Thursday, June 10, 2010

Enamel Accents - Pt V - Faux Embossing

One complaint I hear all the time is how hard it is to get a nice "clean" image when embossing with black embossing powder. Little black specks seem to turn up even when those little static-removing bags are used.

Well no more!

Faux Embossing w/ Enamel Accents


Enamel Accents - Ranger Industries

Archival Ink

Rubber Stamp


Coloring Supplies (optional)


1. Stamp your desired image* using a permanent waterproof ink. I always use Archival Ink but of course use whatever you have on hand.

*Note - When selecting an image to "faux emboss" with Enamel Accents you will want to use bold images or images without several small details. While the bottle does have a very small tip the Accents will spread a tiny bit and you won't be able to get into lots of little cracks and crevices.

2. Begin outlining various sections of your image with Black or White Enamel Accents. For this example I used black.

Enamel Accents - V 002

As I mentioned above you'll need to keep the details to a minimum or you could do what I did... I outlined the major areas ~ Dragonfly bodies, wings and eyes ~ and leave the rest plain ink.

Enamel Accents - V 003

When you are done with your "embossing", let the image dry completely.

3 (optional) After your "embossing" has dried, you may color with your favorite medium. For this example I decided to color using Perfect Pearls blended with water to create a creamy watercolor paint. Adds color and shimmer in one!

Enamel Accents - V 005

As you can see from these finished images the Enamel Accents really does look like it was embossed! What's even better you'll have everyone stumped on how you embossed part of the image and not the rest ;)

Enamel Accents - V 006

Enamel Accents - V 007

Now that you've had a chance to check out several different techniques using

Ranger's new Enamel Accents,

what do you think?

Does it look like something you'd care to play with?

If it does, then this is your lucky day!

I have a package of Enamel Accents sitting here on my desk waiting for a new home!

All you have to do to be entered in the drawing is post telling me how you would use them if you had the chance.

You have until 6-20-10 to post and enter.

Good Luck Everyone!!


  1. If I had enamel accents I would use them like a Liquid pearls! I can see them being used to look like brads and also like bling embellishments! :) that's what I'd get up to with them ;)

  2. I have lots of beautiful butterfly stamps and outlining a butterfly would give it a great look. It would probably look great using bird stamps. There are so many images it would be great for.

  3. I've been wanting to give this product a try! I'd love to try some outlining of chip letters on my mini albums!

  4. Thanks for showing us all these techniques -new for me-
    I'd love to try the stained glass and I'd use the enamel accents also to add glossy centers to the flowers.
    My birthday is next month. Maybe I have an advanced present ;)

  5. I would try the faux embossing. I've never embossed before and truth be told, I'm a little intimidated by it. This seems like an easier and more straightforward way to accomplish that effect. I keep an art journal and that effect would add dimension to the page without too-much dimension.

  6. Thanks for the great tutorial.

  7. I feel left out-I don't think I have seem enamel accents locally. I do like the effect of not "everything" being embossed.

  8. I think the first thing I would do is try them out with my resin to see what kind of effects I could make and use in my jewelry making

  9. I'd like to try Enamel Accents on monograms. I haven't seen them in stores yet.

  10. I think I'd like to make some of those type charms.. They look pretty darn nifty!

  11. Love the dragonflies! I would try it out with some butterfly stamps I have! Looks like fun!

  12. Thanks for the information on the enamel accents -- there doesn't seem to be much information on this product. I would like to use them on stained glass stamped images, particularly on vellum and acetate.

  13. Have never used the enamel accents but sure would like to give them a try. I think I would probably use them on my Christmas cards this year, as I have some wonderful stamps thatthe accents would work great on.
    Thank U

  14. wow, that is cool - These enamel accents look like so much fun!

  15. This is the first I've seen of them since there are no craft stores in my area. I would use them on my handmade cards.

  16. I think I might venture out of my comfort zone (making cards) with these. I think I want to try making jewelry this time. Thanks Roni for another wonderful trip thru "Creative Town"!!!!!

  17. I would love some enamel accents. I would use them for embellishments and maybe try some jewellery making. Would definitely try the stained glass.

  18. If I won these I would first use them in jewelry making. Then maybe try making charms for my tags, and then 3d some stamped objects or use it on found objects in my mixed media projects.

  19. think enamel accents are just what I need for a project I'm working on. My boss wants a recipe box and I'm having a troubling time figuring it out. I think these would be great. Thanks Roni for all of these great ideas.

  20. This is my favourite technique with the EA. Will have to give this a try out when I get some. But I'd most probably use it mainly for smaller accents.

  21. The EA looks like lots of fun. I saw the jewelry on the Ranger blog and then on your blog. Want to try that but I love the faux embossing with the addition of the perfect pearls is PERFECT !

  22. I've not tried the Enamel Accents before...would love to try them on my ATC's and hangtags...and anything else that comes to mind later on. :) Thanks for your tut/inspiration on how we can use them!


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