Saturday, June 1, 2013

New Graphi 45 - Steampunk Spells!!

I am so excited...
I'm not sure where I caught wind of this but have you seen the new set of papers coming out at Graphic 45????
It's called Steampunk Spells
it's A-frickin'-mazing!!!
It's a blend of Steampunk and Halloween....
I so totally can't wait :)
Check out some of the goodness...
The stamps for the set....
Cling Stamp Steampunk Spells 1Cling Stamp Steampunk Spells 3
Cling Stamp Steampunk Spells 2
and a few of the paper designs....
Steampunk Spells
Mechanical Marvels
I have SOOOOOOO got to have this!!!
I love it.
From what I've heard it comes out sometime in mid-June....
only 2 weeks!!!
I pre-ordered mine from Frantic Stamper, which is very appropriate as I am very frantic to get my hands on this stuff....


  1. Ha ha Roni .... you so make me laugh out loud !!! These papers & stamps are awesome !!! Thinking I will definately have to get my hands on some of these. Cheers :)

  2. I'm with you! Those are some really cool papers and stamps!

    Crafty Journal

  3. OMG!! These papers make my brain swim with ideas. I can't wait til they are available. TFS.

  4. These do look fantastic but then don't we just love all things G45?....


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