Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Basic Gothic Arch - Remarkable Woman

I thought I would add one or two special techniques or features for a bit more fun


today's Gothic Arch has a fun base created using a couple basic supplies...

cardboard, Studio Gesso and Distress Re-Inkers!

Remarkable Woman

Gothic Arch

(using the Basic G.A. Pattern)

Basic GA 007

Here is a closer look at the arch base....

Basic GA 009

To create this base I started by tracing the basic Gothic Arch onto a piece of corrugated cardboard. It was just a lid from an old box I had laying around.

Next I peeled away the top layer of cardboard exposing the ruffles inside.

I mixed up a bit of the Studio Gesso with 1 squirt of Mustard Seed Distress Re-Inker

(NOTE: you can use more or less Distress Ink depending on the desired color intensity.)

Then I just applied it in a haphazard fashion....

Basic GA 002

After the gesso had dried completely I finished assembling the rest of the Gothic Arch.

Basic GA 003

What daya think?

Cool look huh?

I love incorporating regular old cardboard into art ~

It just adds that extra little something to your finished project.

I want to thank Bea in Spain...many of the goodies on today's project

(main image, flowers, Spanish lace, sheet music & ladybug)

are from our Ephemera swap!

Be sure to check in tomorrow as I'll be sharing another fun

Gothic Arch design :)


  1. LOVE it roni! Especially love the texture from the corregated cardboard! Off to rummage through the recycle bin for some corregated stuff!

  2. Hi! It looks great. Nice colors and everything. I visit on your blog very often. Actually allways when I saw there is something new things. You have so inspiring blog. -Carita from Finland-

  3. This is really beautiful. I had never thought of mixing gesso with distress ink. I'm sure to try it soon. Thanks.

  4. Lovely. Very clever idea with corrugated cardboard.

  5. loving the texture of the project!

  6. Ooooh, can I come to your house and play cos I get that painty inky and messy too...isn't it the best fun tho!! LOL Thanks of the tips...have a pile of cardboard in my room of stash .. just waiting to be altered...you have given me a kickstart so thank you hun x Hope you are keeping well x

  7. It looks great
    thanks for sharing your technic

  8. Love the whole thing... chunky. grundgy (not sure if that is spelled right)... thank you for sharing your tips... gonna try this technique on something this week.... yipee


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