Thursday, August 27, 2009

Faux Embossed Aluminum & Alcohol Ink Alternatives #1 & #2

O.k...since I got some of the pressure off my veggie explosion I had time to work on the alternatives I mentioned in the original post about the Faux Embossed Aluminum & AI.

I know not alot of people care to spend the money on punchies or die-cut systems, especially during these tough financial times so I tried to think up a few alternatives so EVERYONE can play along :)

Here is what I came up with....

Faux Embossed Aluminum & Alcohol Ink Alternative #1

The first example employs a Cuttlebug embossing folder in place of punchies or die-cuts. These folders are fairly inexpensive and come in so handy for other projects so it's well worth the 5-6.00 you spend on the folder.

Now I know what you're thinking...I don't OWN a cuttlebug ~ no worries!!! You don't need one for this process!!! A rolling pin will work just as well. Simply place the item to be embossed in the folder and roll away! It's very quick and easy :)

metal & AI 002


HVAC Aluminum Tape

Cardstock (or tag as shown)

Alcohol Ink

Ink Applicator


Cuttlebug Embossing Folder

Die-Cut System OR Rolling Pin!!!


1. Cover your cardstock (or tag) with the foil.

metal & AI 004

2. Place in the Cuttlebug embossing folder and roll (either with a die-cut machine or rolling pin).

metal & AI 006

here is what your paper will look like....

metal & AI 007

3. Apply desired colors of alcohol ink ~ I used Denim, Lettuce and Pesto.

metal & AI 008

4. Sand as shown in the original technique.

metal & AI 013

Faux Embossed Aluminum & Alcohol Ink Alternative #2

If you don't think you're interested in purchasing the embossing templates how about just plain old embossed cardstock??? There are hundreds of patterns and themes available from multiple paper companies.

Now, just something to keep in mind ~ if you do use embossed cardstock you need to remember that the embossed areas aren't as deep as a punchie so you should take care when you come to the sanding step.

metal & AI 014


Embossed Cardstock

Aluminum Foil Tape - HVAC tape

Alcohol Inks

Ink Applicator

Sand paper


1. Cover your embossed cardstock with the aluminum tape.

2. Burnish the foil tape to highlight the embossed design.

metal & AI 016

3. Apply Alcohol Inks - I used Red Pepper, Cranberry and Pitch for the example.

4. Sand.

And there you go!

metal & AI 018

Two more fun and easy ways to achieve the same look with very little effort.

Tomorrow I'll share the 3rd alternative technique I came up which will open up a whole new world in faux embossed aluminum & AI!!

Have a wonderfully Inky Day!!!!


  1. Mmm, heavenly tags this technique..thanks for sharing..hope you are keeping well hun x

  2. This is great!! You are so talented!! Thanks so much for the terrific idea. I haven't tried alcohol inks yet, but it looks like I'm in for a ton of fun. :)

  3. My human Tommy just discovered alcohol inks---and I even like what's she's tryin' to do. I think I can get her to try this faux emboss scenerio!! Thanks!

  4. How durable is embossed aluminum? Could it be used in a kitchen back splash or would the constant cleaning ruin it?

    1. The aluminum tape used in this example wouldn't hold up well as a back splash but light weight aluminum sheets you get at Hobby Lobby would work great. They are still embossable and would work great since they are a thicker metal. The Alcohol Inks would eventually wash off but you could always re-apply them. - change up the colors for the holidays, etc.


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