Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Collage Stamping

Keeping with this weeks "Layers" theme I wanted to share a technique that I'm often asked about....Collage Stamping. If you're not familiar with collage stamping it's where multiple layers of images are stamped over each other.

Many people are intimidated by this technique but I guarantee you'll be stampin' up a storm by the time we're done!

You will notice there are several "Notes" in among the instructions...these are key to remember when working on a stamped collage for a pleasing outcome.

Collage Stamping




Scrap Paper or Eclipse Masking Paper

Ink Blending Tool (optional)


1. The very first thing you have to do when you begin a collage stamped project is decide what you want your main image to be. This is very important because once you begin stamping the various layers there is no going back.

For my main image I chose my fav. guy stamp...Man of Passion (I have a surprise concerning him a bit later...)

Stamp your main image using black ink. Stamp a second image on scrap paper and cut it out.

NOTE: I like to cut just inside the outer edge so your consecutive stamped images go right to the edge of the main image.

collage stamping 001

2. Begin stamping additional images...

NOTE: ALWAYS stamp the additional images using any color of ink than black! This will help keep the focus on the main image.

collage stamping 003

3. Remember you can use additional masks to push images further into the background. Here I am using a combination of 3 masks...one over the main image, one over the map and a third mask over the rulers on the left hand side.

collage stamping 004

collage stamping 005

4. Continue stamping additional images. Notice how I stamped the trees so they are "behind" the rulers and the main image BUT they are in front of the map. This is another way the masks help add depth to your image.

collage stamping 005

Now, remove all of the masks and you should have something that looks like this...a variety of images gathered around the main image. Notice the depth created with each layer of stamps... collage stamping 006

5. You could use this stamped collage as is but shoot....Let's kick it up a notch! I have added color using the Ink Blending Tool & Distress Inks.

collage stamping 007

I have also colored the main image but I wanted a more defined look so I used the Niji Waterbrush & Distress Inks.

collage stamping 008

6. To unify all of these competing colors I added a layer of Old Paper Distress Ink to the entire stamped collage. After I trimmed the stamped collage down to the size I needed I also added Vintage Photo Distress Ink to the edges.

collage stamping 010

7. Now finish it off any way you please!

Here is my finished card...

NOTE: Stamp the sentiment in Black ink so it doesn't get lost in the rest of the stamped images.

collage stamping 012

Now, that wasn't so hard was it?

The most important thing to remember is where in your photo you want each layer to fall and using multiple masks to put it there.


The last time I used this guy stamp TONS of people were asking where I got him....

Well sadly I did a bit of searching and he is from a stamp company which is no longer in business :(

SOOOO, I went in search of


after quite a bit of looking

I found a

Brand New

Old Stock

Man of Passion!!!!!!

I am going to be giving him away but since he was a bit difficult to find you're gonna have to work for it!

To enter you will need to create a stamped collage using at least 3 stamps (more is always good).

It could be a card, tag, ATC, Gothic Arch, etc...whatever tickles your fancy but you have to layer at least 3 images together!
(And no, it doesn't count stamping them on cardstock and gluing them over top of each other.)

Post your creation on your blog, a gallery or send it to me then come back here and share the link to where you have it posted (or that you've sent it to me).
You can enter more than one stamped collage to increase your chances of winning!

You will have until July 31st to post your creation and comment.

I will randomly draw a winner from the entries.

Good Luck Friends!


  1. Oh that is just fantastic Roni! Excellent visuals for this tute. Thanx for the post.

  2. Thanks for the tutorial, Roni! Fabulous as always!!!

  3. I just happened upon your blog a few weeks ago and I really enjoy your work. I'm just starting to play in the world of mixed media and am trying to get over my intimidation of it all. Your tutorials and post are really inspiring. Thanks for sharing all your knowledge.

    One question who makes the ruler stamp that you used in today's post?

  4. This is awesome Roni!!! I love it!!

  5. Wow the end result is so worth the effort. This is wonderful. Happy creating...

  6. Great tutorial. I love collage stamping and I learned several important things in your post.

  7. Love this card and NEED that stamp! I gotta get to layering! Thanks for the hard work you do!

  8. Love this gentleman stamp! And I adore collage stamping. Here's my take: http://artyventure.wordpress.com/2010/07/21/stamped-collage-butterfly/

  9. Roni, that looks so neat! Great tips and ideas. You made a complicated technique, very simple!

  10. I adore this stamp! I would also like to know where the "rulers" stamp came from. I must get busy and create for this exciting challenge.


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