Friday, August 14, 2009


O.k....I just have to share what I am doing besides/while I am typing up today's technique...


I'm feelin' hot hot hot!!!!



I SOOOOO totally love salsa and today everything was finally ready to go. I was waiting on enough tomatoes to ripen in order to make a pot full. I use a salsa mix for spices (just whatever the store has in their canning dept.) then besides the tomatoes I add jalapenos, onions, banana peppers, garlic, corn and fresh herbs ~ all from my garden :)

Too bad I didn't have smell-o-vision...

It smells delish right now...

I can hardly wait till it's done!


  1. yummy! You're makin' me want to make some, too! :-)

  2. I used the same salsa mix from the canning aisle last week and canned up a dozen jars of salsa using the tons of tomatoes from my plants too! It will be so wonderful to have fresh tomato salsa in the winter. :)

  3. Receipe pleaseeeeee I have soo many tomatoes!! I really need to make something with them!


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