Monday, September 21, 2009

Gothic Arch Templates/Patterns

In my book ~ Teach Yourself Visually - Collage & Altered Arts I touched upon Gothic Arches but due to room constraints I wasn't able to include any templates or patterns for various styles of Gothic Arches.

So this week I thought we'd play a bit with them!

Today I want to share with you 5 of the Gothic Arch Templates I've come up with (I'll share more later in the week) and then tomorrow I'll start sharing various Gothic Arches to give you a few ideas on how to go about creating some of your own!

Gothic Arch Templates/Patterns

Basic Gothic Arch

Gothic Arch Templates 005

Fancy Gothic Arch #1

Gothic Arch Templates 003

Fancy Gothic Arch #2

Gothic Arch Templates 002

Home Sweet Home Gothic Arch

Gothic Arch Templates 004

Triptych Gothic Arch

Gothic Arch Templates 001

Since there are no specified sizes when working with Gothic Arches, I would suggest printing them off in a size you think you would like to work with. Once you're satisfied with the size, create a chipboard template to keep on hand for future use. I keep chipboard templates in various sizes of the templates I use the most (basic, fancy #1 & triptych). Makes for much quicker creating when you have the templates ready to go.

Be sure to check out even more of my other

Gothic Arch Templates!!


  1. Thank you for the templates and this theme. I've had a set of the trytych ones and don't have a clue where I put mine. I look forward to see what you do with all of these.

  2. I also keep cardboard templates of favorite shapes. I started doing that after you had a template swap on the About. Com forum! Now I have more templates to add to my the fancy gothic arch!

  3. thank you Roni for the templates! I just got them up today...hope to answer your email soon too! crazy week! :)

  4. Hi Roni, I use plastic from packaging containers to cut templates out from....... thanks for a few new ones

  5. thank you Roni, I make my templates by printing and then laminating them

  6. thank you very much for sharing these lovely arch templates!

    ~*~ Patty

  7. The templates you´re sharing are so wonderful. It's a pleasure to visit your blog.
    Thank you very,very much!

  8. Thank you for sharing your gothic arch templates. I love your bog.

  9. Thanks for your templates x

  10. How nice of you to offer such wonderful arch templates. Thanks so much.


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