Thursday, August 27, 2009

Veggie Explosion!

Hi Guys!

We had been so dry up till last week when we were hit with rain for several days in a row...well, that resulted in a veggie explosion out in the garden! I've been working on more salsa...I think I'm up to 20+ quarts of it's getting to be a real drag but I keep reminding myself how good it will taste this winter.

Anyway, I had to show you my peppers I picked on Wed. a.m....

These are my jalapenos ~ all from just 6 plants!

garden 09 006

And these are my sweet banana peppers...again just 6 plants...

garden 09 005

Of course we got TONS more romas. I have to share a very unique specimen I found... Now I know what you're thinkin...another but crack tomato - Nope... I have a horny tomato. I have no clue how or why it grew this way but I'm tellin you nobody believes me unless I show them so here it goes....

My Horny Tomato!!!


garden 09 008

garden 09 009

This is the wildest thing I've ever grown! This is not fake as you can see by the photos ~ it's the real deal.

So, what's the wildest looking veggie you've ever grown?

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  1. Oh my, that's some tomato :D Personally I don't grow veggies, but I find stinky mushrooms rather amusing, you know the white ones that start from an "egg" and then suddenly grow into a full sized - ahem - mushrooms.


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