic Dabber. All of the images are JudyKins. (love them!!)

Father's Day Change Box Pt II 005

Next to antique the GlueFoil top a bit I used a dry cloth and rubbed black acrylic paint over the entire piece of copper paying attention to the cracks and crevices. This not only adds a nice bit of age to the piece but it also highlights the dry embossing from yesterday.

Father's Day Change Box Pt II 006

And here is what the outside of the box looks like at this point....

Father's Day Change Box Pt II 008

Father's Day Change Box Pt II 015

Father's Day Change Box Pt II 014

Now as far as the inside goes you can leave it as is...just one large compartment or I made 3 small boxes cut from chipboard ~ this is what my basic box design is... If you decide to create little compartments for your cigar box you of course will have to size them to fit since there are soooo many different size cigar boxes out there.

Father's Day Change Box Pt II 009

Tape up the 4 corners and paint with whatever color you desire...I used black to match the interior of my cigar box.

This will leave an extra 1 1/2" wide section at the front of the box for longer items such as pens and pencils...

Father's Day Change Box Pt II 016

I added a bit of the Ideaology Tissue Tape on the inside of the lid to add a neat little frame...

Father's Day Change Box Pt II 011

Now you could do all sorts of cool things with the lid...

....Add one or more photos.

....Add your favorite song or poem lyrics.

....Stamp or create a collage image.

....Affix a mini calendar to the lid.

....Attach a mini note-pad and pencil to jot down quick notes.

....Attach a small chalk board to leave little love notes/messages.

....Glue a mirror to the inside of the lid.

....Attach a sheet of metal w/extra strong glue and add some cool magnets.

....Photo copy your children's art work and shrink it to fit inside the lid.

The possibilities are just endless!

So there you go...

A nifty project that I'm sure will be met with smiles!

Father's Day Change Box Pt II 013

I've got a couple more fun ideas up my sleeve so be sure and continue to check back if you need a fun project for Dad or any other occasion for that matter!


  1. Roni -

    This turned out beautifully! Thank you so much for the tutorial.

    Elaine Allen

  2. I've never tried glue foil. I think your box is great and if I had time to find some glue foil I would have to try it. Well, there is always his birthday. Thanks Roni

  3. Love it!! And especially love the close-ups of your inky fingers!

  4. great idea...and beautifully done! cher


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