Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mom ATC's 7 & 8 - Powder Play!

We're nearing the finish line with our set of ATC's for Mom (or an aunt, good friend, etc.).  Today we're working on ATC's #7 & 8...

Mom ATC #7 -
Chalked Ink

I thought we'd dig out for some of us a rarely used goodie in our stash...chalk.  I know I rarely remember to use these powdery gems so I figured it was time to dust them off and use them on today's ATC.


Embossing or Pigment Ink
Rubber Stamp (mine is from StampersBest)
Collage Image (Altered Pages)


1. Ink up your stamp with a slow drying ink....embossing or pigment ink works best. 

Mom ATC's 002
2. Stamp the image onto your cardstock.

Mom ATC's 003
3. Use either a cotton ball, one of the tiny puffs or whatever your favorite tool is to pick up a bit of chalk.  I am using one of the puff balls paired with a pair of pinch tweezers.

Mom ATC's 005
4. Gently pat the chalk onto the various areas of the image.  Try not to brush the ink since it's still wet it may tend to smear a bit depending upon the ink used.  Since I'm using more than one color I skipped around a bit...

Mom ATC's 007
5. After you have applied the chalks to the entire image gently wipe it with a dry tissue. 

NOTE: Once the inks dry the chalks are pretty much set.  I took the scrap from what I trimmed off the ATC and really had to work at it to get the chalk to smear which wasn't much.   If you feel you will need to seal it and don't have any of the acrylic sealers give hairspray a try.  I've used it many times to seal chalks or other powder mediums and it works great.

Mom ATC's 009
6. Finish off the ATC as desired!

Mom ATC's 010 Mom ATC's 019

Mom ATC #8
Baked Powders

I guess today is powder day cause I used Pearl Ex powders for this technique. 


Ink (if desired)
Clear Glue
Pigment Powders
Embellishments to finish off the ATC


1. If desired, ink up your cardstock with whatever color you choose. 

2. Squeeze a nice dollop of clear glue over the cardstock and smear it around.

Mom ATC's 012

3. Use the tip of a paint brush or other small tool to pick up a small amount of one or more pigment powders and drop it into the wet glue.

Mom ATC's 014

4. Now pick up the paper and flick it from the bottom.  This will make the loose powder jump all over the wet glue for a totally random effect.

Mom ATC's 015

5. Now immediately heat the glue ~ you'll get all sorts of bubbles and distortion as the glue dries and pulls the pigments along.

Mom ATC's 016

just check out the cool texture I got....

Mom ATC's 017

Now finish off your ATC as desired!

Mom ATC's 021

So there you go ~
Two really fun techniques incorporating powders
with such different outcomes.

I hope you have time to give em a try!


  1. Awesome!! I'm definitely trying the chalk technique!! Thanks so much.

  2. Ooooh! That glue thing looks fabulous! Great ATC's!!

  3. Hi Roni,

    I really like that first technique - I'm definitely going to give it a try. I have chalks and actually was debating about listing them on ebay - maybe I won't after all.


  4. You certainly started my work day off with a couple of chuckles! Nicely done!

  5. Neat!!! Yeah, my chalks have been collecting dust too..lol. Now I have a reason to bring them out! Very cool ideas:) Thanks Roni.

  6. I really appreciate this series of tutorials. They're so helpful, and fun. I snag miscellaneous art materials at thrift shops and clearance bins, then never get around to using them because i don't know how. I'm determined now to sit down and experiment and learn how to use it, with your expert advice. One question about the chalk, what keeps the chalk from smearing after the whole project is done? Do I need to use a fixative?

  7. Oh, thanks so much for showing us how to use all those old chalks that I have tucked away! That chalk background looks so beautiful, soft and vintage!

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