Monday, February 27, 2012

Vintaj Patina by Ranger

Oh my!!!

You guys are gonna love these!

I got my stash of them today and I have to say they are
WAY easy and LOTS of fun!!!

Vintaj Patinas 002

First a little bit about them....  Vintaj Patina's are opaque inks that are specially made for metals (think charm swap!!!) and are durable to stand up to being handled.  In addition to the inks, Vintaj & Ranger also have a glaze which can be used as an extender and/or sealer for your metal pieces.  If used as a sealer it can be used with or without the inks.  So if you have a metal charm you like but you're worried about oxidation simply coat with the glaze and you're good to go!

There are 5 sets of colors (3 each) and they are as follows:

The inks are on gold and silver colored metal tags so you can see how it looks on either.  I simply squirted the inks out on the tag and blending it a bit in the center with my finger.

Retro Highway - Onyx, Ochre, Agate

Vintaj Patinas 003

Antique Window - Ruby, Cobalt, Opalite

Vintaj Patinas 004

Rusted Hardware - Cinnabar, Rust, Clay
(My 2nd Favorite)

Vintaj Patinas 005

Victorian Gable - Marine, Amethyst, Quartz

Vintaj Patinas 007

And my favorite set.....

Weathered Copper - Verdigris, Moss, Jade

Vintaj Patinas 008

Now there are all sorts of fun ways to apply these inks rather than just squirting it out.  Of course I was having so much fun messing with these inks that I forgot to take pics while I was doing so.

This tag was made by squirting a bit of the ink on the charm then I spread the ink around with a paintbrush making sure I got it into all the tiny nooks and crannies.
Vintaj Patinas 011

This photo shows some of the variou metal pieces I inked up.  The sunflower looking charm had etched grooves that I filled with the ink then swipped off before it dried leaving the color in the grooves.

I completely covered the musical token then sanded off it and the charm from above with a bit of sandpaper.   

I did a bit of blending of colors as well.  The strawberry is actually a combination of Ruby, Cinnabar and Agate blended using my finger.  I then sanded it off once the ink was dry for a more distressed look.
Vintaj Patinas 012

I can't wait to experiment with this new ink and see what else I can bring you.


  1. I have them on my wish list. They look wonderful.

  2. Hi, Roni!
    How long approx. did it take for the ink to dry? Is it as quick as regular alcohol inks? Or more like paint?

  3. Oh now I need these I love what you did will have to put on my wish list which always gets longer

  4. These look fun! Thanks for the review. Love the greens and teals.

  5. This is so cool!! I will have to get some. I LOVE alcohol inks so this seems like a great addition. :)

  6. LOVE these! I have a few salvaged jewelry bits that are begging for these. Have been wracking my brain for what would fix them up and yippee! tfs

  7. those look awesome!! thanks for sharing!

  8. They are on my preorder - just a few of the things I had to have since closing the store -- I do some craft fairs -- I am excited to try these -- we have a CNC machine in the shop - I have made a list of projects for my husband to cut me to play with these- crosses , angels, and letters- I had a conversation with Tim at the Collins show a couple of years ago about using acohol inks on stainless steel - but this will be so much better after sealing it! They look so great-- can't wait to play! Thanks for sharing!

  9. I am so glad I found this information about this new product!!! Now I have to go out & find them! :)

  10. Hello Roni,

    I saw the video of CHA and ordered them in the UK, so I still have to be a bit more patient then you...

    Me too, I think these inks open lots of opportunities to work with metal and color it.

    Thanks for giving a review already : just convince me more that I will be able to put these to good use !!

    And your favorite set is also my favorite :)

    greetings from belgium

  11. Thank you so much. These are so awesome.

  12. These are on my list of wants! Love them TFS

  13. wow! Those are really cool Now it's on my wish list.

  14. Kay sent me! Love what you do...I'll be back!

  15. How wonderful are these? I cannot wait to try these!

  16. These look great! Where did you buy them?

  17. Thanks for sharing what the new patina inks look like! If you like these, you gotta try the new VerDay paints by Ten Seconds Studio... they are fantastic and are more realistic as far as the aged metals looks and the paints are acrylic so you can use on any surface!


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