Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Indiana in June - The Good Things

Since it's been so dreary here in Indiana for quite a while with storms on and off the last several weeks I thought I'd share some of the good :)

These are a few pics of things right in my own back yard....

Flowers are in full bloom looking beautiful and we even have a nest of Robins in our Blue Spruce this year. We usually have a nest or two of Hummingbirds in our Privot Hedge but their nests are so tiny that you'd never know it until late fall when all of the leaves fall off.

June 2010 005

June 2010 004

Flowers 003

June 2010 002

Have a wonderful day!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing Roni. These photos are beautiful. Looks as if you have your own bit of Paradise in your own back yard!

    Elaine Allen

  2. Beautiful photos! I love taking pictures of flowers. That baby bird is so precious. It put a smile on my face!

  3. Aww so lovely Roni! It has been pretty rainy and gloomy here in Vancouver too lately. So cool in fact that my Day Lilies haven't started to bloom yet.

    The bird babies are so darling! We have a nest just outside our door but it is so high that we can only see the bottom. My guess is that they are Robins since I saw a Daddy Robin hanging around. Have a great Summer and thanks for sharing your beauty with us!


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