Thursday, June 17, 2010

Upcycled Leather Stamped Key Chain & Cuff Bracelet

I know I'm going to sound like a broken record but today I have ANOTHER Fun, Quick, Inexpensive and EASY project for all the men in your life!

This is so much fun, I've been waiting and waiting to share this with you.

My son's belt gave up the ghost a few months was three layers of leather stitched together along the edges. Well, being the farm boy he is he's been pretty rough on it so as you can see one of the layers came loose and was done for.

Recycled Belt Key Chain & Cuff Bracelet 001

Soooo, I decided it would make great key chains and cuff bracelets!!!

Stamped & Recycled

Leather Belt

Key Chain Fob

These are so simple to make....

Cut -

Trim to the desired length and shape. For the example I used the end of the belt (after the loops) and peeled them apart the rest of the way.

Recycled Belt Key Chain & Cuff Bracelet 002

I added holes at the bottom to match the sides.

Recycled Belt Key Chain & Cuff Bracelet 004


Stamp with desired images. I experimented and used Archival, Staz-On, Brilliance and Adirondack Pigment Inks and they all worked great! I added color to the edges using Archival Ink and the Ink Blending Tool (of course!).

Stamp Credits: The auto is Just For Fun, Gears - Judikins.

Recycled Belt Key Chain & Cuff Bracelet 005

Recycled Belt Key Chain & Cuff Bracelet 006

Eyelet -

Add eyelet ~ I used my Crop-A-Dial and it cut like butter! Add a key ring and you're finished!!!

Recycled Belt Key Chain & Cuff Bracelet 009

And here are the finished key chain fobs...

Recycled Belt Key Chain & Cuff Bracelet 012

Recycled Belt Key Chain & Cuff Bracelet 013

Recycled & Stamped

Leather Belt

Cuff Bracelet

NOW, you can take the same basic steps and create a very cool and hip leather cuff bracelet!

Stamp and ink as desired...

Stamp Credits: Alpha - River City Rubber Works; remainder - JudiKins.

Recycled Belt Key Chain & Cuff Bracelet 011

Add a snap - this is very easy.

Recycled Belt Key Chain & Cuff Bracelet 010

AND IT"S DONE!!!!!!!!

Recycled Belt Key Chain & Cuff Bracelet 014

Recycled Belt Key Chain & Cuff Bracelet 015

Recycled Belt Key Chain & Cuff Bracelet 017

See, told you it was easy!!!!

Sooooo, another item you're going to recycle instead of toss ;)




  1. Girl, where do you come up with all these ideas? This is such a good idea; but I can't see me doing anything like that! Great job!

  2. Those are such creative projects for Dad! Love that you are recylcing, too!

  3. Very cool. I could also see cutting the leather into different shapes for the key chains.

  4. Roni -

    Trust you to take something that would go into the garbage and make some outstanding pieces! I love how these came out. Awesome!

    Elaine Allen

  5. You are absolutely brilliant - I won't be throwing out any more old belts that is for sure

  6. Thanks Everyone!

    Yes you sure could cut all sorts of shapes from the leather. I was thinking it would be sort of fun to make one resembling those pine tree air fresheners - LOL!! Yes, I'm weird ;)

  7. roni: curious about the durability of the paper ink on leather. seems like everything i've read says it rubs off eventually, but maybe the key is the archival ink you used. also, how did you decide that was the best of the three inks you considered.

  8. Sewnsilly ~

    There are many different types of "paper ink" each with their own seperate qualities which makes some inks better for projects like this than others.

    Staz-on and Archival inks are a good choice for leather and other similar surfaces because they are permanent & water-proof. Both work well and are formulated to be used on mediums other than just paper.

    I used Archival Ink because it doesn't have the same unpleasant odor that Staz-On inks do.


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!