Thursday, June 13, 2013

Tsukineko Memento Luxe Ink - Stamping on Fabric

Today I wanted to share the results of my stamping on fabric with Tsukineko's new Memento Luxe mixed media ink. 

I started off with a swatch of cotton (from an old pillow case) that I had ironed flat.

Luxe Fabric 004
I stamped the flowers with Lilac Posies,
Luxe Fabric 005
a couple flourishes using Rich Cocoa
Luxe Fabric 006
and the sentiment with Danube Blue.  I was amazed at how well the ink performed.  It didn't run, bleed or blend together (where I stamped over another color) at all on the cotton fabric.   Even the tiny details of the very small print was easily readable.
Luxe Fabric 007
And here is how I used my stamped fabric...
Luxe Fabric 012
Stamp Credits: Flowers & Flourish - Deep Red Stamps, Stampers Best; Sentiment - Just For Fun Rubber Stamps
Now since I know it worked well on a tight weave fabric I got to thinking about the seam binding again.  I wondered how well it would do on such a loose weave material so I gave it a shot.
I used three different very small fonts (about 1/4" tall) to see how they would fair....
Stamp CreditsJust For Fun Rubber Stamps)
Luxe Fabric 008
As you can see it does look a bit blurry on this very fine script but I'm not sure if that's because of the ink or if it's because of the loose weave or a combination of the two.
Luxe Fabric 009
This bolder print faired much better.  You can even see the tiny dots in the "L" and "U".
Luxe Fabric 010
and finally the curlicue font..
Luxe Fabric 011
Overall this ink is VERY fabric friendly, it doesn't run or bleed like most inks do and as an added benefit I noticed that it dries very quickly as well.


  1. Thanks for checking things out again for us Roni.

  2. It is fabulous and thanks for the tutorial.

  3. Love this ink will buy all of the colors,so versatile


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