Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mom Gothic Arch - #8 Waxed Paper Napkin Collage

Last year I hosted a decorative napkin swap here on Ink Stains and it was a huge success.  Everyone got LOADS of way cool napkins to use on their projects.  Today I wanted to share another fun technique incorporating those napkins paired with an unlikely material....waxed paper. 

If you don't have decorative napkins you could use patterned tissue paper or plain tissue paper that you have stamped.

Waxed Paper Napkin Collage

Before we begin I wanted to talk a bit about the napkins.  Normally most deco napkins have 2 or more of the same pattern per napkin.  You'll be able to tell once you unfold the napkins how often the image/pattern is repeated.  You will only need a portion of each napkin so I normally just tear or cut one section from the entire sheet for my project. 

Mom Gothic Arch - #8 Napkin Waxed Paper 001

Now most napkins are 2-4 ply ~ the top layer has the decoration while the rest of the layers are white.  For most projects you'll want to remove all of the white layers.  For easy removal you can use a piece of tape (I like to use packing tape cause it's really sticky) to help peel each of the white layers from the printed layer.

Peeling away first layer....

Mom Gothic Arch - #8 Napkin Waxed Paper 004

and here you can see there is another white layer...

Mom Gothic Arch - #8 Napkin Waxed Paper 005

so I peeled that layer off as well.  You can see how transparent the final layer really is...

Mom Gothic Arch - #8 Napkin Waxed Paper 006


Decorative Napkins (or patterned / stamped tissue paper)
Waxed Paper
Collage Glue


1. Place your wax paper on your work surface.  I have placed my Gothic Arch template under the waxed paper to give myself an idea on where I wanted to layer each piece of napkin.

Mom Gothic Arch - #8 Napkin Waxed Paper 002

2. Tear away the excess areas of each napkin so you have only the desired image(s) or patterns you want to incorporate into your design.    You will also want to get an approximate idea on placement at this time as well.

Mom Gothic Arch - #8 Napkin Waxed Paper 007

3. Glue and layer all of the various pieces of napkin down to the waxed paper using your choice of collage medium/glue.   Let it dry completely.

Mom Gothic Arch - #8 Napkin Waxed Paper 008

4. Once the glue has dried, crumble the waxed paper 2-3 times to get lots of nice creases worked into the paper.

Mom Gothic Arch - #8 Napkin Waxed Paper 010

5. Glue desired sheet of ephemera down to a piece of light/medium weight chipboard.  Let dry.

6. Glue the waxed paper napkin collage to the ephemera side of your chipboard.  You will notice that the ephemera shows through the waxed paper!  Awesome huh?  Let the glue dry completely.

Mom Gothic Arch - #8 Napkin Waxed Paper 012

7. Trace and cut your Gothic Arch from the paper.

Mom Gothic Arch - #8 Napkin Waxed Paper 013

8. (optional) If desired, ink the edges with black or other color of ink.  I think it gives the Arch a nice finished feel.

Mom Gothic Arch - #8 Napkin Waxed Paper 014

9. Add embellishments, image(s) and sentiment to finish it off...  I added various colors of Stickles to the chandeliers and the woman's head dress and skimpy jeweled top for a bit of zing.  You can also see that I used the pearls I posted about earlier to outline the arch.

Mom Gothic Arch - #8 Napkin Waxed Paper 023

So there you go...8 down
and only 2 more arches left!

Are you keeping up? 

If not they will be here when you're ready...
remember I'm trying to get them finished up before UK's Mother's Day.
Everyone else will have an extra month to finish your Gothic Arch book so no worries!


  1. Hi Roni -

    I love how this turned out. Gorgeous!

    Elaine Allen

  2. That's beautiful! I can't believe there are only 2 more!

  3. What a wonderful use for all the lovely napkins I have amassed over the years - cannot wait for the weekend when I have some time to create again! Between work and family I have not created for the last two weeks! I admire you as it seems as though you are creative every day!

  4. Hey -I just realized you found yet another use for your incredible find!

  5. I am all caught up! I even made an extra napkin collage because I liked how the first one came out so much. This has been fun. Once I finish I'll send pix of my book. It is quite different in style from yours even though I'm using the same techniques. I would imagine that's true for many of us taking up this challenge. Thank you SOOOOO much for all of these wonderful tutorials! Anne, yourmainestamper

  6. I love this technique and how it turns out!! To see the images in the background layers just gives it such charm!

  7. This is beautiful and just reminds me that I really, really need to try working with decorative napkins! I have a couple that my mom gave me...but they are just sitting in a drawer! Wonderful technique Roni!


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